Phoenix Album Cover Art

Rita Ora

Cover Art

Rita Ora Phoenix Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Anywhere
    length: 3:36
  • 2 Let You Love Me
    length: 3:11
    producer: Finn Keane and Fred Gibson
    lead vocals: Rita Ora
    mixer: Mark “Spike” Stent
    engineer: Daniel Zaidenstadt
    background vocals: Finn Keane and Fred Gibson
    guitar: Fred Gibson
    keyboard: Fred Gibson and Finn Keane
    programming: Fred Gibson and Finn Keane
    drums (drum set): Fred Gibson and Finn Keane
    assistant mixer: Michael Freeman
  • 3 New Look
    length: 2:34
  • 4 Lonely Together
    length: 3:02
  • 5 Your Song
    length: 3:01
  • 6 Only Want You
    length: 3:01
  • 7 First Time High
    length: 3:02
  • 8 For You (Fifty Shades Freed)
    length: 4:05
    producer: Andrew Watt, Peter Karlsson and Ali Payami
    mixer: Serban Ghenea
    engineer: John Hanes and Sam Holland
    background vocals: Peter Karlsson, Liam Payne, Rita Ora, Jakob Jerlström, Max Grahn, Andrew Watt, Ali Tamposi and Ali Payami
    guitar: Andrew Watt and Niklas Ljungfelt
    percussion: Ali Payami
    programming: Ali Payami
    assistant engineer: Jeremy Lertola and Cory Bice
    bass guitar: Ali Payami
    keyboard: Ali Payami
    drums (drum set): Ali Payami
    horn: Ali Payami
  • 9 Summer Love
    length: 4:18
  • 10. Girls
    length: 3:42
  • 11 Keep Talking
    length: 3:34
  • 12 Hell of a Life
    length: 3:56