Ringleader Man Album

Artist(s): T‐Pain


Ringleader Man

length: 2:55

We goin' have a ripping good time
Just hit rewind and you can see I'm far too crazy
My rhythms and rhymes keep *****s in line
Cause now is not the time to be lazy
I'm the ringleader man a cane in my hand
And an iced out top hat on my head
Ain't you tired of that wackness
Sick of this wack ****
Wouldn't you like some of me instead

The ringleader man
This is my circus I'm working
I can flip this whole game with one hand
The ringleader man
I know its a fact that you rather
Just have some of me instead
The ringleader man
The ringleader man (hey)

This industry is my circus
I know that it just hurts just sit back
And take pain like I used to
And I'm trying to stop cursing but I don't give a ****
I'm going to curse you with lyrical voodoo
I'm the ringleader man
You cant understand the **** that comes out of my head
But you like all that wackness
Loving all that wack **** I rather just say f**k you instead