Naked Album Cover Art

Talking Heads

Cover Art

Talking Heads Naked Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Blind
    length: 5:01
    producer: Talking Heads and Steve Lillywhite
    piano: Jerry Harrison
    lead vocals: David Byrne
    trumpet: Earl Gardner and Laurie Frink
    engineer: Richard Manwaring, Mark Wallis, Fernando Kral, Nick Delre and James A. Farber
    bass: Tina Weymouth
    alto saxophone: Stan Harrison
    background vocals: Tina Weymouth
    guitar: Yves N'Djock and David Byrne
    keyboard: Wally Badarou
    tenor saxophone: Lenny Pickett
    trombone: Robin Eubanks
    baritone saxophone: Steve Elfon
    drums (drum set): Chris Frantz
    horn arranger: Lenny Pickett
    kora: Mory Kanté
    assistant engineer: Jean-Loup Morette
    talking drum & cowbell & congas: Abdou M’Boup
  • 2 Mr. Jones
    length: 4:21
  • 3 Totally Nude
    length: 4:12
  • 4 Ruby Dear
    length: 3:51
  • 5 (Nothing but) Flowers
    length: 5:35
    producer: Steve Lillywhite and Talking Heads
    lead vocals: David Byrne
    engineer: Fernando Kral, Mark Wallis, James A. Farber, Nick Delre and Richard Manwaring
    bass: Tina Weymouth
    background vocals: Kirsty MacColl and Tina Weymouth
    guitar: David Byrne and Yves N'Djock
    Hammond organ: Jerry Harrison
    congas: Abdou M’Boup
    drums (drum set): Chris Frantz
    shakers: Brice Wassy
    assistant engineer: Jean-Loup Morette
    12 string guitar: Johnny Marr
  • 6 The Democratic Circus
    length: 5:05
  • 7 The Facts of Life
    length: 6:29
  • 8 Mommy Daddy You and I
    length: 3:59
  • 9 Big Daddy
    length: 5:39
  • 10 Bill
    length: 3:23
  • 11 Cool Water
    length: 5:17