The Best of Times Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Styx The Best of Times Cover Art


7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Best of Times
    length: 4:20
    producer: Styx
    lead vocals: Dennis DeYoung
    vocal: James Young and Tommy Shaw
    engineer: Gary Loizzo and Rob Kingsland
    arranger: Styx
    guitar: James Young and Tommy Shaw
    membranophone & percussion: John Panozzo
    horn: John Haynor, Mark Ohlsen, Bill Simpson, Mike Halpin and Dan Barber
    horn arranger: Ed Tossing
    assistant engineer: Will Rascati
    bass pedals & bass guitar: Chuck Panozzo
    composer: Dennis DeYoung
    lyricist: Dennis DeYoung
  • 2 Miss America
    length: 5:01
    remixer: Rob Kingsland, Styx and Barry Mraz
    producer: Styx
    lead vocals: James Young
    vocal: Tommy Shaw, Chuck Panozzo, Dennis DeYoung and John Panozzo
    engineer: Barry Mraz and Rob Kingsland
    guitar: James Young
    percussion & membranophone: John Panozzo
    acoustic guitar & electric guitar: Tommy Shaw
    bass guitar: Chuck Panozzo
    assistant producer: Barry Mraz
    synthesizer & keyboard: Dennis DeYoung
    12 string guitar: Tommy Shaw
    composer: James Young
    lyricist: James Young