I Think We’re Alone Now: ’80s Hits and More Album

Artist(s): Tiffany

Cover Art

Tiffany I Think We’re Alone Now: ’80s Hits and More Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 I Think We’re Alone Now
    length: 3:47
    composer: Ritchie Cordell
    lyricist: Ritchie Cordell
  • 2 Could’ve Been
    length: 3:38
    lyricist: Lois Blaisch
    composer: Lois Blaisch
  • 3 Venus
    length: 3:38
    composer: Robbie van Leeuwen
    lyricist: Robbie van Leeuwen
  • 4 Kids in America
    length: 3:36
    writer: Marty Wilde, Ricky Wilde
  • 5 Voices Carry
    length: 4:13
    lyricist: Aimee Mann
    composer: Michael Hausman, Robert Holmes, Aimee Mann, Joey Pesce
  • 6 Forever Young
    length: 3:27
    orchestrator: Wil Malone
    lyricist: Marian Gold
    composer: Frank Mertens, Bernhard Lloyd, Marian Gold
  • 7. Panic (Hang the DJ)
    length: 2:39
    composer: Johnny Marr
    lyricist: Morrissey
  • 8 Call Me
    length: 3:39
  • 9 I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love
    length: 3:41
  • 10 I Saw Him Standing There
    length: 3:57
    writer: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  • 11 The Beat Goes On
    length: 4:14
    producer: Skinny Man Cage, Gene Black and Tom Lilly
    membranophone: Glen Sobel
    lead vocals: Tiffany
    mixer: Alex Todorov
    engineer: Alex Todorov
    guitar: Dave Amato and Lanny Cordola
    programming: Tom Lilly
    composer: Sonny Bono
    lyricist: Sonny Bono
  • 12 You’ve Got a Way
    length: 3:33
    producer: Lanny Cordola and Tom Lilly
    lead vocals: Tiffany
    mixer: Gene Black and Tom Lilly
    engineer: Tom Lilly and Gene Black
    background vocals: Gene Black
    guitar: Gene Black
    keyboard: Gene Black
    additional recording engineer: Alex Todorov
    bass guitar: Gene Black
    writer: Robert John “Mutt” Lange, Shania Twain