Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions Album Cover Art

Shannon Curfman

Cover Art

Shannon Curfman Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions Cover Art


  • 1 Few and Far Between
    length: 3:54
  • 2 No Riders
    length: 3:30
  • 3 That's How It Feels
    length: 4:07
  • 4 I Don't Make Promise (I Can't Break)
    length: 3:48
  • 5 Love Me Like That
    length: 3:22
    producer: Tom Tucker
    membranophone: Michael Bland
    lead vocals: Shannon Curfman
    mixer: Tom Tucker
    engineer: Tom Tucker
    additional producer: Kevin Bowe and Shannon Curfman
    bass: St. Paul
    background vocals: Sonny Thompson and Shannon Curfman
    guitar: Shannon Curfman and Jack Holder
    keyboard: Ricky Peterson
    lap steel guitar: Andy Dee
    assistant engineer: Joe Lepinski, Shane Washington, Brian Hanna, Paul Jarmer and James Harley
    writer: Shannon Curfman, Jonny Lang, Kevin Bowe
  • 6 Hard to Make a Stand
    length: 4:02
  • 7 I'm Coming Home
    length: 3:12
  • 8 Never Enough
    length: 3:49
  • 9 True Friends
    length: 3:29
  • 10 Musta Been Love
    length: 3:44
  • 11 Real Bad Feeling
    length: 3:17