Years Later... A Few Months After Album

Artist(s): Soulja Slim



length: 2:28
What the **** I was told 1998, 2001
On and on you know how I do it
It don't stop it don't stop
Look Look Look

[Soulja Slim]
****'s real I'ma tell you this off tops
All my *****s from the Six Code got Glocks
We killers dog, hold sixty dog
On the reala dog, put yo head on the permanent pillow dog
Spit **** raw **** wash **** you want that get that
Get back my dogs bout War, smoke *****s like Humps
Smoke *****s like Gar you don't want to se us in that tinted car
Jumpin' out that ***** screamin' out Aw Aw
With K's n **** The Streets Made Me *****
So don't ever try to play this ****
Like it's cool I'm a ****in' fool on the low
Don't ever check a real ***** check a hoe
I'm tellin' ya they gone be smellin' ya
Under the Magnolia I'm a Soldier

From what I was told again I'm a blow again
**** with these hoes again get exposed again
Mystikal I'm'a try to duck and dodge the pin
Never goin' back to the hole they threw me in
From what I was told

2001 you know The Streets Made Me
I got love for the streets


length: 4:30

Cheeze Eataz

length: 4:10


length: 3:34
[Chorus: x2]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
***** yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
***** yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm that *****, ***** **** what you talking bout

You checking my status, ain't you
I'm a Down South *****, I'm a hell of a gangsta
I got em ****ed up, they gon know how I do it
I'm always known, for making cut throat music
I don't **** around with him, he too **** in the booty
If I say the ***** name, then he'd prolly sue me
He hurting I'm rolling now, then keep it real
Making me or you, show me how
Stole the game, from the ***** ***** like that
There's over one million ways, you could get jacked
Well I'm a street jack artist, I can respect that
That's like me and you hitting a lick, you shoot me in my back
You ****ing with the wrong *****, I'm telling you
Shadow your **********ing image, make it hell for you
You might feel I'm over due, well come and get me
I keep my heater on me, burn a ***** crispy, make him history

[Chorus: x2]

Second verse is worse than the first, your people
Need a corner rebirth, and order a box of white t-shirts
I'ma knock your *** off, I ain't the last Don
I'm the last Dog, one in the manger was under the Nolia
***** never could take over Magnolia, Slim here to stay
***** know why I smash, anything that's in my way
Hate I'm set tripping, you in ways round my way
If you once, you should know how I handle a AK
Respect me, live by the trigga die by it
Every ***** from New Orleans, keep a gat up on they side
Stay the **** from round my Bentley, yeah I use to get high
Your ***** told me you say that, after I nutted in her eye
Big girls don't cry, here's a towel wipe your face
Let him know and know he a rat, and he got ****ed up stay
Only thing you could do, is suck a ***** ****
Us cut throat *****s, keep another ***** *****

[Chorus: x2]

You see, this **** ain't nothing to me
If it wasn't for this, I'd be still in the street
**** I'm talking bout, stuck in the street 24-7
Pulled up on the AVE., ***** sold me a Mack 11
That's a throwback gat, gotta stamp that there
Give him dollas, and he can have that there
Make sho it ain't broke, and nothing wrong with the pin
I walked on back, and let ten off in the wind
Dog this ain't fully, he done filed it down
Soldier haters please, just hate me now
I'm Jump-Sly Slim, don't jock my style
You want to be like me, but you don't know how
The first thang be original, cause if
You get your own style, ***** feel you mo'
And if you gotta be a man, on that river bro
***** know, I'm a **********ing genero'

[Chorus: x2]

Heata on Me (feat. B.G. & Lil Real One)

length: 3:48

Speak Yo Mind

length: 0:09

I'll Pay Fa It

length: 3:36

U Hear Dat

length: 4:17

[Intro - 2x]
Murder murder, murder murder
Mo' murder murder
Murder murder, murder murder
Mo' murder murder
I'ma pop him, I'ma pop him uh-huh
I'ma pop him, I'ma pop him

[Hook - 2x]
You heard that...uh yeah
Fuck I look like wearing a toe tag, up in a body bag
My gun my bullets, my thirty round clip
I'm never leaving home without it, I don't slip

[Soulja Slim]
Ok I'm some'ing serious, I'm so serious from you not knowing
I'll cut your throat till the meat showing, motherfuck a rap
I hustle rap, like four or five birds of smack
Bag up in ounces half ounces, quarters and shit like that
You get the drift, I'm grown up you can take a sniff
Don't get in your whip, I'll make you hurl up in your shit
I was that flooded bag, that that lil' boy had
Went out like a soldier, O.D.'d with his soldier rag
You better believe, uptown niggas sold him that
I'm some'ing serious I told him that, when I first started
Now you dearly departed, still I remain raw
In reality, I chop bags up with my chainsaw
I'm rapping for a reason, God gave me this gift
And made to where a nigga can't fuck with me, running real shit
One shot for fifty cents, she brought it back to the street
Now it's all on me, to get me right now in this industry
I ain't no friend of P, don't ask me bout that boy
He ain't no man, you think I'm lying then ask Pastor Troy
I pass the toy, and let my lil' dogs get the murder charge
They feel like he played me, so they gon' bring the fucking noise
I rap bout fifty bars, motherfuck a chorus
I can do this, I'm one of the world official flowists
Magnolia Projects, is the spot where I was praised at
Got love for Mac-90's, 223's and K's and
Automatic handguns, reveolvers I had some
Booted my last one, I bagged em and toe tagged em
It's a reunion, all my real niggas home from the penn
If I start naming these killers, they'll get up under your skin
Give em the game, tell em it ain't like back in the days
If you ain't pushing Escalades, out chea' trying to get paid
We'll be ya beat, I remember when we was on that skeet
Now it's years later like a mo'fucker, 2003

Yeah, KLC I been fucking with ya for a long time nigga
Ya understand I'm saying, a long time partna
I came in the game fucking with ya, ya dig (fa sho nigga)
But I wanna know what the fuck you using for the high heads (this 22 gun shots)
What you using for the snout, (nine milli buck shots)
Well what's with the kick, (twelve gauge)
What that is for the open high heads, (45 cocked)
And the bass, (twelve gauge one) yeah

[Hook - 2x]

Souljas on My Feet

length: 5:01

I'ma roll to the rhythm and just bump to the beat
And stomp with my motherfucking Souljas on my feet

[Verse 1]
Pay close attention, bow, face
Hold up my nigga, I'm stringing up my shoe lace of my
Black Soulja Reeboks, I been through some shit with 'em
Gotta fresh pair when it's time to bust a fit with 'em
And they hitting for 70 don't never say them bitches cheap
And if they go on sell that whole 'Nolia goin make that creep
And if a nigga got stomped in the dance
That 'Nolia got the charge cause we never used our hands
We left the Reebok print in a nigga face get bucked up off that boot up shit
Now who the bitch in the hospital
Colors in the colors on the motherfuckin nautical
So put it in a article cause I know y'all never seen nothing like that
Nigga getting stomped by the whole Magnolia Soulja's
Bitch I thought I told ya
The last time in my last rhyme when I used to kick it 49
But now chilling, fucking with this hoe call herself a villain
And they call her brother big dope dealing
Troy, he got that boy
Slanging it by the zips but keep two Glocks by his motherfucking hips
I went to kickin with em'
He said "Boys," he ain't believe in that
His fuckin boys was his motherfucking gats
I called Joe Will and Duck cuz yo they bout some capers
I could see it, it's so easy he's bout to make us
Do a 211 with a chrome AK-47 and the Mac-9, and a 38
I see you in heaven
But yo I'm stunting cause hell is where I'm going
I could see myself getting it right now


Damn, I forgot the rest of that motherfucking verse man
You understand
KL, I forgot the rest of the verse
Oh I got it, I got it
Here it is

[Verse 2]
Look I'm stringing up my Souljas real tight
Cause ain't no telling what goes on, when a nigga's on the flight, aight
Some niggas running through the cut with K's and shit
Representing they fucking self like Warren Mays and shit
And, I'm trying to get some shelter
Cause ain't no motherfuckin hallway gon' help ya
Ya know nephew, but them souljas was ready for that so went to banging back
I seen the K Logga Black had
Actin bad like that bih was mac
And I'm duckin' and dodgin'
Glass went in my fucking hand
I caught some shelter, my Souljas, they was full of sand
The house I'm in, this nigga said he had a Glock
But them niggas got K's, I'm start poppin' when them niggas stop
And try to get to their getaway car
Look here, that bitch better not be far
Cause if it is, the after effect ain't gonna be nothing nice
I started popping nigga got spooked, dropped his merchandise
Trying to run from a gun but he couldn't make it home
Caught up with him, bust that bitch upside his fucking dome
With the pistol, and whistle down to the court and say "I got him"
With a white t-shirt and a white pair of souljas how couldn't I spot him?
Now I got him on his knees begging me please
Not to pump him, all us gathered round and we stomped him
And left 'em stanking in the 6th street circle
In less than ten minutes, that nigga turned green and purple
Now them Souljas wanted for manslaughter
It's the year 2002, I could afford me a lawyer



length: 3:57
[Soulja Slim talking]

The streets made me, you know they did, 6th Street, Magnolia Street, c'mon

M...A...G...N...O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay


You n____z claim to be a soulja, but you souljas ain't no souljas

I told ya and I showed ya, I'm a soulja for life

Now what you hear is what you get, from a n____ like me

Uncut, raw s___, all I know is the streets

[Soulja Slim]

I got these n____z wearing soulja reeboks and soulja rags

I had these n____z off the porch in '94, snortin' powder bags

Magnolia Slim underground, Soulja Slim to the world

It's all the same, don't get it twisted, still uncut and explicit

Uptown's where I'm listed, look me up in the 3rd Ward

You might find me on the Parkway between ????? and ???????

Smokin' herb, by the curb, but I ain't gone chill for too long though

'Cause on that there block, them white folks be hot

Shoot up to wards Claybourne, make a left cut through Exon

Now I'm on Willow Street, the spot where the killers be

That's where I layed my head for years, I'mma representa

And I ain't talkin' bout this rap s___, n____ respect it or I'll send ya


[Soulja Slim]

I'm soulja this, I'm soulja that, n____ what, I played the halls

Ran through the cut, 6 Co. fa'sho, The Circle, the killin' field

Where the killers chill, on the real, that been my spot since I was lil'

I can't tell these d's to chill, since Shorty Mike got killed

Open wound still soaked, it's gone heal

I run with trill n____z, we don't take no s___

If you got it, you better hide it, I still pull off robberies

Ain't a d___ thing gravy, ain't a d___ thing sweet

My beef they beef, they beef my beef

6 Co. n____, 6 Co., Cut Throat n____, screamin' Cut Throat


[Soulja Slim]

I'm screamin' I'm a soulja 'cause I mean it n____

From my black soulja reeboks to my beanie n____

I soulja walk and talk crazy to these b____ n____z

Its in my blood, what the f___, I'mma blast that trigga

What you forgot, with the murder charge in '96

Without no evidence, I ain't even do the s___, not guilty

You n____z should've been killed me

I done came up, me and my souljas bout to f___ the game up, be cool

M...A...G...N...O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay


[Soulja Slim talking]

Cut Throat Comitty, the streets made me, the streets made me

m_________ers better know

U Bootin Up (feat. Juvenile)

length: 3:56
You bootin up, you bootin up n____, you bootin up, ha
You bootin up, you bootin up n____, you bootin up
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya

[Soulja Slim]
Soulja, soulja tell me how you do it
First you need Dani for some cut throat music
I'ma give you the game n____ peep this out
Just put ya mask on ya face just let 'em see ya mouth
This original, down south bounce s___
Gotta give it up to ???? who invented the s___
Rest in peace to DJ Irve you had them trigga mans locked
I was to young to go and ghost so I was standin outside
That was way back then, when I was sellin rocks
Bounce was the s___ then n____z gave me my props
I'ma six court n____, Magnolia n____
They beefin on LaSelle and they beefin on Willow mayne
f___ them n____z, they ain't talkin bout nothin
They don't feel how I feel bout my projects, they stuntin
I aim it at ya head and let this b____ off
Juvenile is my dawg and thats how we set it off

[Bridge:Soulja Slim (Juvenile)]X4
Whodi (Wassup)
I got a k' (Wassup)
And I don't play (Wassup)

I ain't too fine in f___in wit n____z, cuz most of them hoes
They get exposed, clipped and flipped in the road
burn him and his car and his clothes
Know some killas that'll provide me with help
But thats not really necessary, Juve wilin' hisself
So where ya going, wassup, hope it ain't outside son
Look I don't jot a foot in the club without my gun
I'ma boss wit these hoes, n____z can stop my fun
Cheezy, this gon run and go tell the cops what I done
If I don't like ya, I'll fight ya, I'll cut ya
I'll kill ya, in fact, I'll show ya hoes how a guerilla could act
Me, Slim and Wack carry the hood on our back ya understand me
I do this for love my area my family
I'll kill ya mami, is ya speakin my spanish
Kidnap her a__ from Tammies, you cry and she vanish
Asked my guy get out the jammies, Big Boy been nannies
Even when my daddy went frantic, I still wouldnt panic


[Soulja Slim]
I heard Crazy wan' kill me, and Silk want fight
But I've been doin that duck type s___ all my life
No, I don't know karate, herb and some silky draws
You located in Victoria Secret full of bras
You don't want none of me, keep it in the studio
Take it to the streets and I'ma really prove that you's a hoe
I wasnt gon' f___ wit ya on the strength C (C-murda)
But now I'ma f___ over ya on the strength of P (Master P)
I been ready to die, you ain't ready to die
I got shot when I was 17 now I'm 25
I don't give a f___ n____, I don't give a f___ n____
I don't give a f___ n____, I don't give a f___ n____
I'ma soulja and yall fake n____z
Cuz I'ma soulja and yall fake n____z
Cuz I'ma real soulja and yall fake n____z
Cuz I'ma soulja and yall fake n____z

I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya
I'll make it happen to ya, I ain't rappin to ya

Lov Me Lov Me Not

length: 4:17

Yeah, yeah, yeah
[Chorus x2]
Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me
I'm known for making promises that I can't keep
And baby the streets made me
And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily
[Verse 1]
Look you knew what you was dealing with from day one
I'm not a lil boy, yeah I'm young with a lot of old vet ways
Its only been a few days and so you say
You love me in a married way, yeah okay
I've been several types of relationships
And I feel your true love don't make no sense
Its all on me if I want this thang to work out
I know your goal is to try trap me that what you heard bout
I aint been home in a few days cause you be traveling
I let you get your mind right cause I aint with the kicking and scratching
I'm on parole, I can't be riding for domestic violence so I stay my distance
When there two ways to beat the pussy up and I'm bout my business
If I gotta beatcha then I don't need ya, let the next man do it
You done ran me away from you now, how you gone prove it
Being stupid, you done lost out
Now its next to the boss bitch with the boss mouth
You know what I'm talking bout
[Verse 2]
Son say he seen me distributing something
You know that boy dirty, he didn't see me distributing nothing
So now its back doing jail time all over again
And josphine means bumping running working the pin
I only got 500 for me but I keep ten
But you my number one and you don't suppose to know about them
Deep in your heart you know I'm a true player boy
But its cool I take that nigga I take my player charges
I don't know why you making me promise to come home to you
Yeah I come to fuck but thats bout the only thang I can do
You noticed how I put the truth in front of the player
The world revolves round cane and thats why I take it there
God forgive me but I swear I think I'll never change
And I'm still stuck on that old saying no pain no gain
What said me not to be explain decision ya understand
I'm a man, so I gots to keep the upper hand
You know what I'm saying
[Verse 3]
Yeah I got feelings but my first real old lady left with'em
A refuse to give'em back, so I'm rolling like that
What I really loved is gone now
Thats why I stay in another nigga house when he aint home now
Putting that brod down player please don't feel played
She was uptown looking and got herself a true lover head
Your girl and all my hoes got my psyched up
Calling on caddy daddy just to get the right fuck
You best tighten up your game cause it hurting charlie
I pop a rodly feel my game tight than everybody
On the low you don't even know I got her pop it two
And thats just one of the thangs I know you couldn't make her do
It aint nothing for me to take over a strong mind
Even Eve couldn't tell a bitch that love blind
I don't be lying when you asked for something its no's and yes'
She got my name on her thigh, her back, and her chest, like I'm depressed

Holla at Me

length: 1:29

Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga holla at me
Whodi, wanna make happen nigga

(Na na na)
Now lets get it started, I fuck shit up on tha Bacardi
You can call it, I be damned if I dat one dearly departed
Glock forty wit 2 other clips stuck beside me
I call tha canon, new & improved dog bitch for tha 90's
I keeps it real, niggas don't wanna let me ball & chill
Fuck wit tha treal still they'll get a nigga killed
So I keep 'em close, don't know 'em, I met 'em on my joce
Cut throat 'em on Magnolia leave body parts on Willow
Dats how we do it, 6 court souljas off top
Keep 'em cocked wit out havin' second thoughts to pop
Uptown dats where I was born & raised
Chastised by veterens in they army brigades
When I grew up I wanted to just like them
Look at me now retired veteren, Soulja Slim
Alot of souljas made it & alot of 'em didn't
It ain't easy bein' a soulja takes alot of wig splittin'
Unforgettin' ghetto livin' to tha day dat I die
Fabolous, dangerous weighin' 195
I got scuffle like Holyfield but I gets ill like Mike
For them nigga snakes I bite
When I write (grrr)I bite back
Picture dat, nigga raw doggin' it
Got tha industry on lockdown & I'm hoggin' it
I got what cha lookin' for & what cha want
Huh don't play no games you know your do's & don'ts, what

Nigga just shot my dawg Double Crosser
Beef is on, heat is on, tweekin' for leakin' domes
Make it known when I come home clear tha whole corner
Somebody gon' die when my & my army ride
You niggas jive, who gonna thank me & my dawg won't kill ya
Had ya down dad should of let my dawg steel ya
Bustarized, realized, we crucifized, homicide
Lookin' for me wit tha chinese eyes
Gold grill from tha back to tha front, mask on
Done a walkby & got my blast on
See me when I beef I can't sleep
I creep creep, lay low like a sniper & che, che
Day & night hopin' I catch my prey right
I hate tha light but I can't run from a gun fight
Soulja type & I refuse to lose my life
Been inticed by tha devil but I love Jesus Christ
So what dat tell ya, I'm gon' kill ya if I haveta
Thank it's a game when it ain't no fun & laughter
Blast ya ass then get ghost like Casper
I'm bout it bout it, I just ain't no good ass rapper

In tha projects thugged out slangin' for cheese
Head bustin' any nigga holdin' them ki's
Puffin' weed daily, thuggin' in public
Tha bitches give me head cause tha hoes they love me
Say goodbye to them bitch niggas they work for tha feds
I can't be caught wit cha when they bust yo head
Ski masked wit a hundred rounds lookin' for fire
Downtown niggas clearin' watch them niggas expire
We ride fo' deep in a Caddy wit Swab
I don't love head bustin' im just doin' my job
Iberville is what I scream lookin' for danger
Hundred rounds in my chopper realesin' my anger, now

If It Ain't Real

length: 3:57

Feat. Lil' Real One

[Soulja Slim]
Real nigga, huh real nigga status (you know)
Gone off that mo'fucking midnight
Ya understand what I'm saying, midnight
You feel me, (dro that is)

[Hook - 2x]
If it ain't real, it ain't me
If I ain't toting that steel, I might get killed on my streets
If you from the N.O., you know what I'm talking bout
Send me to jail, I post bail I'ma make it out

[Soulja Slim]
Nigga what you looking at, I know you ain't booting up
All of us got knives, most of us tooled up
Blues what huh, nigga blues who
I'm gone off some dro, in the red white and blue
Ooh and it's my duty, to serve you quickly
When I come, my drum gone be holding fifty
I'ma leave some'ing numb, from fucking with me
I been overdue, for these cowards to get me
I'm the nigga nigga, uh they love to hate
But they scared to run down me, I keep some'ing in my waist
You's a bitch ass nigga, stay out my face
I can't lace that up for you, no other kinda way
When you fucking with me, you fucking with the real
Deal, fake niggas get fucked in the field
I stay up in the field, I never got fucked so I'm real
You's a bitch boy, you hide behind the shield

[Hook - 2x]
[Lil' Real One]
I'm in my motherfucking territory, foul now
But I bet a bitch gone bow down
Stay out of my way, cause I'm holding my K
And bitch, I'm bout to wild out
I hold it down, for that down south
I'm standing blasting my canon, my attitude is empty every Bullet I got me any adversary, hailmary ya'll scary
Bone buried, my fucking eyes blurry
I mean heavily twisted, I been on lean
I'ma perculate and I'ma lean, nigga feeling the breeze
I do thangs like a gangsta, hell is hot in the mangers
Smelling my Glock top as I pop shots, feel these hot potat'as
This for now not later, I got's to escalate you man
I'll take the shit out of your crib, like I'm your decorator
Punch ya', put your kid in the refrigerator
I bought a Glock for all you nigga hater, popped a lot of shots at a demonstrator
I'm bout to penitrate ya, I been a gangsta
But my clip right in my hand, fucking my trigger finger

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
It's getting crucial now, three murders every day
Shit will never stop, in the N-O-L-A
New Orleans Louisiana, can I ride with my heat
I'ma ride with my heat, four time felony
Everybody telling me, stay out the penetentiary
But I'd rather go back, than get my head on a flat
Them Magnolia niggas, them Melpomene niggas
Them Calliope niggas, ain't nothing to play with
If they got beef, then they letting the K spit
Trying to make a nigga disappear, like matrix
I wear my Reebok's, with the loose shoe laces
And stomp in em like a big dog, in different places
Never went out of state, and caught no cases
Don't think that I won't, homeboy I'll waste ya
Somebody call the ambulance
That boy blood flood the street like a avalanche, dead on arrival

[Hook - 2x]

Fuck You Nigga

length: 4:29
[Hook x2]
Fuck you nigga, I'ma cut throat nigga
You could get from round my ear wit all that other shit nigga
I'll ride for this shit, I'll die for this shit
What you want yo neck slit or get hit with the four fifth, uuh

[Lil Real One]
Bitch I'ma cut throat nigga, hoe we buckin I made ya
My neighborhood don't like me cuz they know I'ma gangsta
They love to call enforcement bout my bad behavior
Cuz I'm quick to grab that shotti and go find my neighbor
Used to flip them ghetto hoes but now I feel like a playa
Man this bone shit done gave a nigga powerful flavor
We'll steal up off yo tank, if you don't get out I'll make ya
Fuck No Limit you owe my nigga some paper
Cut Throat Committee, official we screamin ya bone grizzle
If ya meet this chrome nickel, make ya dome dome wiggle
Its blisterin cold, ya body frozen icicle
Got some shit on ya nose, you prolly got ya wife wit ya, nigga
Pass me that white liquor
Then I'ma show you how I turn into a hype nigga, overnight nigga
Beat a bitch over his head wit a pipe a slice and dice him
Wit a knife I let him know that'll it'll be cut throat for life

[Hook x2]

[Soulja Slim]
Look, I can't neglect that I'm too damn cut throat
My teenage years I was on heroine and coke
Them wild Magnolia ain't shit that you could say about me
Fuck what you going through, lemmie get yours and I'm outtie
Put my tip down, mouthpiece him
I ain't even had a gat I'ma fool like that
Slim don't do it like that there
My hood, yo hood we can do it anywhere
Hand guns, I got em, choppas, I stock em
Keep them thangs nice and earl so there's no problems when we pop em
Say nigga fuck you, I'ma cut throat nigga
You could get from round my ear wit all that other shit nigga
Before a nigga steal ya, put ya in the blender
Fuck ya up so bad till when yo people won't remember
Aint no body fuckin wit us right now
It don't happen overnight but nigga we can show ya how

[Hook x2]

[Twelve A Klok]
I show these niggaz what that A to the K like
If you hustle I show ya how to get ya cake right
If you my bitch I show ya how to twerk and shake right
Make that pussy so fire nigga can't thank twice
A fuckin livin legend
So from this rap shit, the street shit, they feel my presence
Its Twelve A Klok and I ain't talkin bout no time of day
I'm talkin bout the slim nigga that stay behind the k'
Dont give a fuck about ya chest I'm tryna find yo face
And I don't do ya from behind so pick the time and place
I could show you whats on my mind bitch you ain't no gangsta
You ain't nothin close to the way these bitch ass niggaz mangle
I know you see me everyday out on this fuckin corner
No matter how much change I get I'm gon' be on this corner
So if you wanna see some shit then come out on this corner, but if you want this corner
Fuckin wit me you might this whole fuckin corner on ya

[Hook x2]

[Kayotic Da Kid]
Shit, I feel like fuck you nigga
Dont make me hop out and cut you nigga
Right across ya neck
Somebody call the docs cuz he gaspin for his breath
And I hope you niggaz listenin
I'm hopin yall get a better vision
We the future yall niggaz the past tense
I could easily make yall niggaz into the past tense
But I feel yall would fuck wit us if ya had sense
Bandanna round my jammer
You dead no fingerprints, uuhh

U Gonna Feel Me

length: 3:56

You gonna-gonna feel me now...

Uh-huh, yeah look, feel me now
Gonna feel me now uh uh, yeah uh
Yeah, gon' feel me now

[Soulja Slim]
It don't stop, you know how I do's it
Always known, for making cut throat music
Don't ever rap about, I ain't got nothing to do with
I'm a old veteran, ya'll be on some new shit
I'm bout to lay this down, and get a few things clear
The head cutter, like to see it when it's done from ear to ear
Did a year time in a cell, oh well
Kept me some'ing air freshener, to kill the weed smell
I done mine's, and they still getting it out me
Until I get off this paper, I'm gon' stay in and out it
My lil' dogs around me, no convictions can take a leg
When we step into Spade's, whats you see is what you get
Representing me and mine's, like cut throat period
With that look on my face, cause I'm stone bone serious
I rap for the streets, I can never fall off
Wasn't feeling me then, you gon' feel me now dog uh

[Hook - 8x]
(you gonna-gonna feel me), you gon' feel me

[Soulja Slim]
Point blank this real life, don't feel comfortable telling tales
I don't knock it because it sells, but see me I'ma keep it real
P wasn't upping no mail, so 'fore I jacked the clown
I went on bout my bidness, that's why we don't fuck around
Created a different sound, Cut Throat you hear it now
Be cool, cause I can really make ya'll seem lost and found
I roll with two four pounds, told you that months befo'
Keep playing like you don't know, and I'll be up at your front do'
Move on it slow ha-ha, that's how I play it
I don't forget nothing, forgot you showed me where you stay at
I'm doing me you 'spose to hate that, but don't diss me
Your whole new family'll get it, fucking 'round with me
See that 2Pac clone you got, that gon' be the first
Put 504 Boyz, on side of his hearse
Now I got a murder rap, I'm going to trial
Guilty or not guilty, you gon' feel me now uh

[Hook - 8x]
[Soulja Slim]
I been getting mine's, I ain't never been signed
Never knew what a contract looked like, till I own mine's
Cut Throat Records official now, and I'm the first artist
Quick flip won't lose out, long as I take the office
The game is infested with sharks, and I'm in deep water
I re-rock the game all over, like some shake from a quarter
They water whipping ya'll to death, look I'm solid
Stay my distance from cheese eaters, don't know if they wired
I'm out chea', and I'm trying to be out chea'
Bet you see me riding some'ing, two thousand and fo' year
Oh yeah I'm bout my work, yes I'm is
I done lived in some places, that give you boys the chills
For real I'm to the bone, with the meat showing
Ain't no dope gon' be cut, without me knowing
I been jones'ing for a lil' while, I'm still wild
Maintain and get this paper, and make my own self proud

[Hook - 8x]

Hit the Highway

length: 4:23

Let's ride out - 7x

[Hook - 2x]
I'm bout to hit the highway, I'm gonna get it
I'm bout to hit the highway, coming back with it
I'm bout to hit the highway, with two cold blooded bitches
Don't trip out on that X ma, we taking care of bidness

[Soulja Slim]
Ok, I'ma need ya'll to be focused on the way out there
We straight but coming back, they might try to scope us
That just a real nigga vibe, I use to spook out
Now I don't duck and slob, and still keep the tool out
I wish one of you bitches rolled some'ing
Before I get mad, and whip one of ya'll like you stole some'ing
You know my nerves get bad, I be ready to fold some'ing
It ain't my gang, but some niggas just chose stunting
I tilt my hat and tilt it back, cock diesel
I hate on no man, expecially not my people
Look here, I'ma take it one day at a time
And sooner or later, I'ma get mine
You gon' find me balling, in a big ol' mansion
Or in my Cadillac truck, straight mashing
I'ma get the world, they all gon' feel me out
And then see what Soulja Slim is really bout

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
Now we done made it, to our destination
I'm wide open, on one and a half smiley faces
Ya'll know me I just be wilding places, love it or hate it
I'm one real nigga that won't be faded, so get with me or imitate me
The game let me penetrate it, nigga what now
When a nigga speak raw about me, your ass cut ha
That's why I don't fuck with ya no mo', you be moving too slow
I would of been made a mill ticket, in the projects slanging dope
From now on, ya'll can call me Gun Smoke the go getter
Drug trafficking traveling, coming back and taxing em
Yeah Bin Laden, had it fucked up for a minute
But a nigga still found a way to get it, way to get it

[Hook - 2x]
[Soulja Slim]
Everything, when I ate on the sco' size
I got ten thousand pills, for a low price
If you think I'm bullshitting, then hold ties
I be back in the N.O. tonight, to get your mind right
Them yellow alligators, back in town
I ain't no dog, but I fuck with a few niggas from downtown
Sent some of em down there, Westbank gotta catch the bridge
I'm beefing with ya'll D.A., and your sherriff's a bitch
Picture they got C-Murder on murder charges, them bitches heartless
My next show's gon' be in a casket, up in darling Lorey's
Hustling's a habit, I got's to get's my paper
Fuck what you talking bout, that's how I roll years later

[Hook - 2x]
Let's ride out - 10x

Comitty (feat. 12 O'Clock, Lilrealone, Kayotic, cut Throat Hussan, Lil Menace, Tre-Nitty)

length: 4:15

I'll Pay Fa It, Part 2 (feat. Mystikal, Kane, Abel)

length: 3:35