Deadbeat Club Album Cover Art

The B-52s

Cover Art

The B-52s Deadbeat Club Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Deadbeat Club
    length: 4:50
    producer: Nile Rodgers and Tony Mansfield
    vocal: Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson
    mixer: Tom Durack and Nile Rodgers
    engineer: Tom Durack
    guest keyboard: Philippe Saisse
    background vocals: Fred Schneider and Keith Strickland
    guitar: Keith Strickland
    additional engineer: Ed Brooks, Keith Freedman, Patrick Dillett and Paul Angelli
    programming: Richard Hilton
    guest drums (drum set): Sonny Emory
    guest bass guitar: Sara Lee
  • 2 Love Shack
    length: 5:23
    producer: Don Was and Nile Rodgers
    vocal: Cindy Wilson, Kate Pierson and Fred Schneider
    mixer: Tom Durack
    engineer: Dave Cook
    guitar: Keith Strickland
    keyboard: Kate Pierson
    guest drums (drum set): Charley Drayton
    guest bass guitar: Sara Lee
    guest horn: Uptown Horns
    assistant engineer: Martin Kunitz
  • 3. B-52's Magamix
    length: 6:32