Indecent Proposal Album

Artist(s): Timbaland & Magoo

Cover Art

Timbaland & Magoo Indecent Proposal Cover Art



length: 1:08
vocal: Timbaland
performer: DJ S&S

You better get that thong lookin' back
Like a chick of what don't hold back
'Cause you know ya want it and a thug don't fight
I just walk fight, but there is
A few things ya need to learn
You must learn to breathe in, breathe out,
Breathe in, breathe out


length: 6:01
performer: Fatman Scoop
Timbaland Timbaland Fatman scoop
Timbaland Timbaland
Whatever I say why'all gotta do
Whatever I say why'all gotta do
Whatever I say why'all gotta do

Awww lord guess who's coming
Timbaland A.K.A freaky feel drumming
Who can get it crunk like me Timbaland
Oh my ***** Scoop A.K.A fat man

Weed guaranteed to make the party people bounce
Fellas say (OH) girls say(ah)
Lookin at the cornrows up in the club
Girl don't be bashfull girl back it up

Throw it girl like its poking man
Shake that *** as fast as you can
White girl shake it like she burning from a sun tan
My dog grip it grab it like it was a soda can

What you talking bout holding back
When you get on the dance floor drop it like it was a cadillac
What you talking bout cutting ***** slack
Girl girl you betta bend that back

12 my girls roll deep in the club
Can't't wait to hit the bar and get that thug
Where my dogs that got more than a hundred bucks
Can't wait to freak one of the big old butts

Before we start to turn it out
You must learn to crunk out
Before we start to turn it out
You must first begin to

[Fatman Scoop: x 2]
Breathe in Breathe out
Breathe in Breathe out
Breathe in Breathe out
Now drop now drop now drop now drop

[Fatman Scoop]
If you got the fattest *** on the block now drop
Let a ***** see the coochie pop now drop
Do the snake do the freak do the pop now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop
Real eyes down south thighs
Waist line five six seven now drop
One time all in together now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop

Get your freak on at club(?)
We ain't put the album out *****s got their leak on
I done been up in the club seen a ho with a thong
I ain't hear good at first she was singing the song

Shorty rocking donna she was pushing and popping
Red bone with a bop she was stoping and dropping
Stopping and dropping this the part of the song where
You need be snaking and popping

Snaking and popping yeah hoe Mag made the song
Why'all *****s still popping and locking
Ain't no zone (?) a white girl
I ain't turbo rocking a damn curl

Watch Mag slow while I break you down slow
When you get it right girl go for what you know
Wiggle a bit stop drop get up snake freak whop
Wiggle a bit stop drop get up snake freak whop

Get off the wall hands of your balls
Yeah ***** with the drink in his hand trying to ball
You don't want shorty I can show you the dance
Gone once gone twice you done lost your chance

Now stop for Big Pun stop for Big pun
Drop for Big L drop for Big L

[Fatman Scoop]
If you got the fattest *** on the block now drop
Let a ***** see the coochie pop now drop
Do the snake do the freak do the whop now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop
Real eyes down south thighs
Waist line five six seven now drop
One time all in together now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop

Guess who came with a cape on his back
Pulled up with some gin hopped out the Cadillac
Mag is chilling Tim is chilling
When I get up in this club I'm making a hoe feel it
Got no game but I got big cash
Mess around I be leaving this club with Stacey Dash
I ain't cute enough but my jimmy got a flick and it shimmy
I'm in the club pulling hoes with Timmy

All my shadow people where freaky where you at
All my Broadway people freaky where you at
Where my fellas in the back with the (?)
Where my girls who think they got it like that
All my ndependent freaky where you at
All my get money dogs freaky where you at
Where my girls with the thongs who be shaking it fast
If you love to sing along ***** holla back

(Fatman Scoop)
If you got the fattest *** on the block now drop
Let a ***** see the coochie pop now drop
Do the snake do the freak do the whop now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop
Real eyes down south thighs Now drop
Waist line five six seven now drop
One time all in together now drop
Yo don't stop don't stop

Show me what you working with(back it up back it up)
Show me what you working with(back it up back it up)
Show me what you working with(back it up back it up)
Show me what you working with(back it up back it up)
Bend over Bend over Bend over Bend over Bend over Bend over

All Ya'll

length: 3:58
performer: Tweet

It's Your Night

length: 5:56
performer: Sin
[Timbaland talking]
see'mon, ah, see'mon, ah, bounce a little, what, see'mon, yeah
Ha, you didn't think I was comin like that did you?

From the corner to the dice where we rollin at
For all my homies gettin nice off that cognac
To ghetto chicks who appreciate the Cadillac
When it flip to the normal color like Mike was back
Nike hats, slightly above your nose and neck
Chucks and slacks, separated from Gores and Tecs
Chicks in packs, please, let your weave relax
I'm so gangster with this rap bouncers hold me back

Hey G, I feel you black
But let me get up in this club and show you how I act
I'm a fool when it comes to these party girls
I'm a fool when it comes to this party world
Now ask yourself, now who do beats like me?
I was the one that gave you "Hey Papi"
I'm like Tupac, all eyes on me
Got *****s messed up in the industry, but it's ok

[Chorus: Storm & Shelby (Timbaland)]
It's your night (yeah), no need to act uptight (uh)
Go and grab somebody (go 'head), go and grab somebody
And be real
(And just dance a bit, see'mon and just dance a bit)
Do what you feel
(Uh huh, and just dance a bit, see'mon and just dance a bit

Must be the first of the month
Mag get up on the track and I'm rappin drunk
why'all want to battle we can spit for days
Let up sixteen bars like mayo-naise
Swisher in my mouth, shower cap on my dome
Ain't in the studio, little shorty I'm home
Pass the phone, I'm a call all VA
Tell Sin, call Brooke and bring some Alize

Got in the game like what, it's over man (say what?)
I spit vodka, ain't sober man (say what?)
I'm a bigger guy, need extra pay
Give me a bed so I can lay in my Escalade
You could be black, Puerto Rican or Dominican
Room 219, I don't care, send it in
I'm a jiggy guy, ride one plus the five
Make it a six, big bad son of a *****

[Chorus: x 2]

Sin got the Alize from home
Give me Lifestyles, put 'em on my jimmy, it's on
And peep out my manuscript
Mag and Tim party hoes so you gots to strip
And I ain't playin games when I heart
And leave Mag hangin hard suit with Christopher Darden
I take about a hour to bust
Chickens want to get with Mag so they makin a fuss
Told 'em, "simmer down, you're next
Take my headphones, listen to Funkmaster Flex
I'll be about a minute or less
Stop sittin clothes on, take off your dress"

[Chorus: x 2]

[Timbaland talking to fade]


length: 1:16

Indian Carpet

length: 4:25
Yo (yo), yo, ay yo
Timabaland's flow infamous
Allow me to assemble this flow with limitless style
For all man, woman and innocent child

I have no perimeter
Break all barriers in various areas
My sound is mimicked
Track prime minister, some say sinister

None stoppin the groove until when it's
The climax, some *****s is bitin my hot hats
And followed my drum pattern, but I done that
It's time to change, get more deranged

Feels more strange (doooodooooo)
Follow me through gravel and shallow trees
From mountains to flat plain, to thunder and black rain
Through the dream state of utopia

Woke up to the sounds of that man Timbaland
Five Mexican *****es scopin us
Belly dancin, sayin "hell, he's handsome" in Spanish
We was fine until the subtitles vanished

Then and open fire, totin opium
Higher than I ever been in my life
Heard cries throughout the night like

[Chorus: Static]
Let's get 'em started
While they dance on, Indian Carpet
see'mon, uh
*****s act retarded
While they dance on, Indian Carpet
see'mon, uh
Let's get 'em started
While they dance on, Indian Carpet

Ay yo, I woke up to a bowl of rice like the Golden Child
T.V. playin like the Poltergeist, must been on overnight
I saw a strong beam of light, decided to walk to it
Could it be the son of Christ, I decided to talk to it

In the halls I heard music shoutin beautiful calls
And I swore I heard a voice say:
It's yours my, gift to you, to do what you choose
But I suggest you do what you do to make the spirits move

I hear ya dude, and me bein a barrel of fruit
But your ears heavenly, when I sit in this chair and produce
Then my hallway darkened
I felt a power surge rush throughout my apartment
And the glance callin like


Mag spit with a sense of purpose on purpose
When you was eatin collard greens I was eatin these dreams
I stepped in dog **** and bit Skid Row twice
Only ice I had put it in my orange Slice

What you know about livin in a jail when it ain't no bars
Handcuffed with no key, world denyin your plea
A third-degree charge when it ain't no crime
Twenty-six years old and I got more time

Phone overdue, baby on the way, low pay
Low rent for your mom, gotta get away
Smoke, hate now, then you want to talk about the ghetto
I'm tenth generation of that, came out the womb with a hat

Polo on and Nikes with a gold tooth
I'm Superman, I can spit from any phone booth
You and your cold *** crew do what you do
Just remember Mag never feel good, I am the flu


Party People

length: 5:19
performer: JAY‐Z
Guess who? Uh, uh-uh uh-uh
Jigga, ya heard?
Uh-uh, a-Timbaland, ya heard?
Uh, Twista, ya heard? see'mon, see'mon
Uh-uh, uh-uh, g-ge, ge-geah
Yo.. yo.. ye-yea, ye-yea
Turn this up.. yo, yo, yeah

When the war's on, the pores are drawn like pictures
The *****z is all gone when these triggers get witcha
***** before long you need stitches in your longjohns
A.K., t-t-t-t, heartbeat, t-t-t-t
Eight figures you fake twitchy *****z can't stop (that)
Jigga, Twista my ***** Timb on the hot track
How you gon' stop that? We can't be slowed
*****z (?), look at your clothes
When I'm in crazy mode, three-eighty blows like
Maceo, leave acey holes
That's just Jay-Z doe, crazy flow
Rhyme great, dominate your radio
see'mon, get your gun, your mask and gloves
I don't ask for love, I blast 'em up
Respect my gangsta dude, or your life's in danger dude
Doctors pushin on your chest tryin to bring you through

[Chorus: Timbaland] + (Twista)
All my party people gon' do what? (Gonna get buck)
Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup?)
(Get them lighters lit up, make them get up
with somethin the East and West gon' bump)
All my party people gon' do what? (Get crunk)
Get some liquor in the gut (So whassup?)
(Get them lighters lit up, T got some gangsta ****
that's beatin in yo' trunk)

****in with Mag, ***** end up in a hospital
Sittin on the corner of the bed, sick cause of what I said to him
On a track star beef take it in the kitchen
Cookin MC's all *****z taste like chicken
Hittin 'em high, right in the ear
Slicin on 'em muh'****er vampire style, I'm a bloodsucker
You turnin into a mad ducker, tellin ya dog
I'm at the Rucker with a bad Puerto Rican chick
Fat as my cash and she a **** sucker, get up outcha car
You ain't goin real far, see the chainsaw?
Breakin the law, like turnin a dyke
when it come to that man that just like Mike
I don't care what you like, I'll make you run in outer space
If you go to court man, only wish you got a case
For real, I'm ****in faced on a hill of ice
Mag hot now ***** 50 G's the price

Timbaland good for that - {*beat plays, he scats*}
{*scatting*} - I invented that
Hear the hi-hat, hear the bassline on the track
Remember "One in a Million" when I left ya back
Producers sayin, "How you get your sound like that?"
I don't know playa, I'm a creative cat
Got party people dancin to dis and dat
Got party people sayin, "This a dope-*** track!"

Timbaland hit 'em with the um, ah-um, ah-um-ahh, you gon' do what?
Stop frontin you bumpin the new cut
like a shoe ah, um ah-um ah, hit 'em in the gut
Twitchin and itchin to get up, I hit 'em up
With some skanless to vibe to and ride to
with the stanky inside you - listen to while a freak lickin you
Go on a bogus mission to, somethin you crip-walk in the kitchen to
Somethin you bump on the porch or the park
Or pump it while you displayin yo' heart when you flex on a mark
You can play it to clear your head from drama with the feds
and all the homies like down for when they in the dark
Used to rock up at the block club, players wasn't ridin slick
You can let your mind cruise for miles
They can't tell no sucker who's allowed, with a strap on the mic
I'm thinkin how can I move the crowd, move the crowd

[Chorus] - repeat 2X
.. bounce wit me, bounce wit me, bounce, ow ow ow
Ow ow ow-ow ah, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake wit me, shake..
.. bounce wit me, bounce wit me..
Shake wit me, shake wit me
Ow, one time, bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Yo, ahh

Remember when you first found me?
I was workin at Burger King
Now take a good look around me
Look at all these cars, look at all these girls
Why you always tryin to put down me?
Why you always tryin to put down me?
You get 'round your friends and try to clown me
Why you always tryin to pull that boo-boo?
I'm gettin tired of all that bullshit
Always talkin dis and dat
Your girls screamin, "We looove him!"
See girls, they LOVE me
Girl that's just, only Tim
Yes, it's only Tim
Whatchu talkin 'bout that's only Tim?
Yeah whatchu talkin 'bout that's only Tim?

[Timbaland: repeat 2X]
I made it this far (this far)
Made it without yo' money (yo' money)
Made it without yo' car (yo' car)
Made it without yo' naggin (what?)
Now look who's the star (whoo!)

Why it gotta happen to people like me, I don't get it
I don't understand it
That's why people like myself, only hang with self
Hahaha, and nobody else
Easy now

People Like My Self

length: 4:38

Voice Mail

length: 1:48
Voice mail goes God bless me
'Cause I'm gonna bring home to you
I've seen the world but I really haven't seen you
Oh you pretty girl
I'm gonna bring it home to you
Oh sweet sweet girla
Sweet sweet girl sweet sweet girl


length: 3:48
performer: Petey Pablo
Wha-what what-what-wha-what, wha-what what what-wha-wha-what
Wha-what what-what-wha-what, what what what-wha-wha-what
Put in that thang, put me in that bank, whoo!
Put me in that drank, put me in that thang, what!
Put me in that drank, put me in that thang
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Freaky-freaky-freaky - uhh

Put me in that drank, put me in that game, YO
Put me in that Range, better yet that Phillies YO
Put me with them clothes, Coogie at the toes
Tim about to let us know - WHOA, WHOA, WHOA
Put me with them models, put me in new models YO
Gimme face lifts, manicures you silly hoe
You was bowlegged now you walk pigeon-toed
You came in the front, I kick you out the back do'
I'm a landlord, drug dealers cockroach(?)
Who got the forty-five, I got the crossroads(?)
I'm chillin in Cuba, chillin in the Pocanos
We some down-to-earth fools, who don't act first
We gettin rowdy and we bust them things yo
That's what you get, for messin with us country folk
I'm from V-A and I got it locked yo
I'm from V-A and I got it hot yo

[Chorus: Petey Pablo]
It's SERIOUS! We came to handle our business
Handle these *****z, handle these *****es
It's SERIOUS! Only game we playin is ours
And we ain't gon' never foul out
[repeat 2X]

Put me in that Lex', let her give me head in it
Put me in the room, hit her on the bed in it
Get me on the corner I'ma sell the whole load
*****z try to rock when the nine out unload
Unload my world like a St. Louie Ram
Put it down like a Florida at the screen jam(?)
why'all ****in with the ultimate
**** in the park punk and now you eatin it
Rip off your shine, take out the hardest line
You (?) me actin funny like a Valentine
You ****in with wilderbeasts when you come to VA
You *****z ain't even try I know you *****z don't spray
UHH - put me on the corner liquor store with whores
A slice of white bread and a Mary Jane warehouse
I know I spit on the track, walk around a pimp fox
One all in my cash, rubbin on my ****in socks

Timbaland! I'm that man!
Watch that man! Stop that man!
*****, don't you dare grin
No favors, you been what I been
I'm a hot tomale no you a hot tomale
Don't give a hell what they say or read about me
I'm a rich man, invest in stock man
I buy land from the (freaky-freaky) white man
I move to Atlanta with Country Grammar
and move to 'bama with nails and hammers
to put the posters on Havannah
Move to China to move through miners
Then move to shirts, drawers, pants, and to the panty-liners
I got them cars, I got them thangs
I got them planes, I got a whole squad entertained
Timbaland, I'm the man
So ladies.. wave ya hands, what!


Roll Out

length: 4:28
performer: Petey Pablo
[Intro: Timbaland]
Hey why'all, can why'all do something for me?
Can why'all bounce, can why'all bounce, what?
Hey why'all, can why'all do something for me?
Can why'all bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce?
Hey why'all, can why'all do something for me?
Can why'all bounce, can why'all bounce, what?
Hey why'all, can why'all do something for me?
Ficky, ficky, ficky, ficky, Timbaland

I be creepin' in backyards, dippin in alley ways
My brother in the 360, I'm in a escalade
We piled ride high, sittin' on low pros
Petey in the back of us, with his range rov
Bold ladies sittin' in back, one ridin' in the front
No smokin' in here, so put out your freakin' blunt
This how we gon' do it, so pay attention to the rules
Women in sexy gear, draws down and no shoes
That's why we keep it live, 'cause we keep ours alive
For that alcohol is full of, full of surprise
That's how we're gonna ball, walk before we crawl
This here, this here, is that party why'all

Roll Out (ROLL!)
Get crunked (ROLL!)
Get your girls (ROLL!)
Get your boys (ROLL!)
Hit the switches (ROLL!)
Bring the noise (ROLL!)
[panting noises]
Roll Out (ROLL!}
Get crunked (ROLL!)
Get your girls (ROLL!)
Get your boys (ROLL!)
Hit the switches (ROLL!)
Bring the noise (ROLL!)
[panting noises]

[Petey Pablo]
Roughest, toughest, fastest, one of the baddest
Rappin' asses, tickin' on a Timbaland classic
Layin' in traffic, shiftin gears in the automatic
Tryin' to get past this old couple in a Maverick
Beepin' my horn at 'em, flickin' on my hazards
G. callin' me, on his cell phone laughin'
Thinkin' his chick hang out the sunroof flashin'
I done went in the grass, like to kill a rabbit
Swerve back into traffic, radio blastin'
Slammed on the brakes [SKRUT!], ya old bastard
Tim zig-zaggin', hell, he in the back and
Girls sittin' on the trunk, droppin' wine glasses
Wind blowin' dresses up, showin' off the panties
Polka-dot stripe thongs crammed in they fannies
WHOOP! You could be Ms. Barry, fine as you is
Tim, pull it over, let 'em ride in here


Catch me in a chick, and her name is Kim
Tryna tell you who I hit 'cause I ran out of Bim
Fast food so dangerous that I'm crackin' my rim
Like why Taco Bell drive-through so damn slim
I'm out north too, no top on the Benz
Big body, too, just like I walked out the gym
Man, I'm sppeding through, not just feeling the wind
Look, the needle to the gas tank is right at the end
Now, I'm needing to sin, lying again
Pumpin' gas in the Benz, with no money to spend
And every kid that walk in, cashier turning again
So it's a good thing that lady walked in her twins


All I do is listen to Eightball, with the hoes on call
High dank in my gas tank and eat raw franks
Grill in my bed and serve 2 steak and siemen
And I'm scheming on your daughter with on condom and Clairborne
Don't get it twisted, I'm gold-toothed and two-fisted
Both arms ready to roll, chrome-wristed
I'm past being beserk, I go to work
Tell the boss "Go 'head give me some sugars and hot sauce"
With an atrack of Diana Ross playing
And drunk off some moonshine, I passed out and woke up at noontime
Thought it was crack of dawn, but *** was in my face
Said them draws was versache, I thought she had versace


Love Me

length: 3:59
producer: Craig Brockman
vocal: Timbaland
"Love Me"
(feat. Tweet)

And we're back.. playing the hottest mu-sic on your radio
Coast to coast.. worldwide shore to shore sea to sea
I am your host.. DeBruca
And you're listening to the hottest radio station, in all the land

What a revelation (lation)
You're the reason that I breathe
Innocent creation
I can use you as I please
The only one to tell my story
when words are hard to catch
Of all that comes with fame and glory
You let me rock you best
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooo-oooh, ooooo-oooh..

Such a sensation (sation)
Hypnotizin melo-dy
No limitations
I can stroke yo' every key
And you'll give me that do-re-mi-so
And sometimes double-time
And sometimes you'll love me nice and slow
Makes me want to sing this rhyme
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooohh.. oooh-weeee..
Ooooo-oooh, ooooo-oooh..

[w/ voicebox]
Love me.. like I, love you
Don't you love me boo? Don't you love me boo?
Love me.. like I, love you
Don't you love me boo?
Promising, promising now, that I love ya, I love ya
I love ya, I LOVE YA!
I do love ya.. yes Iiiiiii do, yes I do
Can you love me, can you love me
Can you love me, can you love me
toniiiiight, toniiiiight?
Can you love me, now can you love me
Now can you love me, now can you love me
toniiiiight, toniiiiight? All I want to say to you is
Can you love me, can you love me?
Can you love me love me?

Baby Budda

length: 4:24

In Time

length: 3:41
(C'mon girl, I was just playin with you)
Ah - see'mon, ah
You would not believe - see'mon, ah
What's goin down right now - see'mon, ah
Holla!! see'mon ah
You would not believe - see'mon, ah
What's about to go down right now - see'mon, ah
Holla, see'mon..

Guess who's back it's your favorite man
Thomas Crown, a.k.a. (freaky) Timbaland
I keep 'em twelve deep in the full motion van
Mamis betta not speak unless I say they can
Hon - whatchu know about this guy?
I've been hittin girls back since "Cooley High"
Groovy right, whatch'all girls doin tonight?
Bumble bee let's hum right on this flight

[Ms. Jade]
Hum on a flight? ***** you 'fraid of heights
Ms. Jade have you whinin by the end of the night
Try and try and have 'em sick when I board the jet
Dough from bets, **** around and saw off they necks
You heard me black? Squeaky-*** Cadillacs
I owe you one, you **** around and owe me back
Got Franklin on the mind, **** I ain't gon' front
I'm a number one sinner, what-wha-wha-what?

[Chorus: Timbaland]
Life, is, what you make it
I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you-oooh-ooh
Life, is, what you make it
I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you, in time

I'll be yo' penicillin, keepin my jimmy chillin
What more can I say? Top billin
*****z got the feelin I'm wack and I fell off
Said bird is the word is Charmin and Mag's off?
Don't why'all see I ain't new to this game?
Got hoes in each town want to swoon me for fame
But I get 'em for they cash, smokin up all they hash
Treat 'em like garbage, leavin 'em in the trash

[Ms. Jade]
Mag I wreckon you right, but it's my ****in night
X-5, bing truck, high as a kite
Powder be white, Ms. Jade, powerful bite
Pet *****z make they asses ride the back of my bike
Pay for nuts and want for nada, I ain't bluffin
See me in the back of the club, steadily puffin
In time you will buy me this and that
Meanwhile ************ betta holla back

[Mad Skillz]
Uh, see'mon ma, I seen you starin when I hit the door
You ain't gotta front boo, I know that **** ain't yours
I'm like Big out the Maximas and Acuras
Trust me sweets butt-cheeks I be smackin UP!
.. and that ****'s fo'sho'
What I really want to say is, "Getcha coat, let's go"
You seen the whips outside, the fly one's mine
I'm with Tim and Mag, don't lie, take your time

[Ms. Jade]
Lie for what? Never been that type of chick
Rubber band around the wrist, be the type to grip
and flip the script, send your *** home all limp
************ you ain't know? I'm a female pimp
King Kong trips, ridin all the latest whips
With a Corona in the holder I'm the latest *****
Yup - you could call me the greatest wench
Yup - when you **** with the greatest clique

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Mr. Richard

length: 0:51


length: 4:13

Beat Club

length: 4:48
performer: Sin
Beat club!
Untitled, uhh uhh, uhh - YES
Uhh uhh, uhh, YES, uhh uhh
Uhh uhh Timbaland, uhh, uhh uhh
Uhh, uhh uhh - YES, uhh
One, two, three, here we go!

[Troy Mitchell]
Yo, who want to wreck you with the iller thug, super killer thug
You know that thug that's used to doin it out the dub
I go Shaft on *****z, don't make me have to call my killers
Staff on *****z, get bloodbaths for all you *****z
Yo, I ain't tryna talk **** straight up I walk this ****
I'm used to bossin **** and offin clips
See hood is around my way - they talk often quick
To us you spit, and leave that ***** coffin ****
See we gang we never bought it in the streets I slang
Peeps I train to hustle get it take out names
Let me bang and spread it all around the project blocks
I'm sick with glocks now *****es get ridiculous jocks
Now thug filthy *****z walkin through your club with blunts
Grill with fronts, keep Henny on the spill for months
I get trucks from the *****es and the *****z I crush
And figure the last *****z that **** with us

Yo, Mag never roll with a gun, Mag roll with a two-case
Get up in some beef *****z end up with a screw face
Besides that I got a gang of P-town *****z with court cases
And they all gettin life
We can be enemies after ****in your wife, or runnin train on 'em
Piss on a slut, let it rain on 'em
But I'd rather put my brain on 'em
Look at the *****, she got a frame on 'em
Mag hit it then came on 'em
"Alias," if you with me you ride
Get in the back of the Lex', and be out of your tux
Label me "alias" from my respects to crack this case
I'm past bein berserk, ***** look at my face
I got an ill way of showin my pain
**** talkin how I'm hurt, Mag take out his brain
I'm goin insane and why'all *****z, hatin my thang
Mag the illest ***** spittin, **** the simple and plain

Sin the reason why rap ain't gon' be the same
First *****z speak my name, off with his brain
Put the heat to his back, clap his lungs collapse
If I would sell, six plat', I'm done with rap
How many why'all gotta touch, then found out Sin's too much
Uncut, can't touch
You remind me, of *****; you *****-*** *****
Up North, drawers off, snitch *** *****

Now I'm hangin with superstars, and ****in them in the cocktail room
After the nuttin, sweep 'em out with the broom
Mag ghetto as ever but mo' cheddar
Used to smoke dub sacks now just pound [unknown]
But I got a sweet tooth for crime but never kill
I run with steel, stay in the house, put my **** up in Jill
Poppin usin' the pill, never did it before
I want to see how it feel, when you **** wit my skill
I make a mil' [unknown], ***** much fine in weather
Fam's wipin' they tongues a little
Mag run for the street, or for the block
Brand new cribs still dissin' the pot
Some bums take change see
Neighbors lookin' at Mag strangely
Find they self, hangin' from a tree
But I'm a real life gleeful
"Alias" is next, but that ***** ain't diesel [unknown]

[Troy Mitchell]
Yo, I used to keep it on the low when I was younger
But now I'm big boss in the game, come let me show you somethin'
So what ya need is a tech or a four-five calico with a nose wide
and women don't know when to slow slide
My A-K in the cut, with my 'dro hidin
I keep them hookers holdin' my fort, and keep a low vibe
I heard the feds hate me 'cause I'm so live
From five o'clock to four-oh-five sellin' quarters and dimes
Even Magoo got a watch I ain't dumb
Ain't no familiars in this place where I'm slingin' it from
I got wholesale weight, that low-sale weight
Or any kind of weight that make my dough flow stright
'Cause I'm oh so great; real thugs, no fake
That's why they down to play me on radio stations and rotations
Thugs hate - everything I stand fo', throw hands fo'
Make plans fo', roll on yo' camp fo'

Laid back in the same colored Escalade
Run over rappers that test the brake
Leave you under the jeep and test your faith
Put it in reverse and, crush your face
Go to court, tell the judge **** the case
Go to jail, no bail, cut your face
Get it right *****, you dealin with apes
I came for the safe now show me the cake, uhh

Listen, as soon I'm on the show you struggle in raps
Anticipate nickel plates, man, right where you sat
Like a panel ***** under your shirt, picture that
How your child's gonna burp when you losin your lap?
Hey, I'm bringin the shade, don't floss in the day
*****z think they so cold like they jewelry okay
I'm hittin hoes, respondin like you charmin the dame
Crackin up like, "Damn, which one of why'all paid?"
A pretty boy got hookers thinkin that the blows don't trade
That's the day that the curls slide under the braid
I'll give you somethin sharp to raise that line in your fade
Different ligaments torn for every round that's sprayed
Puttin hoes into groups and spittin them up like Jake
do-rags ain't safe, bullets skip through waves
I'll hop drive-through, pop somethin in Dave
I ain't from around yo' way, ***** I'm from V-A


length: 4:21

I Am Music

Music-is what I live for
Music-is what I'm here for
Music-is what I live for
Music-is what I'm here for

Verse 1(Timbaland):
I'll be with you on your way to work
When your car turns on you'll probably hear me
You can't run you'll come without me
want to deal cost you a hundred G
I am...I am

[Chorus 1(Beck)]
'Cause I am music
I'm melodies and harmonies
Stereo and mono
I'm the radio, the radio
I said I am the music
I'm simply your beats
Tempos and drumrolls
I'm in the radio the radio

Verse 2(Static):
I'll meet you at a summer jam
I'm with you p.m. or a.m.
I work out with you when you're at the gym
And when you clean the house I'll be in the den
Cause I am...........

[Chorus 2(Beck)]
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
I said I am the music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drumrolls, song

Verse 3(Aaliyah):
You may find me at a shopping mall
I'm not buying but I'll be for sale
Ill be your theme in one of your talent shows
You might even hear me at a resturaunt
'Cause I am..............

[Chorus 3(Beck)]
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
Said I am music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drum rolls, song

Yes I am
Hey, hey
Your music
'Cause all I am
Heeeey, I am
Sweet music
Hey, aaay
Hey aayy aaaay

Chorus 4(Beck):
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo song
I said I am music
Simply your beats
Tempos, drumrolls, song

Music fade out.............