Charge It 2 Da Game Album

Artist(s): Silkk the Shocker

Cover Art

Silkk the Shocker Charge It 2 Da Game Cover Art


I'm a Soldier

length: 5:09

[Silkk The Shocker]
You can tell I'm A Soldier
You, you, you, you can tell I'm a soldier (4X)
All I wanted to be was a soldier, *****!!
And If you ain't a soldier, then what's yo' purpose *****?!!

[1st Verse: [Silkk The Shocker & Master P]]

[Silkk The Shocker]
See, I'm a N-O, ***** L-I
M-I- to the T
Yeah, I'm Silkk the SHOCKER!!!!
And yeah, that's me
Tank dog all I want to be, ***** I told ya
Tat on my back, is that of a no limit soldier
About face for a TRU salute, to my tank dogs
Y'all scared to bust, *****s duck, 'cause we ain't sure
So don't flip me, 'cause you'll end up empty
And then I'll reload
And reload, and reload, and reload, and load
Whole barrel explode!!!!
***** I'm T-are-you, that means I'm TRU 2 Da Game
Mention me to my enemies, they takin' the pain
Now you can do what you want to
But y'all don't want to start
****, these No Limit soldiers
'cause y'all don't want to go to war!!!

[Master P]
No Limit mercenary killas, ***** wit army fatigues
Tattoos and gats, *****s gone off hennessy and weed
Colonel, ***** becoming the ghetto E.F. Hutton
Holler ungh!!!!!!! And every ****in' soldier start stuntin'
***** just robbin' and *****s they ridin'
Dressed and robbin' on the side,
*****s just Bout It, Rowdy
*****s better show me that them mutha****as still gettin' rowdy
I cut wit G's *****
March playas, step wit me killas
Come wit me, real soldiers keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies!!!

[Chorus:] [Silkk The Shocker]

I'm a N-O- ***** L-I
M-I-T soldier (2X)

2nd Verse: [Fiend & Lil' Gotti Gambino]

All my rivals remember me, Fiend
The one that call the shottie
Blastin' the mafi, there them *****s that want to rob me
Givin' you hobbies
Gettin' slugs at your own body
For my piece, or Sugar Hill, I'm New Orleans like Lolli
I'm fearin' no man, as long as I'm stompin' in these Broganes
There's no playin', soon as this army stop, ya' got no hands
Damn!!! Ready for war, and keep the weed lighted
If they ain't indicted still, blast it, Fiend the insighted prophet

I'm a No Limit soldier, *****, it's in my blood
I started rappin', so I wouldn't have to sell drugs
We Bout It!!! Mutha****as representin' them killas
TRU tatted on my back 'cause I make moves wit thug *****s
You don't want to go to war, 'cause I'ma bring the brigade
Ask the colonel, we rowdy ***** tryin' to get paid
Affiliated with game, totin' thangs that pain
On the corners we hang, and we slangin' the pain!!


[3rd Verse:] [Mystikal, Mac]

A helluva, helluva ***** right chea
You can take that and fear it!!
I'm a cold blooded killa comrade
And a highly decorated lieutenant
I'm up on the front line, you all the way to the rear
But ya still gettin' injured
And when we reach a hundred million cartridges
We ain't finished
***** shoot yoself in the head, if you can't take it
'cause we gonna represent it!!
If I said it, I meant it!!
If I told ya', I showed ya'!!
I'll break y'all, outrank y'all, I'LL MAKE YA' BORN TO BE A SOLDIER!!

Whoa, murder, murder, kill, kill it's real
Shell-Shock turn your neighborhood block into the battle field
*****, soldier rag still on my eye, no lie
I'm camoflauged, I never die, I live longer than them white guys
We tattooed, I done gone cashews, ain't no turnin' back
***** won't be burnin' Mac, uh, I got the thirty gat
And it get trifer, but I'm a lifer
A camoflauge sniper, from the rooftop I might ignite ya


[4th Verse:] [Lil' Gotti Gambino, Skull Dugrey]

[Lil' Gotti Gambino]
Gotti I told ya', I'm a mutha****in' soldier
Forty calibers and doja, what keep makin holes
Nationwide exposure, for me and my brethren
For Fiend to bust'em, leavin' my enemies bleedin'
Being a soldier many fourteens, I be needin'
A No Limit soldier, till the day of my leave

[Skull Dugrey]
I been a No Limit soldier since 1994
Them *****s know one thing, that Skull broked in the door
They watched me in Waco, as I bring the flow
What you sayin', hanh you *****? You *****? Yeah, you hoe!!!
You know one thing you can't be ****in' round wit these *****s
*****s out the tank, straight spittin' on you *****s
You *****!!! You think, you gonna get away
Slammin' jive *****es like you, dead in the pavement!!!


[5th Verse:] [Big Ed, Mia X]

[Big Ed]
***** make some room!!! *****, Back up, back up
Forget that thing out the trunk, and act up, act up
Got my tank dogs steppin' camoflauge fatigues
I represent like a loaded weapon, paper bought wit P
When I get that thing, everybody look down and round and round
Got the M-1 spittin' fire, bring yo' set to the ground
Got the see-4 explosives in the black backpack
Big Ed be puttin' down like that!!!!!

[Mia X]
We come strapped in we roll thick
We represent that TRU click
Playa Haters, yeah we know who you are
Make infrared shine on your head like the North Star
Bomb ****, boss *****, mama set it off
Let it be known cowards you don't want to go to war
The hard hitta still be the biggest mama *****
Swallow yo' **** like a ****in' Anaconda *****
So, bring it, bring it on, how you want to do it, what?
'cause next to other's knees, I cover ****in' dust
Anten-Hut nah, take it to the battle field
Shoppers gon run, while we kick our enemies doors
I ask the lord, they don't want no more?
Mama, drama, told ya' No Limit done took over


I thought I told ya
Pass the doja

Give Me the World

length: 3:04
Yo, god father I come today to ask you a favor
Young Silkk i've always liked you, today before we make
you a made ***** just tell me a little more about yourself

My life started ****ED up got me lost in the game they
told me i was never going amount to nothing so started
slanging some cane you could love or hate it ***** want to
see Silkk incarserated they complicated, contomplated that's why
I can't be faded I hate it they sucked up they mad that I made it
Young Silkk overated keep my dope overweighted (?) mercedes respect
with a ***** like I smash hand on four five surrounded by killers and
soldiers and bullet proof glass mob representing linger soldiers kiss
my pinky finger my balls camoflauged by this rap singin' drug dealing
made me famous so I'm going to keep on doin' it got used to it the whole
world united for me


Give me the World
I want everything from dollars to cream
Give me the World
Large amounts of money the american dream
Give me the World
High class ***** expensive cars
Give me the World
Finer foods and cuban cigars
Give me the World
Money and power it's my only plan
Give me the World
I won't rest 'til the world's in my hand

Lo ciento mucho, **** THAT you came short on my dope cut off one of
your fingers send it in the mail you'll have my money by twelve send
the other four the game designed by me so I can't lose I make if they
don't give me what I want I make them an offer they can't refuse
I pay dues gave a small time for lent I stay in dirt like grass you'll
never find my ****ing finger prints don't lie snitches in this game
*****s see men's shoes Floretin is everything can't break the rules
see me kinda man lost a ki of some cane but I can't cry over spilled
milk have to charge it to the game invested large in vegas I roll with
top notch (?) driving jet planes sittin' on yachts all I want to do is
represent (represent) should i say all I want to get (do) is presidents

Give me the World
I want everything from dollars to cream
Give me the World
Large amounts of money the american dream
Give me the World
High class ***** expensive cars
Give me the World
Finer foods and cuban cigars
Give me the World
Money and power it's my only plan
Give me the World
I won't rest 'til the world's in my hand
Give me the World
Money and power it's my only plan
Give me the World
I won't rest 'til the world's in my hand

Throw Yo Hood Up

length: 5:10
No Limit, yeah southern hospitality we seizin it on you, my ***** Silkk
The Shocker, Snoop D,O double G,why, D,O double G, beats by the pizound,
You know what I'm sayin? From the NO to the LBC.

All my real gangstas throw yo hood up
Throw yo hood up, throw yo hood up
Now to all my real soldiers throw yo hood up
Throw yo hood up, throw yo hood up

Fancy cars, diamond rings, bad *** *****es
Lots of cocaine, smokin on the best bud
Givin up that west love
Got them *****es shakin they ***, all in the club

Now some call us the players, others call us the pimps
So on the level lets talk about hoes
Some hoes dig us an lets talk about pimp shhh
You know we don't show no tricks or ***** *****s no love
You should know all the way to Snoop
***** pimpin's all up in our blood

Now trip this for a second *****
I'm bout to drop some more pimp **** on yo ***
Have you ever slapped a *****?
Have you ever counted over a thousand dollars in cash?
***** if you ain't never did that **** before
Get the **** up out my face, 'fore
I have to pull this tray 8 up out my mutha****in waist

An if you don't do it, I'm a do it
These *****s be talkin so bad, an ???
I could slap a *****, like I had a million dollars in cash
So it ain't no thang, ***** backed up
Give a ***** some room before I bust
I give a **** about a hoe, I might get a ****in nut
Get tha **** an get up, throw it up

[Chorus: x2]

It's the S,N double O, P
***** an this is Silkk The Shocker
Automatic with rockers, yo girl automatic gonna jock us
From the LB to the NO, represent
Me an my camp for, blaze up like indo
Like dirt up in a rental

***** at the right place we caught you at the wrong time
An my team bout to beat you down, ain't no ****in game
You threw up the wrong sign
See I went from hundred dollar rock spots
To umm, million dollar raps
I want a 1.5 from the day I turn this debt

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, while I pimped hoes
An my white drop rolls, an it's sittin on vogues
Jack was nimble, was nimble
***** he was a *****, let *****s smack him
Punk him, an jackin his ****, when you in it, you gotta get ignit
'cause *****s will play you, lay you, then they spray you
Ok you, gotta little money an you figure you hard
You bought two pitbulls for your big backyard
Now let me be frank with you, in this game
You betta have a lotta homies, some straps an a tank
With you, 'cause these *****s they be playin for keeps
While you sleepin, they creepin, that's word to my mama


All my real gangstas, I'm what, ***** what?
All my real soldiers, I'm what, ***** what?

I'm a G-A-N-S-T to the A
I got *****s throwin up they hood from NY to ZA
I probably won't get five mics 'cause I hurt this much
But they don't understand, that's why I'm worth this much
See all my real *** soldiers grab yo **** an act bad
An all my real *****s grab the guns, weed, an
My mission to cash, see y'all busters can't hold me down
Like the police they had the wrong guy an if I tell you somethin
Believe it like you seen it with your own eyes
Damn tell you what, meanin what?
See I make gangsta **** they want to tell us clean it up
Now I walked in, straight up outta some thuggish ****
Don't tell me nothin to be here try to tear the club up *****
Now don't have me trade the mutha ****in tape for the crack
Don't have me go back to tradin the mic for the gat
(see you love them hoes back in the days)
***** please, you gonna fall back like ??? without a sack
So either fall back on keys or forty g's
See I'm bout bigger paydays, I don't set trip, I set clips into AK's
See I done **** *****, not see me go, I run **** *****
Like a CEO, now Snoop how you spell gangsta? Spell it DPG
An I spell soldier N-O-L-I,M-I to the T
(That's 'cause we different riders)

What? I'm *****, ***** what? I'm ***** what, I'm *****, what, what?
I'm ***** what? I'm *****, ***** what? I'm ***** what, I'm *****, *****
What? From the NO to the L-be , be , haha, from the east to the west coast,
To that dirty mutha ****in south, to the nizorth, my little brother
Silkk The Shizocker, an Snoop. (Real *****s unite you heard me?) That's
How we do it *****, playas fool, now destroyed them mutha ****in

Just Be Straight With Me

length: 4:22
People always talkin 'bout.
(I'm what, say what? I'm what, say what?)
You're a hustler .
(I'm what, say what? I'm what, say what?)
I don't care what the others think,
Just be straight with me, (I'm what say what?)

Huh? Huh? Huh?
I know I take chances to make sure I'm sittin' tight.
Do I get how I live, sometimes I don't get it right.
My gold and platinum plaques make you know what we did.
Have the whole world wonderin' what Silkk The Shocker, Master P did.
See it ain't no limit, it's only the beginnin'.
Why? 'Cuz all y'all want us to fall, and hit the wall.
It'll only take a minute, an' see I gets the bomb tree.
Beats by the Pound ****, it sound sick, rolex, and baguettes all.
I take this out the ghetto an' live up on top.
Akin flights, an shoppin' sprees, on 5-0-4 yachts.
See, money don't change me, make me live a lil' bit good.
Took some of my family members, an' my homies out the hood.
See, we ghetto millionaires, far away when we meet.
I think they watched us, P, 'cuz about when we speak.
See I'm too deep to change, everybody know my name.
I guess I gotta charge it to da game.


Ugh! Green money, I like to count, honey.
My only bad habit that I like to sell B's, honey.
We hot, check the Billboard spot.
Twenty-four g's an' P's to make a club rock.
Now they violent, gotta get it rowdy.
Peep game gotta Benz, Lex Luger in or out it.
Don't hate me, the money don't make me.
It's gonna take two hundred million just to break me,
'Cuz I'm a soldier, I thought I told ya.
I like that doja, but hate the rollers.
Crystal, greed, an hinace, got cream.
Makes a brother in a Bentley, from the ghetto.
There ain't no limit 'cuz we livin' large.
Bought a rolex, a yacht, with a gold card.
You done lately, your girl wanna date me, in my grill.
For, Ugh, an' I'm straight g.


I guess they call me a hustler, 'cuz of the fast livin'.
But if I see somethin' I gotta get it, because I have vision.
An' if I like it, I gotta get, if I saw it.
Went from, over the shows, over the doors,
House full of floors that's marble, a brand new Ferrari.
Parked it, when I bought it, see, I'm a no limit soldier.
An' I came to get it started, what you, what you think?
I'm all about my bank, tryin' to be a multi-millionaire.
Before I'm old enough to drink, now we can ride, bro. No lie, bro.
See, nobody be here beside us, so go ahead an fire it up.
Some girls wanna perk it, my homies like to work it.
Soldiers from Texas, all the way to Jersey.
Tick to the tock, all around the clock.
From the north, to the south,
To the east, to the west, it just don't stop.
So to all my real g's, throw them up high,
To all the ballers that have the corks of Crystal, let it fly.
That's how we live.


No Limit, say what? I'm what? Say what?
New Orleans, say what? I'm what? Say what?
South side, say what? Ugh! I'm what? Say what?
East side, say what? I'm what? Say what?
West coast, say what? I'm what? Say what?
North side, say what? I'm what? Say what?
Silkk The Shocker, say what? I'm what? Say what?
No Limitc say what? I'm what? Say what?
Ha ha, playas, congratulate.
Ain't no hatin' on this side. Where the money at?
That's what hustlin' is about, you heard me?
Master P, Silkk The Shocker, hustlin' till the izend.
Movin' thangs how we get it, we gonna get it, how we livin'.

If I Don't Gotta

length: 5:25
[Silkk & Master P talking]
Yo, P was happening dog
Ah man, it's still a dross you know, but the game then change these
youngstas than made it bad, you know we all about our paper but some of
these fools just make and take murder.
They want it the easy way.

See I don't want to be here,
If I don't gotta,
My weed habit, is so close to snorting powder,
Got a few *****es, but it's all about a dollar,
and they don't holla, unless you moving narcota

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm just sitting in my Cadillac
Riding on some triple gold
Smoking octamos,*****
Shining up my vogues
Thanking this hoe called me,
and she was tripping out
say I had a baby by her,
figuring I was taking out
I'm just trying stack a meal,no what I'm saying
that **** real, trying to hide and dodge,
but I can't seem to hid my ****ing bill
On how to cook dope, and chop a key
My brother showed me that
I only live once,guess what
A dope fiend told me that
These hoes be trying to holla
It seems that I got riches
When I got money, I got *****es
I got friends that want to get it
Can he hit it, then quit it
To try to survive and stay alive
It's a everyday struggle,every day hustle
You can see it in my eye, but I don't want to die
I don't want to be here
If I don't gotta
I got friends and *****es, but they don't holla
If I don't got narcotas or dollars, I

[Master P talking]
Damn, check this out Elror
It's real out here, you heard me, huh bro


Man I might have a daughter
No money, no life
Check it shocker, just bills, hanging because
Not giving, a ****, and I'm telling you what's real
You want to know what kill
Most of these *****s on these streets, is jive
I don't know why, these you cats out here
thank they got nine lives
I die for me, with pride
And I then lost the closes thing to me
Pretty ****ed up trading,
or i got some killas that want to do me
Them girls trying to blue me
What all I trying do, is what I love
Let my people know I feel them,(?)
And then go smoke some bud
I got a habit with drugs
Which I ain't suggesting for beginners
In my hood, ain't no winners,
just some thugging *** sinners
Presenta, my life, my life, and take a good view
My bad days, i wouldn't dare
want to wish them upon you.


[Silkk the Shocker]
Now see I didn't ask to come here
I guest untwisted faith of luck
15 minutes of unprotected sex,
in a heat of moment, came a quick *** nut
Now if I wouldn't been born
I wouldn't grew, I wouldn't knew
Never had to go through, half the tangs a ***** went through
I'm in the projects hearing gunshots
Right before I close my eyes
All I heard was one shot
And they only sent one cop when he died
I got some questions
That I couldn't really understand for awhile
They say rain brang pain
But what brang smiles
And see I guess I was to caught up in those fake *****s
And *****es to know
I guess I was blind by the fast money,
and switches on the 64
They gotta, gotta be a better way out,
then hell or jail
I know I'm wrong for selling dope to my family
Just to get mail
Some get high off of sess
To relieve their stress
But no matter, how much success
You can't cheat death
Where yal at

[Master P talking]
Heard that, can't get no realler than this
I don't want to be here if I don't have to.



length: 0:24

We Can Dance

length: 5:19
Oh yeah,
Don't think we making ends
We down to get our feet dirty

Do you want to dance
Do you want to dance
Do you want to dance (*****)

I told you *****z (gunshots)
The money don't make the man
The man makes the green
See me 'n P 'n see *****
We servin' all these fiends
Creamin, till our dreamin *****
Millions of tops
I want the plot
The whole world, *****
I want all my own spot
Till I get it, get it
Get it how I live
I'ma thug
One of them blood, *****
I do it how I feel
Ain't no such thing as *****z bein' halfway shook
I'ma motha****in' killa I hang wit' convicts and crooks (ha ha)
***** what?
You don't want to, go to war with us
Top down, on your block, *****, **** it
(NOW ***** WHAT???)
I hate to see you *****z want to ride with us
Down dirty 'bout my skrilla and born killa (***** what, I means)
See you *****z, be all about y'all green
I gotta gets my mad mail on, ***** what (cha-ching)
Beamin', **** 'em, I stay leanin' in the Lex
Me 'n Master P 'n see-Murder off in Texas
**** 'em, if them *****z can't take a motha****in' joke
I'ma (mother) convict *****, I run wit' killaz that cut yo' throat
All about my, green, *****
All about my, paper
On top, when we stop, till, I'ma call shots of a skyscraper
See I don't gangbang, get my bang on, so bring it on *****, I'm trife
Type of ***** that'll pull a plug on yo' life, ya better hang on
All them hoes want to ride with some real *****z 'n thugz
****in' *****es love the *****z, but we love to get our drugs
See I stay tight, usually riding late-night
Don't trip. *****, I'm deadly like a snake bite (hiss)
Fake *** Save-Mart
With yo' motha****in' fake *** heart
***** I'm known to get it rowdy, AHH!!!!
Oh yeah, that's my trademark
No-Limit soldiers
I ride with the killaz
I'ma thug *****, get above you gon' feel us (ha ha)
I told ya the man make the money
The money don't make the man
You could do what you want to, what you want to do? (gunshots)
Let's dance
Man go make the money
The money don't make the man
*****, we can do it how you want to, what you want to do? (gunshots)
We can dance
Lookin' there, he got my money, so go ahead and drop it like a dime
And if you see me on the block, you better go and stop, like a sign
Now see, I'm always doin' silly things, ***** really things
See when I rap, its like a showdown, I use my whole nine's and gillitines
Holla at me *****
I'm 'bout that money and the power *****
Sour **** ***** drug deal, I kill all them cowards *****
Now I make no mistakes, no, ****, I'm about makin' some dough
I'ma thug and ***** I don't love 'em
If I don't like 'em, I shake them hoes
***** don't talk ****, brag
I sag like some tities
Now I don't let **** pass *****, I peel you *** like a hickey (kiss, gunshots)
I blast cause I'm fast, fast like a quickie
I'ma blast, but first I'ma ask, if you with me
Now all my real *****z, look, show me some love
And you know, I'm gonna get high, like a daze, show me the bud
Survive in any city, look just me the thugs
But if it gets outta hand, look P, just throw me some slugs
Pistols ***** ****, and a half a kit
Uptown 3rd ward, get that ****, and a half a day
Now I'm a hustla, should I say, a down south hustla
(?) to them *****z that fake, or should I say, *****z that bustas
***** need to retire, before I get they mouth full of wires
Should I damn near start a riot, **** you know, we on fire
See, what you meanin' *****, 'bout, no *****es 'n blunts
***** I ride the day with olds, *****, with six in the front
***** trip, **** *****, you catchin' a slug
AK's to yo' motha****in' grill, I hold a grudge (gunshot)
I want to dance, *****, let's dance
Now if y'all want to take a chance, *****, then charge it to tha game
See the man make the money
The money don't make the man
We could do what you want to, what you want do? (gunshots)
***** dance
The man make the money
The money don't make the man
We could do what you want to, what you want do? (gunshots)
We can dance
If you real, ****
I'm livin' the same as you
*****, No Limit soldier, *****, what I claim, is TRU
I'm rowdy *****, get on some rowdy **** (AH!!)
Look down south, east to the west, ****, *****, everybody 'bout it *****
Don't worry 'bout me, I'm like a (?)
I hold my own like a pit, but if I'm trippin
Better miss, like to laugh a the game took a shot and you and didn't ****in' hit it
***** I can't stop now, look like a ***** can't stop hoes
I'll let y'all get a chance to drop, ***** I'm about to drop mine, now look, the shop is closed
***** every verse on, I'm sayin' on the planet, everything I work on
You want to know why I'm worth mills, on the real, look at the rhymes of the first song
See y'all *****z ain't ready (ready)
I hold my trigga finga steady (steady)
***** I'm hard to grip like spaghetti
I chop yo' *** like confetti
I bet it, look *****, don't think the money'll change me
I'll ****in' hang yo' *** like a hanga
But I ain't no gangbanga
Stop *** standin'
y'all had chances, now what?
Percey you know who the man is
One less person that's standin'
Man make the money
The money don't make the man
We could do what you want to, what you want do? (y'all want to dance, gunshots)
We could dance
Man make the money
The money don't make the man
We could do what you want to, what you want do? (gunshots)
We could dance
Oklahoma, *****
Kansas *****z down to dance
See y'all *****z down to dance
Cleveland *****z down to dance
Mississippi *****z down to dance
Atlanta *****z down to dance (gunshots)
Real *****z down to dance
New Orleans *****z down to dance
Tennessee *****z down to dance
Baton Rouge *****z down to dance
Arizona down to dance
Houston *****z down to dance
Nebraska *****z down to dance
New Orlean *****z down to dance
Hawaiin *****z down to dance
Kentucky *****z down to dance
Colorado *****z down to dance
Indiana *****z down to dance
New York *****z down to dance
Missouri *****z down to dance
Carolina *****z down to dance
Oklahoma *****z down to dance
L.A. *****z down to dance
East Coast *****z down to dance
Milwakee *****z down to dance
West Coast *****z down to dance
Utah *****z down to dance
***** South *****z down to dance
Yeah *****
In the middle ***** down to dance
Here I go

Mama Always Told Me

length: 4:40
[Chorus: x3]
Mama always told me (told me)
But papa never showed me (showed me)
So I live the life of a thug
And all I want to do is smoke weed, ride, and sell drugs

Mama always told me it'd happen
But she never told me when
She said probably happen when I get much older
But I kinda wish it would of happened then
'cause I had my mind on gettin' some money
***** I'm tryin' get rich
Mom told me never trust these *****s
And ummm never put your faith in the *****
See I hang with a bunch of grave yard villians
***** robbin' sprees we stealin'
Choppin' keys with drug dealers
Click like pistol with killers
They tried to preech to me, couldn't preech to me
Tried to teach me, couldn't teach me
See I've gotta learn the hard way on my own
'cause nobody else could give me a reason
They always told me I'll probably end up dead
Or in the pen see me and P some outcasts
Can't arrest the family tellin' the kids not to be like him
And see it was ruff some times but it had to be
Enough trippin' on Cess go hand your back and pass the weed
I ran wild deep in the game off of change
***** ***** won't **** 'em ***** won't kill me
But its all in the game
See pop was too busy doin' his own thing to try to show me
But mom told me Silkk watch your paper
At the top it gets lonely, mama told me

[Chorus: x2]

Mama always told me (told me)
But papa never showed me (showed me)
So I live the life of a thug
And all I want to do is smoke weed, ride, and sell drugs

Token guns on my side, no limit *****s gone ride
Paper chasin' for millions Tru *****s won't die

Make time for some dope ***** **** bein' broke
I live my life on the ropes ***** **** the P.O.

I leave you dead with the bustas
Real *****s gone love us
We make crack with the killers and sell dope to the country

***** ***** outlaws and dealers tattoo and killers
*****s bout it with millions now the world gone feel this

I'm staying TRU to the game you *****es callin' my name
Mama told me to change its ghetto blood in my vein

See I got love for thugs never mix sex with drugs
My enemy in blood when I come bury me a thug
Henessy and weed be a ball with desert
These shirts and kakis is how we work
Hypnotized by change after fortune and fame
I roll 20's and thangs rolex and change but uh..

[Chorus: x2]

Mama always told me (told me)
But papa never showed me (showed me)
So I live the life of a thug
And all I want to do is smoke weed, ride, and sell drugs

Right from the edge killer ***** gone off coke
Brown sticky dope makin' *****s turn on their folks
Ain't now rules, fools rush in but don't come out
So many *****s round my way die runnin' their mouth
Fairy tales are for children we ain't story book livin'
South streets be bloody from all the shootin' and killin'
Villians ride for similac and crack and smack
And its a fact all killers ain't inner city blacks
My homies have to serve on blocks that's hot with cops
With rocks and stacks and be packed to get their scraps
I don't knock it 'cause if my pocket starts to lose weight
You can find me on I-10 tryin' move weight
My mama on her knees prayin' givin' god her time
While I'm on the streets hustlin' tryin' gettin' what's mine
Am I wrong am I right got can only determine
I can only live my life and life is for learnin' check it

[Chorus: x4]

Mama always told me (told me)
But papa never showed me (showed me)
So I live the life of a thug
And all I want to do is smoke weed, ride, and sell drugs

You Ain't Gotta Lie to Kick It

length: 5:04
You ain't gotta lie to kick it,
You ain't gotta lie to kick it,
You ain't gotta lie to kick it to be with me,
You ain't gotta lie to kick it,
You ain't gotta lie to kick it, whats it gonna be, its gonna be you
ain't gotta lie to me (2X)

Verse 1

Now you ain't gotta lie to me, or try to be somethin you ain't, well
obviously, you tryin to be me, but you can't, niggas wanna be local, cuz
some regional stars, type of nigga that got a little somethin, but guess
what nigga lease on his car, watch out for these bustas, or should I say
fake phonies, type of nigga that buy a Timex, put a Rolex face on it, I
see niggas be talkin to me, but I can't do nothin bout what he's sayin,
type of nigga don't get a beep all day but act a fool when uhh he
finally get page, nigga walk around stuntin, on a cellular phone, when I
ask to use it why the battery low, cuz it's always on roam, now see
this, or should I say peep this, type of nigga that get a Benz wanna
change the sign from a 3 to a 6, now ain't that funny, or should I say
ain't that nothin, shit where the hummer, where the money, shit where
the 600, type of nigga that buy dope for shit, an sell it cheaper then
what he got it, wanna admit everbody in the story an everybody he be
knowin, where the mills at, where the house on the hill at, nigga kill
that, on the real black shit where the record deal
at, shit lookin like you stole somethin, shit you owe somethin, look
everytime I see you talkin bout Silkk let me hold somethin, see don't
compare shit how I spit, but guess what if the shoe fit, go ahead, cuz
you ain't gotta lie to kick it. (That's real bitch)

Chorus 2X

Verse 2
(Mia X)

See I saw clean through that ass since day one uno, the main bitch to
flaunt show, but ain't got pocket piss an no window, to throw it out, to
talk about this one an that one, pinnochio sister let me paint a clearer
picture, she once went around sayin she was engaged, she even had a lil
ring, said her nigga did his thang, come to find out she traded her
necklace an payed the difference, then gave your boy credit knowin she
struggles tryin to get it, sports fake designer bags, brags on her
clothin price tags, sayin she got em from her man, but bitch credit card
scams, got a Lexus key chain, on her cabinet car key, talkin bout she
had a 420, bitch you tryin to be me, tellin everybody how nice her crib
is, but every week she split out then back at her hoes house, I can't
stand this type of bitch cussin off nothin why try, we can never kick it
or be down but you still ain't gotta lie.

Chorus 2X

Verse 3
(Big Ed)

Now you say you got hoes, yeah there be holes in yo socks, you say you
got dollas, but 10 ones make you not, wit the hundred on top, these
bustas gotta stop, you said you bowl for bricks to dime rocks an
payrolls got judgement on cops, where you 93 Benz, man this is a shock,
first it was a four door big body now its a 2 door drop top, tell the
truth bro, did you eat that strip of ???, nah, havin dinner in bed, tie
you up an pop it in yo mouth, say you get the down an, have em yellin an
screamin but you told my tank dawg nigga that you was straight on the
drownin, bout to be down ass nigga, I mean clown ass nigga, wanna hang
wit down ass niggas wit big nuts, an big triggas, figga, how many
rappers, frontin in this hip-hop game, straight up by sections playin it
straight like it ain't no thang, (word) my claim to fame, is Big Ed be
puttin it down like that, messin wit the hoe games on the realer,
assasin said.

Chorus 2X

Niggas be flossin, if you see these niggas around yo block, or you see
these bitches around yo block, actin like they have all this, tell em
what they lyin for, I don't see none of it, I see you talkin bout you
got all these cars but why you catchin the bus? You have all this money,
why you askin me for money?


length: 4:49
Keep your head up boo,
Girl feel me, and if you love me, you gon' love me till they kill me
Girl feel me, girl feel me, I'm a thug, but love me till they kill me
Girl feel me, feel me, I'm a thug, but girl, love me till they kill me
Feel me, girl feel me, and if you real, you gon' love me till they kill me

Your friends try to tell you bout the things I do,
They say I'm just too damn hard for you,
All your friends think I'm just too thuggish for you,
But I can do what no other man can do

want to let this thuggish ***** in?
Scared of the life, that I lead
Can't change addicted to smokin' weed,
Can't change addicted to havin' g's,
See, you wait patient knowin' you could be draped in gold
I can't deny, me an' you go together, like daytons, and vogues
It's hard to find a true girl, that's a soldier
See when I was in jail, you come see me
When I was at home, you come over
And see, you don't like to gamble,
But this one you can win
Knock knock on the door
Knock knock once more
This thuggish g's in

It's just the thug in me, girl
They say I'm making too much cash
It's just the thug in me, girl
They say I'm living much too fast
It's just the thug in me, girl
Your friends say I'm just too bad
It's just the thug in me, girl
Your people hope this thing won't last

Girl feel me, girl feel me
And if you real boo, you gonna be there till they kill me
Girl feel me

And you were just too damn ghetto for me, (Girl feel me)
All my friends thinkI'm just too good for you
(But if you love me, be here till they kill me)
I always think of ways to be with you (Girl feel me, or love me till they kill me)
Oh baby

I guess it's just this thug livin'
Got so scared, don't give me a hug
Don't let your guard down, till one day, you might fall for this thug
Pendin' the chances tryin' to get rich
You don't even much trip
But you get mad, when I call, females a *****
When I first met ya
You were so, ha, scared to react
But now when there's drama, you talk about step back
And pass me the strap
It's so much pain, in this game
When I close my eyes
I'll be mad at the world, sometimes I take it out on your thighs
Now I want to change
But I can't stand being broke
So if you want to be there for me,
Just sit back maintain, and cope


All Night

length: 4:03
Silkk talking:

Yeah, ha, yo
I'm back back boy, finally somethin for the g's
Know what nobody should be sittin down now
We bout ta get down
The girl, I want y'all to act a fool
y'all mutha ****az know what I'm talkin bout
I thought I told y'all
You know what I'm talkin bout, but what's up dawg?

Chorus 1:

Gangstas don't dance man we groove, I want everybodys ***** to move look
from the front to the back, to the left, to the right, I want 'em
thuggin from tha day to the night, ya heard me? Huh? Ok? Yeah. DJ what's
up dawg? (x1)

Chorus 2:

Hey DJ won't you play that song keep me thuggin (thuggin)
All night (all night) (x4)

Verse 1- Silkk

Man I steps in the club tryin to find some slow sex, me an 'cause in the
back of the club wit moet, I checks the time up on the Rolex, the girl I
hit stay with her man, it's cool, but no sweat, 600 parked outside when
we drive, did some ghetto superstars, grits an dope when we arrive, VIP
status because of the vapors, line was kinda long, took the doorman some
papers, gangsta **** I'm dressed in all black, ***** club was packed so
I went through the back, ***** with the gangstas where you'll find me,
wishin they could make 40 ounces of Dom P, 'cause soon as I hit the block,
I hit the spot fo sho, an you ain't bout it bout it, you ain't known to
flow, because see, gangstas don't dance man we groove, an it's cool, but
you act a fool, an look smooth. Haha


Verse 2- Silkk

Now VIP is where I be, look to the side an guess who I see, Trina an her
sister make no mistakes who, he gonna take her, an I'm a take you, an
umm, if you got a name an a number, an if you got a man, well I'll juss
call you on the under, so go ahead an slip me yo digits, an if you get
it, if you cool then you wit it, later on you let me hit it, now wisper
in yo ear is it cool to what? What I'm really tryin to say girl is it
cool to SHHH... I gotta keep the crowd bumpin, keep 'em jumpin, you know
I'm always in somethin, an I ain't even frontin, for my gangsta *****z I
be blowin up, an all my gangsta real *****z throw it up, 'cause see, ain't
no lie bra, an we gonna ride bra, see nobody be here beside us so go
ahead an fire it up, now you can tell I'm a thug when I want in the
club, no need to mug, juss show a ***** love, you gotta know, that,
that's fo sho, but you ain't bout it, if you down to flow.(say
that)Gangstas don't dance man we groove, an it's cool, you can act a
fool, an still look smooth. Haha.



Silkk talkin:

My *****z in Houston thug all night long (Kane an Abel)
My *****z in Dallas thug all night long (Mama Mia)
My *****z in San Antonio thug all night long (Champ)
My *****z in Georgia thug all night long (Serv-On)
My *****z in New Orleans thug all night long
My *****z in Baton Rouge thug all night long
No Limit California thug all night long
My *****z in New York thug all night long
My *****z in Cleveland thug all night long
My *****z in Ohio thug all night long
My ***** Boss an be thug all night long
Pokey an Jermaine thug all night long
Master P an see-Murder thug all night long
See Beats by the Pound we thug all night long
All my thugs, all my thugs, thug all night long
All my thugs, all my thugs, thug all night long
Thug all night long, Ahh!

Who Can I Trust

length: 3:36

Yeah, I let you in to the organization
(fucking organization)
I thought you could be trusted
(I thought you could be fucking trusted)
You could have had anything
(You could have had anything)
How could you betray the family
Loyalty is everything
(every fucking thing)
You broke the rules
(you broke the fucking rules)
its a code we live by
there's no turning back now
(welcome to this fucking piece of shit)


Who can you trust to watch your back
Who can you trust when the enemy comes strapped
Who can I trust in this time of greed
Who can I trust to look out for me (hey)

[Silkk the Shocker]

How could ya, when you did it you lost me
I would of gave you the world so how could you cross me
I break bread with my TRU on watch my friends and foes
toast hennesy trust nobody keep my enemies close
now all the time I just wanted wanted to be free
and all the time I tried to help you just wanted to be me
sometimes I just wanna take clips and go to war all on my own
trusting my TRU niggas and my TRU brothers and I don't wanna
got tat on my own now if it was mine it was yours if I had it
you had it you told me watch my front you gone watch my back
I did that you stabbed me nigga be snitchin' to the cops
send me to the penitentiary even if its packed
but just mention me to my enemies the ones that stabbed me in the back


I wonder who can I trust when I out bustin' blastin' my guns
I wonder who can I trust to hop when I'm on the run
I wonder who can I trust to hold my last piece of stash
I wonder who can I trust to hang with my best piece of ass
I knew it was fate by the day when I looked in his eyes
I get beside love is trust some nigga came by
I heard he workin' with them people nigga kicked in my door
got me facin' all kinds fucked up charges got me sittin' in court
(everybody rise)
take my last stand its my last chance but take that warrant to my last dance
before they sentence me I through 'em in the court room and hollered
(its ok) Looked 'em in his eyes and wispered you're a coward


[People talking]

D.E.A. boy (freeze get on the fucking ground and don't move)
what part of the game is this
part of the game where the fat lady sings boy its over for you
I'm just sittin' here tryin' to make money
not no 'mo that shits over charge it to the game
how the fuck ya'll found out who told ya'll
it was your homey partner


Who can you trust (haha) Who can you trust
rest in piece Biggie rest in piece Pac
Who can you trust

It Ain't My Fault

length: 3:18
Intro: [Silkk, Mystikal]

Chorus: [Silkk, Mystikal]

We can't stop now bitch!!!
We can't stop,
and you can't stop us,
so bitch don't try.
We TRU soldiers, we don't die,
we don't die, we don't die. (2X)

1st Verse: [Mystikal]

I'm bout my paper, my paper,
important people on my pager.
I might not drink Alize',
but I'll smoke you under the table.
Don't make me peel your potato,
don't make the devil your neighbor.
Five hundred words might make it hard to digest what I say,
but five up in the morning, see me on the billboards
y'all gonna keep it that way.
Hold on as tight as you can,
whatever you do, don't loosen your grip,
not only are they anticipating your every move
they're waiting for you to slip!!!
But like I told you before, we not gonna fall, put a banana in the tailpipe,
I'm not bout livin' in no six by six, wearing no muthafuckin' jail stripes.
Been Bout It from the start nigga, we raw nigga,
you don't wanna, go to, war nigga.
We superstar niggas,
you know who we are niggas.
From poverty in the projects,
to livin' large niggas.
It take one hell of a combination, to get what we got,
we soldiers on a mission, and you can't stop us!!!


2nd Verse: [Silkk The Shocker]

Nigga wanna START SHIT,
that they know they can't finish.
By far niggas wanna go to war,
but they know when they ain't winning.
Fixin' to keep this bitch jumpin, like a muthafuckin', second line,
Been Bout It, and I'll be rowdy, and you gonna know it by my, second rhyme.
No Limit chain around my neck, so check, and respect the sign,
y'all wanna play, but I guarantee that you won't play, a second time.
Sometime I'm in camoflauge and sometime I'm in all black,
y'all wanna go to war with us, wit you knowin' we all strapped!!!
Fuck it, pop it, don't stop it, cuz I drop, by no means, look,
bitches dyin' like a dope fiend, while he have on a pair of old jeans.
Nigga what? Pistols we all got, sometimes it's all glocks,
keep one in the chamber for danger and make sure they all cocked.
Went from a, small knot to a tall knot,
nigga please, I got all the G's for breakin' these Ki's down to all rocks.
Blow up the spot till it's all hot, surround the world together cuz y'all not,
nigga we ain't gon stop jus cuz y'all stop then it's our props.
If you wanna get it started, then let's started, but let's do it right,
but if you wanna get started, get started, let's do it TONIGHT!!!
Likely to get your head busted, lined in some chalk.

Chorus (2X)

What Gangstas Do

length: 3:57
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler
Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler

What gangstas do for money
One-eight-seven, two-eleven,
I'm 'bout it 'bout it see yo I'm down to do whatever

I wants money the powers the s*** n****
I need dollar s***
Til I win the lotto b****
My motto is to get rich
Hustler make things all right
Connected on our flight
You need the Gs and keys over in the car
Drove back all night
Won't do nothing for some a**
While I will do anything for some cash
F*** the police
now I from city fresh off a copper's a**
What you gon' do when the bills don't come
And what you gon' do when it's time ta lay it down
Dis n**** don't give a f*** bout nothing but
Dollar dollar bills why'all
The real why'all
I'm tryin' ta get a mil why'all
I cost these things that I can afford that I want
You calls for the Cadillac wit the fifth wheel
And, I'm up in the trunk
So don't get mad when you see me with a ski mask
I be blastin'
I'm gonna get the cash by any means
The stash
Plus a n**** gotta survive and a n**** gotta eat
You're gon' be surprised when I'm over your eyes
when you see me on the creep

What gangstas do for money
One-eight-seven, two-eleven,
I'm 'bout it 'bout it see yo I'm down to do whatever

Dem n****z that feel us
Be the killas and dealers
Witness my s*** n****
Strong arm for skrilla
Top yo mama for a dollar
Gangstas do what we gotta
Back da coke sell the powder
For the money and power
No Limit rider
B**** don't make me sayin' no lotta
If it's over my loot
I shoot and never miss
But's it's burned from my clip like a pot of hot grits
Down for gangsta s*** for the chips and grip

N**** down to do some work
Put in work make it hurt
Take my hollow chips
Wipe em wit my T-Shirt
Charge it to Da Game
Chasin' fortune and fame
Never snitchin', ears itchin'
Feds mention my name
Mr. Abel Mr. Kane stay true to the game
If it ain't about the paper we just can't understand

If you ain't scared
Better get somewhere when I pull dis trigger
We some seven figure military minded n****z

What gangstas do for money
One-eight-seven, two-eleven,
I'm 'bout it 'bout it see yo I'm down to do whatever

Show me money
I'm smooth I'm street smart
But I don't play by the rules, n**** move til we get caught
You know I'm bout my mail n**** can't you tell
P gon' get me out of jail n**** he goin' for the bail
But I'm a sleep in my cell til they call my name
And n****z rappin' to me all night 'cause of all this fame
Now I ain't gonna let anyone get near me
He was hella tight
I'm told em someone get out they came for a light
They suggested I wanted to be rich and I was like mad as f***
But I'm bout ta bail ya out so why'all n****z stay up escape
Bos, Big V, Pokey, Mann, Mama 'cause we freakin' man
N**** just waitin' for the champagne
And 'cause that's me
(What ya gonna do when ya get outta jail)
I rather be sayin' dumb s*** den sit here
(What do you consider that)
Smokin' green wit my n****z and cleanin' my strap

What gangstas do for money
One-eight-seven, two-eleven,
I'm 'bout it 'bout it see yo I'm down to do whatever

What gangstas do for money
One-eight-seven, two-eleven,
I'm 'bout it 'bout it see yo I'm down to do whatever


length: 1:03

Let Me Hit It

length: 2:43
Oh Yea
I ain't trying to come at you wrong(let me hit it)
I want to know if its cool(504 boys want to hit it)
2 of my boys(man we)

Let me hit
let me get it
let me hit

let me hit(let me hit it)


I went in the room
and saw a girl I ain't seen in a long
*** time
I said how you doing
what cha doing
Damn you got fine
I don't know about you but
dis its cool to ****
actually it being night
my whole life its cool to ****
???? brand it and sand it
plan be so let get
let me hit it
(take this)
****ing right he did
lets start this
I'm still heartless
don't fall in love
I think you heard
got baby
like record label drop artist
I think that **** love better somtin nice
lil preppie chick
but I still want to wrap
bets night than a hug
I'm bout to get
as a motha ****a
guard tha sets and get it
come back now roll it fat and let me hit(pass the weed)

Chorus x12


Let me hit
Let get it
turn around give it to
already know what I want
**** all that beat around tha bush
make up yo mind
***** do what you don't
9 times out of 10
them jackers sit here
probally you don't
id rather pull a ***** drows to the side and smell here funky
***** stunk
I ain't tripping on the stupid
Id rather have a good time in this *****
trying to get my smoke on
what you got cigarettes
(ah that's it the ***** got to be stopped hold)
I still got a guard left over from last night
Damn I like to forgot
I don't blow no joes
But inhale some weed smoke
Id rather be hitting you from the back
if you really don't know
she said my periods down
Ita be gone in a minute
then she said
I thought you had some weed
then tha ***** said
let me hit it

chorus x17

How Many...

length: 4:13
How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s down to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s down to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
I said, How many *****s down to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s down to die with me

I'm too young to get my Z's on
Get my cheese on while I'm here bang a *****
And get my be 's on tattoo weed and hennesy
Scream NO LIMIT to the enemy tryin' get my skrilla
That's why they label, tag me a young ***** drug dealer
And the FED's steady watchin' but a ***** makin' money
So the tank ain't stoppin'

How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me

P dawg pass me them let's get 'em
I ride for your homey Tru *****s ain't bullshittin'
Respect my tattoos I pay my dues
Remember '89 when I made a ***** sing the blues
I was born and raised for this gangsta ****
See-Murder be known for keepin' an extra clip
My Pops say look 'em in the eye before I kill 'em
P crank the Lac up and let's get 'em

How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me

***** whenever you need me I'm already there
Its gettin' done hangin' out the window
Sayin' WOOO ************ UH
You ride for me I'm a ride for you its only fair
Here I go **** them *****s I don't care
Where they at what they tryin' do how many
We got **** to live for you weak ***** die skinny
Without a penet my clique strong like Ol' Remme
Unfriendly in business the wheel still spinnin'
Ready to bury you *****es from beginning to endin'
I'm telling you to be chillin' you ***** if you
**** with no limit

How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me

*****s high let Mia mama ready to ride
TRU for life I live kill and die
For the camoflauged soldiers leave your stiffs in safes
Baddest ***** ************ I gave birth to a tank
I ain't gonna just testify and lie for ya'll *****s
I hit the judge and everybody with some choppers and slitters
**** 'em forget 'em hold the gasoline she lit 'em
Ain't gonna ever have to ask did she get 'em
That's all TRU won't you won't do let it be known
Guerilla warfare *****s fullblown come on
I'm with you *****s like the heart in me
My love goes farther than them hennesy
Whose got the car keys

How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me

Now would you go to war for me (man you know I would)
Now would you kill for me (**** you know I would)
Now would you ride for me (no doubt you know I would)
Now would you die for me (why you ask me you know I could)
I wonder who will ride for me probably be true 'em
Never knew 'em but even though I was cool with 'em
At times his silly ways grew on me and see I don't
Know but time like moving slow and I'm TRU I'm
Gonna take my vest off and hit it's bout time to go
And see they got me ridin' with top dollar and challers
*****s bout to get ****in' smothered for crazy ************s
Riders, homies, and brothers for my TRU *****s I'm gonna
Get my swerve on my serve on you wan't me come get me
You heard the soul I had a visual moment too tryin' to
Save 'em and a ***** still die but I'm gonna kill the
************ who said I'm not TRU and ***** still live
All the world catch a slug ***** catch a slug in the mud
See I'm a TRU thug and this is TRU love ***** what to
My real *****s blastin' toes and I'm gonna empty clip 'til
I can't blast no mo'

How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s down to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me
I said, How many *****s want to ride with me
How many *****s want to die with me

Who I Be

length: 3:41

[Master P]
Silkk the Shocker after completing your duties
on this Charge it to the Game
You're now ranked the highest soldier in the No Limit army

Master P the colonel, lieutenant, wise, Big V, hope
Prime Suspect, C-Murder, Mac, Fiend, Mia, Serv, Craig B
KLC, Mo.B, and I'm Silkk the Shocker

[Master P]
Fuckin seven stars, ya heard me
Ain't nobody touching you, soldiers
It's time for you to lead the pack

(Kane and Abel, Mystikal, Gambino's, Tscott)

Give me some mutherfuckin room as I kick open this door, ahhhhhh!

(See a nigga been waiting on this shit)

Well I'm here now, so you ain't got to wait no fucking more
Cause I've been running this bitch from New Orleans, to Korea
Ask you ass like Veya,Cause I want a million like Aaliyah
Nigga, I got nothing but six triggas, rollin wit six niggas
Six triggas, run a check on you with six digits
Nigga what you mean. I be quick nigga
Everybody got a heart from the smaller ones, to a big nigga
And ya'll know I don't play, Not go on, and I don't stay
See, you know I'm bout G's
Look, cut the blunt open,and lace it wit weed
Cause tonight's the fuckin night
When i get down and fuckin dirty to earn me some stripes
At first it's going to be kinda hard to shallow

MasterP: Uhhhhhh

Cause I lay this one down right
for the North, East, South, West
Stay on the line so you can follow
I'm going to bring the ruckus
Going to take my No Limit chain off
but not unless I'm in the bed
and it get to hot while I'm fucking


Discussed ya'll can't touch us, Ya'll some busters
If ya'll looking for us, we ani't hard to find
you know were we at bitch
Now what bitch

MasterP: Soldier

Silk: Who I be
Silk: What I See
Silk: What a set
Silk: and what that represent

MasterP:Huh respect

A million TRU niggas walking wit gats
We Soldier I told ya, and thats that
Empty bullets arouse from my shells
For every bullet that drop it's a story to tell (damn)
Gotta make sure he ain't breathing no more
He done crossed the fucking deli, time to even the score
See I'm bout to mention a hungry rockweller (Uhhhhhhh)
Entourage full of empoller, we riding dope wit top dollars.
If I ain't the toughest then show me who is?
Tell me where he live, and I guarantee
I'll shoot the shit he did, and more
This TRU blood is running through my veins
I'll seeing this high life has got me addicted to fast life and pain
But what left the game not the vain
Born to be forever rapping or in the dope game
See I done been places, and I done seen things
My whole dream is to be a kingpin, and try to sling 'caine
But see I run through like a track meet
Run dope through this whole street
Ask P, Ask P, tax free on these backstreets
(Ain't that shit illegal?) I hope they caught
cause murder, homicde, drivebys
and drug deals where blood spil
My glock will tell you (oh yeah Silkk that's real)
I'm a soldier


Silk: Who I BE?
MasterP: What? Who I be.
Silk: Who I BE?

Silk: Who I Be?
MasterP: What?
Silk: Who I be ?

Silk: Who I Be?
MasterP: A No Limit Nigga
Silk: Who I Be?
A No Limit Nigga

Silk: Who I be?
Silk: Who I BE?

Tell Me

length: 4:30
Yo, uh, Silkk, we gonna dedicate this one to all the hos out there.
I ain't calling every woman a ho, but, uh, if the shoe fits, wear it,
'Cause, uh.

[Chorus x 3]
Tell me what you think, after you talk to one of these stupid hos,
Tell me how you feel, after you **** one of these stupid hos.

Do you feel the same? Some hos want your change.
Hos been chasing *****s, rolling on their thangs.
They look for dope dealers, ballers, and hustlers.
See, real *****es hate busters.
Some *****es'll let you **** 'em till they bleed.
Uh, but rats like cheese.
You see, ***** stretch 'em out.
You go raw, and hos make childs,
And then the game, it ain't no thing.
But it's a shame cause a ho in it for one thing.
They after big timers with big papers, Biz Markie make vapors.
But see these hos will hate you if they know that they can't break you.
Some of these hos need to shut their ****ing mouth.
Wishing for a new car and don't have a house.


Don't play no games, trick, keep my name up out your mouth.
You say you hate me, but at the show you damn near passed out.
Wanting me to pay your rent, but not your relatives.
You mad at me, your baby daddy don't claim your kids.
You want a baller to fall for you.
But after a ***** **** you, he don't even call you.
Dollar signs in your eyes, ho.
Claiming you a virgin, but on tape you ****in' big Mo.
You rippin' round town, you say you ****ed a tru *****.
I ask P and Silkk, they say they couldn't remember.
You or your name, you stupid ho.
So get your kids, get your drawers, and hit the door.
Ho, I ain't got time for these *****es,
Stupid biatch.


Now would I see if I ****ed these hos, man 'cause P calls them a trip.
Lookin' at me like a big old dollar sign, figure them hos can get rich.
Now everybody worrying and ****, looking all stupid and ****.
*****s be acting soft.
When I met her, she was cool as ****.
All of a sudden, everybody got a ****ing problem.
Now, why you worrying about what kind of car that I got?
Conversating with those tricks, you talking ****.
Been looking at my rings and my watch.
Now after you hit it, look this trick, who you giving the cold shoulder,
And after you get your nut, then you be like mad as ****.
Look at her be like man, it's more over.
So you be sad when she there, and you be glad when she left.
And you be mad when she around so you pack your bags and stuff.
These hos like a diamond,
And be wearing things for free, but I'm a put them in they place.
Man, them hos be cool at first,
Then turn ****ing crazy like a guest on Ricky Lake.
I'll play the game for what it's worth *****, lil' G done keeping composure.
I'm a soldier, when I go on a date, I'm a bring guns, **** bring roses.
These hos a trip.


Ha ha, yeah.
What these hos don't realize;
They don't realize that uh,
If we was to give a ***** something, even if it was a few G's,
It really ain't nothing.
It ain't nothing but pocket change to us, *****.
Can't break the bank, baby.
And uh, treat these hos like fiends,
Give them just enough, so they'll come back.
*****, I don't need you, you need me
Stupid ho.

Me and You

length: 3:27
Me and you together had plans on making the day, having cash
As time passed tryin' to make it all last
You know we struggle
Hope we can see better days
And the time different dreamers is to go our separate ways

See you was always good
I was always bad
You was always in school
I was always to cuttin' class
Cheatin' on my tests knowin' I wouldn't pass
Told me slow down ***** I was movin' too fast
They always told me ?
I wish you well one day
If you could be spent up, shot at, get me out of jail some day
Yeah, I was told to be like you
And at times I tried
Realized the only way I can beat these streets
The only way I knew to survive
I remember comin' home high and drunk
Smellin' just like a alcoholic
Tryin' to sneak you in
They damn near caught us
We be down to rock the block party's all night
Even thought we clown, we be down to fight, all night
Hangin' with the big homies
Askin' what they hittin' fo'
I remember stealin' junk food out the neighborhood liquor sto'
Sittin' back remeniscin' on all the things we had
Even thought it was rough, it never seemed so bad
Our destiny, we can't shape
I know we made mistakes
Even thought i wonder why He took you
I can't question fate
I guess it was written

But check it out
You still hear 'cause you gon' live through me, see, and Silkk

Me and you I always thought we'd be together
I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever
And see I, destiny, we can't shape it
Even thought I wonder why we die
I can't question fate
Me and you I always thought we'd be together
I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever
And somehow I always thought you'd be there
Get a deg on the mark, it's cold, but it's fair

See man, right now I just gotta watch my step
No matter how many homies I lose
I can't get used to death
I remember us 5, runnin' wild
Just tryin' to get paid
It wouldn't seem like a jail
Put some rose on Dante's grave
(No reason you gon' die)
Gimme for thinkin' that
You were my brother
I'd pay millions to know I was safe
A million to bring ya back
y'all my family, as well as my friends
And if I had to bring ya back that mean I havta lose ya again
Your memory's gonna live on even though ya' gon'
I'm sittin hear contemplating where it all went wrong
We had an argument, I said some things I shouldn'ta said
Never got a chance to apologize when you didn't come home that day
I'm thinkin' about memories every time I lay down
I wish I woulda known
I woulda apologized
But i guess I gotta say it now
So I see you when I get there
But for now I'ma pour out liquor
'Til i'm up there wishin'

Chorus x2.5

Silkk -

And if this song don't hit home
Picture the person you love the most
And, you wake up, they be gone

Master P -

Damn, Kevin Miller
See you when I get there fool
'Til then you gon' live on through us
Huh, we riders baby, you know that
Down to handle our business
Silkk can handle his business
We 'bout it 'bout it, rowdy rowdy
Love *****