Made Man Album

Artist(s): Silkk the Shocker

Cover Art

Silkk the Shocker Made Man Cover Art


The Day I Was Made

length: 4:25
producer: O’Dell
composer: Silkk the Shocker
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker

Today, we have a serious decision that needs to be made for our family
There's a young cat out here that's growing old
Quick and fast in our organization
And today he must step up and be made
And I think you all know
Who's this guy mayn?
This guy is Silkk, Silkk the Shocker
His contribution to the streets has grown so fast he's grown weak. Kay?
You know what, this decison must be made now and only now
Isn't he young?
He's a stand up guy, he's a born leader, he has my blood
I was also a young when I started
So be it
Godfather, please, let me be the one to tell him he's a Made Man
Not now, let the Don tell him
Dannny Divuchi, bring Silkk to me
Godfather, you won't regret it
Yo Don, what up with this visit to
Okay mayn, have a seat, ju know
I'm here to tell you some good news mayn
You're a Made Man now, everybody stand up

[Silkk the Shocker]
Last Year, I was the help, this year I'm the boss
You don't like it? **** y'all, they'll find y'all *****z lost
**** with real *****z, mob figures
Not you *****z that's soft
I'm talking about visiting some of you *****z
Some of you, *****z is talk
I always been a made man starting when I was, just a teen
Through the streets where I knew how to hustle
So the Don, put me down on his team
Told me to be, down to take a chance
Ya gotta be down to dirty dance
If so, the world can be yours so I put my, life in his hands
I know I'm up in the game, but I learned quickly
Told me you could live good
But wouldn't give it up when they come to get you
Told me never make, moves with your heart
Never snitch if you get caught
Never trust anybody a 100 percent, realize anybody can be bought
Everybody got a price
Money's nothing without
Power respect, loyalty, is a way of life
You've been chosen, to be the Made Man
Everybody gotta turn
there's rules to this ****
That everybody gotta learn
To go from poverty to riches
Before I rule, choose my girl
Today it's the streets, tomorrow. I rule the world

I want the world the and everything up in it
No settling this time, this time, the sky's the limit
Power, loyalty, respect, from the cradle to the grave
I want to rule and I did, the day I was made
I'm a Made Man

I want the world and everything up in it
No settling this time, this time, the sky's the limit
Born leader, from the cradle, to the grave
I want to rule and I got my chance the day I was made
I'm a Made Man

[Silkk the Shocker]
I want the finer things, the car, house, and diamond rings
Wait patiently cause I know that time will bring it. (time will bring)
I'm a Made Man touch it no mo, I don't touch no coke
I'm a made man, **** it
I don't even show up for court
Judge tried to give me ten
Pointed the middle finger cause I, thought he was trippin
I can tell him why every ***** I had beef with
them *****z, wind up missin'
Used to be broke, but now I'm nothing but dollar signs
Used to be convicted felonies but now if I get convicted
It's white collar crimes
**** never been nervous, if I was, never let it show
Cause of my baby face
I did a lot of crime but, they let me go
Usually females come to get me
Never ever, leave no witnesses
If I gotta do it, it gotta get done, nothin' personal just business
A Made Man with a vision
Learned to, master the system
My family never see's me
I just send em, presents on Christmas
I want the world, take trips to Reno, stock in a Casino
Make a lot of loot, have suits designed by, Valentino
I want the world, and everything up in it, when I said it I meant it
Time to ride high, this time is, sky's the limit
Sometimes it feels like my last line, my last rhyme
Gave the world to little brothers
Never been nothing but the last Don
I want the world


Somebody Like Me

length: 4:12
producer: Whole Records
writer: Silkk the Shocker, Mýa
For real, I know we from different sides and all
And I ain't even gon' lie, I'm a thug
But I got a question for you
Could you see yourself fallin' for somebody like me
What's up?

So what you want to do
A girl like me, a guy like you
What we could do
It's whatever baby anything that we want to
Will I fall for a thug like you

Could you see yourself fallin' for somebody like me and um
In fact if you could
I got money now
Can you see yourself if you had to move back up in the hood
Now during sex lay there I'm have to ask if it's good
This rap stuff stressful let's go see if we can relax in the woods
When I first met you at the bus stop lookin' all shy-like
Tellin' your friend how much that you hated my type
But I'm ready to change,
I'm willin' to put the game on it, put the range on it
Put powerful things on it
Sooner or later probably have tattoos with my name on it
Now look I like to live fast, addicted to cash, the 45 on the dash
And you know me, if you know me, o.g. I'm down to act bad
I need a more than a friend but not quite a relationship
A girl when I come off tour I can't wait to get with
Not the stupid chick the one I probably could vacation with
You gotta go somewhere you know what boo go ahead
Take the six
Now you gotta make a choice either wrong or right
You tried before maybe you just need a thug in your life
What's up


You keep, keep on askin' me
If I, say if I want to be with you
The tough part is to think I could
Fall for some body like you

You advanced, took a couple chances and ****
Chances with bricks, couple chances now you sittin' in
Mansions and ****
You done gambled with this thug and won
You know what I'm sayin' it's thug life
**** the glock, pop the glock, drop the top and run
I can't change I'm to deep in it so let me know if you wit me
Can't make no promises but if we make it through boo
Then sky's the limit
We on the west on the beach, we takin' trips to the east
Takin' shoppin' sprees 'til they damn near hurt our feet
Got you a five when you like smashed the four
Didn't even wreck it you just laid there and scratched the door
Step out the house it's more like a fashion show
Anything and everything you want you got that you ain't even gotta
Ask no more, imagine that

It never really mattered too much to me
That you were just too damn ghetto for me
All my girls think I'm not quite ready for you
So now I try to sneak away to be with you


Every woman need a down man
Every man need a down chick
Watch your so-called friends
Watch them *****s you hang around with
I need somebody I can be serious with
I need somebody I can clown with
It's thug love and I think I found it


Will I fall
For this thug
Will I fall for a thug like you

It Ain’t My Fault 2

length: 3:27
producer: Craig B
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
[Craig B]
What's really happenin?
This shit again for the 99
Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal, and Craig B
It still ain't my fuckin fault
Ya heard me?

[Silkk The Shocker/(Mystikal)]
(Uh ohhhhhh!)
It ain't my fault
(Did I do that)
It ain't my fault
(Did I do that)
It ain't my fault
(Did I do that) x2

That's right my meat and potatoes come from my lyrical label
I throw my rhymes for No Limit like Jeff George throw for the Raiders
Don't cut the head off a hater, don't cash the check that they paid ya
Jump in a Deville or Mercedes, Lexus or Navigator
Five hundred niggas talkin bout what they goin do, how they goin ruin my day
Not none of them niggas be talkin like that when they come round my way
Hold your mouth as tight as you can, whatever you don't loosen your lip
I make your tightest hardest rapper brush his teeth with my dick
I'm strict, I'm rich, I'm young, I'm black, I'm set
I got it, I hold it, I run it, I do it to death
I'm hot, I'm dirty, I'm oiled, I'm strapped, I'm done
Don't blame it on me if the police find a pistol and blunt

Chorus x2

[Silkk The Shocker]
Ahhhhh, lemme get it started, respect that I can finish
You talk about goin to war, if you knowin you can't win
We'll make our money make cash, with no gimmicks
I ride the tank and my back reads No Limit
Mistah rowdy rowdy, write a book about it
Every rhyme, all the time you make a hook about it
Money I count it, but it ain't enough
Heard I had chicks around me, chicks I can't touch
Since I have niggas around me that ain't goin bust
If you ever see like that you know them niggas aint with us
It ain't my fault if my name spell cash
It ain't my fault if your girl got my name tatooed on her ass
It ain't my fault if your concert can't sell out half the show
It ain't my fault if you do twice as much as me and I get half the dough
Yall saw me style, change my flow
Bad money, good money, change my dough
I can't be bought, can't be bought, I didn't do it ain't my fault
Now what

Chorus x2

[Silkk The Shocker/(Mystikal)]
Made man (that's that rapper)
Mistah! (ghetto fabulous)
(Hangin out the door boy) 504 boy
(I bet I got cash) you got to get more boy
(Hit em up, hit the floor boy) Gotta go boy
(I don't die no hoe boy)
That's Nino Brown (G Money) and I'm Vito...boy

Chorus x4

[Silkk The Shocker]
From the east coast
To the west coast
North, midwest, southside
All my dawgs
It ain't chall fault, It ain't my fault
Don't be mad at me
I'm makin it happen ya heard me?
Mystikal, Silkk The Shocker

Ghetto Rain

length: 4:37
producer: Craig B
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
Picture this, any man that hustle because like to is a fool.
Any man that hustle because he got to feed his family....
That's a real man.nYou see I hustle because I got feed me family
I got families to feed, I got feed my mama,
I got to feed big mama, I got to feed my cousin,
I got to feed my lil' brother, I got to feed my sister,
I got to feed my kids, I got to feed my people.

The ghetto's got me hustlin' tryin' to survive
The ghetts got me hustlin' tryin' to stay alive.
The ghetto get me hustlin' tryin' to survive,
And I know I'm goin' to hustle until the day I die.

It's da black rain to da moon and tears that cause lies
See that's the way I felt when my lil' brother died.
And some fools say it ain't no justice
And other *****z say it ain't no peace
That's why thugs help their on these projects and on these streets.
See my daddy made me a dealer
And my cousin made me killer.
See that's why everything we do, they gonna respect us and feel us
And I'm still tryin' to understand why big daddy was with da rest
And my nephew on the last counter on da 14th down the car reck.
It ain't mutha****er down on dope, on crack, or aids
And I see so many ghetto people go to jail
And live your life and die like slaves.
I got a relative on apeel doin' 25 flat
On murder or ride ***** **** it Johnny Cochran can't fight that.
And since I'm black and I'm rich
They see to overlook It's me advise
First class *****z tryin' call da police tryin' to book us.
Ain't that a *****, I done made millions
And still goin' through a thang
That's *****z ask me P why the **** you never change.


It's like I'm rich and poor
I open the world and slang dop
It's the world changes know and changes I thorp.
I thank all my big brothers with out him I wouldn't made it through
So with life on line put all up 4 him so I put that **** on TRU.
The ghetto got me caught up, no broken dreams
The ghettos trap, I see some on crack, and dope fiends.
My hommie, Never did no crime but lien' up in the hearse
Thank god 4 all that I got from that times can be worst.
Ever feel like you was swimming, and really was dronin'
You ain't want to smile but your tender smile always see me clownin'
I trade my life to make the world better
Trade everything I got including life
To bring back my brother Kevin.
See I spit the realist ****
Tryin' make y'all feel this ****.
Y'all tryin' put the finger on our side,
Livin' middle bricks livin' this ****.
See I tell you everybody use to ride benzes
But we had to ride buggies
Mom wanted better things for me
But private school was way past our budget.
So if I'm happy and I'm smilin' and I'm camouflage my problems
The only way I can really solve them
If I really grab and revolve them.
So I grab it and I cocked it
I was going to pop it.
But I stop, forgot I was rich.
What everybody not rich.
Every month so close to gettin' no profits
My only hustle, I told them to stop it,
But can't really knock it.
Everybody died up in game
Everybody tryin' to maintain
Wall from out da ghetto,
Close my eyes and still see the pain.
Sometimes I just get fed up.
To all my souljas worldwide
I know its hard to stride.
Keep your head up!

[Chorus: x2]

This Is 4 My

length: 2:52
producer: KLC
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
(feat. Fiend)

Look alive, recognize, my man Shocker
Money, power, fame, ya know I'm saying, whatever
But listen, who you really do this for Shocker?
Tell em what you really do this for

This for my thug niggas (huh), what, my drug dealers
From the pound to mix around, hard to give you a hug niggas
For my key and a half niggas
Facing 10 but took a plea for 3 and a half niggas
For niggas who look the four corners, sit in the dark
Ghetto shit, ghetto niggas, the ones that spit when they talk
Shit, nigga put shots, better believe they be hitting your heart
I can't stop, everything that I drop
what they doing?, hitting the charts
This for the real, the fake I just can't respect y'all
This for the one with the 3 hearts in the cut
only use the phone to make collect calls
This for my real niggas that be holding they ground
In the middle of the projects, still holding it down
For my Thurston House niggas
The triple beam niggas
The ones that scheme niggas
To get the cream niggas
I mean the ones by any mean niggas
The ones that keep it real, that keep the steel
Always survive, gotta ride nigga, creep to chill
To all my East niggas, my West niggas
my South niggas, my North niggas
The ones with no heart niggas
the ones that set it off from start niggas
The ones like me, that's popping in the game
If you tell em once, they ain't listening
I come back, and I'm popping them things
The ones who put lies in they names, so hit the block
See that biggest nigga, tell that, yo, nigga you gotta raise up off the spot
You got til 12 o'clock to raise up
good bye or I'm coming back with the gauge up
For all my niggas that be like Silkk's my dawg
For all y'all niggas that be hating, I be like fuck all y'all

This for my niggas

This my motherfucker, ya heard me?
Yeah, Shocker, Shocker, Shocker, yeah.
Friend, friend, friend

What? Huh? Huh? Huh?
This for niggas like P
I mean niggas like C
Niggas down the bars, niggas that's down to ride for me
I put in your chest, put in your vest, put you to death
I don't give a fuck, I feel like I'm a second from my last breath
Nigga fuck, I mean
this is for my niggas who gotta like, pay they rent
Before, they just reach in they pocket and all they see is lint
This for my niggas
Y'all know this for my...


This for my, this for my


This who I do it for, this for my, this for my

Keep it moving

Yeah, my real niggas and my real bitches

Keep it moving, y'all
Keep it moving, y'all
This for my, this for my

My niggas who be thugging, my niggas who be struggling
My niggas who be hustling, all my dawgs, I don't care which color
This for my real niggas, my ill niggas, my chill niggas
My niggas who down and dirty, the ones who get it how they live niggas
My niggas with little dough, like T and Little Joe
Want to congratulate ya, don't hate ya, `cause ya got a little more
For my No Limit niggas, my project niggas
My out there niggas (Where my niggas at?)
Respect that nigga (Where my niggas at?)
This for my balling niggas, my shot calling niggas
All my niggas, especially my New Orleans niggas
This is for my rowdy niggas, my bout it niggas (Bounce!)
Silkk the Shocker live, (Shocker live nigga) nigga
Audi nigga (Shocker live nigga)

Commercial One

length: 0:39
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

You Know What We Bout

length: 4:34
producer: Craig B
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
Yo Silkk
What up?
Tell Jigga we need 4 apples,
2 bananas and 5 oranges
You sure?
*****, he know what I'm talkin 'bout
Aight, I'll get him on the phone
From my block to yo block *****
The world belongs to who?

The world belongs to us
You can do what you want to do
What you gon do? Huh? What?
The streets belong to us
You can do what you want to do
What you gon do? Huh? What?

Yo from the South to the East *****, from the streets to the burbs
I **** wit *****s when they talk, the speech just be slurred
You know me Mr. Got dough, Mr. Got flow
Couldn't figure our out which one wanted both of 'em so
Mr. Got both - if you hate me stop, if you jealous
Silkk the Shock, Jigga, No Limit, Master P, Roc-A-Fella
Used to cop bricks for 30
Now I do nothin but sit back and drop hits, ya heard me?
I ain't nothin but a thug that got rich ya heard me
Drop the top when it's hot
If not call Jay tell him blow the mall up and
Come and shop in Jersey
You know what I did, you know how I come
You wouldn't even think about testin me dog if you know what I done
Didn't change a bit, I'm still thuggish, still thuggin
*****z ask how much money I got do math
You know how to add I'm P little brother
****, I can't tell y'all nothin I gotta show y'all
Real in this, I'm as real as it gets I told y'all
Yo I sleep through the rain, sleep through the pain
Would have knew about me but you don't
Cause know why, cuase you was sleep when I came
But I'm here now, y'all suckas fear now
Look, plan on bein on top, don't stop, plan on bein hot year round
I don't do it for no love, I do it for the thugs
Do it for my block, do it for the VIP spots in the club
It's hard to stop this life like it's hard to call cocked dice
We ain't nothin but some bout it, bout it *****z
That live the "Hard Knock Life"

From my block to yo block, it's a sho' shot
We out the door, out the most, and the flow don't stop
You know what we do, you know what we 'bout
You know what we do, you know what we 'bout

From my block to yo block, it's a sho' shot
We out the door, out the most, and the flow don't stop
From the ghetto to the suburbs, from Marcy to the 3rd
You know what we do when we come through, ya heard?

In the south *****
Deep in the four door, watchin that old dog
Or in the club *****, shakin' them hoes off
Poppin my foes off ain't nothin changed
Or catch me on the block with thugs knockin the o's off
Baggin that 'dro *****, stackin that dough
Clappin at foes and I'm laughin at hoes
Holdin them dice and I'm breakin yo bank
You see the **** Roc-A-Fella make wit The Tank
Even without the airplay platinum off of heresay
It's your year Jay get off my ****
Been my year, you talkin to a winner here
Iceberg winter's wear, linen chair
My style intact, money ain't come from rap
And we can take it right back if it comes to that
Block or Billboard, you gotta feel dog
I stay real y'all, that's how I kill y'all


I used to rap, now B-ball's my life
Move that house on the lake for the kids and the wife
Check the bank account, it's seven figures
Who that Rolls in the video for, it's mines *****
I got game, ask the players in the pro's
Who got shot, it ain't my fault
(Ohhhh it ain't my fault) he owed me dough
Independent, black-owned, my world, my country
No Limit and Roc-A-Fella run this like drug money
So can I get a huh, huh? A what, what?
Pass the weed cause soldiers like to puff, puff
From the South to the East baby, baby
A couple of unggggh's now they gotta pay me
And flip bricks with ghetto chicks with no bicks
And nine's with no clips and sides wit no chips
Come fast or slow, from cheddar to dough
Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Jay-Z
The rowdiest *****z you know


Get ya money dog
Get ya money y'all
Get ya money dog
Get ya money y'all
Get ya money dog
Get ya money y'all
Get ya, get ya money dog
Get ya, get ya

From the South, to the Midwest
To the East, to the West whatever
Y'all get y'all money y'all
From my block to yo block, it just don't stop

I Want to Be With You

length: 4:54
producer: KLC and O’Dell
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

(Phone Rings)

[Silkk/(Female 1)]
(Hello, Hey wassup)
I'm just chillin Wassup wit you
(Nothin I just was callin to see what you was doing
cus you know i have 2 tickets to the game and i wanted to see did you want
to go)
Well I'm in the studio right now working on this song nahmean?
(Oh forreal well go head do your thang)
A'ight that's my people on the other line
I'm gonna talk you later a'ight

[Silkk/(Female 2)]
(Hey where you at)
at the studio
(Man you and that studio make me sick)
Man you trippin
(You need to come home)
(Cuss i need to go shopping)
Aight i'm gonna come home right now a'ight
(Naw Naw forget it just stay where you at and when
you do decide 2 come home bring me a ring or something )
I might change this bullshit man bye man

Girl I think i wanna be with you
But it's something that I just can't do
I wanna be faithful
See that's just me what i'm going through
I know i ought to be with you
know i need you but i can't keep you
I got to maintain my cool
Maybe i'm a fool
Can't keep you

[Silkk The Shocker]
Yo Yo Yo I never was the type to stress
Get It off my chest
yall can deal
if yall was real
yall can fill in the rest
we both say yes
guess we were both like phony
jumped in too quick
ideally cus we both was lonely
we go 2 stores and you never peek at the price
Treat you right had a bad day i just greet you with ice
you know Silkk The Shocker hang with the thugs and the dealers
wasn't the realest Never the type to get in to expressing my feelings
I ain't gon lie It wasn't all bad
Some was good
matter fact it was all that'
Sometimes i feel like we just didn't match
Found a friend
But only friend till then you alwayz came first
Never type to creep Alwayz tried to make things work
What What


[Silkk The Shocker]
I wanna be with you but i can't hope you understand and all
Tried to make this thang work
Got knocked you'll be the first person i call
Now with you can be myself
with her it's like i'm living a lie
I do everything for her it seems like she never satisfied
If i give her 3 karats then she probably want four
If I wanna go places then she probably just don't wanna go
Now sometimes I feel like we settled
in the back of our minds
we all feel like we can find something better
Now with you it' like you know me
Like her she really don't understand me
I know I live the way I live
But she's all for changing me
I don't care for girl with no money
When I come home I ain't tryin to cuss
Am I asking for much?
But I can't sit here and pretend
I don't care
To have both yall along
That wouldn't be fair
So if it's a puzzle
I think I maybe just missing a clue
Leave or Stay?
God tell me what's a nigga to do
What What What

Chorus till fade

All Because of You

length: 4:28
producer: KLC
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do
Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do

[Mia X]
It's all because of you
I know what hot boys do and that's why I don't trust 'em
I make sure it's all about me ain't even trying to love 'em
'cause I know you're type hot boys don't want to do right
Screwing everything then have the nerve to want to have a good wife
nah bump that baby get ya sneakers and ya beeper
let the door knob hit ya
I bought this house ya heard me I'ma shine without ya mista
it's the biggest Mama Mia X independent bringing weight to
the table I'm financial stable and able
to let you know what I'm not gone tolerate
pay for everything I got you can't throw ****
in my face wait a minute let me finish my name ain't Sparkle
no promises from ten years ??? only sees one kind of mista
on a mission paper chasing building things with a sister
I get caught up in my rapture ??? got you like a groupie
gimp but you ain't getting inside ride with me
oh no floss of my dough floss me on your arm
boo I don't think so fantasize about the sex
even lie on your I suck what rode who nah
I ain't that chick think y'all can screw beaucoup hoes same time
have a wife giving broads two bills they think they living the life
I rather stack my own digits make my world and spin in
and call you just another citizen living in it ya heard me?


Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do
Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do

It's all because of you I know what women they do and umm...
everything my homie said turned out to be tru
either ya too easy or ya too greedy I can't figure it out
I'm like forget it who need it
if I wasn't Silkk the Shocker would like really try to sweat me
I always had girls but not like Halle and Vanessa
calling me on three talking about how they gon' do me
**** I love my fans but I ain't gone be messing with y'all groupies
or either you hoochies
coming to my concert talking about
Silkk if you bout it you would and showing me they coochie
I'm like back up but see I might mess with em put my trust in em
I just trust em to be women ya heard me?
now see my car and she was like I ain't got no plans
see my crib and stuff and she was like I ain't got no man
if I give her a gift she be like girl that fool is laying
if I give her a kiss she be like that's my man he love he just be playing
so I might give you a gift but don't think I'm a trick
I just like to treat real women like they my number one chick
but I know when a women ain't tru black
so when she mess up Ibe like I already knew that
you why 'cause women do that ya heard me?


Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do
Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: And it's all because of you I know what hot girls do
Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: It's all be-cause of you I know what women do
Mia X: It's all because of you I know what hot boys do
Silkk: It's all because of you I know what women do
and everything homie said bout you was tru what

[Mia X]
Mama Mia KL on the cut and Mister Silkk the Shocker QB on the beat box

No Limit

length: 2:22
producer: KLC
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
writer: Silkk the Shocker
Silkk (Fiend):

(***** spell that **** you represent, Shocker)


(What kind of ride you got from all that hard workin, boy)
Range Rovers, Lex Rollers, Benz, Lexus, Jeeps, Jets
(What's the type of ***** *****s No Limit don't **** with)
Fake, snitch, jive hatter, punk, sucka, busta, coward
(What kind of *****s you love to make your money with)
Thugs, Gs, ridas, soldier, ballers, playas, hustlers, money makers
(And what's that feddy, what's that name for that feddy)
Scratch, scrilla, mulla, doe, paper, duckets, cheese, green
(Now Silkk bust that made man ****)
Yo, yo, I come into the room like I was high on dope
****'s Bitter
Rhymes out till my mutha ****a's call time out(time out)
I'm a tank dog plus I bank y'all, plus I outrank y'all
Like I can't ball, what the **** y'all *****s thank dog
I ain't sure I can't fall, *****
Bodies full of tatoos, break all the rules
Too much to lose, I can't fall
So ***** how you want me to do it, mean how ya want me to rap
Want it fast flow, ROWDY, or laid back(****)
So is that all you sayin ***** sayin
Play back, can't believe you'd say that
Been doin this from way back
Just 12 missions with 4 tracks
you know that i been with the in crowd
Business style, been while
**** **** the dumby, **** the money
My earrings cost ten thou.
The taller i get the moment I get, in fact
If I grow 7 feet, **** I could retire from rap
So when I go on, hardcore never go soft
**** i'ma throw the **** off,
Somebody call me a shrink, don't even blink, I don't think
Djuo want to **** with me, like that 'cause I'll beet ya *** so bad boy
Won't even think bout fightin back
I'll put one in your chest, done it for less
I want the cash, none with mental stress
Don't feel love, kept my heart up under my vest
If not the coldest, atleast one of the best(huh bro)
I say thangs people scared say, Dj scared to play
But I'm Silkk the Shocker, get my doe from underground
Add it to my scale it's another pound
Here's to all y'all questions
So many gots to wonder now
Rumors get me kinda mad

y'all done done it now

I'm Silkk the Shocker, down and dirty
You mutha ****in heard me?
If rap was a sport, when i'm done your gonna have ta retire my jersee
1, yea that's me Silkk the, Shocker

Yo Silkk, how many shots it going to down 8 *****s

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

That's it?

Maybe not

How many *****s gonna be left after you do that

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, (I mean) None

Tell them *****s how much money you working with


Yo, *****, where we takin this **** to

East coast, West coast, North, South, Mid-west
There you have it, **** it
Ahhhh, ha ha, ****
First I'm looking at, I look at your strange *** *****

End of the Road

length: 4:21
producer: Sons of Funk
writer: Silkk the Shocker, Lionel Richie
?? how I miss my homies so
I don't expect y'all to understand this
Cause y'all ain't never lost nobody
But imagine the closest person to you
See everybody feel it
But some of us
Feel it more than the rest
Just think about it
It only add
More to the stress
I try to live my life day by day
And ignore the rest
It's so ****ED UP
I can feel life
More than I feel death
Split second
And picture
The family's being torn
I gotta tell my little nephew
His dad wasn't around
To see him being born
When we get older
Playing with our kids
He just sittin' all alone
You know what his last birthday wish was
He wishes daddy come home
And while I'm at the funeral
Contemplating sittin' in strap
He looked up to me
Gave me a hug and asked me
"Silkk, where my daddy at?"
Question I couldn't answer
Tell him a vacation
And somehow I wish
If I tell him this enough
Maybe one day
He just might forget

I guess I'll be seeing you
At the end of the road (end of the road, I'll see y'all there)
You know it ain't easy
Lettin' my homie go (end of the road, I'll see y'all there

Now I learn ??
I miss my homies so
Even though
My homies gone
Try to be strong on my dawgs
Used to hit me
But I'm home alone
All the memories I got of you
Shining like the sun
I used to invite you to my house
We used to fight
Who gone sleep in the top bunk
We used to
Throw rocks
To the cops then we'd run
We was so tight
We got caught
Both of us
They got just one
I remember dawg
We just like
Kick back and laughed
We grew up a little bit
Life made us choose a
Different path
You chose to get a job
And I sold and dealed
You choose to go to school
And i chose the streets
I was the one that
Always lived fast
You used to want to live slowly
As I look in the casket
I though for sure
It was supposed to be me
Damn I lost my dawg
It's cold but its fair
And I contemplate to myself
Would it have been different
If I would've been there
I guess we'll never never
Never know
But I know one thing
Why's it always the good ones that got to go


It's never easy
To let your loved ones go
Tomorrow now promise me
Tell me something that your loved ones know
A straight bullet in the neighborhood
Got a little girl
Holdin' her breath
In my arms I closed her eyes
She died while I was
Holdin' her chest
I couldn't change
Even though the game was file
Through all the pain
Still find ways to smile
And grandma(grandmama got sick)
And they fixed her to bed rest
The family was fightin' over who? left the money to
Picture this you won't even dead yet
And I'm sick of this east and west coast crap
This east and west coast trap
Lost two of the biggest mc's
To east and west coast rap
Rest in peace Biggie
Rest in peace Pac
And all them other soldiers
Make us see it??

We Won’t Stop

length: 4:02
producer: C-Los
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
[Master P]
Can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
we can't stop til our tank's on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall

[Mafia talking]
Today, I'd like to welcome a few souljas (welcome)
to this No Limit world (No Limit world).
A world where we've been preachers (huh Bro)
harassed (harassed) and even incarcerated for making it (fuckin' FBI)
and chasing the finer things (fuckin' government)
Even though we legit, (you fuckin' cockroaches)
ghetto millionaires (millionaires man)
society still tryin' to cage us in (open the big bin man)
But today, (today) today I say fuck the world (fuck the world)
as we made it, Silkk the Shocker (Silkk the Shocker)
C-Murder (C-Murder, bossalinie)
and Master P... Made men (da last don)

[Master P]
We can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
We can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall

I got a pawn for the week, meet me up the street
see momma gotta eat, how much for a key
see my bank from ghetto blood, when my homies show me love
when hotboys run the streets, it was tanks and hugs
niggas ain't gotta hustle no more, easy come, easy go
no limit should be platinum before the shit hits the store
with my cutless he could get his mind right
and (trey hamm?) loved the lime light
Big boys pushin' dimes right,
and y'all hatas ya'll don't wanna fight

We can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
We can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall

I visualize gettin' shot by the bullets of my enemies
rest in peace, to all my fallen homies
young souljas turned victim at the full moon
i still shiver when i glance at my war wounds
niggas feel my justice, and facial expression
so many mother's shed tears i guess they learned they lesson
cause TRU niggas make the world go round
the world ain't never been the same since the last don put it down
T-R-U, M-O-B, til the day we die
we represent the intercity, the dark side
we made men, made from the realest niggas thoughts
with the game from our veins straight to the heart

nigga, feel it, know what I'm sayin'
we represent the made men til the day we die
Silkk the Shocker (Made Men)

[Master P]
riders, Ughhhhhhhhhhhh....
we can't stop til our tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
we can't stop til the tanks on the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall

[Silkk the Shocker]
Made man, y'all motherfuckers know me
It's like the world is mine, you livin in it, y'all niggas owe me
cause i see death before i see life, death before I see white
Death for a price, by the shotty left of the vice
My only advice is I'm a thug, nigga, now ride once killas
see you don't wanna test my tank doggs, you don't wanna test me nigga
It's like I, beef with the top, sleep with a glock
One hollow be paranoid, just like I, sleep at watch
It ain't my fault, if we had to take it to war
Might not be that serious, but you x-ed out if I take it to heart

I'm a made man, that means ya'll can test it anytime,
and so many niggas wanna see me not make it
I'm a ball til I fall, all of us, me, P, C,
The whole No Limit nigga, I'm a made man, ha ha...

[Master P]
we can't stop til the tank's at the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
we can't stop til the tank's at the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
we can't stop til the tank's at the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall
we can't stop til the tank's at the wall
cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall

we goin' ball til we fall nigga,
from the south, to the east, to the west,
and up north nigga, and to my little young nigga,
Free, in New York, keep your eyes open nigga,
think with your mind and not with your soul,
that's how you free your pain,
that's how you become a made man...

Mr. ’99

length: 3:03
producer: KLC
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
Mistah! Mistah! Mistah! Mistah!
Yeah that's me, yeah that's me, yeah that's me
Mistah! Mistah! Mistah!
Call me what you want
As long as you got Mr. in front

Mistah, yeah I did it
Mistah, yeah I hit it
Mistah, yeah I got it
Mistah, yeah I copped it
Mistah, four point six, know what's on my wrist
Mistah, gold and platinum both of em, know I switched
Mistah, I drop you
Mistah, I got too
Mistah, especially if I like it, ****, I cop two
Mistah, keep it locked
Mistah, keep it cocked
Don't let your ?? cause you know mistah hit your block
Mistah, luxury, look, know what I drive
Mistah, first class, look, know what I fly
Mistah, taylor made so you know that I'm shy
Mistah, check my credit card, know what I buy
Mistah, call me that because that's my name
Mistah, you took the loss so charge it to da game
Mistah, creep with the tek, mistah takin respect
Call me what you want to, just don't call me collect

Mistah! Mistah! Call me what the **** you want
Mistah! As long as you got mistah in front
Mistah! Call me what the **** you want
Mistah! As long as you got mistah in front
Mistah! Mistah! Mistah! Mistah!
Yeah that's me, yeah that's me
Mistah! Mistah! Yeah that's me
Mistah! Yeah that's me

Mistah, like baller
Mistah, shot caller
Like I roam my block so it's like, mistah New Orleans
Mistah, C.O. *****, see the flow *****
See the dough *****, see the six double O *****
Mistah, no I'm not a pull a chick
All y'all frontin in a four or a five, I just pull up in a six
Mistah, hopped out the whip, hopped in the kick
Mistah, got cash but I got more to get
Mistah, ??? players don't be ****in with you haters
If you is I just holla at you later
Mistah, like larger then life, multitalented with the mic
Multitalented like, rhyme forty days and forty nights
You want to challenge me right, you be livin off of hype
You might win, sike, mistah!
Mistah, MVP, cash checks with no I.D.
Mistah, N-O L-I-M-I-T, yeah that's me
Mistah, rowdy rowdy
Mistah, bout it bout it
Mistah, got your girl
Mistah, shock the world

Mistah! Mistah! Call me what the **** you want
Mistah! As long as you got mistah in front
Mistah! Call me what the **** you want
Mistah! As long as you got mistah in front
Mistah! Mistah! Mistah! Mistah!
Yeah that's me, yeah that's me, yeah that's me
Mistah! Mistah!
Look look, yeah that's me, yeah that's me

It Takes More

length: 4:01
producer: C-Los
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
Halloway and (silkk the shocker) chorus
Everybody wants to be a mobb figga
It takes more than soldier gear, to be a soldier, nigga
Boy you ain’t a gansta, unless you down to ride
(silkk the shocker), made man, (gc), wise guys x2

Silkk the shocker:
I’m in to win it, sky’s the limit, nigga I ball till I fall
I got a click full, it’s like fuck it, I’m lettin loose all
If you real, you real, if you fake, you fake, y’all niggas tryin to be
But the problem is you be tryin too hard
It’s silkk the shocker and gc, meet me uptown
Third ward, cp, apartment 3b
We mobb niggas, we made niggas to real niggas, to rich niggas
Bitch nigga, to the cave nigga
Now y’all really wanna play nigga
If you going be a soldier, then be a soldier
If you wanna be a thug, then be a thug
Make the right call, can’t be a killa and drug dealer, tasty, lights off

You gotta be ready to go all out for the clout
Four in a half, no doubt
If it’s a showdown you gotta be prepared to go down
Real niggas make the world go round
And what

Chorus x2

It take more than them boys
And where you from to call yourself a click

Nigga we deep as the abyss
Its all about that foolishness
Just let me cross the niggas sayin they want a piece of the gc’s
When I release these, I engage to they fucking species
So me me at the battlefield motherfucker
Still bout that blocka blocka, still bout that bucka bucka
Still runnin with the hustlers, the gangstas, the killas
The flossers, the ballers, the fucking made niggas

Fucking round right up a mobsta, no second guessin
Most notorious in my profession, murder, no question
Ghetto commission, oh we made niggas, respect the flame
Thats burnin motherfuckers out the game, ain’t nothing but a thang
Mafia reign for ’99, niggas sportin such thangs
A pinky rings and the rolies with the diamond bling
Its a money thang, syndicated crime at it’s finest
We got nopd and the feds runnin behind us

Chorus x2

These niggas practice what they preach,
Fucking beef with silkk theshocker
Mistah mistah mistah halloway, just call a fucking proverb
Split you like you in trama (you want drama)
From the waste up, to the face down,
I’m a fuck around, and that’s a motherfucking
My glock goes bang bang, buck when I fuck
We pullin rain, read them diamonds on my takn, nigga that means bank
No limit, no gimmick, we made motherfuckers, make you spin
We bout to take over the world, if you test us, bitch you finished
My images is dredlocks and glasses, straight up whippin niggas asses
You fuck wione nigga in dis click,
And you gettin dealt with by themasses
We in court and outta court for putting niggas on life support
We ain’t about to face no time, bitch we mobsters, we got judges bought

Chorus x2

(silkk the shocker)
Motherfucking wise guys nigga
Made man nigga
Organized crime, ya heard me

If It Don’t Make $

length: 3:11
producer: DJ Whop
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

Steped out my house wit some Daniel Greens on
House wit Versace and shit but I just throw some jeans on
Picked up my phone,called my niggas but they wasnt at home
Shit mo like this(beep,beep)leave a message after the tone
Front back side to side in my 64 just cause I rap everyboby see me everybody
start to hit the floor
I be like ugn ugn dog I don,t do that shit no mo
Everybody come on everybody get they jewels and wallets and shit evrybody get
up of the floor
See I got a benz I can choose either the white or the black one
Dollar billz I stack um
Hallz full of platnium
Ugh un and ya'll don't want to try to jack son
Last nigga that tried,he died
Wish you could ask him
Use to walk In the bank be like I know he a thief
Now I walk to cash my checks with no I.D.
Everything I drop picture this It got to be sick
Like he ain't far from C.E.O. so that nigga got to be rich
Put It like this every week of the year cop me a six
Do the sports year one year then cop two lottery picks
I'm tryin to ball I could give a fuck what yall got
My motto Is why get a car when I can buy the car lot

If It don't make dollas It don't make sense
If It don't make dollas then It just don't make sense
If It don't make dollas It don't make sense
I'm bout to represent I'm to get presidents

It's like mo money mo money mo money
No Limit the only way to go know why cause that's foshow money


I went from, holdup I'm trippin ahhhhhhhhhh oh yea I know I went from rolex's
to better rolex's
The plane kind to the kind with big head bezel's
Cutlass to benzes to a house on the hill
Worth more than a mill and I still keep It reel
I got more style nigga than haircuts
Let my nuts hang to the floor they bigger that beer nuts
Now you can ask p when you she him he'll tell ya dog I'm priceless
That's why my jewel's and shit will remain iceless
Now either your with me or against me dog
You did'nt like me before you really ain't gone like me no why I ain't
begining to ball
I did charge It to the game nigga In less than two weeks
So I'm a take my time on made man and do It In 3
Now when I rap ya'll gone to have to feel my flow
Other rap niggas make one hit and never hear them no mo
That could never be me though
Before I stop silk the shocker then turn C-E-O
Money money money thats all I know
I'm trying to figure out I'm trying to have enough to get all my dogs up out
the ghetto


It's like mo money mo money mo money no limit the on way to go
Cause that's foshow money


If It don't make dollas then I don't want to make It
If it don't have four or five zero's behind it I don't wan't to take It
If it's a lexas why get a three when I can get a four
Why drive a five when I can drive a six
If It's the dope game why buy a once when I can buy a brick
Instead of buying a four I brought a four five so I can hide my wrist bitch
See most of my time Is spent up in the air
I'm on a airphone talking down to the mayor

It’s Going Around Outside

length: 4:38
producer: Ricciano Lumpkins
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker


Yo' let me holla at y'all for a minute
It's like when, I was in the ghetto
I was never in the ghetto, because my mind was elsewhere
And if I was locked down, I would invision myself being free
But God, I got so many questions
I just want you to anwser
Help Me Out...

Rico (from Sons Of Funk):

I wish that God would talk to me (Talk to me)
About all the pain that I've seen (I know you seen it too)
Move on, coming out right
Cracked out Mother got nerve to be crying
All my friends seem to pass away (Rest in peace, all y'all rest in
I heard one say, that's the only way (No it ain't)


But I wish it would rain
I wish I'd rain, I wish I'd rain, so it could wash away all my pain
It's going around outside
I wish I'd rain, I wish I'd rain, so it could wash away all this pain
It's going around outside


My best friend's house payments behind
Now he lives in the park outside
Mary complains about the money she makes
I see some more people dying of AIDS (I feel ya dog, I feel ya)


Trying to make the whole world invision my pain (invision my pain)
Trying to pretend that the ghetto was all good
Ya' know what I really wish for change
But it seems killas and drug-dealas
But they stereo-type me as a thug
Hard to see clear
Supposed to be one-night stand, I ain't supposed to be here, Mom and Dad
never was in love
It seems domestic violence is always the problem
When I go home (Go gome)
Hoping once in my life that Mom and Dad would get along
See my grandfather died in the war
And all he ever got was medals, and my grandmother got a letter
Only things my kids ever GOT!?
Was a trip to the ghetto
Have you ever seen a crackbaby? Or someone die of AIDS?!
Watch them suffer and with all this money I got
They can't be saved
We all hustle so fuck the color, white or black
We all struggle, we act like
We better then each other, we're supposed to be all sistas and brothas
Feel my pain
It's better that you know
But don't feel sorry for me, even though I lived hard and rough
I lived better than most
Knowin' one day I gotta go, and I can't buy time
I gotta homie that's doing 99
He sending me pictures and letters like it's all fine
I know it's not
And ya' know what? It's even worse
They got us killin' over turfs
I don't know when the last time I went to church
Can't sleep, doin' too much dirt
In the middle of the ghetto, just wishin' for clout (wishin' for clout)
Ladies forget having babies by these fake playas and shady bustas
Thinkin' they can get you out
See now my quest to live hard, a quest to live large
God I have a question
Why's it so hard?! (Feel my pain, feel my pain...feel that?)

Ya' know what I'm sayin'
Killin' over dolla bills, paper
Fightin' over turfs, when none of it don't belong to us
And racism?! Still exist, but ME?! I'm color-blind
We gotta realize we gotta problem
And the government? The only time they care, is election time
And they seem to think the only solution is
Build more prisons to throw us's not right
But I got homies dyin' over nothing (Rest in peace Biggie, rest in peace
And all the fallen soldiers
Ya' know what, it used to be in my community...drugs and violence
Now it's going around, now it's going's going around
Soon to be in your spot, if it's not there already
I'm out
(It's going around outside)

Put It on Something

length: 4:50
producer: Craig B
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

Commercial Two

length: 1:52
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker

Southside Niggas

length: 3:13
producer: Mo B. Dick
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
Yeah I got love for the world, east, west, north
I gotta do this one for the hood, ya heard me?
So when ya'll ask me where I'm from
This is where I'm from
So fake *****s don't ask me no ****

Man what the **** you mean where I'm from *****?
You know where I'm from and how I come
No Limit ***** represent it 'cause I'm in it
Check this **** out gangster made No Limit

Southside, we be them southside *****s
From the southside, we be them southside *****s
From the southside, we be them southside *****s
From the southside, we be them southside *****s

I'm a killer from New Orleans
Smoking weed, selling quarters
Tru *****s count bank
leave you dead up in a stank
ask the colonel I'm the captain of this **********ing army
young *****s getting killed if they try to **** they homie
ask the world if we bout it
ask my block if I'm rowdy
No limit tatted on my arm
Only dead *****s doubt it
*****s fighting on my verse when i motha****ing curse
from the ghetto to the clubs all i see is mean mugs

From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s

picture me giving **** about these *****s feelings
mean mugs ***** ain't nothing but 7 figure thugs
and *****s still fighting in clubs *****, what
Say the wrong words
talking bout throw yo hood up
and matter a fact
that ***** whoa now, throwing up the third
***** ***** *****, two guns usually how i walked the streets
take everything steep that means i don't be flossing no beats
So i give a **** if you do, give a **** if you don't like'em
I say Ahhhh and everybody start fighting, ( What's Up )
***** murder murder and kill kill the **** is real
guard yo grill
***** what, straps up
*****s getting they caps filled
I'm thugged out
*****s fight till the blood out
***** used to be playing in the clubhouse
now he comin out the drug house
***** what it's Dirty South
Ya heard about
***** murder clout
we ain't playing
***** what cha saying
we can squash it
we can go the dirty route
***** what
knuckle up knuckle up
if you fake knowing ya get snuck
if you ain't from here don't throw that **** up
South Side

From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s
From the southside, we dem southside *****s

Ain't right in this *****
I'm trying to get hype in this *****
**** some **** up
have my *****s fighting and ****
you **** with me that shits likely to happen
***** I'm a motha****ing thug
***** i don't really like to be rapping
I'm from the motha****ing city where *****s like to be jacking
I don't play low
i play right in the middle of **** 'cause i like to be scrapping
we ain't nothing but some southside **********ing *****s,
so i come through I'm coming through with some southside *****s come with us
************s respected or check it
you know how we do it
come through ************ we used to it
southside *****s, what

southside, we be some southside *****s
southside, we be some southside *****s
southside, we be

Get It Up

length: 3:39
producer: Beats by the Pound
lyricist: Silkk the Shocker
composer: Silkk the Shocker
[Snoop Dogg]
Yo.. and this is No Limit records
I am Snoop D-O **********in double G
Partyin with my ??? Silkk The Shocker
You a made man now *****

[Silkk The Shocker]
Year round party
y'all get em up, get it up
What up Snoop?

[Snoop Dogg]
Wake up, jump out of bed and get dressed
My life is a mess, naah better yet it's a test
I snatched the chopper from the coppers then put on my vest
Life's a baseball game out west
Oh yes, you rockin with the best, the S
N double O-P, your grandmama know me
So for all my homegirls and all my homies
Ain't no limit picnic and it's on me
Our world is G so roll with me
And Silkk The Shocker and grab some gin for this vodka
Got summertime rockin for your jeeps and trucks
Big June Bug in the house, what up
Got a jar full of dope and a box of blunts
Hoes in the house, if you see em turn em out
*****es walkin by sayin hi to me
And *****s givin dat cause they ride with me

[Snoop Dogg/(Silkk The Shocker)]
We goin throw a party so my homies come and chill
(give it up, get it up)
All the hoes invited so you know we goin get ill
(give it up, get it up)
We goin throw a party so ladies come and chill
(give it up, get it up)
All my dogs invited so we gotta keep it real

[Silkk The Shocker]
Yo yo yo
It ain't nothin but a N-O L-I-M-I to the T
Party, so all my dogs could ride with me
Hopped out the drop, the drivers side of course
You seen me somewhere before, you did,
probably was in the Vibe or the Source
You know what I do when it's time to floss
I'm a do it, you know I ain't got time to talk
But I see somethin in the corner and she lookin kinda fly
I tell my dog Snoop (psst psst)
man you might as well go ahead and stop me
(Lemme holla at you dog) She done met up with a star, eye contact
I nodded, she nodded back, then we met up at the bar
I told her I keep ice on my wrist, tight keep ice on my chin
And I'll still respect you tomorrow, and tonight I hit it
But you only got a couple minutes to choose
And my time is like dollars so I only got a couple minutes to lose
In a minute I'm a hop in my ride, if you in this cool
If not ya gotta make a decision by the time I finish my food
Now what

[Snoop Dogg/(Silkk The Shocker)]
We goin throw a barbecue so *****s light the grill
(give it up, get it up)
All my dogs invited so you know we goin get ill
(give it up, get it up)
We goin throw a barbecue so ladies light the grill
(give it up, get it up)
All my dogs invited so you got to keep it real

[Silkk The Shocker/(Snoop Dogg)]
Now I used to be on the block,
now I'm in the drop chillin with Snoop
But I walk through the door I feel animosity (oh you feelin it too)
Probably cause we say our name we could be stealin they booth
Probably cause I'm platinum, we dark, could be chillin at two
(The south west connect, big chains on our neck
Boy give us respect, y'all **** on deck)
Aight Snoop, you got the weed (yeah) and I got the liquor (fa sho)
Meach got the food but who got the strippers (I don't know)
Cause ain't no party like the ones we drove (whassup)
And um, ain't no cars like the ones we drove
And um, ain't no dollars like the ones we fold
When we give somethin, call us, it's outta control
(So whether it's summertime, winter, spring or fall
Look for somethin big from Silkk and Top Dogg)
We party with nothin but bud, nothin but thugs
East to west, peep the best, keep it stress, nothin but love (yeah)

[Snoop Dogg/(Silkk The Shocker)]
We goin throw a party so my homies come and chill
(give it up, get it up)
All the hoes invited so you know we goin get ill
(give it up, get it up)
We goin throw a party so ladies come and chill
(give it up, get it up)
All my dogs invited so we gotta keep it real
(give it up, get it up)

[Silkk The Shocker]
Ain't nothin but a party baby
G'z out here goin crazy
How the world goin even fade us
Either love or hate us
Ain't nothin but a party baby
Two low down G'z goin crazy

Ain't nothin but a, huh
And my cell phone goin off in this *****, what
Yeah ha
We ain't even trippin dog
Shoutout to the whole world
This the end
Till next time
I'm out