Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned Album Cover Art

The Prodigy

Cover Art

The Prodigy Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned Cover Art


Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Spitfire
    length: 5:08
    vocal: Juliette Lewis
    guest: Juliette Lewis
  • 2 Girls
    length: 4:12
    vocal: Ping Pong Bitches
    performer: Ping Pong Bitches
    mixer: Neil McLellan and Liam Howlett
  • 3 Memphis Bells
    length: 4:29
    vocal: Princess Superstar
    performer: Princess Superstar
  • 4 Get Up Get Off
    length: 4:20
    co-producer: Dave Pemberton
  • 5 Hot Ride
    length: 4:36
    performer: Juliette Lewis
    guitar: Scott Donaldson
    guest: Juliette Lewis
    bass guitar: Liam Howlett
  • 6 Wake Up Call
    length: 4:57
    vocal: Kool Keith
    performer: Kool Keith
    flute: Jim Hunt
    additional: Louise Boone and Hannah Robinson
  • 7 Action Radar
    length: 5:33
    vocal: Paul 'Dirtcandy' Jackson
    guitar: Mike Horner and Liam Howlett
    additional: Louise Boone
  • 8 Medusa’s Path
    length: 6:09
  • 9 Phoenix
    length: 4:39
    guitar: Matt Robertson
    additional: Louise Boone
    membranophone programming: Liam Howlett
  • 10 You’ll Be Under My Wheels
    length: 3:57
    vocal: Kool Keith
    guitar: Jim Davies and Liam Howlett
  • 11 The Way It Is
    length: 5:47
    additional: Neil McLellan and Louise Boone
  • 12 Shoot Down
    length: 4:32
    guest lead vocals: Liam Gallagher
    additional producer: Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert
    bass: Noel Gallagher and Liam Howlett
    guitar: Mike Horner
  • 13 More Girls
    length: 4:27
    producer: Liam Howlett
    vocal: Ping Pong Bitches and Maxim
    guitar: Jim Davies
    co-producer: Dave Pemberton

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