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Tom Jones

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Tom Jones Reload Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Burning Down the House
    length: 3:39
    producer: Tore Johansson
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: The Cardigans
    mixer: Jeremy Wheatley
    additional guitar: Peter Masalkovski
  • 2 Mama Told Me Not to Come
    length: 3:01
    producer: Steve Bush and Marshall Bird
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: Stereophonics
    engineer: Bob Kraushaar
    additional producer: Stephen Hague
  • 3 Are You Gonna Go My Way
    length: 3:28
    producer: Guy Chambers and Steve Power
    membranophone: Chris Sharrock
    vocal: Tom Jones and Robbie Williams
    trumpet: Steve Sidwell, Paul Spong and Stuart Brooks
    mixer: Heff Moraes
    arranger: Guy Chambers
    background vocals: Sam Brown and Claudia Fontaine
    tenor saxophone: Chris White
    trombone: Neil Sidwell
    baritone saxophone: Dave Bishop
    bass guitar: Paul Turner
    brass arranger: Guy Chambers and Steve Sidwell
    bass guitar & guitar: Fil Eisler
  • 4 All Mine
    length: 4:01
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: The Divine Comedy
    mixer: Jon Jacobs
  • 5 Sunny Afternoon
    length: 3:28
    producer: Tore Johansson
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: Tom Jones and Space
    horn: Jens Lindgård, Petter Lindgård and Sven Andersson
  • 6 I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
    length: 3:41
    producer: James Dean Bradfield and Dave Eringa
    membranophone: Greg Haver
    lead vocals: James Dean Bradfield
    vocal: Tom Jones
    mixer: James Dean Bradfield and Dave Eringa
    bass guitar & guitar: James Dean Bradfield
    assistant producer: Boris Aldridge
  • 7 Sexbomb
    length: 3:32
    producer: Mousse T.
    vocal: Tom Jones
    Hammond organ: Lutz Krajenski
    horn: Uwe Granitza
    horn & bass guitar: Peter Hinderthür
  • 8 You Need Love Like I Do
    length: 3:51
    producer: Jon Douglas
    lead vocals: Heather Small
    vocal: Tom Jones
    trumpet: Duncan McKay
    performer: Heather Small
    mixer: Ren Swan
    engineer: Marc Lane
    background vocals: Beverley Skeete, Sylvia Mason-James, Miriam Stockley and Andy Caine
    guitar: Alan Ross
    keyboard: Dave Clews
    programming: Dave Clews
    saxophone: Mike Stevens
    trombone: Nichol Thomson
    keyboard & membranophone & guitar family: Jon Douglas
    bass guitar: Paul Turner
  • 9 Looking Out My Window
    length: 3:21
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: The James Taylor Quartet
    engineer: Paul Emanuel
    Hammond organ: James Taylor
    additional keyboard: Kwame Kwaten
    programming: Ed Baden Powell
    flugelhorn & trumpet: John Thirkell
    alto saxophone & tenor saxophone & baritone saxophone: Steve Marston
    additional mezzo-soprano vocals: Harriet Williams
    bass guitar & keyboard & guitar family & electronic drum set: Ed Baden Powell
  • 10 Sometimes We Cry
    length: 5:02
    producer: Van Morrison
    membranophone: Geoff Dunn and Malcolm Mortimore
    vocal: Van Morrison, Tom Jones and Carmen Smart
    mixer: Stephen Hague
    engineer: Bob Kraushaar
    recording engineer: Walter Samuel
    additional producer: Stephen Hague
    guitar: Mark Ralph and John Scott
    keyboard: Geraint Watkins
    acoustic guitar: Mick Cox
    percussion: Ralph Salmins and Andy Duncan
    programming: Andy Duncan
    tenor saxophone: Tim Sanders
    horn: Pee Wee Ellis
    bass guitar: Steve Pearce
    horn arranger: Simon Clarke
    baritone saxophone & alto saxophone: Simon Clarke
  • 11 Lust for Life
    length: 3:43
    producer: Stephen Hague
    vocal: Tom Jones and Chrissie Hynde
    performer: The Pretenders
    mixer: Jeremy Wheatley
    recording engineer: Richard Norris
    background vocals: Johnny Marr and Adam Seymour
    guitar: Adam Seymour
    membranophone & percussion: Ged Lynch
    percussion: Andy Duncan
    programming: Chuck Norman
    guitar & harmonica: Johnny Marr
    bass guitar & piano: Guy Pratt
  • 12 Little Green Bag
    length: 3:50
    producer: Stephen Hague
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: Barenaked Ladies
    mixer: Stephen Hague and Bob Kraushaar
    recording engineer: Richard Norris
    guitar: Mark Ralph
    percussion: Andy Duncan
    programming: Andy Duncan
    Clavinet & organ: Chris Brown
  • 13 Ain't That a Lot of Love
    length: 2:44
    producer: 屋敷豪太
    vocal: Mick Hucknall and Tom Jones
    trumpet: Kevin Robinson
    performer: Simply Red
    mixer: Jeremy Wheatley
    recording engineer: Matthew White, Alan Douglas, John Lee and James Wiltshire
    guitar: 屋敷豪太 and Greg Bone
    keyboard: 屋敷豪太, James Wiltshire and Neil Cowley
    programming: James Wiltshire and 屋敷豪太
    saxophone: Chris de Margary and Ian Kirkham
    trombone: John Johnson
    bass guitar: Laurence Cottle
    assistant engineer: Emily Cracknell, Josh T and Matthew White
  • 14 She Drives Me Crazy
    length: 3:36
    producer: Magnus Fiennes and Jeremy Wheatley
    membranophone: Ged Lynch
    vocal: Zucchero and Tom Jones
    guitar: Chester Kamen
    Hammond organ: Willy South
    keyboard: Magnus Fiennes
    programming: Magnus Fiennes
    tenor saxophone: Tim Sanders
    trombone: Annie Whitehead
    bass guitar: Guy Pratt
    alto saxophone & baritone saxophone: Simon Clarke
    alto saxophone & baritone saxophone & trumpet: Roddy Lorimer
  • 15 Never Tear Us Apart
    length: 3:09
    producer: Johnny Douglas
    vocal: Natalie Imbruglia and Tom Jones
    mixer: Ren Swan
    engineer: Steve Price
    guitar: Alan Ross
    keyboard: Dave Clews
    programming: Dave Clews
    additional recording engineer: Stephen Hague
    keyboard & guitar family & membranophone: Johnny Douglas
    strings arranger: Simon Hale
    bass guitar: Paul Turner
  • 16 Baby, It's Cold Outside
    length: 3:41
    producer: Tommy Danvers
    piano: Simon Chamberlain
    vocal: Cerys Matthews and Tom Jones
    mixer: Tommy Danvers
    engineer: Andy Bradfield
    electric guitar: John Parricelli
    alto saxophone: Jamie Talbot and Phil Todd
    tenor saxophone: Chris White and Snake Davis
    trombone: Pete Beachill, Neil Sidwell and Mark Nightingale
    bass trombone: Adrian Hallowell
    trumpet & flugelhorn: Steve Sidwell
    flugelhorn & trumpet: Stuart Brooks, Derek Watkins and Simon Gardner
    baritone saxophone: Dave Bishop
    drums (drum set): Ian Thomas
    bass guitar: Steve Pearce
    orchestrator: Matt Dunkley
  • 17 Motherless Child
    length: 5:10
    producer: Adrian Utley and Geoff Barrow
    conductor: Gavyn Wright
    vocal: Tom Jones
    performer: Portishead and Tom Jones
    engineer: Niven Garland and Steve Price
    additional: Beth Gibbons
    strings arranger & brass arranger: Nick Ingman
    bass guitar & guitar: Adrian Utley
    piano & vibraphone: John Baggott
    assistant engineer: Martin McCorry
    timpani & membranophone: Clive Deamer