Transparency Album

Artist(s): Straight Line Stitch

Cover Art

Straight Line Stitch Transparency Cover Art


Out of the Shadows

length: 0:56

Dark Matter

length: 4:08
Blood in their eyes

Make a sacrifice
We got to regain consciousness
Take this life run from the darkness
Blood in their eyes
They cannot see their demise
It's what we knew it would be
A life hypocrisy
This is no circumstance
No f****** game of chance
This the weight of the world
There's got to be more than this
Inside my heart's an open abyss
The pieces have fallen into place
And we have fallen from grace

Make a sacrifice and run from the darkness

Depart from here the end in near
Whom is it that you really fear
Suffer the consequence
This is the weight of the world

Out of Body

length: 3:33
I lean when you stay straight
I stop
Everything that you say you are
I'm not
I'm not lost
So lost
I'm not lost
Hurt me no more
I will endure
Stone me and dethrone me
You cannot
Cannot hold me
I am so weak and your strength makes me shake
Something that I see in you makes my heart break
Break down these walls
You cannot hold me at all

Hurt me no more
I will endure
Cannot hold me

Don't leave me drowning in self pity like this
Please come to me and I won't resist

Face of God

length: 4:19
Grant me breath and watch me come alive
Give me strength I will survive
The feast is over now it's time to flee
All my enemies here to devour me
I could've prayed but I never stopped believing
I know you stayed even when I said I'm leaving
Don't turn your face
Don't leave this place
Escape this hell
You never see me I never a sound
I've been here I've been hiding underground
Release relieve I still believe
Restore renew the lost and confused
Rebuild resolve the feud that kills us all

Make me see
Make me see I'm not believing

You never see me
I never make a sound
I've been here hiding
Hiding underground
This is hell


length: 4:15
No one to help me
How bad I really felt
I suffered
You tried to save yourself
I'm not in my coffin you won't carry me
The ground on which I walk you try to bury
I wait ever so patiently fir the day when you go astray
It's my place that you will take
And your fate will be cast away

And I know exactly where I'm at and I'm not looking back
When everything is black
Let the brightness of day help me find my way
No one to show me
Nothing is clear
Disillusion enclosed in fear
Your mind games are so state of the art
But I won't be broken down and used for parts
Inside your machine
Inside so unclean
Behind the smokescreen
Who's there?
Come out from the shadows

Left drowning beneath the waves
We all can't be saved but I won't be left here to disappear
Cause I followed you
Gave up all I knew
Lost my pride left to die but I will
I will survive

Who's there

Human Bondage

length: 4:26
I know we sacrificed
I nearly lost my life
Abiding sadness enduring madness
This is sickness needing forgiveness
I break the cycle of heartache
I cannot take
I went astray entangled in the fray
I lost my way in your retribution
But give me absolution
Don't hate me forever

You won't consume me
You never knew me
There is no way I'll let you break me down into pieces
I'm not defeated won't be mistreated
Don't be conceited that you were never needed
I know what I've done I never tried to run
The burden's not mine alone and I'm not made of stone

Up until now I've worn this pain like a shroud
Your pain is mine and I think it's time
That I face this loss and let go this cross I've had to bare
I no longer care
And I'm not scared of anyone or anything even you
There's nothing I can do
There's nothing left to prove
I've nothing left to lose