To Be Godlike Album

Artist(s): Straight Line Stitch

Cover Art

Straight Line Stitch To Be Godlike Cover Art




To Be Godlike

Is there anyway that I can recant my doubts?
It seems as if I always have my hands out
A social pariah is not your messiah
What is there to venerate?
Nothing on the outside to captivate
Tear myself at the seams cause I feel dirty & unclean
You can save all your approbations
There's more to me then your single-minded manipulation
Accept me as I am or don't accept me at all

No longer is there an occupancy for me
Within myself I retreat from all discrepancy
Please accept me

This cannot be simplified,feelings buried deep inside
Don't you canonize me / Don't you patronize me
I have nothing that you need, tell me why you cannot see
You see right through me / I'm not what you believe
Can you hear me cry out?
Do you feel the pain I feel now?
Can I be redeemed and not lose my self-esteem?

Don't canonize me / Don't patronize me
I have nothing that you need, tell me why you cannot see
Accept me as I am

Never Ending Horror

Emotions rotting in my mouth
Biting my tongue to keep them from coming out
Spoiling on the inside has made me nauseated
Holding everything inside I thought I ever hated
Why is so much amiss? Why must you inflict this

Why is this horror never-ending?
What did I do? Who am I offending?
You try to break me, you cannot break me (i'm only bending)

I wake up everyday
So many feelings of dismay
The nightmare becomes real
Facing this ordeal
Why should I even look ahead?

I want so bad to feel apart of me thats killed
My flesh collides-dying on the inside
Fading into nothing, yes it is coming
Up and through my insides never to subside


This is where it ends


This is where it ends

Broken Wrist

Sitting here contemplating this world before me
and I wonder why it is the way it is
I can't place myself here

Far away but to close to be near
I speak aloud but you don't hear
I can't help but feel alone / so on my own
Scared to face the unknown (all alone)

Slowly beginning to come apart
My sense of rationality departs
Can I face another day? Can't raise my fist with a broken wrist
I ask myself am I bound to live and die this way?


Whats next if i can't make this right?
I can't make this right
I can't raise my fist with these broken wrist

Faceless and Inhuman

I found another sufferer underneath the debris
He had no face but the same symptoms as me
Weak and feeble but strong enough to endure
So diseased there is no cure
You were so sure
Inside your insanity, vanity, and pride
The very thing for which you give you life
It cuts you like a knife
The only one to blame is you because your hiding from the truth

And I changed my veiw (of you)

Soon this will end so make this your amends and try to start again
I will get down on my hands and my knees
Pray God saves you, pray God saves me (too)
Save yourself
Save me too

Silver Lining

It's so hard to let go of this grief that constantly follows me
This dull ache within my bones won't leave me alone
A pain I've always known
Refusing to go anywhere that cannot be repaired
My feelings of despair say that I don't have a prayer

Make me believe that this is not the end
Make me believe that you can't take this from me
Make me believe
How can I heal?

Retreating inside, I hide myself from you, forsaking everything I knew
I'll find my way out of this adversity
Won't let you push me into obsecurity
Swallow my pride and myself pity
You can save your sympathy
Save your sympathy

So many misleading routes that I can't find my way out
So use to misery suffusing everything
Taking me / making me / break everything
You can't condemn me


I thought I'd begun to see the light but shadows appeared
and this is just like I feared no path is clear
(chorus) I'll run away, won't look behind me
Cut all strings and set myself free
let go of everything (that hurts me)
How did I get here? Can I just make myself disappear?
I can't live another day like this
Not knowing what it is I'm fighting against
I want to be free
Dear God, why am I running away? (Why am I running away?)
Please ease my pain / Please let me start again
I'm starting over, I begin again (I've seen the truth)

Slow Asphyxiation

(Myself) Self-immolation
I feel my body leaving me
Hole in my lungs I cannot breathe
To much hate in me and I cannot breathe (breathe)
(Chorus) I feel my heart slowly tear
In my wind pipes not enough air
To much hate in me / I cannot breathe
I need a release from myself (myself)
The anger that I have won't be subdued
If only I could express this to you (if you only knew)
You say I'm not who I used to be
No one to blame, who could of changed me
I feel good, I feel great
Inside I hyperventilate
I strangle with this self hate
You say I'm not who I use to be (I'm not)

Among the Last Moment

I can't hear you
Where were you in my darkest hour?
God grant me the strength, the power
I am everything that you've taken from me
Leaving me drained, leaving me weak
(pre-chorus) Everyday is (a/my) dying day
Killing me more than I (can say/portray)
This void must be sealed
Cover scars that never heal
Numb the senses so that I can't feel
Pray that I wake up and none of this is real (pray that I wake up)
Never have I felt more pathetic / You just don't get it
Never have I felt this sick / This is tragic
Never have I wanted to die / When words won't clarify
God knows I've tried
Lying half awake trying to escape (when will the pain end)
My eyes are open but I cannot see
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Even among the last moments it never relents

Bleeding Heart Theory

Please heal me, feel me, kill me, it's not easy
Everything I had is what i had to give
and what I have is not enough for me to live
Somedays I cannot cope at all
Do I have to get on my knees and crawl?
Who's to blame? Is it my fault?
Is this what my life does? Is this who I once was? (who I was)
I bled for you
You used me up and now I've had enough
You used to be second to none but now it seems as if you're done with me
Kill me deep inside...this pain I can't hide
I'd kill myself for you...if you only asked me to
You took away everything but gave away nothing
All this - all for you
I suffer / suffer for you
You rip my heart out

Shattered Glass

Inside I'm broken where you can't see through
I'm to scared to face the truth
I can't justify the breakdown
When I needed you - you were nowhere to be found
I stand beside myself with heartache and agony
Because you never really cared for me
Why should I hold on? Now that your gone
But if I let go I'm afraid to be alone
(I can't blame you even though I do)
What fate or ill-will has brought us here?
You used me and I should of stayed clear
The choices that you made everyone had something to say
Don't be so quick to push me away
Just know that if you do, you will regret someday
For reasons I cannot explain
You made no promises - I can't get over this
I feel abandoned left here I'm stranded
I'll never understand it, because I never planned it, you are so underhanded
What does this all mean?
I was hoping that maybe someday you'd grow to love me
I could burn in your arms, I could never do you any harm
What fate or ill-will has brought you here?

Never See the Day

There's nothing that you can take from me
That you don't have to a certain degree
God help me feel something cause I feel nothing
What do you want from me? I look around but i can't see
Gave you my life gave you my soul I've lost control
Not in a million years could I shed so many tears
Gave you my life gave you my soul I've lost control
What do you want from me? There's nothing left I'm on empty
Gave you my life gave you my soul I've lost control
What can I even say when every word seems so cliche'?
Gave you my life gave you my soul I've lost control
There's nothing you can take from me
There's nothing I can do for you
There's no place that I'd rather be
There's nothing that could hide the truth
No matter how you try to get inside I'm through with all your lies
The skies open wide
This is a new day I'm coming around
All of the kings are losing their crowns
I always knew that you'd let me down
But I'm wrapped around your finger- I'm wrapped around you
This is a new day I'm coming around
All of the kings are losing their crowns
I always knew that you'd let me down
But I'm wrapped around your finger- I'm wrapped around you
Your just where I want you
Never see the day
There's nothing that you can take from me
There's nothing cause I feel nothing- Nothing
I feel nothing- What do you want from me?

The Antagonist