My World, My Way Album

Artist(s): Silkk the Shocker

Cover Art

Silkk the Shocker My World, My Way Cover Art



length: 1:27

Na Na Na

length: 1:43

[Master P]
Sizz Shocker

Son of a oh

[Master P]
You ready whodi; let's go to war

[Chorus x2]
Na Na Na (uh-ha, uh-ha)
Y'all niggas in trouble now (uh-ha, uh-ha)
Y'all niggas shouldn't have fucked around (uh-uh, uh-uh)
No Limit gone shut this down

They got something to fear now
Cause look dude ain't kidding around
No Limit geared down
(They been waiting) but I'm here now
You seen big Four Wheelers but none like these
Many before me dog but none like me
I got a band but dog I'm still a bastard getter
And this time talking about something like a classic hitter
Fuck with niggas who live their whole life in the gutter
I tell you strait uh uh uh uh ain't like I stutter
When the raps go down dog I can rely on the streets
They got to really rap know dog ain't no more relying on beats
Niggas don't wont their girl around me thinking I'm a steal they chick
Insecure niggas don't wont to see their girl on my diss
Try to keep up like VROOOM! when I pass them up
In 4 of them nigga that's what's up
Have them saying money wise ain't nobody fucking with slim
In rap wise Mike how you feel about me: Yo I ain't fucking with him
Y'all in my got to go get it, me I'm ready to spit
I don't think y'all niggas ready for this
But come on

[Chorus x1]

[Music Cuts with explosion]

[Master P]
Don't never count us out
This only the begin Ha-Ha
That's why we winning
We smarter than y'all and we got to much paper
Remember that whodi


length: 3:43

[Silkk the Shocker]
Hoody Hoo(gun shot)

Run, run, run, run, run
When you see us wit them guns niggas better fuckin' run
Run, run, run, run
I don't give a fuck where you from, when you see us, better run
Run, run, run, run
I don't give a fuck where you from, when you see us, better run
Run, run, run, run
When we come wit them guns(niggas better fuckin' run)

I tell a nigga once mane, fuck tryna tell a nigga twice
I tell a nigga once, he miss it tha first time
That mean I didn't tell a nigga right
Fuck tellin' a nigga polite, tell nigga nice,
An tell niggas I'mma thug
How I sold drugs, still a killa,
I wish my breath would kill a nigga wit slugs
All yall niggas around, I'm gonna ask 'em all
Niggas been hype, but that's tha liquor talkin', I'mma relax 'em dawg
Relax there fawl
Ten is what I'm gonna count,
You ain't wit these niggas you better bounce like a basketball
Dirty South, where niggas talk sideways dawg
Where niggas close streets & chalk sidewalks off
No evidence, niggas use revolvers dawg
Empty, squeeze, aim til' there ain't no problems at all
Shit niggas still livin', got tha same problem wit dawg
Watch out, watch out he still breathin' watch out( three gun shots)
Problem solved
Ghetto ass nigga tote choppers & shit
Ghetto slang, fuck tryna sound all proper & shit
Now picture me sayin' up tha cash, I'll put a slug in yo ass
Put tha money in tha duffle bag
I don't wanna be greedy, I just want enough to last
Shit yall really lucky we sell records, cause yall be ass up
Picture Me, P, C, all my niggas masked up
Tellin' yall to run


(Ut oh)
When they see us got 'em like faint in tha club
Pourin' champagne on 'em look & they thinkin' it's blood
I meet a thug & they shouldn't even much bein' this close
I got 'em shook up like ooh like they seen a ghost
Now see if I ain't had, in tha middle of tha hood where I would be
But they scared of me but look they gotta right, they should be
I might fuck wit some dawg but I don't fuck wit many
I got some hard news but I gotta find a way to break it to 'em gently
If they ain't got no flow & ain't got no dough
Try somethin' new cause me if I ain't got no mo'
I'm a hustla, hope everythang I do bubble
Hope my album go triple or at least double
If not, somebody in trouble
You better wacth what you sayin & tha way you sayin' words
Yeah I got money & all dawg, but look I'd rather spend yours
You this No limit shit dawg, we bounded by blood
One scream Hoody Hoo & we surroundin' tha club
You better


He Did That

length: 3:25

* first single

CHORUS:(Repeat twice)
Now when I step on the set
They say he did that
Pull up in the six hundred stretch
They say he did that
Presidential wit the baggates
They say he dad that
He did that, (no limit)
He did that

I got a house with a pool in the back
And every girl I used to know she tryin' to do it wit Mac
And even the ones with them big ol' butts
They become sluts when a nigga ball
Feelin' small cause my middle finger at y'all
Can I ball?, let me take y'all niggas back in '96
When I was two seconds from robbing niggas for they shit
Bustin' niggas in they shit
Privileges from me and my niggas
Til this day ain't nobody seein' my niggas
There was a line between the real and the fake
But it's gotten thinner, everybody's a pretender
Even people I'm kind ta'
Bitches in my hood yellin', "Where them dollars at?"
"Bitch get's yours!" is what I holler back, cause I'ma mack
Hey, yo Mr Big Paper, you wanna get wit that, don't you?
You ol' dog, always take the girls how much I called you
How I be jockin you
But you don't be telling them hoes how I be knocking you
Get in them pants and give it to my naggas to

CHORUS:(Repeat twice)
Now when I step on the set
They say he did that
Pull up in the six hundred stretch
They say he did that
Presidential wit them baggetes
They say he did that
He did that, (no limit)
He did that

(Silkk the Shocker)
When I roll up in the stretch, They be like "He did that"
You know there's money involved, we gotta flip that
Tell whodi in the back, I'm tryin' to get that
I'm tryin' to do something to see if she's wit that
So won't you wobble wobble
And watch her shake it shake it
Then drop it drop it, then break it break it
Then I whisper in her ear and tell her what I'm trying to do
Cause I'm a thug girl, even though chicks might find me cute
Fate, I doubt that, me and my soldiers about that
We cock locks and drop the top and hop up out that
Catch me ridin' up in a 4 door Bentley
This chrome look good on 19 but even better on 20's
Tattooed up, this is my click and we a bunch of fools
Boy ya'll gone floss with your lil' jewels
We make y'all put y'all jewels up(bling bling)
Lil' Tigger we gon bent that
Them call for small for me and my dogs
Them boys goin' to stretch that

CHORUS:(Repeat twice)
Now when he steps on the six
They say he did that
Pull up in the six hundred stretch
They say he did that
Presidential wit them baggets
They say he did that
He did that, (no limit)
He did that

That's Cool

length: 3:43
U know what I'm bout

U know what I'm bout

[Master P]
Yo Silkk ask Trina can she wobble that thing...

Where my n____s yo?
Where my ladies yo?

Who you know could give it to you until you fall out
When you wake up - go by the mall out
Hop on the plane sperm or nothing never thawed out
Have her saying my name like Destiny's Child
Cause I go all out
Speaking more s__ than money so talk with your tongue out
And s__ unbelievable, plus the money never run out
I'm a thug so I walk the street with my gun out
Top up when the sun set, top down when the sun out
oh you want me, pushing up your number on the slick
Try to make the scene when I was in front of the click
how bout I pull the thongs off in the summer and s___
Laughing at my joke when it wasn't even funny and s___
She need a t-mac ms shaq she think that I ball
She know I'm a real n____, plus she love that I'm tall
Checks again when she missed the phone, thinking I called
She wanna fall for me look, but she think I'm a dog

[Chorus: Silkk]
Need somebody with some doe
That's cool
Who gon keep it on the low
That's cool
Who gon do you right
That's cool
You need a soulja in your life, that's right

[Chorus: Trina]
You need a lover and a friend
That's cool
Who got ya back to the end
That's tru
Somebody that's off the chain
That's cool
Who could twurk that thang

You wanna f___ that's cool but you gotta be the greatest
Take me the Prada, buy my the latest
Try it on the jet, fly me to Vegas
The Baddest b____ can't nann hoe fade this
Paid b____, in a gray six, made b____
Blinging about 10 karats in the bracelet
Face it stick your tongue out I let you taste it
And if you broke when you see me n____ don't say s___
Cause I'm looking for a n____ that's filthy rich
Yo name Silkk, that's cool I'm a Silky b____
Lil Mama stay shining like cuts in ice
Off glass make you bust three nuts in a night
And when I put it on ya, I hope you can stand it
I need a tune-up daddy is you the mechanic?
Cause if you coming at me right with the real cash
You can play with me all night like Dreamcast

[Chorus: Trina]
You need a lover and a friend
That's cool
Who got ya back to the end
That's tru
Somebody that's off the chain
That's cool
Who could twurk that thang

[Chorus: Silkk]
Need somebody with some doe
That's cool
Who gon keep it on the low
That's cool
Who gon do you right
That's cool
You need a soulja in your life, that's right

Your friends wonder why the house you never leaving
They knew wut you gettin in life now they wouldn't leave the house

See I'm a real a__ chick I'm a stay by your side
And when its time to ride for my man, I'm a ride

Just be a down chick cause you aint gotta slave in fact -
Not cook, clean or nothing cause I got maids for that

Just treat me how you wanna be treated
cause if I suck it and f___ it you gon' beat it and eat it

So I gots to put it on ya, have ya acting all silly
Then try to convince yourself that you aint catching feelings
I need a girl who bout it and know how to hit it
You aint gotta scheme on the doe,
cause if ya cards right, you gon get it
Some chicks aint real though, (Some n____s'll stunt)
I know what a woman need, (I know what a n____ want)
So keep it tight, and f___ the world
And who ever end up with me, that's one lucky girl

[Chorus: Silkk]
Need somebody with some doe
That's cool
Who gon keep it on the low
That's cool
Who gon do you right
That's cool
You need a soulja in your life, that's right

[Chorus: Trina]
You need a lover and a friend
That's cool
Who got ya back to the end
That's tru
Somebody that's off the chain
That's cool
Who could twurk that thang

Burrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh stick it
Ha ha ha stick it
Burrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh stick it
Ha ha ha stick it
Shake it, shake it, pop it pop it
Brake it, rake it nah, drop it drop it
Twurk sumin, work sumin
Keep it jumpin, but don't hurt nothin
North, South, East, West, shake it up
No Limit...

Pop Lookin'

length: 4:55

Uh Ha

length: 4:09
f/ Short Circuit

[Silkk talking]
Uh come on yall(uh ha), East coast, West coast(uh ha)
South, Midwest(uh ha), uh Shocker, uh ha No Limit, uh ha No Limit(uh ha)
Do yall know what's about to happen here(uh ha)
If yall wit me I want yall to say(uh ha) that's what I thought, look

Ha ha oh yall gonna thank it's funny(uh ha)
Probaly not laugh, when I get some N'Sync type numbers(uh ha)
I ain't got time for bustas who wanna hate right now(uh ha)
I'm quiet, when I shout lets get straight right now(uh ha)
Ice I'm about to melt 'em out(uh ha)
I be rappin' on beats most times just be helpin' 'em out(uh ha)
I'm ghetto,represent them dudes dat go back & fourth to tha pen(uh ha)
Drivin' under pressure like it was fourth & ten(uh ha)
Convince 'em I'm rich really isn't tha problem(uh ha)
I do got paper but look I'm tryna convince 'em I ain't got it(uh ha)
Tha way I live make 'em wanna change they life(uh ha)
Seen my girl make 'em wanna change they wife(uh ha)
I got'em comin' home like girl I don't want you nomo,
I done seen Silkk chick(uh ha)
I don't want this stuff nomo I'm spoiled, I done seen Silkk shit(uh ha)
I don't want dat jewelry nomo, I done seen Silkk wrist(uh ha)
Got even rappers like I don't want dat deal, I done seen what Silkk get
(uh ha)I'ma No limit Soulja you know how we roll here(uh ha)
I'ma four season nigga, I can flow all year(uh ha)
I got'em scratchin' they head lookin' all curious now(uh ha)
They fearin' us now, cause shit done got serious now(uh ha)
Come on

[Chorus 2X: Short Circuit]
If you wit me then wild out(wild out, uh ha)
Turn this place inside out(inside out, uh ha)
They try to stop us then ride out(ride out, uh ha)
We got them thangs, this is my house(my house, uh ha)

[Short Circuit]
Country grammar
New York nigga, two hammers(uh ha)
Straight from tha rock, I pop ya top, nigga can ya(uh ha)
Ice cold,
Cold wit it nice flow(uh ha)
Pipes blow
Rocked up wit a nice glow(uh ha)
Like whoa
It's not a game we ain't playin' nomo'(uh ha)
Everythang we do is serious, Silkk C-E-O(uh ha)
Clothes lines, we moves prime time(uh ha)
Movies, endorsments, we run it bottom line(uh ha)
Ghettto niggas still break laws(uh ha)
Walk around strapped packin' twin four, fours(uh ha)
Niggas gossip like bitches, they ain't ready for war(uh ha)
This ain't a threat, it's a promise, leave you dead on tha floor(uh ha)
Wit your brain on tha wall
Screamin' fuck all yall(uh ha)
Come on son get serious, we did this before(uh ha)
There's a big difference between battle & war(uh ha)
In battle you live, in war you die,your gone(uh ha)


Anybody that thank it's not, look tha money didn't change us(uh ha)
What they should be thankin', look tha money made us dangerous(uh ha)
I always wanted money, I never wanted to be famous(uh ha)
An I don't fuck wit to many entertainers cause they just entertainers
(uh ha)Tha type to act up usually after they jacked(uh ha)
Wanna wild out but usually way after tha fact(uh ha)
Fo' dot half a dozen, you can catch me in dat(uh ha)
I'm a business man so I'm even cool way after tha rap(uh ha)
No Limit whodi, you know I'm banked up(uh ha)
Summer time tank top, winter time I'm manked up(uh ha)
I be's where it's cold but mostly where it's hot(uh ha)
Yall might see sometimes but mostly yall not(uh ha)
I be in tha hills sometimes but mostly upon tha block(uh ha)
Be on tha land sometime but mostly on a yacht(uh ha)
You can catch me in tha hood just passin' out thousands(uh ha)
Probaly by tha Callio & change tha name to Vyshonne King Miller housin'
(uh ha)Oh it ain't my fault, you know I do's my thang(uh ha)
Never gonna change, let me explain(uh ha)
Do like revolvers, don't like rifles, do like teks(uh ha)
Do like four play, don't like talkin', do like sex(uh ha)
I do like Clue, Jam, Capri, do like Flex(uh ha)
I do like cash, don't like credit, but I do like checks(uh ha)
If you know me then you know what's best(uh ha)
Gold, platinum, double platinum, if you can add, you know what's next
(uh ha)


(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)
(Uh ha)

Funny Guy

length: 3:34
Uh-huh nigga uh-huh
Picture me never sellin’ out cause I made it already
Imagine a lil’ ghetto nigga ownin’ everything
Picture me in the middle of the project and I’m worth all this money
To my foes - it’s funny huh?
Okay, love this

I bet y’all love the way I flips ’em out
Funny guy huh?
Now watch how these clips come out
I done took it where y’all can’t go now how bout that
We done turned straight up ? niggaz into stumblin’ kats
And they mad at me cause they I say I spit it too rugid
And we throw it at ’em like a chick who don’t get it enough
What is it x-ray vision the way I see through these kats
That’s why I roll with thugs who ain’t scared to squeeze a strap

[verse 1]
I keep my hand on my glock now
Fuck still roll with the top down
I’m hot so they gon’ jock now
Keep my pistols cocked now
Still don’t give a fuck
Still hold the block down
Still close the shop down
Picture me ballin’ and everybody’ll flock around
Picture me makin’ 2 mill bail when I get locked down nigga
Clip to the uzi’s
I’m like no limit shit
With dmx with ruff ryders with lauryn hill to the fugees
Picture a ghetto nigga like me poppin’ up in movies
Or a topless supermodel poppin’ up in jacuzzi’s
Be like I’m worth a couple mill but I still ain’t shit
Be like I’m worth a couple mill but uh I’m still in the bricks

[hook 2x’s]

[verse 2]
It’s okay, niggas wanna play games
On the low niggas hoes, they wanna say names
Snitch right when they get in front of the feds
Pull me over 2-seater benz with my dog sunny red
Look we got some bad chick in front of the bed
You can have her dog I gotta get my money instead
You know I’m the type of nigga
Look ball till I fall
Ain’t satisfied till the marble go wall to wall
Got money still be in t-shirts and khaki’s y’all
And I’m right here if y’all got somethin’ to ask me dog
Always move forward
Never go backwards dog
Baz, turk, jimmy, nut
That’s who’s gon’ back me y’all
I don’t stay in one place
I move from state to state
And I don’t believe in drive-by’s
I believe in face to face
Ya heard me

[hook 2x’s]

Interlude 1

length: 0:57


length: 2:43

Yo Samm
These niggas can either love us or hate us
Nothin' in between that
In or out ya hear me

Haters (Haters)
What you ain't heard the tank don't stop (We don't stop)
Ain't nobody fuckin' with this (Scream nigga)
No Limit No Limit (What)

Now how the fuck you gon' stop a tank
Tryin' to deny the bank
We comin' through with them choppers choppin' and not a shank
Mac say's World War III
Beware on all streets
We got Glocks takin' care of all beef
Fuck fair and all peace
We tried that shit
Tryin' to hide you bitch and stay inside and shit
But we kickin' down doors
Spittin' rounds for
Them fake motherfuckaz stop hatin' motherfuckaz
Only thing you need hot is bullets and fuck you girl
No Limit Soldiers comin' fuckin' up you world
Ain't nobody fuckin' with it
And you can trust that
Niggas stoppin' the tank
Look motherfuck that

Hook 2x's

I can't believe they ain't heard about
Them boys from the Dirty South
I speak with awkward slang plus I got a dirty mouth
So I'ma stay in this bitch till I get my shit tight
I'm tryin' to be the only nigga to ever get 6 mics
I tell them slow down nigga y'all just sit tight
It's all about triple platinum in this bitch
6 hits ain't right
I see them niggas
Look besides they fake
Number one fans
They get around they boys they try to hide the tape
Ah, you know when I slide in the place
Look at these haters
Look at they eyes and they face
They like them niggas ain't hip-hop enough
They from the South
Got too many gold teeth in they mouth
Them boys country they too rowdy
Plus they too bout it
But we don't give a fuck
We bout to run 2000
So I'm like PLAYAS - get money
And y'all HATERS - get's nothin'

Hook 2x's

Interlude 2

length: 1:10

Seem Like a Thug

length: 3:02

Uh-huh, yo let me get some of that man
Look, I think I can fuck something
I'm tryin' to find out what's up with you
See, for real

Seem like a thug to me
You know I like what I see
Can you see yourself creepin' with a girl like me
I like it rough on the hush so nobody won't see

[Verse 1]
You say you like it thuggish
I'm as thug as it gets
I see you checkin' me out when I pull up with the clique
I seen the others but I'm like yo what's up with this chick
Sized you up by the slightest ? touchin' yo hips
See that's my big brother yep I learned the game from him
So whatever I give to you look the same to yo friend
You know I stay thugged out the second I came in
Meet me again you could but look the chance is slim
And if you got a problem with yo man
We can put the gat to him
Got a boyfriend tonight
If it's done right then you won't go back to him
See I knew you was tryin' to find where the dollars at
If you feel how I feel and it's real then holla back

[Erica Fox]
Boy I want you
I'm diggin' on yo thugged out style
You know you got it
Up in the club drivin' me wild
Boy I gotta have it
So you can tell me what's up for tonight baby
But keep it on the hush


[Verse 2]
{girl}Why you clockin' me?
{silkk}Look like you jockin' me
{girl}Why you jockin' me?
{silkk}Look like you watchin' me
Why you sweatin' me?
Look like you hot to me
Tell you like this
Once I start ain't no stoppin'
We start this thang off by a shoppin' spree
You still be messin' with them lame girls if not for me
You know I'm the type to attract drama
And I'm probably not the type you can bring home to mama
But look I told ya
It's No Limit
Girl I'm a soldier
So roll with it
Fuckin' with you so look hit me up
Here's my number on the under later I'm pickin' you up
For real

Chorus 2x's

Them Boyz

length: 2:40

[S] Ohhhhhh
[S] Uh-huh, y'all ready?
[M] [door open sound]
[S] Uh-huh, I don't think so
[M] This.. is.. Mystikal!
[S] Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, yeah c'mon
[M] The burnin inferno!
[S] Uh-huh
[M] Here poppin with the Colonel; Master P!
[S] Shocker!
[M] At ease soldier
[S] One-two.. [can't make out].. soldiers!

[Chorus: Mystikal + Silkk]
[M] When you see that 5 and that 0 and that 4
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] When you see the tank swingin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[M] When you hear them choppers cuttin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] When you see that 5-0-4
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)

I keep my motherfuckin fists balled up
In case a motherfucker tryin to start somethin
You done did a little ginseng gotcha little dick hard
Now you like Hoffa
Think you gon' jump in the ring
Go pound for pound with the knockout kings
No shit like that ain't gonna happen
Them niggaz down here can't touch what I bring
First time you heard the do' open
and you heard that [open sound] you know that's me
And you bust ya rap
Hit the mat you'll be on your back like one, two, three
Them niggaz know I come off the top rope
Leave you knocked out with you mouth open
And they gon' have to take your ass home
Leave you in a hot tub soakin
BALLS BANGIN! You know ours swingin
I aint got to tell you nigga
Don't bother to go there you don't know who you fuckin with
I'm the flow-spitter, natural born go-getter
This is for the hustlers, ballers, cake dealers

[Chorus: Mystikal + Silkk]
[M] When you see that 5 and that 0 and that 4
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] And when you see them tanks swingin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[M] When you hear them choppers cuttin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] And when you see them bandanas
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)

Uh-ohh, look
It's only right, it's on tonight
When I'm on the MIC; they know when to fight
When I drop, they known to bite
.. uh-huh, this is freestyle but look
Y'all can just go on and write
This is 504 livin, y'all know what it's like
That's them boyz, you see us roll up on them bikes
Chop-chop, just, like it was timber
We make it hot like July or either cold like December
(Ohhhh) Ain't my fault, I'm hot and I can still spit it this cool
Ain't my fault your girl tatted my name, get it removed
If you lookin.. then you know we ain't duckin
You know my face it ain't like my tank gon' be tucked in

[Chorus: Mystikal + Silkk]
[M] When you see that 5 and that 0 and that 4
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] When you see them tanks swingin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[M] When you hear them choppers cuttin
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)
[S] When you see that 5-0-4
You know that's them boyz (that's them boyz)

When you see us in the East (that's them boyz)
When you see us in the West (that's them boyz)
When you see us in the South (that's them boyz)
When you see us in the North (that's them boyz) (that's them boyz)
When we deep up in the streets
Want y'all to say (that's them boyz) (that's them boyz)

Can somebody tell 'em, I was only kidding?
I was only kidding!

My World, My Way

length: 3:54

What, What, What
South, North, East, West
What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What
What you thought c'mon

What y'all bout
Cash and riches - something like Jags and 6's
What y'all hate
How niggaz stunt and front when they know that they fake
What y'all love
How No Limit keep it real stay ridin' on dubs
What y'all say
G's up hoes down
My world nigga my way

[Verse 1]
Look since I was gone for a sec
They don't really know what to expect
I say when you dealin' with me
Look expect the best
Fuck with anything of mine and you can expect death
If I give 1 and there's 10 in the clip
You can be expectin' the rest
I tell niggaz look don't even bother investin' in vests
When there's head shots why you thinkin' bout protectin' yo chest
I took a year off but that was just to invest cash
But now I'm back to make the block hottter nigga with the best bags
When you successful you know you find yourself in some hate shit
But you know how I do haters
I dodge them like I was the Matrix
Shorty like "You changed ever since you lashed out"
"Silkk, you spoiled" What you expect ma I'm the last child


[Verse 2]
Got girls like sayin' "Look at Silkk, he becomin' a man"
Niggaz don't like me
All of a sudden they becomin' a fan
From last year to this year
How he got that cold?
I can say what the fuck I want
How he got that bold?
I worked all my life nigga
How he got that rich?
I tried for 2 years
How he got that chick?
You know how easy it is nigga to steal a nigga chick
Why they frontin' in 4's and 5's just pull up in a 6
You know I don't say much
Nigga stay in the cut
If my hair grow fade it up
Now I let my shit grow and braid it up
You know when I step out the house make sure my motor-bike tight
Come through the hood on one wheel like motor-bike Mike
Car look like something look you done seen on James Bond
And a Navigation system for spots that I can't find
You know I banged one time
But these niggaz changed they mind
Everything I got shine
If not it ain't mine


[Verse 3]
You better shut up before you get robbed and done
I got killaz on the payroll they cause they have a job for 6 months
Yeah I got money but dog I still play in the jet
Keep a K and a Teck
Tank stay on my neck
It ain't nothin' that I want and see and I just cannot have
I like to go into the mall (??) and I just cannot grab
Like a good lookin' girl you just cannot have
Cause if I ain't got dough, I just cannot laugh
You know me, looked relaxed laid down in a jet
One woman man but look I ain't really found her yet
Wanna hate us
Simple fact, we caked up
Hate us and tomorrow don't wake up


Go Down

length: 3:30

(Silkk the Shocker talking) + [Erica Foxx]
Uh, uh, uh ha, yo, uh it's about to go down, (it's about to go down)
Shorty bring your friends cause uh I got my niggas wit me & you
Can't act a fool(it's about to go down)[down, down]
Shit don't be actin' shy or nothin'(It's about to go down)[down, down]
Tonights tha night how we (It's about to go down)[down, down]
You know we bout dat (It's about to go down)[It's about to go down]
No Limit style[down, down]It's about to go down[down, down]
Hoppin' outta Hummers & shit(it's about to go down)Cadillac trucks
(It's about to go down)[down, down]

Look we all can ball shorty, look cause it got room at tha top
Tell shorty in tha back, that dress has room in tha drop(get in)
Shit for real I'm doin' what they not
An you know how I kick it (ball til' I fall) for real, TRU or not
Hit tha skins til' you tell me ta stop
Beat it up so bad shorty yo gonna have ta run & tell tha cops
Shit bring one friend
I got my nigga P wit me so you gotta bring one for him
You know how we roll, six hundreds & shit, Hummers for tha summer & shit
What you talkin' bout, you know how we be comin' in this bitch
I'm in this bitch like shit knowin' I'm fly
"Silkk you say you love me & shit" girl come on you know how I lie

[Chorus: Silkk & (Erica Foxx)]
It's about to go down (down, down)
Party at tha spot, it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody gets in, it's about to go down(down, down)
Drinks on me, it's about to go down(down, down)
Six hundreds & shit, it's about to go down(down, down)
Hoppin' out tha limo, it's about to go down(down, down)
Party in tha hood, it's about to go down(down, down)

[Master P]
I did time in tha jail but never rat to tha feds
I know homies locked down for life, never boast or brag
Missy said "I got Glock boy," I drive a drop boy
An I'm a soulja, I ain't no hot boy(ya heard me)
Now if ya ain't got it, go get it, see my click keeps it real
We started in tha projects but we own houses on tha hill
I don't own no plane, nigga no chopper but I ride first class
I got a couple of super models wit my name on they ass(ha ha)
It ain't my fault that we back on top
But back yo bitch ass up from my convertable drop
They call me tha ghetto Bill Gates cause I started from tha streets
Diesel laced tha beat, I'm out that C-P-3
An yall know how we roll ya heard me(ya heard me, ha ha, hoody)

[Chorus: Silkk & (Erica Foxx)]
It's about to go down (down, down)
Party at tha spot, it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody gets in, it's about to go down(down, down)
Drinks on me, it's about to go down(down, down)
More bitches than niggas, it's about to go down(down, down)
Ain't nodody trippin', it's about to go down(down, down)
We all got money, it's about to go down(down, down)
An if we ain't got it, it's about to go down(down, down)
V-I-P nigga, it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody flossin', it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody shinin', it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody real, how yall likin' me now

You know me & this No Limit shit, always represent
Pull up in tha six hummer like tha muthafuckin' president
Love to see my name in begets
Whisper to shorty(tryna do somethin') all you gotta do is say yes
An I'm gonna probaly take you out to tha crib
In other words take you out where I live
Show you around like you ain't never seen befo'
I usually(uh un) don't be seen wit hoes
Only top notch chicks that's out to represent me
Ain't shy, quick to undress up in tha bentley
Look shorty that's my yacht, that's my spot, that's my drop
You guessed it, yes I'm up on top
Not tryin' to stop, tryna make a couple million
An see if me & you can make a couple children
I through wit it, I'm through frontin'
You know what I'm about, tryna see if you tryna do somethin'

[Chorus: Silkk & (Erica Foxx)]
It's about to go down (down, down)
Party at tha spot, it's about to go down(down, down)
Everybody gets in, it's about to go down(down, down)
Drinks on me, it's about to go down(down, go down, go down)


length: 3:09
Do y'all wanna do (what y'all wanna do, what)
Do y'all really want beef (do y'all)
And do y'all want it with me (uh-uh)
I don't think sooooooo

Do y'all wanna do (what y'all wanna do, what)
Do y'all really want beef (do y'all)
And do y'all want it with me

[silkk the shocker]
I thought I left, all that drama dog, back in the streets
I gotta result to riding low, and my homies in the back seat
See, you know we the type of boys that burn blocks
I ain't ****ing wit them boys, them boys done turned pop
They should of turned and run, but now they turned and come
They wanna turn to gun, I gotta turn to none
See, y'all gone **** around and turn me back to the old silkk
And them boys who know me, y'all know silkk
They know I'm the shocker, that means I don't play no games
I say it directly, but this time I ain't gone say no names
Uh, my whole click, they with it, with it
And you know, no ski mask on who did it, did it, (did it)


Now, check this out
Now what you wanna do, cause too many *****s are feeling played
'til I check 'em and correct 'em, and totally disrespect 'em
Like *****es, they snitches, motivated by *****'s riches
And want be satisfied 'til they die, or lost in ditches
Bury me tru ***** **** no limit records
Respect us, and never check us, real naggers we causing ruckus
And the 504, the boot, the south, the gutter, and the swamp
Fake naggers can't hang or slang cause they get banged and even stomped

You can tell these ***** naggers, don't want war with me
I'm a iberville ***** 'till they bury me
Recognize, I'm a **********ing soldier *****
Hearing screams from your family while I'm clutching my trigga
My whole click, straight up scandalous, if it's beef, you will see
Naggers heads getting bust, if they **** with me
These naggers don't wanna **** with us, they betta get out tha way
Holiday gotta "k", he knows where you stay

(suga bear) do you really wanna mess with me
Fool around and be my enemy [*repeat 3x*]
Do you really wanna mess with me
Hand me the thang so we can handle beef

What's Heaven Like

length: 4:01
I Don't Know What Heaven Like
But I know what it is to be here
And While I'm here, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to survive
And hope that, when God judge me
He judge me by my heart and not by my actions
Shhh let them know what heaven like.

I really wanna know what's Heaven Like
(wanna know what's heaven like)
If I closed my eyes, will I see a better life
(gotta be a better place than this)
Is there no more pain suffering or strife
(I need to know, I need to know)
Lord, please see me cry and tell me what's heavens like
(what's heaven like)

Dear God I wrote you a letter, but I know its not needed
See I'm cool and all, but could you help out all my people (please)
There are kids dying and starving, I wish somebody would feed em
Nobody playing their part, everybody being greedy
I got letters from jail with my homies tears on it (tears on it)
Put his last years on it
Sometimes I feel haunted
Is Heaven a place like I ain't never been
And is Heaven a place where we don't ever sin
And if there is a Heaven, what answers will find us best
So I can tell my auntee with cancer she can finally rest (rest in peace)
Through it all I'm just trying to remain bein a soldier
I thought I saw you but it was night time
I don't know if I was woke or dreamin or was I in my right mind
I wonder how many people have questions like mine


Is Heaven for everybody and all of my people
And everybody who left us on earth so we get finally meet em.
I just wanna know why, I be missin my block
And I wonder what happened to people like Biggie and Pac.
Cuz if there is a Heaven, I'm sure everbody wanna know.
And if there is a place like this, I'm sure everyone wanna go.
Im tired of struglin and husslin not knowing where to go...
Im tired of struglin and husslin not knowing what for...

Cuz see this life will get u fed up (fed up)
Picture me telling my mom and dad to keep their head up
Telling them its gonna be alright, when I knowing its not
Telling my homie he's gonna be alright, when I knowing he's shot
I wonder what he saw before he died that would leave him shook
And should I believe everything I read in books
God, just gimme some time
If not, gimme a sign (lemme know)

What's Heaven like
There's so many question I wanna ask
But one day ain't enough (for real)
I just wanna help my people out man
Money aint about nothing
I just want ya'll to know how I feel

[Chorus] (repeat 3x)

I Wish

length: 3:49

D-Game (remix)

length: 4:06

What I'm Looking For

length: 3:39

Damn, it's mad shorty's up in here
I don't all them just one girl that can do it all
Yeah I feel what chu' say

[chorus 2x]
Now where them girls that be laid up, gettin' tanned on the beach
Right Here, Right Here
I like them them girls that be in shape and right in petite
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
I want a girl to be nice and real sexy
That's what I'm talkin' bout, Yeah Ma, You comin' wit me
Oh yeah, Oh yeah

[Verse One]
I like them wearin' G-Strings, The one's that let you see things
One's that call you on the phone, Just to let you hear things
Generous, willingly, giving, you know just wanna share things
Havin' competition, always wanting to compare things
Like mine is better than just doin' real things
Beautiful chicks and flicks who like to lick things
Colorful chicks with hips who like to grip things
Sneak you in the backdoor, Give you what chu' asked for
Sayin' ya name, lettin' you know that that's yours
Like the way we creep and duck, Love the way I beat it up
Like the way I speed it up, Just long as her feet is up
Not from the streets but have a that in her
Cute but thuggish like have a little brat in her
Show me when she learn stuff, No when to turn it up
Never fake, No it take, That's what I'm lookin' for

[chorus 2x]

[Verse Two]
Toe the censore, look her thighs is winter
Told her it was sky's the limit
And if her back was anything like rims, She'd be ridin' 20
Told her she gone look infinty, Plus she gone good in Bently's
Introduce her to the family, Sit next to me at the grammy's
Our life you gone be caked up, You just gone like to wake up
You wannna fight to make-up
Can't have em' like I hate you, I hate you, I hate you
I'm tall I'm like em' short to, where they come to my chest
And wit high heels, look, come to my neck
Got a lot of money in this world, I don't some of it
Got a lot of girls in this world, but look I only need one of em'
You know the girl who I choose her closet cuddled in furs
Friends like goddam, bitch look at her

[chorus 2x]

Executive Thug

length: 3:09

What you think
Man, I don't fuck with them (ha-ha)
No Limit (uh-huh)
Ya heard me
Ghetto nigga
Watch how I spit this shit
I don't know what I'ma do next
Until then, watch me - watch me, watch me

Executive thug look when I'm done
If last year I was on 20's
This year I'm on 21's
Niggas talk but huh we got plenty guns
Give niggas a choice now they can catch it from anyone
I ? I don't like niggas unless it's jail
I don't pass out nothin' look unless it's shells
Send niggas to the ? the rest to hell
And I don't box slim dog slim I'm less than frail
Everything we rock look is customized
And shorty gon' be sprung soon as I touch them thighs
You ask too many questions like dude like what's and why's
What the fuck we buy and what the fuck we drive
We just stay in the pits
Like stay in the mix
Stay into shit
Stay in a 6
Stay in the bricks
Just cause we got money dog
We still slick with it
Never say how it get done
We just get it did
They'll little deal or somethin' but that ain't nothin'
Spend a little change but look that ain't money
Niggas laugh but I'm like that ain't funny
What you call them lil' huh if that ain't dummies
I represent niggas in the hood that's boxed up
All my niggas doin' time
All of 'em locked up
The big ones are the ones that a lil' thin
The ones that's doin' reps of 10 jackin' off to Lil' Kim
No Limit beef nigga
No Limit street
No Limit west nigga
No Limit east

[Slay Sean]
I spit fire
You know hot shit melt the wire
Off yo chain
Get it right it's not a game
I'm not the talkin' type
I throw slugs to the brain
Run up in spots
Make 'em point out the cain
Go outta town hustle
Switch up the slang
Down South with Silkk and Circuit just doin' it man
Puttin' in work
Come on son you bound to get hurt
I'm on some other shit
I roll around in a hurse
Run up on ya
Put a couple rounds in yo shirt
Undertaker leave you face down in the dirt
A frown and a smirk
Shit I'll put you down when it's worth
That goes for anybody walkin' on the face of this earth

[Short Circuit]
Think the audio tight wait till y'all see the video
Y'all gon' need a telescope to see us niggas with dough
I done copped dope with prison dough and locked the block
Till the cops came with Glocks and tried to rock my spot
Anything I see I want I cop don't talk to the cops
40 grand on a drop-top right off of the lot
Want what I got make a nigga ? blocks
On the block in the spot with razors cuttin' down blocks
They gon' catch me with a Glock somebody's socks get rocked
I ain't dealin' on the rock I'ma have to be shot
Shot and dropped any way my gun get to pop
I'ma be on night watch bangin' out with the cops

I get paid look every time I cuss
Speak the truth every time I bust
Niggas still talkin'
I ain't got time to fuss
When I come through you ain't got time to duck
I'm a thug
Everything about me says that
Been real even way back
Only spit the truth dog
I only look to state facts
You still talkin' (bbrrddd)
Take that
I told you this time look I'ma lock the summer
I'ma roll through NY and rock the Tunnel
Look hop out the Benz
Hop into a Hummer
What the fuck I'm doin' it for look if not for money
Always been real
Never been fake
Always been a playa
Ain't never gon' hate
Concert ? tour like 70 a day
I was cool with 6
But now I'm more like 7 or 8

What You Know

length: 2:35

[Chorus 1: Short Circuit &(Silkk)]
What yall know about mansions wit automatic sun roofs
(Or bein' from tha hood now your in a mansion wit an ocean view)
What yall know about tunnel switches, ammos, & hammers
(What you know about spendin' 2 mill to get out tha slammer)
What yall know about pit fights or ketahs & bears
(Or some thug figgas that's politicin' wit mayors)
What yall know about prowlers, vets, wit no cassettes
(Everythang digital, DVD, what yal know about me)

Now what yall know about Shocker, let me explain somethangs
Tha flow gotta lil' different, let me explain my change
What you know about makin' somethin' happen wit no mail
Or buyin' a condo cause you don't like hotels
Or startin' businesses just to give jobs to ya people
Or flyin' to France cause they make mo' better french food than we do
What you know about duckin' them boys when the comin' ta getcha
Or makin' yo own clothes line
Cause you don't like tha way them otha people clothes fitcha
Or havin' them packages on ya when them people right by ya
An ya name ringin' so much they don't even wanna try ya
If ya understand what I'm sayin' then ya gettin' tha picture
If ya get tha game dat I'm givin' ya then we can all get richer

[Chorus 2: Short Circuit &(Silkk)]
What yall know about dogs trained to come for ya balls
(What you know about real estate dawg like a chain of malls)
What yall know about Hummers wit tha bubbly eyes
(Or some celebrity chick wit yo name tattooed on her thighs)
What yall know about Cadillac trucks & Vipers
(In tha middle of tha hood) doin' what (drag racin' for titles)
What yall know about down south makin' it happen
(What you know about takin' it back to tha streets
When it gets slow in rappin')

Or vacationin' takin' tha whole crew to Maui
A 2 tousand 2 Benz, It's only tha middle of 2 thousand
See I had to lay back & sharpen my aim
Whatn't doin' sometin' right so I had to sharpen my game
They ain't real, they just some good ass rappes
Samuel L. Jackson type of niggas, just good ass actors
What you know about ring side, still watchin' tha fighters
Or jail 3 hots in a cot, surrounded by lifers
What you know about no cash, just credit carded up
Or clappin' yo hands ta open a garage up
Or over seas accounts, just ta putcha back in tha game
Or a charity concert, just ta give back to ya fans

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Silkk talking]
What you know about dat huh? ha ha That's what I thought

The Day After

length: 4:49
f/ Erica Foxx

Silkk talking:
Yo, this for all my people stuck, who ain't gotta choice,I ain't forgot
About yall, I'm comin' back for yall uhn huh, never let 'em tell you
What you can & can't do, look I know they tried to tell me

Growin' up I never really had much
An if I had it was bad, if I ever had luck
An searchin' tryna come up, tryna get a fast buck
Had so many doors I could of ran into but I past up
In tha middle of tha ghetto not knowin' it's bad
He was gone most of tha time, never really knowin' my dad
Seen death at a young age, learned to expect that
Tell me I was never gonna be nothin', I learn to accept that
I only knew life, never knew death til' my grandmother left here
It was confusion not to see her, just see pictures on tha dresser
All I knew was smiles, I never knew what cryin' was
I only knew tha truth, I never knew what lyin' was
I only knew livin', I never knew what dyin' was
I never knew what a funeral & why everybody was cryin' & hugs
Standin' on tha block all night just tryin' to define love
Growin' up in a place where it really wasn't designed for us
I could of been born son of a queen
Instead I was born son of a maid, forced to leave sons kids wit fiends
Never could undestand why they done these things
Why everybody smile when she there, left they become so mean
Until I gre up & realized there was nobody else
You need help you gotta do it yoself(that's real)

Chorus:[Silkk]&(Erica Foxx)
[There's always sunshine after tha rain]
(Hold on, you gota have faith & be strong)
[There's always happiness after tha pain]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[After tha saddiness it's always laughter]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[No matter how bad it might look todat, it's always a day after]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[I know it's tough, sometimes it might be rough]
(Hold on, you gota have faith & be strong)
[No matter how bad it looks always keep yo head up]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[No matter what happen just be strong]
(Hold on, just hold on)
[I know sometimes it feel like you slippin' but just hold on]

I had good memories & bad, tryna hold on to tha good
tuck in tha ghetto yall just tryna see past tha hood
Watchin' my mom come home all tired
Picture we livin' check to check & look she just got fired
ryna be strong don't want tha kids to see her cry
I seen tha reflection thru tha mirror wipin' tears from her eyes
Seen tha lights get cut off, tha water, & plus tha rent due
Must of been some kinda test all tha things we went thru
But I figured they can't stop what's meant to be
An if it's real then we'll make it look eventually
Now look at ya son, now I'm all grown
They said I'd never amount to nothin', look I done proved 'em wrong


Silkk talking & (Erica Foxx singin')
(No matter what's goin' on, you gotta have faith & be strong
No matter what's goin' on, just hold on, just hold on)10x

There's always gonna be sunshine, no matter what happens there's always
Gon' be a way out I know from experience, hold on, everybody hold on
I'm gonna save all my people uhn huh, uhn huh, uhn huh so hold on yall