We Are Young We Are Old Album

Artist(s): The Big Wu


Young Pioneer

length: 4:21

Young Pioneer
8 generations - Got a calvary sword from the war of 1812
And a grainy photograph from the civil war
Sittin up on a shelf
Dressed in a uniform is a relative
A man named William Spain
He was just 17, and a veteran -Riding on a westbound train

Riding on a westbound train
Young pioneer came right through this way
Headed out west from Illinois

Worked on a survey crew had a little spot picked out
For him and his little woman
Drivin him crazy when they’re alone
Always wantin’ for to go swimmin’
Too hot for young love to do not
No matter what the moon might say
As hard as it was they never once thought
‘all work no play’

They would wade in the water
Gather her dress above her head
The Young Pioneer came right through this way
Heading out west from Illinois

Built her a house there but
The hard work and winter there was cruel
Keepin his head up and the hammer down
Pulling on a stubborn mule
Bought her a fine dress next thing you know
They’re curling toes on a cold bed sheet
Tea pot getting hot on a stovetop
Makin that steam


Kick In the Head

length: 5:50

Ready to Burn

length: 3:33

How the West Was Won

length: 4:13

Ghost Birds

length: 6:48

Bound for the South

length: 6:14
First night of my travelin’
At the sugar loaf motel Room 21
My chair in the doorway
The leaves were swayin
For a northern son

Two days into travelin
Saint Louis got me loose Rock in my shoes
My hearts true to my Maybeline
But on the street I’m falling prey
To the devil moon

Cause I’m Bound for the south again

Five days into traveling
I can feel the Memphis sun, but I don’t feel free
I wanna tell ya that I empathize
With a heart that’s broken
And a past that bleeds

I’m bound for the south again

If I could share geneology
With the clarksdale bloodline -- Ol’ Bessie Smith
I promise you that I would make it live
And I know it wasn’t roses
But I’ll take some with

When I’m bound for the south again.

Jackson County

length: 5:35

Runner With Energy

length: 3:37

We Are Trees

length: 6:48
Passed out in a green field
Too much for one day
Lord I pray for a sweet release

Still spun as I come to
I open My eyes
Trees exhale breath and so do I

Growing up growing down
Got my heart underground
Time doesn’t mean much to me

We are young we are old, we are tales to be told
we are not what we were --- we are trees

Feed us sun and water
That’s all we need
We can live for 300 years

Warm front makes a big storm
High winds and hail
Yielding to the troubled time

We are trees believe it
Leaning for the light
e can sense everything around

Out there in the unknown
Our time will come
dreams & seeds fall like rain and grow