The Things I Notice Now Album Cover Art

Tom Paxton


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1. Bishop Cody's Last Request
    length: 3:36
  • 2 Wish I Had a Troubadour
    length: 3:41
  • 3 About the Children
    length: 3:05
  • 4 I Give You the Morning
    length: 2:50
  • 5. The Things I Notice Now
    length: 3:16
  • 6 The Iron Man
    length: 15:06
  • 7 All Night Long
    length: 2:33
    producer: Peter K. Siegel
    membranophone: Albert Bouchard and Jimmy Madison
    piano: David Horowitz
    vocal: Tom Paxton
    engineer: Dave Sanders and Shelly Yakus
    electric guitar: David Bromberg
    arranger: Joshua Rifkin
    violin: Max Pollikoff
    bass: Richard Davis and Herb Bushler
    flute: Hubert Laws and Jack Bonus
    guitar: Tom Paxton
    acoustic guitar: David Bromberg
    cello: Robert Sylvester
    flugelhorn: Johnny Coles
    electric bass guitar: Herb Bushler
    tenor saxophone: Jack Bonus
    descant recorder / soprano recorder: Richard Grando
    soprano saxophone: Richard Grando