The Chili Digi Album Cover Art

Red Hot Chili Peppers


CD 1
  • 1 Behind the Sun
    length: 4:41
    producer: Michael Beinhorn
    membranophone: Jack Irons
    lead vocals: Anthony Kiedis
    mixer: John Potoker
    engineer: Jim "J.B." Bauerlein
    recording engineer: Judy Clapp
    bass: Flea
    guitar: Hillel Slovak
    assistant mixer: Russel Bracher and Stan Katayama
  • 2 Higher Ground (Pearly 12")
    length: 6:09
  • 3 If You Want Me to Stay (Pink Mustang mix)
    length: 7:03
    remixer: Jim Thrilwell
    producer: George Clinton
    additional producer: Jim Thrilwell
  • 4 Knock Me Down
    length: 3:44
    producer: Michael Beinhorn
    membranophone: Chad Smith
    lead vocals: Anthony Kiedis
    engineer: Garth Richardson
    bass: Flea
    guitar: John Frusciante