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Radiohead There There Cover Art


  • 1 There There
    length: 5:25
    producer: Nigel Godrich
    mixer: Nigel Godrich
    engineer: Darrell Thorp
    recording engineer: Nigel Godrich
    programming: Thom Yorke
    editor: Nigel Godrich
    background vocals: Ed O’Brien
    bass guitar: Colin Greenwood
    effects: Ed O’Brien
    electronic instruments: Jonny Greenwood
    glockenspiel: Jonny Greenwood
    guitar: Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien and Jonny Greenwood
    ondes Martenot: Jonny Greenwood
    percussion: Philip Selway
    piano: Thom Yorke
    sampler: Colin Greenwood
    synthesizer: Colin Greenwood
    toy piano: Jonny Greenwood
    vocal: Thom Yorke
    drums (drum set): Philip Selway
    lyricist: Thom Yorke
    composer: Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Philip Selway, Thom Yorke
  • 2 Paperbag Writer
    length: 3:59
    producer: Radiohead and Nigel Godrich
    engineer: Darrell Thorp
    composer: Radiohead
  • 3 Where Bluebirds Fly
    length: 4:33
    producer: Radiohead
    engineer: Darrell Thorp
    composer: Radiohead

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