If I Can’t Have You Album Cover Art

Shawn Mendes

Cover Art

Shawn Mendes If I Can’t Have You Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 If I Can’t Have You
    length: 3:10
    producer: Teddy Geiger and Shawn Mendes
    piano: Nate Mercereau
    vocal: Shawn Mendes
    trumpet: Ryan Svendsen
    mixer: George Seara
    engineer: Zubin Thakkar
    recording engineer: George Seara
    additional producer: Nate Mercereau, Ojivolta and Scott Harris
    background vocals: August Grant
    guitar: Nate Mercereau, Teddy Geiger, Mark Williams, Scott Harris and Shawn Mendes
    keyboard: Mark Williams and Teddy Geiger
    percussion: Raul Cubina
    programming: Teddy Geiger, Raul Cubina, Mark Williams and Shawn Mendes
    flugelhorn: Ryan Svendsen
    drums (drum set): Raul Cubina and Teddy Geiger
    bass guitar: Nate Mercereau
    assistant mixer: Mike Gnocato