Free SPM Album

Artist(s): South Park Mexican

Cover Art

South Park Mexican Free SPM Cover Art


Underground Block Bleeder

length: 0:04

Collect Call

length: 1:43

Dope Sells Itself

length: 1:39

Garza West

length: 4:56
[SPM Verse One:]
From the hood, And I stood on them Houston streets
We stick together like cuban's links
I had a nine on my waist guns I straddle
44 at the crib with the ivory handle
I'm the rocker betty crocker cooking cookies and cakes
V-12 the blow it up as my coke inflates
Ima swanga Gucci on my hangar
Just bought my cousin on the ranch a ford wrangler
I like to ride horses like mustangs and porches
Pain is my producer leader of the dark forces
Striking like matches droppin like ashes
I only buy dances if they paying college classes muthafucka

I'm wrecking for my G's in Garza West
I'm wrecking for my G's in Garza East
I'm wrecking for my G's in T.D.C
As I ball in this penitentiary

[Juan Gotti Verse Two:]
Mi esposa wont listen, Keeps coming up missing
Feliz Navidad aqui en Transde State prison
No visits no kisses
No off the chain bitches
No mas on tv magazines and nin wishes
I work on the hoes WHAT! Living c dorm
Life with a 4.5 got me this job
Makes bread with my fool ese loco and tontos
everyday tensions fights for the tubo
House regulation droppin cantones
Bosses talk shit cuz I drove on my sobre
Traded my cornbread desert over juice
Dried up pro bullshit that aint no food
As in fool on the cool parole sent me off way
4 Years fa sho without no release day
You vatos dont feel me? You living the free
As I ball through this penitentary

[Hook 2x]

[SPM Verse Three:]
Swissha sweet rollin
Pockets still swolen
Might meet a bitch and take her fine ass bowling
Money out the colon benz aint stolen
Might watch Tiger Woods at the Houston open
And I got hoes even ones that hawaian
Slangin more white balls than the Nolan Ryan
Nine with the silence, Might turn to violence
This for all my pipe tokin crack smoking clients
And my grass is much greener South Park beaner
Putting dick to a real famouse R&B singer
Blowing like a tuba wet like a scuba
candy coated cougar I'm a balla and hooper
Hata heart breaker bloody shirt stainer
Jumpin on my diving board finna do a ganna
Blades on my benz tons of fake friends
Sprayed down my seats with the cherry fragrance muthafucka

[Hook 2x]

I Must Be High

length: 4:42
I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't
Holla fuck the world with my chest full of smoke
I choke on my breakfast, the end of my necklace
Say Dopehouse Records, Screwston, Texas
The diamonds in my emblem is cut like a princess
You can keep the Lexus, cause I got two Benzes
I'm in your girlfriends' hot intestines
Cause I bought her two dresses and some contact lenses
Got a message in a bottle, hit the throttle in my carro
Click and clack my semi auto cause I'm trying to see tomorrow
Bought a condo for my top ho cause she working that taco
It's the top selling vato, twenty threes on the Tahoe
TV screens, margarita machines with street marines
Got love for the Crips, and Bloods, and Latin Kings
If it means anything this for all my G's
I'm in jail cause I forgot my fucking ABC's
Another DWI, drunk and fucking high
I'll be out before the motherfucking sun can touch the sky
They call me young Thurston Howell the Third
And that's my word
I'm a swang, I'm a swerve
I'm a park and scrape the curve

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Why when I'm not high does my life
Feel like it's missing something
I know that I must be high
So that I can function

I'm a use my three wishes, I'm very superstitious
No matter where I go I meet a bunch of horny bitches
Burn a few bridges, feed a few pigeons
Fuck em so good they wake up and wash dishes
The food was delicious, bacon, eggs, and biscuits
No French kisses and no hippopotamuses
I'm picky, if you strictly dickly, you can't get with me
As I represent Houston like the damn Whitney
I'm a get em when I get em I loved em and I fed em
Lived in peace, I ain't gonna let em when I see em I'm gonna wet em
Shut em down like D-Town and the homie Ackavelie
Peace to Happareli and my nigga John Freddy
My drink is thick as jelly, I love my shit muddy
Four of us in this bitch and we gonna do them boys ugly
Ready for the rumble, leave em lying in a puddle
Y'all don't really want no trouble with the lord of the jungle


I walks in the club, a grabbing on my dick
As the police officers patting down my click
They say my bandana breaks the dress code
Every fine fucking bitch I see is my ex ho
I'm hogging and I'm dogging creeping and I'm crawling
Believe me this my calling it's time to do you all in
Everybody jump jump, boys trip what what
Let my double barrel shotty go barump-pa-pump-pum
Slangin slab motor rocks up in no man's land
Burnin off in my "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am
The rope around my neck is just dangling and jangling
Sometime I smoke the rain, it get wetter than a penguin
Aunt Jemima sipper, hoes like Jack Tripper
Peace to Big Dipper, what the deal my nigga
Hook like Johnny Topy, it's Dopehouse living prosperous
I tip my waitress and she can't stop saying 'Gracias'


Flossin Looking Good

length: 3:51


length: 4:32
Now we sleep all day and party all night
I'm picking up my homie from the what, Northside
Tommys on my shirt, and nike's on my shoes
We rollin in the 'burban on them killa 22's
Hit the Southside, and pick up 2 twins
You can take Kelly's booty, I'ma do Kim's
Cops don't like me, not everyone agrees
I sag so low that my belts around my knees
Bass be boomin', make the girls butts wiggle
My girls gettin' drunk and she's showin' me her nipples
23rd and Sherman, I stop to get a sack
Sunday afternoon, I put Mason on the map
'Cause the dopeman got em in a 6-4 drop
Sometimes I'm on elbow, sometimes I'm on chop
Dopehouse Clique, and we all got cloud
Peace to DJ Lobo and my homie Bill Styles

'Cause my posse's is on Broadway

I ride with my *****, lie for my *****
Smoke fry with my *****, shine with my *****
I'd die for my *****, cry for my *****
Stay high with my *****, my *****
My *****

Hanging with my *****s in the Hillwood Grove
Chickens in my kitchen cookin' in my stove
Imagine I've been saggin' ever since I could walk
Been beggin' you to listen ever since I could talk
Double-in my money, even make it triple
I've never been a bum, but I'm beggin' for a nickel
Still dippin' sticks with a throwed *** *****
Workin' those lips, but I don't mean a kiss
Roll with ****in' killers, we all got straps
Walkin' through my hood with a woodgrain mac
Slip em in a coma, slangin' on my cut
It took a lot of work to get my block so crunk

'Cause my posse's on Broadway

I eat with my *****, sleep with my *****
Cook beef with my *****, Creep with my *****
On feet with my *****, drink with my *****
Pack heat with my *****, my *****
My *****

Now we back in population, we all got straps
Run around town, in trophy trucks and 'lacs
The wheels keep turnin', I'm choppin' up the wind
I see the ladies lookin', they wanna jump in
Now the front ends hoppin' and the car begins to dance
My forty ounce bottle, is spillin' on my pants
Ridin' too deep, in the four-door '77
I'm tryin' to count my TV's, I think I got eleven
Now we all got love for the '63 Impala
Ruby is the short one, claimin' Guatemala
Bobby is the mix-breed, people think he's funny
Behind us in the Cougar and he's hoppin' like a bunny
Bird's keep flyin', I feel like a Hawaiian
'Cause my backyard looks like an exotic island
Creepin Harrisburg, the party broke left
I make a you-Turn, 'cause I'm Broadway to my death

'Cause my posse's on Broadway

I roll with my *****, smoke with my *****
**** hoes with my *****, blow with my *****
Buy clothes with my *****, throw with my *****
Cook dope with my *****, my *****
My *****
I chill with my *****, deal with my *****
Pop pills with my *****, steal for my *****
I'd kill for my *****, feel my *****
On wheels with my *****, my *****
My *****

South Park's in the **********in' house y'all
South Park's in the **********in' house
South Park's in the **********in' house y'all
South Park's in the **********in' house!!

Real Gangster

length: 4:26

She don't know why
But all she knows
Is that her youngest child
Is a real gangster now
You see...

[Verse 1:]
He was a good kid all through elementary
A's and B's and had no enemies
But he saw all the G's as he walked home
He couldn't read all the words on the walls though
So many letters crossed out with X's
He wondered but knew not to ask those questions
No pops, and his mom worked to the nail
She managed to buy him some shoes on sale
She didn't know, she bought the wrong color
And they stayed in the closet all summer
Even though the kid wasn't affiliated
He knew what they loved, and knew what they hated
Now he's in Middle School, same individual
But this is where things seem to get a bit difficult
This is the life of a young Mexican
First verse done take me to the second one

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
6th grade, why so much homework
Got a pot pie sitting in the stove burnt
Momma still ain't back from her job yet
So he eats it cause that's all he got left
Then he plays with his little puppy Cinnamon
His last dog was a victim of a hit n run
There's a knock on his door it's his homeboy
Your mom's gone? He pulls out a chrome toy
Where'd you get that from? The kid asked
We broke into a house we got a bunch of shit stashed
It was the first time he ever held a real gun
To get one of these you gotta steal one
We too young they won't let us buy a gat
Now if they shoot at us we can fire back
Who is they and why would they blast at me?
Cause you from the hood fool, this is family

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
A year passes now the kids Dickies sag
In his pocket got a knife and a nickel bag
And the homeboy that showed him his first gun
Got killed last week in a burban
Putting work in 45 jerkin'
Lucky shot hit, popped like a virgin
Closed casket touched as he strolled past it
Got his name tattooed on two hoes asses
So he'll still be remembered often while
His little bitch gettin' hit doggy style
It ain't stoppin' now while his moms' on the ground
On her knees yelling "Please Lord not my child
I want to watch him smile
He can turn his Pac up loud
He can sleep with his pitbull on the couch"
And while the kid is listening to her words
All he can think about is bloody, bloody murders

[Hook x2]

Styrofoam Cup

length: 3:47
[Verse 1: Baby Beesh]
I'ma fool
I'ma nut
I'ma ***** from the cut
Split the blunt roll it up
And the deuce is what I chunk
I'ma prosper
Spittin street gospel
Baby Beesherini maan the modern day apostle
Lacin up my boots
Maan I'm slappin on my spurs
Smokin on derb
In the Burb hittin curbs
And buy when that occurs
My music's gonna splurge
Automatic causin havoc
Cause I caused a power surge
California wit da herb
H-Town wit da lean
These million dolla words got me on the big screen
I ain't gone lie
I'm in it till I die
So mutha**** you America's apple pie!

[Chorus: Baby Beesh and SPM]
[Babby Beesh]
It's jus me and my styrofoam cup
Gone off that lean and a pocket fulla blunts
It's jus me and my styrofoam cup
Hoes say I'm so mean
Wit my *****s freestylin bout the same ol thing
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2: Grimm and Russell Lee]
See I flip what I got
Turn cold to hot
Twist the knot
Turn the block
Hell I hold the spot
Drop a line
Friend of mine
Put my word on the cut
You got the time
I got the pine
Plus the syrup in the cup
Get the soda the more the merrier
Laws in the area
Steady stare at ya
Breakin the barrier
I'ma take care of ya
You work with me
I'll do dirt with you
We could do 2 or 3
But it be worth a few
In and out
But know we done connected the city
To the county cross state
And we break fifty fifty
Split the scene
Make the getaway clean
For the cream
Live the dream off the beam
And I love sippin lean

[Russell Lee]
You know we neva sober
Makin money sippin soda
We heavyweightas and souljas
Movin big bulldozers
You know we neva sober
Makin money sippin soda
We heavyweightas and souljas
Movin big bulldozers
It's jus me and my lean
Know what I mean
I'm on the scene
Stackin my green
I done finally accomplished my dream
I'm givin it up
Not givin a ****
Happy P maan pass the styrofoam cup

[Chorus: Baby Beesh and SPM]
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 3: Ikeman and Lil Villain]
[Lil Villain and Ikeman]
Well I'm gone
Well I'm gone
Well I'm gone
Well I'm gone off codeine
Iced up bezatine
Wit a whole new team
[Lil Villain]
Candy green
Purple lean
If you know what I mean
I'm takin the 8 with the grape
I'm goin hard to all great
[Lil Villain]
I'm sippin drank from state to state
Shut em down to all break
We some Mexicans sippin drank
Lil Villain pass the dank
I'm goin hard in that thang
[Lil Villain]
That vato bout his bank
Once you make it in the game
**** the fame
It ain't no thang
We shut em down
We ain't playin
[Ikeman and Lil Villain]
We some South Side flippers
Codeine sippers
In the candy coated Cadi smokin Swishas

[Baby Beesh]
It's jus me and my styrofoam cup
Gone off that lean and a pocket fulla blunts
It's jus me and my styrofoam cup

[Chorus: Baby Beesh and SPM]
[Repeat 1x]

Sip codeine
Hoes say I'm so mean
With my *****s freestylin bout the same ol thing


length: 3:40
I was three when my old man left in the wind
Pushed me in the ocean, turned around and said "swim"
That's what I did even though I was scared
I kept kickin 'cause a person only floats when he's dead

If I had one wish, It wouldn't be wealth
It would be that if we could just love ourselves
Cause every day it's like we kill a million dreams
and it seem everybody on different teams
I don't mean to get deep, I'm just speakin the truth
we in a two-bed traila with a leak in the roof
I ate potatoes every way you could ever make'em
When you're hungry gotta use your imagination
My mom did her best, she would hug and kiss me
Even though we had more fuckin mice than Disney
I still had some polo's and plenty new draws
While she was livin life with the same tow bras
The lighting strikes like Garth say thunder rolls
Life is cold like an Eskimo in summer clothes
I suffa softly, but never let nothing stop me
And I miss my little girl like somebody shot me

[Chorus x2:]

I be prison made cross, fuck diamonds and jewels
Still flya then Jordan when he was runnin with bulls
So many shots had missed, so many cops was pissed
So many songs I have written in the past on this
It's a lot of impostas tryda tell you the same
But how the fuck can I explain, no one knows my pain
From the cord on my navel I was G from the cradle
I don't snort'cause they say that bitch Caine killed Abel
I'm not sure you understand it but I must express it
Santa Claus is on heroine, there ain't no presents
And Mom all this shit makes my eyes so watery
Now I understand why you tried to win the lottery
We gon' make it I promise, don't let the memories haunt us
I remember we was at the bus stop in pajamas
Tryna run from a home that brought so many tears
Bad luck like we musta broke a thousand mirrors


The Phone Call

length: 0:30

Cold Corona

length: 3:37

Streets on Beats

length: 5:12
Yeppa yeppa homeboys

Fuck What Ya Heard

length: 3:51

When Devil’s Strike

Behind this walls, I'ma find out what's going on
I'm gonna find, the cure for our peoples down fall
I'm gone find out, why we filling up penitentiaries
Faster than they can build them
I'm gonna to find out, why half of our population
Is behind bars and penitentiaries and caught in the system
I'm gone to find out, why all of our people are getting locked up
I'm gonna find the answers, we're on the inside of this hat
I promise, we're only gonna get stronger

[Verse 1:]
Just me and you, lets take the town over
You my best friend and a down soldier
At your apartments we can stack dollars
Families to see how the grass hoppers
So I trust you, love you like a brother
I wish you knew she's a hoe and I could f*** her
But I haven't, I know she hold your heart
You know the streets but you not so hoe smart
f*** it though! Lets make fast fitty maine
Hits this m****f***in' streets like some heavy rain
You got kick do' burglarers and murderers
If a fiend wants a front take his furniture
We a team, that's how it should of been
Whether shooting hoops or selling dope at Will & Glen
Public housing on Fridays pushing thousands
Fifty fifty together we was moving mountains

One day they will come
And try to take your life away
For when devils strike
It's a love thing
They just love to see when you down maine
For when devils strike
[Verse 2:]
I get a call from my boy bout seven thirty
Eating pizza with my b**** watching Eddie Murphy
He said his working but something went wrong
I grab my gat and put my bullet prove vest on
He said meet him at Palace Inn room six
Turns out he was smoking crack with two chicks
He said "Los I took a few hits at two A.M
After that I haven't stopped until you came in
Got twelve rocks left out of forty fool
Take what I got or I'll smoke 'em too
See the money started coming in real late
So I tried some, just to be awake
I thought it be like c**e that's why I did it
But man it's like ten times more addictive"
That night he turned into a crack head
A month later, my boy looked half dead

[Verse 3:]
Cops caught him with a pipe full of residue
I was sad but I felt it would help him too
He got two years now his getting healthier
His in the pen, and I regret I felt for her
I took her out to a place called Wizard Lounge
She had soda, me I was zipping Crown
We agreed on a friendly date, no touching
By the end of the night we was both f*****'
At my trailer was the first time that we did it
I know it hurts, so I won't get that specific
But remember on the first day you got out?
And we met right in front of your mom's house
I cried like a pig, I was feeling low
I couldn't tell you, cause I knew you would kill the hoe
I was mad at me and I hated her
A month later, she asked if I came in her
She got pregnant and didn't know whose it was
If you high right now, you might lose your buzz
But in court, she lied and said it never happened
Now she suing for the money that I get from rappin'
I lost the case, but how did I expect to win?
When my jury didn't have one Mexican
And they knew I didn't do that dumb s***
Now I gotta show 'em who they f***** with


Just Like You

length: 5:35

High Everyday

length: 4:05
Uh, 1, 2, 3

[Verse 1: SPM]
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Am I the purest of them all?
Am I the one to ease the pain?
Make them fall to they knees and pray
Mama said son you've got to go
You turned my house into Stop-N-Go
Out the door, please dont call
Till you stop sellin snowball
SP-Mex remember me? The one that deserved penitentiary
With the sack of geen but no gasoline
Peace to my boys up in Pasadene
Its all sweet and beautiful
Shine my nails and cuticles
My duely truck got 7 screens
Watchin "Me, Myself, and Irene"

[Chorus: Ayana]
High Everyday
Dopehouse G's
Who never die
Just stay high

[Verse 2: SPM]
Fuck you, you can hate it or love it
Twist the top off the 40, and chug it
Chop rocks off of chicken mcnuggets
Cook 28 and get 39 from it
V-12, miracle whip
46 ounces off one brick
Booka, Shooka, what I slang
In the sunshine or in the rain
Fuck the fake dont fake the funk
Buy my batch and bake it up
Taste my dope and numb your mouth
Pure cocaine straight from the south
Dumpin lead in Houston, Texas
Got you bitches jumpin fences
Runnin for your very life
Slang Al Green and Barry White


[Verse 3: SPM]
Lookin leaned out up in my whip
Smokin that drip, drop, drip
Wishin up on a star, like Christina Aguilar
Flip through Hillwood, visit Mama
She raised me without a Father
Tried her best and nothing less
Still I'm sellin 'caine and sess
Played the trumpet, played the flute
Please dont be afraid to shoot
SPM, mean Carlos Coy
Whatcha say mom? "Thats my boy"
Now I'm rappin and producin
No more H-Town, call it Screwston
Just say no to hate
But me, just stay....

[Chorus 2x]


length: 4:21

Chorus: [South Park Mexican f/ Low-G:]
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

[1st Verse: Low-G]
It's me Low-G Sagittarius
I like the Thug Girl that love to stare at us
Platnium nails with a matchin' skirt
Thug Girl I can make your cucci hurt
She rolls with the click bad attitude
The bitch gettin' roudy 'cause she high the few
Battle you & your crewy have been talkin' shit
She got's a 25 with an extra click
Baby girl you make it feel so damn good
Ridin' my dick chunkin' up your hood
She like the girls that kick the freestlye verse
In the club you pack my gack in yo' purse
She got the nuts on every G I know I love when you holla fuck the 5 0
I'm a be on your side when you need my help
Thug Girl livin' in a gangsta world

[Chorus: [Low-G]
Thug Girl your the reason why
I love you so
I don't want you to go
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

[2nd Verse *South Park Mexican):]
Well I like the Thug Girl with the big brown eyes
SPM baby on the rise
She got rashache & a big gold chain
Drivin' outta state with my cocaine
She know how to roll big fat sweets
Holla nigga you can smoke if you match me
Shoot big dice
Jam spice crew eat food with the hands & drink guys rule
I do it for you 'cause you care about me
When I was locked down in Harris county
Puttin' money on my books for my comercery
All my broke homies at home watchin' Jerry
I Told her I was very hooked on Miss Mary
She said she had a boyfriend that she wanted me to bury
From there we hit it off & I must admit
Thug Girl your thuggin' & I'm lovin' it

[Chorus: [Low-G]
Thug Girl your the reason why
I love you so
I don't want you to go
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

[3rd Verse (Pimpstress):]
Well I'm that Thug that you can't resist
Crazy ass bitch I was made for this
Got a house full of dope
Million dollar click nena ross givin' birth to 17 kids
Can you fit when you get extra clip on my hip?
Holla tits let it zip all through your shit
If you pass the cementary on main & 5th
You can see a collection of my greatest hits
Havin' zipped ondrary under contrary
If ya'll feel me then holla already
Some of you broads become old news
Gettin' tagged team & wrecked up by who knows who
Well rule #1 you wanna touch for fun you get touched by gun
Until you fuck with son huh?
I unload more 'til outta control
'Cause when the sun goes down it's a muthafuckin' jungle

Thug Girl your the reason why
I love you so
I don't want you to go
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

Thug Girl "Thug Girl"
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Thug Girl
Girl Girl, Girl Girl

These Streets

length: 3:23

Right Here

length: 3:14

The System

length: 4:51
[Verse 1]
This Ones for those on the dead end street
hustlin hard to make all they ends meet
I hope one day I see yo benz creep
watch for the jealousy that most friends keep
S-P got the Bentley
all I can do is thank god cause he blessed me
I used to be just like you
slangin crack rock on the avenue
Packin glocks and runnin from cops
most of my clients like they cane on the rocks
Gun shots like 2 blocks away
I wonda who the fuck caught a hot one today
Neva mind cause I don't wanna know
I just lost two good friends in the row
One second things is lookin beautiful
the next second you can start off the funeral

All my friends are in the dead end street
Sum locked up and sum are R-i-P
You cant win there aint no way no how
Clock your change and get the fuck on out

[Verse 2]
We was Pirex shakers
Sunny Side money makers
In Hillwood we had rocks big as now and laterz
Quick snappers the store where we slung at
Everybody knew me for my hundred packs
Across the street was law elementry
my car was so clean kids was lookin up to me
They wanna be like me a tru hustla
cause they daddy drives an old gas guzzla
The dope deala I aint tryina brag but
fuck watchin roaches tryina climb out my bath tub
I was a hard head tryina be a drug lord
slow my roll nah homie what the fuck for
im in the 2 bed trailor man im dirt poor
when hurricanes would kome id run next door
to my homies house his name is huet hodges
we gonna make out this ghetto man I promise


[Verse 3]
99 percent of all criminals are dope dealers
get busted by bullets or fuckin squeelers
And the One percent that made it was pure luck
but even he'll tell that his life aint worth a fuck
cause in his mind he was caught a thousand times
and in his mind he was shot a thousand times
Without peace there can be no happiness
I wear a cross around my neck like the catholics
Im not sure exaclty what my religion is
I just know I thank god for my little kids
this is the baddest sellin drugs like sum guinnie pigs
then they arrest us after we done make it big
they take our money our cars and our houses
now tell me whos really sellin the ounces
and any cash that we might have hidden
goes to the system tryin to stay out of prison

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Underground Block Bleeders

length: 0:04

Falsely Accused

length: 1:09

Coming Up, Coming Down

length: 3:55

Block of Rock

length: 5:39
Yo, yo, I wanna welcome, welcome everyone to hustletown
Are we recording?
Alright let

Like This and Like That

length: 2:49

Twice Last Night

length: 4:09

Jackas in My Home

length: 4:25

They wipe tears while I wipe fingerprints off lead
They say shoot for the stars, I say shoot for the head
I believe in good times having peace and fun
But im still in my room tryna grease my gun
Can't let it get rusty, if a shoot out breaks
The only thing I want jammin' is my screwed out tape
And tomorrows the big day gotta get my rest
Fourty-Five G's outta town, lick buyin tres
Im all alone, my girl said that she could'nt make it
Cuz she caught a damn cold and her whole body's aching
And I feel kind of nervous, butterfly's in my stomach
But I drift off to sleep, really thinkin' nothing of it
Then, something wakes me up and I open my eyes
Somebody's in my house, I'm heartbroken cuz I
Couldn't tell my Mom "bye", they finally caught me slippin'
Ima die like a man homeboy I ain't trippin

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Dreams of the cream, enemies on different teams
Red beans in my house man this shit is so extreme
I saw em' dressed up in all black wit da mask
And I knew they was coming for the birds and the cash
So I rolled out my bed, hit the floor and start crawlin'
And this is the price that you pay when your ballin'
But how did they get the spare key to my crib?
It had to be my bitch, she gon' die if I live!
Usually I keep a black Glock on my dresser
And im hearin' someone whisper sayin "los's ima getcha!"
And im knowin its the devil but I pay it no mind
I been dodging that fool ever since I was nine
Gotta make it to the closet, where I keep my Mossberg
Slug shots, one hit, never speak another word
Little did I know they had night vision goggles
When they saw me on the floor boy squeezed on the throttle

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Shots started rangin, I was tumbling and diving
Runnin out of time, with my mind on surviving
Dove out the window but I started seeing stars
I forgot last week bout some burglar bars
Now my face is all wet and I know it ain't sweat
Bullet hit my leg so I rolled to the left
Guess where I was at? Damn right, in the closet!
Grabbed a pump, now its my turn to make a deposit
Damn slugs ain't no punk hit the boy in his back
Saw his right leg flying and it knocked down my lamp
Unloaded, reloaded, was a three man army
Now they lookin like piñatas at the end of a party
One was still alive so I started askin questions
He could barely talk, spitin blood like venom
He said he had a team and people would rent him
I killed the messengers now I need who sent em'

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Gun shots to my dome, jackers in my home
Nothing to fancy, just your average tombstone
Im sorry that I chose the life under the curse
Ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

Pimpin the Pen

length: 3:27

SPM Jailhouse Interview

length: 4:40

Are We Real

length: 4:11
Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin' things that I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

Yea this is the song I wrote for my wife before she was my wife,
We've been together 18 years now that's like half my life ,
And she's still by my side,
I love you baby.

Your love is beautiful its un-disputable,
You got me rappin' bout it up inside this studio,
Like crazy man 'cause how I feel ain't normal.
And I'm writin' in my journal I hope its eternal,
I'm your favorite fan when you make an appearance ,
The smile on your face lifts up my spirits,
I wanna trust you and know that you'll be mine forever,
You want a lifetime of love that's what imma deliver,
But I worry a little and I'm not sure why,
But the thought of ever losin you blows my mind,
And I know that I really shouldn't think that way,
I guess what I'm tryin' to say today is babe.

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

I don't mean to sound scared or even insecure ,
Usually I don't trip over chicks but your somethin' else,
Somethin' pure, an amazin' brew,
Mama raised a G but didn't raise a fool,
So I don't wanna loose you like I lost so many,
Not really carin' bout our future and it cost me dearly,
So many years as a playa in a negative sense,
And I guess it took this whole big set of events,
To let me see things differently, I've grown as a man,
And just wanna walk through life while holdin' your hand,
Kiss you in the moonlight and touch your face,
And let you know your the one that no one can replace'

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

I broke many hearts in the days of past ,
And they told me one day one will break yours back,
And avenge all the girls that you left in tears,
And my heart was too hard to ingest those fears,
So I ran through a bunch some snack some lunch,
Some dark some was yellow like captain crunch,
And we laughed a bunch and we balled at malls,
If I could id apologize to all of y'all,
Saw the pain in her eyes as she begged me to stay,
And now I truly understand how she felt that day,
'cause now I feel the same and I want it to work,
Hopin' I don't end up like the ones that I've hurt.

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

Is it real,
Tell me are we real,
Are you just sayin things I wanna hear,
Are you really true,
Baby is it destiny,
Are you the one that god made and he meant for me.

Creep With Me

length: 4:55

I’d Rather Bang Screw

length: 4:59

U Know My Name

length: 4:32

South Park Mexican

I'm SPM, You Know My Name
I'm the one that came up but never changed
I make my moves, life is what you choose
I'm the one that spoke in different high schools
Stay off the streets, homeboy you'll never win
Your goin' 2 places: the graveyard or the pen
Contradictions on my chest, lot's of lipstick on my clothes
Can we ever be stopped? Only God knows
South Park sunny side, I roll with the realest
Represent my area from Hillwood to the village
At the grocery store they used to look over my shoulder
& saw a basket full of Arm & Hammer bakin' soda
Conversation rules the nation, but in my hood
Talk is cheaper than a old wet piece of plywood
You boys is more phonier than cubic zerconia
Make you suckers pay the very day I get ahold of ya
My name is....

South Park Mexican. [x2]

Pass the greenery, tweedle lee, tweedle la
Layin' in my spa, takin' off my Heina's bra
Me & the law, had problems in the past
They smelled my grass, but could never find my stash
Who can it be?
It's that boy Los
I broke up with my chick 'cause my cash went up her nose
I tell you what it was & I tell ya what it is
There's 10 year old men & 50 year old kids
My flow is legendary, on the 3rd of February
I wrote this song at the old cemetary
I did my time, no sunshine
They must be gettin' bonus's for lockin' up my kind
My name is....

South Park Mexican. [x4]

You seen me & didn't believe me, now look
The World is listenin' the movement is here, the day is here!
We ain't stoppin' homey!
We just gettin' started!
I see you jealous, hateful people wishin' the worst for us!
You'll pay like the last ones did!
You'll pay this for my freedom!
We'll never be the same!
You'll never catch up!
I fight hate with love!

When I was young I used to be a shoe shiner
& work for a dime as a newspaper part-timer
Every now & then my real Dad would come around
Born & raised in Houston, A.K.A. Hustletown
My drop is on jock & my game is on lock
My attic full of automatic weapons of assualt
The streets live in us, I think I broke a guinness
Last year I took the record robbin' 40 dope dealers
Dancin' with the wolves, man, my hood is jet black
But they had love for the only wet back
I got a sauna in my 80 foot bus
We don't chase paper, paper chase us
You Know My Name....

South Park Mexican. [x4]

South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican

Bout to Go Down

length: 1:21

In My Hood

length: 5:42
[Verse 1:]
One Two Buckle That Fool,
He's Fucking With Me, If He's Fucking With You
Hillwood To My Bones, To My Chromozomes
Got 2 44's So Im Not Home Alone
Push a Pencil Like A Stone On A Saturday Night
I Choke a hoe From My Tow Like Im Grabbing The Mic
They Bought Me A Used Dirt Bike
A Year Later It Was Used To Serve White
Ghetto Bird On Top Of Us,punk ass Officers
Mad Cause My Closet Full Of Guns & Nauticas
Rocking Up Duckies,For Fiends And Jumbies
Got More Cheese Than Chuckies,And Get My weed From Uglies
I'ts All Lovely,Just Bought A Pitbull Puppy
That's Guaranteed To Make Me A Shit Full Of Money
Man I Just Couldn't Study,In School I Was Nervous
So I Left I Cant even Write In Cursive.

What Do You See In My Hood, I See Gangstas Everywhere Everry wherrre [x2]

[Verse 2:]
And Im Going Live,Liver Than The Rest,
I Told My Mom While Im Lock Take It As A Test
Up In Garza West Smokin On A Skinny Square
Three More And I believe I Can Get Me There
Ill Be Home Soon I Promise That,
I Be Trippin Cause Now They Say My Daughter Rap
7 Years Old (Im 8 Now Dad),They Say She Real Cold,
She My Muthafuckin Life For Real Dow
Lord Knows That He Got Me Here For A Reason,
What It Is I Dont Know But Yo Boy Breathin,
They Dint Kill Me So Now Them hoes Gotta Feel Me,
I Been Slangin Since I Got Kicked Out Of Milby
Last Ten Years Been A Cold Jungle,
In The Streets Sellin Dope To My Own Uncle
Born Thug They Gon Hate Me Till Im Bagged Up,
Im My Casket Ill Probally Still Be Handcuffed.

[Chrorus x1]

[Verse 3:]
I Come From The Slums,Southside Houston,
Changed To Screwston,The Day Screwed Moved On
And I Miss Em,Wish I Could Hug And Kiss Em,
He Was Asking For Help But No One Would Listen
Reminisim Acting Like A Fool At Roxy,
Jealouse Niggaz Looking But Refuse To Box Me
I Dont Blame Em Dow,I Would Jump On Stage And Flow,
And Holla Fuck The Police And The Radio
They Cant Stop Me,But Certainly Them hoes Can Try,
I Started Dope House Back When I Was Smoking Fry
In The Penn I Just Wish I Had One Made,
I Swear To GOD these hoes Hate To See Us Paid
Just Made Mix-Bread With Roastbeef
Got My Boy Pullin Meat Out His Gold Teeth
On The Mic I Destroy Any Earthaleen,
My New Song Called pussy meat In Burger King.

[Chorus x2]

All Done

length: 2:37

Mexican Radio

length: 4:43
One-double-oh-seven (100.7)
This is for you fellas
Ha ha ha
Something I cooked up the Dope House
In my kitchen ha ha ha yeah

[Verse One]
Roll Cadillacs never lie on ravs
Smoke killer herb till my lungs collapse
Lost two grand last night shooting craps
The I hit the Ritz and bought a few laps
Just got a letter from my old best friend
Doing twenty-five in the federal pen
Wanna come home but he said until then
Could I look over his three children
They wake em up at five am for Fruit Loops
Draped in white overalls and black boots
Used to drive a Lac sipping gin and juice
Now we need money for some chips and soups
Run around town with a sack of rocks
Polo shirt with the matching socks
Mom I promise one day I'ma stop
I'ma grow up and be a astro-naut

I'm on the Mexican radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican I-Oh radio radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican I-Oh radio radio radio radio

[Verse Two]
Now daddy come first and daddy come next
Daddy represent that Screwston, Tex
Silly punks jealous of the S-P-Mex
But your whole crew should be wearing Kotex
I'ma get by and I'ma get high
Thirteen five I'ma let my birds fly
Everybody knows that my back is not dry
If you say it is you a d-d-damn lie
Rolling through life like a tumbleweed
I'm the young pres of my company
Home catching hell cause I love my weed
Baby can you please let your husband breathe
Trying to dodge death and trying to dodge jail
Old damn friends trying to do my gal
People use to call me a bum from hell
Laughed at my car when my muffler fell


[Verse Three]
Pull another bud from the fat ass dime
Grippin wood grain let the seat recline
Got the Asian girl with the big behind
Take her to the telly and she love me long time
Remember when I begged you to buy my tapes
Now I buy cribs on the sides of lakes
Pray to the Lord and ask why they hate
Cuz they got the nuts 'bout the size of grapes
Twenty-two inches on the thirty-two ton
And the candy paint cost eighty-five hun
Even if I'm in my swimming pool having fun
Still I stay strapped with the waterproof gun
I'm asking you please can you pray for me reverend
When I die will I go to heaven
Trying to count the tvs in my car I got eleven
Pioneer read one-double-oh-seven


The day is here
What up baby
Hustle Town
Two double 0 one hun
And it just don't quit
No it just don't stop
Chunk duce
Blow truce

Dope Game

length: 3:36
Check one, check two, lets take a cruise
I done did the game every which way but loose
Nothing left to do except collect my cash
And I bet that ass that the mex gon’ last
Put the past on paper, threw away my pager
Cuz these boys keep callin from locs to cookie baker
Mama saved em from the hate, now I’m hard with the pain
I’m in the place in your face tryin to sell you a tape
I break records in texas creepin in caddies and benzes
And a pretender if he step up to the bullet bartender
I bet I check and wreck a sucker riding bumper to bumper
I might dump the whole clip and miss and hit your uncle
I ain’t trippin, flippin, sippin on purple lipton
Diggin women in the drop lemon, g livin
I was driven to my last nerve, hittin curbs
Puttin twenties on a grass hurst
End of verse

[chorus x2]
No shame
Welcome to the dope game
This is were we don’t play
Leave your boys with no brains

I remember long ago I never got no love
Still I knew that one day I’d be popular
I used to stand in the circle trying to smoke your bud
Just hopin that the blunt wouldn’t pass me up
I used to ask for a sip of your syrup
I used to never walk around with the white cup
Now I eat eighteen steaks, on silver plates
Girls fanin my face, others give me grapes
By the grace of god, I was given the job
To run through the rap game like corn on the cob
So blessed in my test, I bought my sets in the southwest
I ain’t got no credit cards except mexican express
I’ma dress my baby girl and rock the whole damn world
If you needs tracks happy p got my referal
Your head twirl to the sounds of the sp mex
Ridin in the lex with a dog named plex
Southside to the north, at the old golf course
The valet the white porsche with the bulletproof doors

[chorus x2]

It’s the l-o-s c-o-y
Pack the pistola, oh me oh my
My nina shine like the sun, I never ask for a crumb
For breakfast my chef makes me eggs-fuyon
I’ve come from the hills of ghetto thrills and chills
Three wheelin, dope dealin, killin nothin but squeels
My third wish was to break this curse and myth
Now I’m worldwide status on your satilite dish
Punk checker, chump wrecker, got the salt and the pepper
Left a mark in the game and never been a half stepper
Leopard skin on my couch, be like oscar the grouch
From the streets, pullin rocks out my kangaroo pouch
But I told these boys, never at my house
Whether it’s the ounce that puts leather on my couch
A thousand dollars a week, my baby girl’s allowance
Dope house bouncin cash to my forgein accounts

[chorus x2]

Ball Til We Fall

length: 4:48

Blazin Janey

length: 3:42
Skies are dark and days are rainy
Houston, Texas blazin Janey
Things been kinda crazy lately
But they'll never fade my baby

Hard in the paint I don't think ya can stop me
Sell so much yay, boys call me Lil' Rocky
Guess what I bought me?An old *** jalopy
Slapped it out nasty, going down Scott street
Working on my tape, I'ma call it What Just Rate
Working on my movie, called Planets of the Dranks
I'm true to my hood, real with my patnas
Houston went Screwston that kinda shocked us, shocked us
Flip flop, white leather, bring it down at nice weather,
I'm a big dice bedder, Polo on my tight sweater
It's the eye opener, strike like cobra
Pockets on swoll, I mean fat like Oprah
Bang to the boogie, the game getting uhugly
Roll with the bird just like the dog Snoopy
Rivals, punks trying to hold my title
You couldn't pass me on a mutha****in' motorcycle

[Chorus x2]

**** ain't the way it use to be, baby things is kinda crazy
Be blazin on a Janey just to keep me sane
See this cats is acting shady but I promise they can't fade me
Too real to the game can't touch me or that SP
Like the birdman, why? Cause I fly in any weather
On the rainiest of days I still be doing better
Stacking chedda that's my mission, never cease no doubt
You can hate it you can love it, but you can't stop my route
I be reppin' to the fullest Dope House, ride or die
Don't test my soldiers, we don't click we familize
Damn the skies if they dark, cause we still gone shine
Every time we come around, we gone leave them boys blind
Stay high, I'ma keep my head up
Stay on my grind, I can keep my bread up
Never lead up playa, we ain't going no where
We some veterans in the game, been hustling for years

Dvd changer, stacker and a slanger
Bring her to the party with one in the chamber
Married to the cut, renew my vows
Walking down the isles in my pink crocodiles
I'm a scorer and a choppa, cook like Betty Crocker
Boys wanna knock me, but **** a ***** knock'a
I'm the realest in this business, more ikas than a chemist
But the fear in hymnist, but got love like tennis
I'm a menace, squeeze triggas like lemons
I could win a rap contest with one sentence
And they jealous but I could show em' what hell is
I bring the rain and ya bring umbrellas
I'm restless, black lock, **** it back, aim and shoot
***** blowing up like some mutha****in' Romen soup
Kandy coupe, I use to be too fat to hoop
Now I jump so high *****s think that I got magic shoes

[Chorus x2]