Gangsta Album

Artist(s): Slim Thug feat. Z‐Ro



length: 4:14

Gangsta from my head to my shoes*
So goddamn clean I'm giving haters the blues
Ain't too many players that played the game like I do
I'm getting rap money and getting street money too
Yeah jack I'm a gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
I keep it real all day every goddamn day
And ain't goin' never change homie
I'm a stay this way a thug (a thug)

***** I'm back
The biggest Boss Hogg of em all
It's Thugga ************ leader of them Outlaws
Made the city proud rep hard for the grill (huh)
They thought we fell off still getting it how I live (cheah)
Stay up in the club, let em know we still paid (still paid)
Reppin' for the Nouf from the cradle to the grave (huh)
Gangstas don't hide so you see my face often (often)
Heater on my side so approach me with caution
Reppin' great fame I appreciate the love
But don't get it ****ed up (what)
cause ***** I'm still a thug (still a thug)
The ? got bigger, the money got longer
It's Hoggs worldwide so the team more stronger (thugga)


Huh, that's right my ***** money, hoes, cars, clothes
I think I fell in love with clothes and cars and doe
I know y'all don't be seeing me at award shows
**** going commercial real *****, y'all know how it goes
Thousand dollar bottle of camante y'all know how it flows
I die once, a thousand times that's how a coward goes
You don't want none of me ***** I got power blow
Hoes as big as tennis balls that's all a six sour note
Attitude like Pimp C, cup taste like Big Moe
R.I.P. to Pat and for the Hawk, that's my big bro
Every CD in my car say "DJ Screw"
If you from Houston and you rap my ***** he made you
I keep pens and pencils like *****es I pimp them hoes
Get it out of ****, put it in my socks it's what I do with the doe
Money ain't never been mad at me I stay cool with the doe
Like a dummy when he peeing I'm a fool with the flow


Haha, I can't stop I gotta make my ***** Pimp proud (R.I.P.)
That's why you see me reppin' Texas up in front of crowds (cheah)
Thugged out every ***** ride with the scratch (that's right)
Don't start **** but we stay ready for comeback
Don't know how to act, we goin **** the club up (club up)
We just like em so the gangstas *****s love us (cheah)
My street ***** get a good girl ***** wet (that's right)
She say she coming home with me, that's a bet (that's a bet)
Before the Gin we get wasted off patron straight (straight)
After that see if her friend goin' participate (huh)
Whole weight in the town got it locked down (locked down)
Got drank, got bricks, got plenty thous