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Robin Schulz

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Robin Schulz Prayer Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Prayer in C (Robin Schulz radio edit)
    length: 3:10
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    producer: Pierre Guimard
    vocal: Lilly Wood & The Prick
    arranger: Pierre Guimard
  • 2 Willst Du (radio mix)
    length: 3:10
    producer: Robin Schulz
    other vocals: Alligatoah
  • 3 Sun Goes Down (radio mix)
    length: 2:59
    producer: Robin Schulz
    vocal: Jasmine Thompson
    mixer: JUNKX
  • 4 No Rest for the Wicked (Robin Schulz edit)
    length: 3:21
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    producer: Lykke Li, Lasse Mårtén and Björn Yttling
    membranophone: Lars Skoglund
    piano: Björn Yttling
    mixer: Lasse Mårtén
    electric guitar: Anders Pettersson
    violin: Andreas Forsman and Conny Lindgren
    bass: Björn Yttling
    guitar: Anders Pettersson
    viola: Christopher Öhman
    acoustic guitar: Björn Yttling
    percussion: Lasse Mårtén and Lars Skoglund
    cello: Cecilia Linné
    additional: Mariam Wallentin
    mellotron: Björn Yttling
    lead vocals: Lykke Li
    membranophone programming: Lasse Mårtén
  • 5 Rather Be (Robin Schulz edit)
    length: 3:12
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    producer: Jack Patterson and Grace Chatto
    membranophone: Luke Patterson
    piano: Anthony Strong and Jack Patterson
    mixer: Jack Patterson and Wez Clarke
    engineer: Brett Shaw and Liam Nolan
    violin: Beatrice Philips
    guest: Jess Glynne
    viola: Asher Zaccardelli
    cello: Grace Chatto
    additional programming: Wez Clarke
    keyboard: Jack Patterson
    background vocals: Florence Rawlings
  • 6 We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (radio mix)
    length: 3:21
    producer: Lexer and Nico Pusch
  • 7. House on Fire (radio mix)
    length: 3:20
    producer: Robin Schulz and Me & My Monkey
  • 8. Taking Me Home (radio mix)
    length: 3:02
    producer: HEYHEY
  • 9 Never Know Me (radio mix)
    length: 3:18
    producer: Robin Schulz, DJ Daniel Bruns and Dansir
    mixer: JUNKX
  • 10. Snowflakes (radio edit)
    length: 3:25
    producer: Pingpong
  • 11 Waves (Robin Schulz radio edit)
    length: 3:27
    remixer: Robin Schulz
  • 12 Warm Minds (radio mix)
    length: 3:24
    producer: Robin Schulz
    mixer: JUNKX
  • 13 Wrong (radio mix)
    length: 3:26
    producer: Robin Schulz
  • 14. Summer Nights (radio mix)
    length: 3:46
    producer: Chroph and Scheinizzl
    vocal: David Lageder
    mixer: Nikodem Milewski
  • 15. Spree Ahoi (radio edit)
    producer: Steven Coulter and Thomas Lizzara
    vocal: Steven Coulter
  • 16. Hier Mit Dir (Robin Schulz radio mix)
    length: 3:17
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    producer: Basil
    vocal: Tom Thaler
  • 17 Changes (Robin Schulz remix - radio edit)
    length: 3:24
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    vocal: FAUL, Wad Ad and Pnau
  • 18 A Sky Full of Stars (Robin Schulz edit)
    length: 3:15
    remixer: Robin Schulz
    DJ-mixer: Pretty Pink
  • 19. Whatever (radio mix)
    length: 3:18
    producer: Stil & Bense
  • 20 In the Morning Light (radio mix)
    length: 3:16
    producer: Alex Schulz

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