Inside I'm Singing Album Cover Art

Secret Garden


CD 1
  • 1 Nocturne
    length: 3:44
    trumpet: Ole Edvard Antonsen
    guest: Anne Takle
  • 2 Thank You
    length: 4:25
    background vocals: Anne Takle and Espen Grjotheim
    guest: Peter Jöback
  • 3 The Things You Are to Me
    length: 4:42
    guest: Elaine Paige
  • 4 If Came the Hour
    length: 4:31
    guest: Tommy Körberg
  • 5 Theme From the Mermaid Chair
    length: 3:39
    vocal: Helene Bøksle and Anne Vada
    violin: Fionnuala Sherry
    tin whistle: Hans Fredrik Jacobsen
    hardingfele: Annbjørg Lien
  • 6 Sometimes a Prayer Will Do
    length: 4:50
    guest lead vocals: Tracey Campbell
    choir vocals: London Community Gospel Choir
    chorus master: Bazil Meade
  • 7 Song for a Stormy Night
    length: 4:16
    guest lead vocals: Steinar Albrigtsen
    background vocals: Anne Takle
    accordion: Rolf Løvland
    uilleann pipes: Flaithrí Neff
  • 8 I've Dreamed of You
    length: 4:54
    violin: Bruce Dukov
    guitar: Dean Parks
    guest: Barbra Streisand
    recorder: Jon Clarke
  • 9 Did I Not Love You
    length: 3:46
    guest: Peter Corry
  • 10 Simply You
    length: 4:28
    guest: Niamh Kavanagh
  • 11 My Land
    length: 4:51
    guest lead vocals: Espen Grjotheim
    background vocals: Anne Takle
    choir vocals: ANÚNA and Chamber Choir Ireland
    uilleann pipes: Flaithrí Neff
    chorus master: Eunan McDonald
    hardingfele: Annbjørg Lien
  • 12 Sortie
    length: 3:35
    violin: Fionnuala Sherry
  • 13 You Raise Me Up
    length: 5:04
    guest lead vocals: Brian Kennedy
    orchestra: RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and RTÉ Concert Orchestra
    choir vocals: London Community Gospel Choir and Chamber Choir Ireland
    chorus master: Bazil Meade and Michael McGlynn
    uilleann pipes & tin whistle: Liam O’Flynn

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