The Shocker Album

Artist(s): Silkk the Shocker

Cover Art

Silkk the Shocker The Shocker Cover Art



length: 5:05

Y'all niggas ready for this Silkk the Shocker shit?
(Y'all niggas out there bangin) Switch! (claimin red and blue)
Y'all niggas bout it? Nigga be a leader not a follower
(my muthafuckin TRU tatoo) Uuunnnggghhh!

(Chorus (2X):)
Murder, murder, murder, murder
187, cause I don't give a fuck

Well, it's time to ride, slide
Them niggas that fucked up, they lucked up
Seen them niggas rollin in they cutlass
I'm about act bad, no doubt, I'm a go in they house
And if they home, I'm a blast, take them niggas out
Cause we be bout drama, no fuck that, we bout killin
Drama, fuck all that, stay real when it's time to peel
Caps, no doubt, hah I check the house
Cause I ain't gon be satisfied till all ya'll stressed out
That's a fuckin shame, I ain't gon be satisfied til I see blood, nigga
What you think we was doin before we was rappin, we was drug dealers
You think I'm a let this shit slide cause I done got fame
Fuck the name, I can't have shit in this fuckin game
Without niggas tryin to test nuts, tryin to act bad
I'm a fuck you nigga
You gon have a closed casket and I'm gon crack yo mask
You talkin shit, but, bitch, it's goin down
See I was locked up for a second, but now I'm home now
It's time for niggas to get checked, they done pushed me to the limit
I was a cool nigga, but now, it's only the beginnin
It's time to ride, when it's time to slide, you die
No doubt about it, act bad, let's put that on the vibes

(Chorus (2X))
(Master P)
Mr. Wicked, I be comin hard, just like a hurricane
Choo-choo, shootin brains, killin Mr. Murder, mad
Hustla, balla, Mr. fuckin Do-a-reporter
Don't give a fuck about a bitch or a balla
Break me off proper, gun in that doctor
Gats at yo head, call me Mr. Non-stopper
Tech 9 shooter, lady, ruder
Down South hustla, West Coast ruler
3rd Ward villian, I'm in the killin
They ban my videos from TV, they say they drug dealin
Ice cream slangin
And if the radio don't play this gangsta shit, what are they thinkin?
They could stop, a nigga from comin up
They could stop a young nigga from makin big bucks
Independent, and black owned
But still got more money than Al Capone
Y'all niggas can't stop a killa
A murder, a hustla, fuck it, a drug deala
But if they shoot, did up with police
Ready to run dope from here to the Middle East
And call me Mr. Paul
Cause I be smokin muthafuckas like Steven Seagal
Mr. Killa, the ghetto Kadofy
And 187 on any nigga that try to stop me

(Chorus (2X))
(Big Ed)
Niggas, they want to start some stack
But if they stack then let it be started
And at your funeral, I want to here em say dearly departed
Because I got it on my mind and on my mind I got's it
When I pop ya with this heart rock
Make your heart stop cause I'm bout it
Jack you like a New Jersey drive
My niggas are always down for that who ride, I ride
Creep with these killas on our tippy tippy toes
See the barrel knows where the bullet go
And then we smash off in that 4 by 4
See we rolled on ya set and then bucked
A bunch of niggas fallen and they can't get up
You wants to fuck with this TRU click and get ya khakis creased
Get your shirt pressed and the bullets rip through yo chest
TRU niggas don't fall, fool, we to busy flossin
It might be your ho we tossin
Step to us and we make ya hits like Michael Jackson
Cause every nigga in my crew is bout it and we packin

(Chorus (2X))
Ha ha. Now y'all know. We run the muthafuckin streets
No Limit. True to the game. Silkk the Shocker
This shit go out to all y'all gangsta niggas and gangsta bitches
(soldiers) from Richmond (Atlanta) Down South (Alabama)
To the East Coast (to the West Coast)
To motherfuckin Kentucky, Missouri (to Florida) to Dallas (Houston)
To New Orleans (Austin, Texas) to muthafuckin Miami (D.C.) to
Cinnicinnati (Ohio) to D.C. (North Carolina, South Carolina) fuckin
Baton Rouge (Oklahoma) Mississippi (Kansas City) Lafayette (Georgia
Seattle, Washington) Detroit (Omaha, Nebraska) Chicago (Phoenix)
To all y'all muthafuckin ghetto (Alberquerque) gangsta (Indiana) real
Niggas and bitches (all y'all niggas that's locked up) everywhere
Murder, murder, murder, murder. Ha ha
But y'all niggas betta watch y'all ass
(watch y'all ass) so y'all won't get caught up in motherfuckin 187
(a 187)
Cause every nigga I know is bout it (Bout it!)
Nigga that mean don't trust nobody (these niggas rowdy)
Cause the sreets is real. Believe that

I Aint Takin No Shorts

length: 2:55
[Master P--Talking]
Told y'all
Y'all should of never let No Limit in this m____fucka
Cuz once we get in, we be takin over s___
An we gone off that chop-suy, marinatin
Blowin switches to da world (b____, f___ ya)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm bout the baddest n____, no doubt
From West to the South, back to ya house
n____ in an out quickly, stick ye for ya whole fifty (Whaaa???)
n____, I'm on b____es, qucikly
n____s can't stick me they tries but they dies
They'll f___ around, I ain't lyin, f___ wit me, you out yo' mind
I'll slap you wit my right hand and I'm still writin wit it
Hands quicker than lightnin but f___ fightin
Bread, ice is why I'm slicin cake
You n____s need to bow down to the street king
from the 3rd Ward (Caliope, hoe)
[Master P:] (Where dat at?) b____ that's it New Orleans
Face like an 8th Grader, ain't the bigga n____, a wind might blow
But while I'm here, a deaf person won't f___ wit me if they don't know
Man, No Limit run this b____ like a marathon
b____, my click is thick, deeper than a whole Southern down baritone
How da f___ y'all gon' fade me?
How da f___ y'all gon' play me?
Thats how we made it, from knockin n____s out
Who try to f___in play me
Y'all think y'all could but y'all can't
Thats money in the bank, how da f___ y'all gon' stop a Tank

I ain't takin no shorts
Whether it be in this rap game or the dope game
b____ I'm still the man

[Silkk the Shocker]
I say hustler, f___ these busters
Who da f___ gon' stop me? None of y'all
b____es be in my face, I gets the gun, run all of y'all
Cuz y'all some tricks
Stop trickin these hoes stop b____in these hoes
Punk a__ n____s be havin d___s
Y'all need to have clicks you punk a__ hoes
I stay posted from sun-down to sun-up, you run up, you get done up
Best believe the spot get hot like summer
Cuz I be the man, look deep into my eyes
b____ y'all get scared by the 6 foot 6 wise guy
Mr. like shoot it out wit the police
Mr. I gives a f___, I gots this D seven-teen 5 a key
Birds, you haven't heard?
I'm from that 3rd, b____ when s___ get bad
I put the dope up my stars on the curb
An start hittin fools, in the dice game
I might man, hit 'em all night man
Cuz I'm all night long gone off that f___in night train
No doubts, I'm in the house, outs the back when the police hit
No doubt they can't catch me, I'm out this b____


I'm the man
I'm the man
I'm the man (Who's the man?)
I'm the man!

I Represent

length: 4:56
Its time, *****
Where you from?
I represent
Casket ridin *****
**** off

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm from that land of the gun slangers
So I get up early in the morning
an exercise nothin but my gun finger, my one finger
I ain't no big ol' ***** but I still get paid
That's all I need is my trigger finger to squeeze the mack (Bloom!)
I'm layin *****s dead in the bushes
These *****s be comin up short I gives a ****
(What are they?) A bunch of rookies
*****, it's time to go, it's time to flow (It's time to ride)
***** I hit yo' block, it's time to go!
***** I'm from the land where *****s they shoot (Uptown!)
*****s ain't all bout that talkin, we down to do ****
When it's time to ride best believe I'm gon' ride
An if you on the wrong side, it's on, down to die

I represent
I represent
I represent (Where you from *****?)
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent (Bout gettin mine)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm up early on the dope spot
3rd Ward *****, I stay hard, *****, I do **** (Watch yo' back)
Best believe ***** I stay hard
If I'm in that Bay, ***** its Rich-Town
If down South, *****, the 3rd Ward
I'm best at bein a hustler, I'm all about my mail
Be on the block wit the crack rock, tryin to get most mail
Whole sale if I gots to, chopper close
'cause *****s be tryin to show stop us
But ***** I be some real *****s that's down to ride (TRU!)
A project full of *****s who down to die!
What the ****s next? What the ****s up?
I roll through yo' block *****, an post up
An stand up on yo' set, *****
You step outta line, that's when the Teck's gon' hit ya (Bloom!)
Split yo' *** in half, like a tree
Chop you, an box you down, an smoke you like some *****

The Shocker

length: 4:46


Wassup, wassup?
Straight up muthafuckin' gangsta (muthafuckin' gangsta)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Bitch Im'a killa for reala
That's no joke
Slide nigga either fast or slow
I gotsta pop
Nigga don't stop
Cuz one of us gotsta go
Muthafuckas be trippin'
I'm from these streets where the mission is to die
Preparin' like I was to die
Down South, West Coast niggas two sides
You bitches be tryna' fade me
But ain't nothin' promised
Yah can't play me
You best be quick for talkin' that shit
That Im'a gets that 380
I'm all up in yo' grill
Time tah chill
Pay my bills
Gotta stay real
Tru 2 da game
In fact
Niggas gonna lay back, flat
Cuz I ain't the nigga ta fuck with
So you niggas need tah step the fuck off
Before I leave ya'll niggas in a bag
Talkin' that trash, you get hauled off in a black truck
Nigga back up, stacks up
When I blast I'm never gonna miss
Nigga hollow tips in yo' shit
Bitch wassup
Nigga now
Lay the fuck down
What now it's my block
Co' shop down
Nigga top down
Drop now
Nigga what's now
Where's the pop now
Wassup baby gotta play me
Grab the 380
Nigga been shady
Even lately gotta watch his back
Cuz he stacks
Cuz them niggas be trippin' on gats where I'm at
Strapped with a infrared pump
I'm not Kris Kross but I make em jump
Nigga front and turn
Watch them bustas and they click run

[Chorus x2]

Bitch I'm a killa
For real (The Shocker)
That's no joke
Strapped with a fo' fo'
Ain't nothin changed since I done wen't solo (The Shocker)

1,2,3 you know Silkk a G
I know this dope game like I know my abc's


Bitch I be quick to leave a nigga lookin' like a cotex
Nigga cocked like I ain't had no sex
And I be on time like a rolex
You can put me in a room with 10 of the best of 'em
I'd be the man in yo' face
So fuck the rest of them
I'm the best of 'em
Ya bitch be trippin' but ya'll nigga don't scare

[Big Ed]

Yo man Silkk these niggas ain't ready yet


I know
That's why I'm giving them a chance
So they can prepare themselves
I be the man
Ya'll niggas be trippin'
And ya'll niggas be frontin' black
You think this the shit my nigga
Ya'll niggas ain't here nuttin' yet
Cuz look deep into the eyes of a niggas stuff
I gives a fuck
Fuck You UP!
Nigga be hatin'
So proud that they dont wanna fuckin' fight
Cuz I done fucked his woman
And now all her girls have been fuckin' light

[Master P]

What's yo' name homie? (SILKK)
What you came here to do? (SHOCK THE WORLD)

[Chorus x3]

[Master P]

It's time to flip a script
And turn a half into a million
And turn a ho
Into a zillion
My game be tight like the bulls
And after my shows there ain't NO LIMIT to the hoes I can pull
Girls be sweatin' me like Im'a bandana
My lyrics so gangsta the police keep them on the radar scanner
But I be tight like the Titanic
While ya'll suckas sellin' wammys
We on our way to the Grammys
3rd ward brothers that came up
Keep my name out yo' mouth
Like Messy Marvin I'm gonna wipe you up
And yo' game better be tight
Cuz ain't no luv where I'm from from morning to night
Fools be bout it they be rowdy
Still puttin' money in the bank like Uncle Sam
And taxin' fools, dead
All ya'll suckas on the block are tryna stop me
Can't fade me
And me and Silkk be livin' large
Sippin' on mo wet but strapped with the plastic toys
Down South we be hustlin'
Settin' the line behind bustas that we ain't trustin
Ya'll better wake up and smell the aroma
Cuz we doin this from Down South to California

[Chorus x4]

[Master P]

The Shocker, haha
Ain't nothin' change with No Limit
Straight up Ice Cream
We got some mo ice cream fo' ya'll

No Limit Party

length: 5:39

Ungh! (let's get ready to rumble)
Where ya from? Where ya from? (ya heard me)
That 3rd Ward. Time to start this fight, you fuckin right
Bitch, get off me, buckle up nigga!

(Chorus:) Master P
Who run this bitch, we run this bitch
That bout it shit, we started this shit
Cause ain't no party like a No Limit party
I'm a No Limit Soldier for life

(Bridge:) Master P and Mia X
So fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggas)
Fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggas)
Cause all hoes suck dick
(All niggas lick lips)

(Mia X and Master P )
Nigga, Nigga, I bet you gotta bitch on the side
But I gotta 9 on mine and it's about that time
That I spit the game like it's supposed to be spat
Cause niggas ain't worth shit except for lickin cat
And fixin flats, after I done stuck yo shit
Cause I'm the wrong ghetto bitch to be fuckin with
The roughest bitch, you wouldn't want me busting, bitch
Yep I'm the same ho that had your mama huffin, bitch
And puffin, bitch, and yep I'm known to suck some quick
Cause I done told you once before the ladies run this shit
We won this shit, ever since the last TRU lick
And yet ya punks still screamin all hoes suck dick
But fuck that shit, cause niggas love to suck them lips
And lick that clit, and pay a bitch to lay a bitch
To say they hit, ho stuntin ass tricks
Uh uh, sweatin tired sayin they quit
Is that it?
Now ain't that fake
No stars for your chest, I coulda had a V8
Mia X is known to take a nigga for his keys and Gs
Government income and then they extra funds
Cause all niggas buy pussy, cry for pussy, lie for pussy
Live for pussy, steal for pussy
Rap for pussy, kill for pussy
Even though they try to stunt
They leave they folks stuck out behind a fat, hairy cunt
Up front, when a nigga start to trip
Ha ha, laugh dead in they face cause they just talkin shit
Do the ladies run this muthafucka, hell, yeah
Do the niggas run this muthafucka, hell, yeah


(Bridge:) Master P
Bitch get off me (bitch get off me)
Bitch get off me (bitch get off me)
Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga
Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga

I'm so gangstafied, stay high till I die
Smoke for free, I reply not with me
Cause I be a G
Nothin comes free but this dick and gum
I be fresh up outta gum, cause I done chewed my last one
Ya'll niggas got the game backwards
Buyin dinner then fuck
I fucks first, and say fuck dinner
Then I hit it and cut
Because if you want to get paid, be a hooker
See this whole world involve rhyme
Looking for dope, money, and pussy
Now niggas sell dope to make money to spend on hoes
But I, fucks hoes, and make them hoes buy my clothes
Girbauds from head to toe, Converse on my feet
You call me young Spanish flyer
I took them hoes in heat
Now I'm a peep this game, as I see the game unfold
Now hoes be tryin to get for the money
The whole truck load, but fuck hoes
Then I duck, cut, hit em then I split em
I spit game to em, and then I bet you I'ma get em
I fucks one hoe two hoe three hoe four
And if I get some condoms, I'ma fuck some more
Now if you know Silkk, you know that I be plotting
Your girlfriend, she be down
I catch her on the rebound like I was robbing


(Bridge) Master P and Mia X
So fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes)
Fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes)
Ain't no party like a No Limit party
I'm a No Limit soldier for life
So buckle up, nigga, guard your grill, nigga
Here go the trigga, duck down, nigga (Blew!)

(Master P)
Bitch you bout, bout what, suckin dick?
I ain't gon tell ya partnas that you did me and my homey in
You bitches is crazy, tryin to have my baby
Sniffin on my riches, ho, suck some daisies
I'm spreadin rumors on you hoes like I'm in social clubs
What about me, you, yo sista in my bathtub
You lookin fine in yo DKNY
Versaces on yo eyes, Coach bags on yo side
Yo [?] don't get rolled, and yo earrings hang side to side
Your in a Lexus, damn let's go take a ride
If you was a part on a car you'd be a fender
Cause underneath all that expensive shit bitch you a pretender
If suckin dick was a crime, you'd get 25 to life
Oh , Miss Thang, I ain't mad at you for bein with somebody else wife
See I'm from the south, I keep hoes in the chicken coop
I got bitches lined up in they birthday suit
You want me to cum in your pussy, I'm a cum in your throat
And if the rubber pop, then swallow ho
Cause all hoes suck dick
I ain't Too $hort, but fuck you, bitch


(Bridge) Master P and Mia X
So fuck you hoes (fuck them niggas)
Fuck you hoes (fuck them niggas)
Shake that ass, ho (trick that cash, ho)
Ride that ass, ho (break me off, bitch)


(Outro) Master P and Mia X
So ride the dick, ho (grow a dick, bitch)
I say ride this dick, ho (eat this clit, bitch)
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from, where ya from
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from?
Get em up (if you from Down South)
Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up (if you from the west coast)
Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up (if you from the east coast)
Get em up, boot it up, boot it up
Show the gold! (cause niggas Down South ain't takin no shit)
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from?
When I say bitch, you say get off me
Bitch (get off me)
Bitch (get off me)
Bitch (get off me) bitch
Bitch (get off me) bitch
Do the niggas run this muthafucka?
Hell, yeah
(Do the ladies run this muthafucka?)
(Hell, yeah
Muthafuckin No Limit party, nigga (Ungh!) nigga

Free Loaders

length: 4:33

Niggas just don't know, that I'm taxin all these hoes
And these hoes won't ride wit me...
But these hoes can't ride fo free (2x)

Well check this out, I slips on in
I dips on in, she be thinkin ride home
I be like holiday inn, because y'all can't ride for free
Believe me, so just when you see me
It just ain't gone be that easy
Now you think you can ride free?
I pay fo the gas you don't give up the ass
Nigga please, cause I be a hustla
Must I spell em all in abc's
Or do you get the picture don't make me hit cha
But I don't hits to run, I hits fo fun
Smash it like Daz,and they gets the guns
Cause I ain't no joke
They can ride fo' free I can't drive fo' free, please!

Niggas just don't know, that I'm taxin all these hoes
And these hoes won't ride wit me...
But these hoes can't ride fo free
These hoes want daiquris, but daiquris ain't free
These hoes won't smoke my weed, but weed don't come fo free....

(Silkk) Wassup...
(Girl) Nuthin much...
(Silkk) Seeya Later....
(Girl) Thats up to you....
(Silkk) Get in a bucket then...

(M. P.) Y'all hoes betta recognize, cindarella ass bitches!

You be like, "What's yo name?" I be like, "What's mine?"
I could conversate but bitch right now I ain't got that much time

(Girl) Can you buy me a drink?
(Silkk) Yeah, I buy one...
(Girl) How about some cavaci on the rocks

Nah, some gin and rum
I want somthin you sip off, somthin you can sip off
Somthin when you sip off, clothes jus gonna slip off
You know how I runs that, I gives that, I do's that
I did that, I done that
And that's how it's gon' continue to be...
Haaaaaa... none of you girls can ride fo free
Rides wit me no that's a damn shame...
That's how it is a damn shame, dollar up on my damn fame

Niggas just don't know, that I'm taxin all these hoes
And these hoes won't ride wit me...
But these hoes can't ride fo' free
They wanna go out and eat, but these hoes get Mickey D's
These hoes they wanna be seen, but they can't be seen with me

You hoes better wake up and smell the coffee
You must have took a wrong turn because you lost me
And nuthin come fo free...
I'm a rider so between them thighs it be me
You gots to watch how who you take home
That's nice she look like Halle Berry
And today she look like Grace Jones
The first I didn't wanna...
On they plate but after that they want like lobster and steak
Now the club be the best place, they work be the worst place
Nine times outta ten I never been past the first date
Yeah see it's like this I'm mackin bad
If you wanna get taxi hoes, call up a cab

(Master P)
Yeah Bitch, jump in a muthfuckin bucket
Cause you'll never ride in Benz
But I ain't mad at you
You know what I'm sayin cause you got a nigga gettin your hair done
Gettin yo nails done
But me and my little brother Silkk
We gon' reverse the game on you bitches
You know what I'm sayin bitch
You can take me to the barber shop
You can put some muthafuckin gold around my fingers
You can put some muthafuckin gold around my neck

Niggas just don't know, that I'm taxin all these hoes
And these hoes won't ride wit me...
But these hoes can't ride fo' free
They wanna have sex with me
But girl my dick ain't free
And if you want this meat, it's goin fo' forty G's

(Master P)
Yeahhhh....Wassup Silkk
Nigga layin it down like a G
Mo B Dee...
And you know me Master P
I'm in the motherfuckin hizouse
And motherfuckers P stand fo' pimpin, playin, pushin
Whatever the fuck you wanna call it
I'ma let y'all nigga know three thangs I'ma never gon' do...
I'm never gon' trust a bitch
I'm never gon' trust a hoe
I'm never gon' let pussy come between me and my partner
Because motherfuckin skirts is to be shared
Ya heard me, remember that playa
Never let a bitch get in the way of you and your money
But pussy... I can get pussy anytime, believe that

1 Morning

length: 1:31

[Silkk the Shocker]
Woke up one morning, hang over from last night
I was drunk as fuck plus I was throwin up
An my eyes was like hella tite
Waked up out my bedroom, nigga still reachin for a sack
I hads to make me some mail, so I stepped out the door
An fo' i did I went back an grabbed my... strap
I be whippin some shit, nigga gimme some shit
Nigga triplin some shit, nigga flippin some shit
You got some yayo, give it here
I triple that shit for only fifty percent
See bitch I be like Seven-Eleven, like the liquor store
Stop the car, dropped it out, nigga what y'all hittin fo'
Nigga, wassup, yeah I might man, keep it tight man
It be like Charles Barkley
I be hittin three four, all day in the dice game
Man, it's cool, but umm, some of these niggas be faulty
Game be salty, wanna run up on me, I'ma have to toss him
See y'all be trippin but I don't be slippin
Pop a clip in when I'm blastin an best believe I don't be missin
It's that nigga - wassup, playa, niggas get fucked
Playa haters get bucked, so wussup?
Bitch it be A, B, C, D, E
Yo the last letter be me, a straight G
I keep busters on they back, keep 'em flat that
Nigga, wassup, one-times'll try to check ya, I'm at that
Woke up this mornin, something didn't feel right
Look to my side cuz I felt some thighs
Musta been the girl I met at the club last night
I had to look twice, damn nigga, I was just like what?
Seen some drawers on the floor, and a condom on my dick
And I knew last night I musta fucked

How We Mobb

[Master P--Talking]
Ungh! Once a-muthafuckin-gain, me an my nigga Silkk
We gon' show y'all how we mobb
No Limit for life, how we do this shit
West Coast style nigga, from down South, to the muthafuckin hills
Y'all niggas better recognize, y'all better fuckin recognize

[Master P]
I'm tru to da game, Masta P'll be da name
I'm in it for the money, fuck these bitches an the fame
Cuz when you broke bitches get ghost like sideways
Like gold daytons rollin up the highway
On my way to the town to take some cizash
An if you shizort bitch you in the bizag
I got fifteen in the tank, on my way to Burbank
Fist stealin 5, ready till 5, blowin dank
An still tryin to make a dollar outta fifteen cents
Got the Cutlass full of coffee for no evidence
It's a drought but I got ice cream 16 five, everyday, all day
Hit me on the door knob
Cuz we be ballin, bitch we be haulin
Got chickens up the highway from New Orleans
An y'all foo's can't stop the real deal
An when you see the Tank fool you better guard yo' grill
Cuz No Limit in this to win this
An got a million soldiers ready to handle business

6 deep is how we mobb, an we tru (Ungh!)
But we'll kill if we have to

[Silkk the Shocker]
Been on the block in the Bay, nigga hop by the tre
Nigga stop at eight, early chop the cake, but not today
Cock the K, cuz these busta ass niggas know we not to play
Say hello to the Richmond nigga, East Bay killa
Down South thrilla, quick to fill ya, wit more shells than the sea
More mail than the post office
These lyrics an dope keep me stayin up like it was coffee
Now stop, pause, take a look
East Bay nigga crook, seven E deuce cut
Ready to buck on any nigga that steps up
I be the man, understand this, skanless niggas get fucked up
Number one on Billboard, bitch, y'all niggas still tryin to come up
Y'all niggas soup, I'm gumbo, ready to rumble, ready to tumble
Yo' girlfriend outta line, I'ma catch her like Columbo
Tongue twistin like an Uzi, y'all niggas can't do me
(Boo-yah, bad man)
Y'all watch too many fuckin movies


It's On

length: 3:49

Ain't Nothing

length: 4:19
Chorus: [Mo B. ****]
New Orleans hoes, Baton Rouge hoes
Hoes, hoes, ain't nothin but hoes
Oakland hoes, Frisco hoes
Hoes, hoes, ain't nothin but hoes
Chi-Town hoes, Mississippi hoes
Hoes, hoes, ain't nothin but hoes
Carolina hoes, Tennessee hoes
Hoes, hoes, ain't nothin but hoes

[Silkk the Shocker]
Another day, another show
Another state, another hoe
My fault, my homie, your girlfriend is walking
Man, uh, she should of been at stage up at my show
Man, yo' girl's a hoe, man
You need to get with the program
On a slow jam I be like knockin boots
But, um, raise up the skirt an I be kockin who?
Maybe it's your girlfriend, I can't really tell they all look the same
It be hoes comin in different, shapes, an sizes, what's her name?
I don't know, but um, maybe it's Brenda
It could of been Rochel, my homie told me that he hit her
Now a hoe comes a dime-a-dozen
It could be yo' baby mama, or it could be yo' baby mama's cousin
But it's just like I'm tryin to stay Tru
'cause a hoe is hoe an it might be yo' boo (True!)
Hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe


[Silkk the Shocker]
Once a hoe, always a hoe
All of a sudden she's a virgin, hell no
Fa sho I comes to town, on Greyhound, never that
First class all the way so I'm lookin for something to tap
Yo' girl friend is the closest I see, man it ain't coincidence
But um, I gots to like represent, put it down for my dead presidents
I be a hustler for life, I got yo' baby mama at the crib
I don't know wassup but I gots to give
What she wants she wants it from the back
She gon' hollar my name, not yo' name (Oh Silkk!)
It's all the same as yo' game
I plays her for whatever though (What about my ride?)
Never though (Please?), never hoe
See the relationships I'm in I only deal wit like one
I likes to ****s an get up an plus they mad keep it much tighter
I mess their hair up, he gets they hair fixed
I drive the wheels, he pays the bills
'cause all hoes suck **** (You ain't talkin to me), yeah
I'm talkin to you, *****
'cause all girls ain't *****es but all *****es is hoes grown
I don't know you 'cause you got cha clothes on


West Side hoes, East Side hoes
All them hoes ain't nothin but hoes
I mean South Side hoes, North Side hoes
All them hoes ain't nothin but hoes
I mean them droopy *** hoes, them broke *** hoes
All them hoes ain't nothin but hoes
I mean, I mean
I mean all them hoes ain't nothin but hoes
I mean
Wassup, dawg
This ya boy Silkk, knaw'm sayin
Now look, peep this song out
I ain't sayin all girls are hoes but um, Ms. Tucker
Or should I say Ms. Lawrence Tucker, check this out
They say hoes don't exist
You ain't been in my neighborhood
But um, all the real girls know, check this out
If they ain't hoes they gon' laugh at this song
An if you ain't laughin that's tellin you one thang
You a hoe, an if this song offends you, then what's that sayin?
You's a hoe, so, check ya self

Ghetto Tears

length: 3:44

Artist: Silkk the Shocker f/ Master P
Album: Silkk the Shocker
Song: Ghetto Tears

Dear God can ya save me
If you can't save me, save our babies
(we trying to keep it real, so many ghetto tears my people cry
Life is hard and I see that every day, just so many ghetto tears
In the ghetto)

Age 11 looking out of a ghetto building
Mom and 5 of us little ghetto children
I ain't never knew wrong from right
Growing up off my life, thinking Adidas had 4 stripes
So my uncle tried to warn us
Told us not to do drugs, but yesterday I saw him on it
See in my hood it ain't no love
Age 13, seen my auntie o.d. on drugs
The neighborhood hoe only 15 and everybody wants to bang her
Found her dead, gave herself and abortion with a clothes hanger
I seen on of my neighbors try everything but couldn't make it
Came home one day killed his whole family
I guess he couldn't take it
I give back, even if it ain't nothing big
Look at my grandma, terminal disease only got months to live
They tell us we ain't gonna be nothin
Gave my homie 25 years
I shed tears for all my peers


Dear god can ya save me
If you can't save me, save our babies
So many ghetto tears my people cry
You ain't supposed to question God but I'm asking why
So many ghetto tears my people cry
Through out the years, my people shed ghetto tears
My people shed ghetto tears, through out the years

The ghetto's like a headache, one big ol migrane
Tryin to stay high till I die
Tryin to like hide the pain
My homey mama died and didn't know it
When she died he committed suicide
My homie jumped up off the sixth floor
Maybe it's too late for me
Since I'm still here, I'm kinda glad to be
Been in and out of jail since i was 12
Life been hectic since mama had me
I have to ask myself the simple question why
It's so hard to live but yet so easy to die
With this simple question Lord can you help me
Just tryin to live large and wealthy
From these card that you dealt me
I used to ask ???, but now they ask me
Life passed em up, I wonder will life pass me
Cause it really ain't no love for us ghetto kids
For all the dirt that I did
I don't think I'll find where heaven is
I wonder why they won't panic and try to ban it
Probably cause they scared of it
I just dont understand it


How could you carry a kid for 9 months black
She had a baby boy
But while she she was pregnant she was smoking crack
How could you rape and abouse your kids
How could you committ incest and say you love your kids
They ain't ask to be here, they ain't ask to see here
Slipped here by 15 minutes of pleasure
That's why they can't see clear
From the cradle to the grave
Or from the cemetary to the penatentary
Life is so hard now bet ya leave it



length: 3:51
[Master P]
Mother ****ing M - are - period
MR. Master P
MR. No Limit Records
Cause we selling **** out the walls
My ***** Silkk
Ya'll gonna call him
MR. Silkk the Shocker
After this mother ****ing ****
Ya'll better believe that
Mother ****ing M - are - period
Don't call that ***** ****

[Silkk the Shocker]
Check this out

[Master P]
Yah heard me?

[Silkk the Shocker]
MR. lady-hitter
MR. hit the momma and the baby sister
MR. creep to the house while you out and hit the baby-sitter
You don't want to mess with me
MR. like jaw-shaker
MR. always been bad
MR. always want to tag
MR. like umm law-breaker
MR. sneak on up
Or should I say
MR. like rob a *****
MR. No Limit affiliated
Or should I say
MR. like mob figure
MR. like trigger happy
Or should I say
MR. like gun powder
MR. I don't love them hoes
MR. I be finished in like 1 hour
MR. always wear a condom
Or should I say
MR. like Latex
Never go bare
I don't care
MR. call me like safe sex
MR. Silkk
Or should I say
MR. I'ma shock the world
If you can't find your old lady
MR. I got your girl
MR. Versache wear
MR. I got you there
MR. infared
Where ever the dot go
MR. I'm gonna pop you there
MR., MR., MR. who I be
If you can't call me MR.

[Chorus x3]
Call me what the **** you want
As long as you got MR. in front

See I be quick with them hands
So you can call me
MR. handy man
My brother
MR. ice cream
You can call me
MR. candy man
MR. money maker
MR. honey taker
MR. funeral director
Turn a ***** off
MR. under taker
MR. i got em cheap
So you can call me
MR. wholesale
MR. its the for sure sale
Got girls from California like Oakdale
You might see me here
You might see me there
But I be in like two places
I be mugging
I be smiling
MR. like two faces
I got a house that's white
And D.C. ain't my resident
It's like I run the whole world
So I don't know why you call
MR. president
MR. like cocaine
MR. key but never dope
MR. if I had a drugstore be a pharmacist on the block
MR. dopeman
MR. like glock hood
If i was army
MR. tops off
To my block
MR. black hole
MR. if you ain't got my money
MR. shop closed

[Chorus x3]

***** I ain't no boy man
I don't play with toys man
Unless you want to count this AP 9 sitting up in my draws man
Take a pause man
***** I'm all man
How you know that **** *****?
Ask your girl
Last night I was up in them draws man
MR. like tough that
MR. like rough neck
MR. break head boards fool
MR. like rough sex
MR. like 2 for 20
MR. like St. Ides downer
If your sac ain't fat fool
MR. i'm gonna straight up clown ya
MR. Lexus
MR. diamond ring and necklace
MR. hoopties and wreckless
MR. like Bone
Bigger than Texas
Never no MR. peace keeper
Move like the MR. grimreaper
When I come looking for you
MR. heat seeker
And when I find you
MR. street sweeper
And when you see me
You best not be tripping
You bet it be Silkk
Or you best call me like MR.

[Chorus x2]

[Silkk the Shocker]
MR., MR., MR. Ha ha ha (repeat until fade)

It's Time to Ride

length: 3:05

[Silkk the Shocker]
Some shit jumpped off about 12 o'clock
I was like
Post on the block
Open up shop
Try to get away from the cops
To get some rocks
Some nig came through in a cutlass
Mugging this
Throwing up signs and riding slow
Fuck this
I'ma leave that nigga stanking
What the fuck could he be thinking
I'ma leave them eyes closed before he blinking
187 thats what I be after
Chop em up and halfs like fractions
Nigga master murderer
Killing niggas all if I gots ta
Breaks them off propa
With choppas
And popsta
First nigga I see that resemble the driver of that cutlass
I'ma come with a gat
Hit em in the back
And be like what bitch
Hits em where it hurts
Kick up more dust than dirt
Nigga fuck its on when I catch em
It's time to ride
Bust em
Fuck em

It's time to ride
Who's gonna ride

If My 9 Could Talk

length: 3:44

[Verse 1]
Give me that nine, that clip
Ain't no talking to my 9, `cause bitch I'm bout to sop you up
Twist the cap back, put one up in the chamber
Your life in danger, I'm busting caps upon a total stranger
Better believe I be creeping
Detectives wonder how I hit your house and the rest of the block,
they still sleeping
Straps all in your window, puffing up on some endo
Surprise, surpise, nigga look at what you in for

Only if my 9 could talk
Only if my 9 could talk
Don't, don't, don't leave no witnesses to this homicide
O-o-o only if my 9 could talk
Only if my 9 could talk
Don't, don't, don't leave no witnesses to this homicide

[Verse 2]
Now imagine me slipping up on my murder gloves
Now imagine me got a 9 with a silencer and I'm in a bout it club
I want soda `cause niggas be snitching
I put blood up on his Polo, gots him screaming like bitches
Now it's gonna be, kinda like, hard to see me
Disappear like a genie
When I reappear, nigga you see nothing but my beam
And I'm gonna hits that nigga for one mill
These shots I pop, he drops, and uh, that's like a done deal
You could consider that nigga a disaster area
Call his mom for a black dress
consult his family members to be the pallbearers
You fucks with mine, I'ma leave that nigga shaking
Flatline, CPR, I don't think that nigga made it


[Verse 3]
Some call it murder, I call it 1-87
Some call it robbery, bitch, I call it 2-11
See, hand me that duffle bag full of hot guns
First nigga runs up, guns up, that head gonna catch some hot ones
I run this shit like the White House
You like some white out
Tonight's the night, it's getting dark, bitch it's lights out
When I shoot, I'm never gonna miss
17 in my spot, 17 in my gloc, 17 niggas I'm gonna hit
I be a specialist like Sharon Stone
A bad boy like Al Capone
An assassin like Sylvester Stallone
Only if you could live, but you ain't
Only if my 9 could talk, but it can't


Don't leave no witnesses to this homicide

[repeat Chorus]

Commericial 1

length: 0:47

Got Em Fiending

length: 3:42


"Got Em Fiendin'"
(feat. Big Ed, Master P)

A little something something. Lights, camera, action

One for the G's two to make them jump
Three for the hoes tha be fiedin' for this ghetto funk
Got 'em fiendin' for the ghetto funk
Got 'em fiendin' for the ghetto fuk (x2)

(Master P:)
Alize whipped up cranked up ouee
Got two freaks in the jacuzze
Wanna do me, me and my homie
I ain't trippin' on a motherfuckin' roni
Hit the club start bumpin' jumpin'
Gat in my drawers and a nigga still humpin'
On this hoe but the bitch can't fee the gat
TRU niggas and you know we fully strapped
Hit the nigga talk shit put they light out
Otherwords X niggas out like whiteout
Roll through the town mob with my niggas deep
Don't give a fuck about those hoes or the police
Got a bee pe on my way to the telly
Stop and get some lobster and steak to feel the belly
Hit the liquor store gots to pick up some gin & juice
Cause you know I got to have my 80 proof
Dank smoke comin' out the windows
Hit the side show bust a nigga in a Pinto
Ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party (what?)
It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party

(Hook (x2))
(Silkk The Shocker:)
Hotel motel Holiday Inn
I'm about to fuck me a girl but I'm gonna fuck her friend
Now you know um what you came to do
I be TRU baby don't believe the hype
You know it ain't about me and you
Now if you down with O.P.P. yeah you know me
It ain't no fun if my homies can't have none
Now we share skirt like air frankly I don't care
I hits and run and then I'm up outta there
Now um, baby lately you can't get with me
If (we don't love them hoes) it'all all about my business
Now I really do't care what you like and what you don't
Cause um, The only think I'm trying to is get you drunk
Now I'm a diver but I don't skinny dip, now picture this
A skinny nigga between the hips and I'm about to dip
Off in the traffic smilin' and laughin'
I met that I had that we did that I done that

(Big Ed:)
Bouncin' to the party I just got payed
I'm looking for th finest hoe so I can get layed
I done see more ass than any gynocologist
Smooth like a prism
Got my B and my masters in this playerism
No more then 5 minutes, a chocolate bunny
Now I though she was a fiend cause she wants to suck my dick with honey
Well baby let's discuss this
My name is Big Ed and a nigga get more dick then buckets
See I'm flowin' got more pipe than any plummer
I hit 'em like a monsoon cause a nigga hits like thunder
And I got one creamin' like a Twinkie
I'm a bad man ask a girl and her best friend
I like to bend them
Then I slide on in so if you down with foreplay give me a signal
See I'm true to the game
I hit you sister your mama and your daughter to me it's the same

My Car

length: 4:33

All because of my car
All because of my car
All because of my car

[Mo B. Dick]
I'm in my car, cruisin to the beat
Trippin off, off these money hungry freaks
Wanna be down, wit a super star
Cuz you know I got money an a cold blooded car

Must be the Beamer (Must be the Beamer)
Thats turning you on
Must be the Benz (Must be the Benz)
I ain't takin you home
{All because of my car}

Must be the Cruiser (Must be the Cruiser)
Got you flaggin me down
Must be the Rover (Must be the Rover)
Makes you wanna be around
{All because of my car}

[Silkk the Shocker]
I hits an run like an accident
Mr. hit em fast an slow is back again
If you don't believe me go an ask a friend
I got more hoes than the ozone
I hits em wit they close on
(Why's that Silkk?)
So they can go home
I rolls up on a bucket, she got a man
But when I rolls up in a Benz, das when she hops in
An thas how its gon' happen to her
I don't mean to be like mackin to her or rappin to her
But I'm jus askin to her
Now back up in the days I run game on em
They wanna play games so I bought a Lexus from my homie
An the next day after that, game don't stop
(Where ya car at)
I be like man, its in tha shop
But now I'm on top now
Put down
See how many number I can jot down, how many girl I can knock down
An plus up on my block, now it ain't gon' stop
Now, since I got a little cash
Now I dash down the block but I keep my game tight
When Im in the Rover, I gets the guests the same night
You try skeezin me, should be try pleasin me
Alizay to get the draws off easily
Thas when I switch my game over
You blame it on a hang over I blame it on the Range Rover
An I ain't tryin to hear that
(Oh it's like that, huh?)
Like that, like that


[Mo B. Dick]
When I'm flossin on these ghetto streets
Can't see how I get stopped by those crooked police
I can't understand, why they player hate
An they ask me these question, like how much money I make
Now it's none of their business, how I make my ends
An you can't get a piece of my funky dividends
I guess you could say, I got it goin on
Cuz I keep seein girlies an they won't leave me alone

[Silkk the Shocker]
I guess the PD is tryin to see me in the State Pen
Behind me tryin to run my license plate in
Im checkin my rear view, but I ain't gon' trip, bruh
Waitin for me to slip up, show me some ID wit yo' picture
I guess they wanna see my bank statement
See how much money that Im makin
But I guess they just be hatin
They need to start missin me, stop trippin G
I guess they mad cuz I got more gold than Mr T

[Mo B. Dick]
An all these freaks wanna get in my gangsta ride
Cuz I got it front to back, an side to side
But I ain't got time
I gotta do my thang
An if you wanna front you know I can hang
Now you know that I never wanna perpetrate
Cuz y'all playa hate
You fools better recognize
That a No Limit Soldier is on the rise


Must be the Bentley (Must be the Bentley)
That's turnin you on
Must be the Lex (Must be the Lexus)
That's why I'm takin you home
{All because of my car}

Must be the Caddie (Must be the Caddie)
Got you flaggin me down
Must be the Cutlass (Must be the Cutlass)
Why you wanna be around
{All because of my car}

Ghetto 211

length: 4:49

[Master P]
We ain't got no money
So me an Silkk gon' hit a crack house for some dope, haha
Muthafuckin police ain't give a fuck
Niggas robbin niggas in the ghetto...
Armed robbery

[Silkk the Shocker]
I got twin Glock like Tamira and Tia
Nigga tries to step, try to flex, an you'll get X-ed just like Mia
See, I be a gangsta like T, a murdera like C
When you see me bow down, address me a master like P
My murderistic tactics got niggas stackin off in the bushes, trees
Tryin to get me some G an dope to the hookers
It's time for you to puch out, I'm tuggin up in your time card
WHy you do what you do, because like times hard
It's like here, nigga hop, nigga clips... to the Glock
I hits yo' block an watch his shit every stop (It don't stop)
Bitches be like aw, off of some dumb shit, I runs this
Nigga T-R-U's my click when I come thick I cruise wit
(TRU!) a gang of niggas
That be down to ride on yo' set
Niggas be trippin, cock the teck, an we ride wit yo' bet
Best believe I clock G's, nigga no dice, I time the blast
I smash, I'm up in your house

Cuz I'm a hustler, cuz I'm a killa, who gives a fuck
If I murder another ghetto nigga
Cuz I'm a hustler, cuz I'm a killa, who gives a fuck
If I murder another ghetto nigga

[Silkk the Shocker]
Taz tries to hit but I be back up out the back route
Me an P countin G's, choppin up keys up in the crack house
The baddest 2 brothers since Billy an Jessie James
P would you blast
(Master P: Hell yeah, Silkk would you blast?)
If the nigga so much as tests me (Bloom!)
Hits them wit all between the seem
(Master P: Dump the bitch like Hakeem the Dream)
I'ma hit that nigga wit 21
(Master P: Fuck it, I'ma hit him wit 17)
I got that K with the beam
(Master P: Fuck it, I'ma get the cream)
Ain't no wrestlin but these niggas like tag-team
Be like, 1 for the money
(Master P: I be like 2 for the dope)
Be like 3 for all my cash
(Master P: Nigga fuck it, get yo' ass on the flo')
One eighty-seven that I peels caps
(Master P: I murder!)
Niggas get dealed with, nigga hook 'em
How you gon' fuck wit niggas we real black
(Master P: A ghetto robbery)
An that's how we ride
(Master P: On a robbing spree from down South to the Wessyde)


[Master P]
1, 2, 3, it's yo' birthday
Ain't no love on this muthafuckin first of the month
It's yo' last day
See I be jackin, my nigga Silkk be packin
I be puttin niggas in body bags, bitch, I ain't actin
It's no substitutes on this shit, this is the real shit
Fuck what you heard cuz, nigga, I'm ready to kill a bitch
You got my cash, gimme the grass, lovin you hoes?
Kiss my ass, it's ninteen ninty-skrilla, bitches in the body bag
It's time to spray ya, spray ya out like Calgon
Ain't no love, murder muthafucka, this ain't no funny farm
Down South they jackin,robbed, an they packin
Puttin niggas in muthafuckas trunks of the car, who jackin
Wanna take a ride, ride around the block
It's time to go, ain't no love where I'm from
Niggas killin for that white snow, an yo' bitch
I don't love no hoe don't trust no bitch
She got Master P on her ass an she'll suck my dick (Damn)
Y'all niggas mad cuz I'm famous, it's time to ride
It's time to ride, ain't no love on the South Side


[Master P]
Y'all niggas better wake-up an smell the muthafuckin coffee
I'm not tryin to preach to y'all niggas but I'm tellin y'all niggas
Watch ya ass an trust nobody
Cuz in the ghetto everybody lives like John Gotti
Nigga comin up shizort, teck-9's to yo' muthafuckin hizeart
Nigga live an eye for an eye, you fuck me, we gotta fuck you
An like my nigga Silkk said, it's time to ride
I ain't got no money, I might just pull a jack
But that's what I might do
I'm not tellin you to do that, nigga, do what you gotta do
Cuz we Bout It! We rowdy!
But who gives a fuck if we kill each other, nigga
Y'all think about it

Why My Homie

length: 5:22

Master P)
Damn. I never thought I'd be wearin a suit and tie so many times a year, but
Like Bone said, to all my homies ain't here, see ya in the crossroads, fool

Imagine this, me dressed in all black
At a funeral strapped with a chrome gat
Who died P, I guess it was my homie, black
Somebody rolled up and shot him in the back
It was sad, my homie took a damn fall
Sort of like the TLC video, "Waterfalls"
But this was the real deal, this ain't no movie
Niggas drove up and blasted my homie with a oozie
Now me and Silkk got to ride
After the funeral cause it's sad on my side
Cause in the ghetto, it's one big black moon
I mean people dyin everyday, we all are doomed
My mama look at me and say, "Boy, watch yoself!"
But I can't trip, mama, cause I live for myself
And if I die on the streets, then it's my time to go
But if I live to see another day, another funeral
It's sad, I look into they eyes
Damn, everybody's got to die
But one day, I guess we gon to wake up
When they puttin me in that black truck
It could be you, it could be her
But in the end everybody gets did up
Cause in the ghetto everybody live like Jesse James
I still question God for callin my homie name

Chorus I (2X): Why my homie had to die?
Now somebody mama gonna cry

Now when my grandfather died, I was like 5, it never really touched me much
But seein my brother layin dead on floor really kinda f**ked me up
I never thought he could be here then he could be gone
I never thought the day he left the house he wouldn't be comin back home
I wonder when it's yo time to go, who gon protect you
See someone died in my family, didn't even much affect you
I wonder why my homie died at such a young age
I wonder why my homie death didn't make the front page
Cause it's a trip, and life ain't even worth to live
See ya gotta watch out for all us killa kids
Belive me, I be a youngsta tryin to spit the game
But it's a damn shame, all of the shit done changed
Through all the strivin and strugglin I try to stay hard
But look at Mr. President in the White House tryin to play God
Put us all in one big ole boat
They call it housin projects, I call it one big ghetto

Damn. Looks like the Statue of Liberty is cryin
I guess that mean the whole world is f**kin dyin

Chorus I (2X)