Surrender Album Cover Art

The Chemical Brothers

Cover Art

The Chemical Brothers Surrender Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Music: Response
    length: 5:21
  • 2 Under the Influence
    length: 4:17
    producer: The Chemical Brothers
  • 3 Out of Control
    length: 7:20
    guest performer: Bernard Sumner
    guest lead vocals: Bernard Sumner
    guest electric guitar: Bernard Sumner
    vocal: Bobby Gillespie and Bernard Sumner
    guitar: Bernard Sumner
    additional guest background vocals: Bobby Gillespie
    additional: Bobby Gillespie
  • 4 Orange Wedge
    length: 3:07
  • 5 Let Forever Be
    length: 3:56
    guest lead vocals: Noel Gallagher
  • 6 The Sunshine Underground
    length: 8:39
    contains samples by: James Asher
  • 7 Asleep From Day
    length: 4:48
    guest lead vocals: Hope Sandoval
  • 8 Got Glint?
    length: 5:27
  • 9 Hey Boy Hey Girl
    length: 4:50
    publisher: Global Music
  • 10 Surrender
    length: 4:30
  • 11 Dream On
    length: 6:46
    guest performer: Jonathan Donahue
    guest lead vocals: Jonathan Donahue
    guest acoustic guitar & piano: Jonathan Donahue

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