Runnin’ Off at da Mouth Album

Artist(s): Tung Twista

Cover Art

Tung Twista Runnin’ Off at da Mouth Cover Art



length: 3:45

Sucker wack vicks, I ratatattat tactics, givin em black kicks
Mufflin up the mic with funky black licks
Tricks, I be rippin em like hocus pocus, focus on the funk, gee
Tung be runnin away like a punk be
Rockin, droppin the funk of the manifestation that'll be dope
Scope the point of being wack? Nope, never & no-no
A dancer like a go-go? Oh no
My lip be sort of kickin sort of funky like a hobo
Sucker, I'm like a hype hip-hop gangster gettin dumb
Instead of shooting guns I shoot the tongue
Style Pacino, I'm gunnin em up controllin your casino
Funky like a wino, rhino-dyno like dino
Comin around the corner cappin sucker ducks who be tryin to wreck mine
But my lyrical tongue is like a Tec-9, wastin em
Look at me spillin juice, loose to chasin em
Cut them like tomatoes, then be tomat-pastin em
Facin em, gun to tongue, let's see who'll win this gang member
I'm droppin em like a leaf in September to November
Froze in December, rock over October, so remember
When I shoot the Tec-9 tongue - timber

What's the sound of a gat
What's the sound of a gat
What's the sound of a gat
Show em how the Tung smacks
Show em how the Tung smacks
Show em how the Tung smacks
Show em how the Tung smacks

Prr-prrrr.. buck em down
Sucker ducks, comin to pluck em down
Hope the hip hype hip-hop horn struck em down
Climbin, I'm never rhymin Simple like Simon but I'ma do what Simon said
He told me to put that head to bed
Givin an eyeful, funky rhythm of a tongue will stifle
Trifle cause I pop the tongue like a rifle
Watch the funky words pounce
From my mouth watch 40 bounce
Cappin a sucker duck like a 40 ounce
Some flows are wack, but as for me I cause a catastrophe
Like callin Allah God steppin to me is blasphemy
I shoot the tongue like a machine gun
Know what I mean, son?
A chunky spunky tongue if you ever seen one
Cops, I give em props, they cap men, mostly black men
Mouth will pack, then smack em like a Mack-10
Bop - another head flown like a frisbee, it is me
The clips from my lips could drop a Grizzly
Hear me vick, I pack a kick for the ballistic, animalistic
You didn't know my tongue was this quick
Cops that be cappin thinkin that be spunky
Watch I hit them with the lyric and then I'm cut em up with a funky


Poppin and poppin and poppin the flow of the hip hype hop rhythm
I bust caps like I've been hittin false teeth with raps
Rip your show apart, I know you got no heart to start, I flow art
I got the style that even Humphrey couldn't Bogart
Syllable serum, suckers hear come a style to smack a man
And it be sort of like a smack of Jackie Chan
I pop the funky gun of hip hop, I hop with hips
Droppin battle ships I put the automatic clips up into my lips
Funky like a drunk, I buck em like a hunter
My rifle will make em stifle like Edith Bunker
Suckers I tag em, my rhythm'll rag em, drag em
They felt the funky flow of the formula .44 Magnum
Minimum against the maximum, cracks a maximus
Charge tax and dust, thinkin about waxin us
DJ Jihad will slice em like lard
Check out the funky cut, rocks god be gunnin em up like buckshots
Cappin a brother if he come in a centimeter
Comin to drop the style of Tung and then I bet I'm gonna beat ya
Shootin like mi Uzi, I re-arrange a fella feature
Filimeter, mi funky rhythm is like a 9 millimeter



length: 3:27
Oh - back again makin the rhythm kick jazz
Used to be wick-wack, now I got funky pizzazz
Idryss'll do my fade-up cause he cuts em like class
And the chicks want me to lick cause I'm too quick, I think I'll pass
Dollars, if I don't fold em, I roll em like a bolo
Other steppin to brothers cause he be God? Oh no
G-o-d, I be not he, it's true, don't call me loco
And my man Eric the Wiz will stir the mini mix up like Coco
Cut like Michael Myers, start up fires, I'm a scar hard
Thinkin I be wimpy, I just simply rip em far apart
Ansaars in New York, I know that you know that you are God
This brother's from Chicago, so I guess I'm a Chigagod
Rhythm is my producer of rhythms on the wax
The posse Lower Level be kickin some funky tracks
Never ask, I ax, I get madder than Max
Diggem smacks, if they try to tax I play em like a sax

Rock - me call it what?
Rock - me call it what?

Styles, I hand em, I brand em like cattlecakes
Better get flows from your bros if a battle takes
I hear a hiss, the tale of a taddle shakes
Backs this breaks givin aches to the rattlesnakes
I get s____y with funky stylin
Rhythms I flow, I kick them wild and
Tryin to get with the styles I'm pilin
For your sob story I better get the violin
Come again - watch a fun one construct
I don't like sissy chickens and I hate a sucker duck
Some label me a sucker because ducks I like t pluck
The only way I be a sucker is if women wanna suck
Always goin broke so I don't dig into my stash
I'm cool as Brian Robbins on the show _Head of the Class_
If you don't get the picture, make the camera go flash
When this rhythm was a baby, doc spanked him on his - jaz


Study my culture, soar like a vulture
My teacher Marvin Howard will create my sculpture
I'm kickin Islam, some brothers try to bomb
Facts can harm but I still say Salaam
Sometimes I blush, bust and leave puss
Hush if I must, plus I don't forget to flush
With suckers I fuss, thought I was soft like a slush
Chicagods crush cause they think toys r us
Hip (hip what) hop
This funky hip (hip what) hop
Is funky hip (hip what) hop
This funky hip (hip what) hop
'll make a drip (drip what) drop
I like to rip (rip what) shop
I always slip (slip what) cops
Reachin the tip (tip what) top
Come in again
Buck-buck, my rhythm be knockin at the do'
Mi stamina rock, mi stamina rock, bloodclot, I do not know
Why they judge me by one rap and say too fast I flow
Even though I kinda thought I said it slow - oh


No Peace Sign

length: 3:49
{Tung Twista}
relaxin maxin to the maximum
to tracks a hum
the wicks where the stacks are from
inside the styles of a funky lyrical wiz
what a miracle is
get down to spiritual business
now my tongue kissed
put words in your system wished em
respect the blackness em
give in em win em the peace they want
but don't want the peace signs unless its in the mind
become a victim because i kick em sick em
supposed to be black but they be wack
those who pretend to be a muslim i gooshed em
positive ones i pushed em
into the path or righteousness might get dissed
those who pump a fist but ain't right with this
i increase rhymes wacks and weak minds
if it ain't real stop throwin up peace signs

(chorus 2x)
don't give him no peace sign if you don't mean it from your heart
untied we can get over, yet were still apart

terror wished em ima terrorize elorize in disguise
those for side for tizin and i begin
to creepin seepin thought out unrighteousness and dissed
connect of venomous gangs with the rhytmness
figured they manifestin g i can address
individually each emcee is throwin up peace but don't pray to the east
i write the lect the soul should be playin towards mecca
but snakes and devils won't letcha
freestyle some religious free dump see
to letcha know how come dumb some be
ignorance a comish to look like a fish
and since we whipped from bars to a ghetto priz
ima wiz some brains i give em a brain washin
when I'm walkin devils I'm squashin
science fiction mixed in tricks in fixin
the ways of all sort for good
come in my fortress ima gonna force this
'cause it holy don't try to fold me
some just say peace tryin to the black guy
some say peace thinkin it means bye bye
so g if ya never mean this from the heart and the mind
stop throwin up peace signs


lets walk the path of a vo-cab-ulary
you'll cary the thoughts of every righteous man
lets fight this plan of a other man
waxin thoughts of a brother man
satans waitin for us to be hatin each other
sister brother or mother color
blackness don't try to attack this fact this lets now practice
true peace new salon one who is a peace
cease when you see hunger than give peace
blacks a supplied them and applied them identified them
you suffer inhale and say why them
'cause you did not follow the path that i laid out
say blackness and get played out
like children wildin some try to kick a fist
pick a fist i take a piss wikedness to get crushed up
movin up on that bustop while stand inhale bustop
so you must stop
fakin the holy faith in wakin
star don't come apart our hearts get a stake in
so don't be mad so what minds to the minimum
'cause in the em sendin em holy wisdom
to let you know from the heart and the mind
stop throwin up peace signs


Nun Y’all Can Hang

length: 4:06

Mista Tung Twista

length: 4:08
What's happenin, y'all?
This is Tyrone Chillinfoot down with the funky Tung Twista, baby
[number] inches of straight stupid, straight ignorant dope funky stuff for ya, baby
So turn up your radio and get down to the Tung Twista
Kick it, gee

Let the Cavalier Tung kiss ya, it's the Mista Tung Twista
Pumpin a rhythm, a lyrical styler
My tongue'll be flingin a funky pile of
Lyrical rhymes that's breakin em off in the mind, I be flowin em holy, I'm
Kickin the funky Islam, my lyricals slippin em like petroleum, slowly I'm
Pumpin the flow of the lyric, I'm breakin em off with the radical texture
I'm one brother you could never get next ta
Flex your style, I'm gonna give em a lyrical pump of the rhythm of Cav
And crackin em up with the word of the wise
I be bringin em up in the flow of the funky dialect
I elect a flow for suckers that try a wreck
I spark the light of a head and be wakin em up and then cause a fly effect
I insist ya lay with the path of my rhythm and follow me like a scripture
Flowin this from my lung, a tongue twister
Mista, my style'll be makin a dent and be leavin the tracks bent
Steppin is the lyrical black gent, my Nubian accent
Breakin em up and then makin em take in the smell of my funk I be kickin up in em
And then I'ma give em a lick of my lyrical lollypop, I'm gonna bring em into my doctrine
Rock, then the rhythm'll makin the clock spin blackwards
The funk of the rhythm'll snap, crackle and pop, then flow, oh
I'm makin em follow the path of a God and my track'll be blacker than Cocoa
This lyric I'm makin is dope, don't call it so-so
Don't dis the Tung Twista
Leavin the suckers soft as a whisper, Tung kiss ya like a sister
Then I'ma let it be known that it's the way that I throw
That's makin the funk of the lyrical glow
And how I tell it, yo Cav is kickin a funkedelic flow, and oh, my fist'll
Swing at the rhythm of suckers, then I'm gonna give em a Tung blister
It's the Mista Tung Twista

Boy, that's Tung Twista for ya
Comin at ya in 3d
?? funkier than that, boy
Check it out
Kick it again

My tongue is spinnin
I follow with Allah and the Father be stoppin the Cavalier from sinnin
The lyrical rhythm beginning and then in the endin
I ratatattat tactics, give em black kicks
Flow of the lyric I'm pumpin and rappin em up is dope as a crack fix
Wack? It's - funky, I'm greater
Never to step at the lyrical dictator, a state of
Shock is what I put a sucker into, then to mentally
Go with the smell I be stylin, gee, funky is what the scent'll be
Harmin this? Uh-uh, the Cavalier's kickin my charm in this
Simply because I'm in this, I'm as dope as a pharmacist
Calmin this? Hype as a rattle be shakin and rippin the rhythm
And breakin up into a sweat, I be workin the lyrical servin a sucker
So never come near a, lyricist Cavalier - ah
Rock the flow of the lyrical rhythm be shinin like a mirror
Hear a sucker step at the Twist, ya gotta be goin like this to beat me
The funk of the lyric will flow from me like peepee
You caught a work of my tongue as I be flow flowin like water
Crackin em up with a flow and sort of slaughter I oughta
?? I'm bracin Nubian nations, race and chasin
My tongue your tastin, a quick pace and facin lyrical wastin
Tungs'll be cut like Jason, racin
Tung Twista rocks, your lip'll lock
My tongue'll be makin a tick tick or tick tock to Nubian hip-hop
Flip-flopped, a flow when I wrote this
Kickin and makin some hocus pocus, focus
Tongue will be flippin just like this I'ma locus
Givin a diagnosis for Twisterosis
Crackin a mouth and them makin em ache I'ma put em up into a coma
You're sniffin dope aroma
I'm blendin
I'm able to break up a sucker that you might send in
The funk of the lyrical rhythm beginnin
Spinnin the suckers around like a dollar
Be makin em holler kickin the funk of a lyrical scholar
I pray to Allah, I'm makin this funky like I'm a hobo
Throw better than bolo, ya thinkin that he can battle my solo
Just say oh no cause that's a no-no
When I be smellin the funk of my flow, jo
I'm pumpin this up and breakin this in with a lyrical, then say haha
Take titles, then say ta-ta
I'm rippin a rap and then rockin a rhythm and ring in my tongue I'ma bend em
And flow with a lyric it's steppin inside em
And get with the funk I be pumpin up in em
With this and it's the
Yeah - Tung Twista

Boy, if that ain't bad, my name ain't Lewis Tyrone Chillinfoot, baby
But we finna get the Boogieman ??
Go head, kid

The Boogieman was speaking, he said, what's up Mista Twista
Don't you know that Nubians ain't never supposed to whisper
Talkin behind my back is makin it seem like it's a rumor
So tell me fact to face when you can decide to come to Juma
Don't say your name backwards because you don't like Cav
Played to the left by def and I'm gonna eff up the right half
The sucker descendant of Canaan, I'ma let my pizzazz wreck
I'm speakin this to the devil that calls his self an Aztec
You ain't a Puerto-Rican, know what I'm speakin, Islam you're seekin
You might as well open the doors of a church and become a deacon
Don't step to me, speakin the pep to me about what your rep'll be
Crept to me because I let them see that you had leprosy
Them suckers that be dissin me I simply just insist ya
Stop steppin against the Mista Tung Twista

Now that was bad, baby
But if you think that was somethin
Wait till you hear the album
I like to give a shout to my son [Name]
And ?? to Eric the Wiz
Of course Cavalier, it's his album
My man [Name]
And the DJ Cut
And the whole entire hip-hop nation
We Audi 5000
Take the mic, y'all

Do the robotic robot

Back 2 School

length: 3:50
[Tung Twista]
back to school lets go back to school
lets go lets go back to school to the oldschool
[chorus 4x]

lets go back to school to the old school
to the times when the single file lines was the rule
to the days that we had to study all the maps
the days we were kiddin not to take the kid naps
the days when we used to have to wear the dunce caps
and the days when we used to bust the oldschool raps
sittin with your buddy studyin for ya test
lookin back so that you see up under betty's dress
couldnt wait for bells to ring so we can go to recess
to kick the battle rhymes just to see who was the best
there were seven emcee's in the 7th grade
i would kick seven rhymes had only seven made
but those seven rhymes we stole
note the way your toning
i gave the class a blast the way i smash my opponents
battlin was serious they've all ducked the fist
because i kick the funky fresh rhymes like fish
try to swing but they miss they miss like this
Rasheeda's on the monkey bars blowin me a kiss
throwin rhymes back and forth on the see saw
just to mess with him because i know that he saw
winkin at Latrice because i know that she saw
several suckas tried to push us down but we saw
these are the days when the tounge used to rule
recess is over lets go back to school


goin back to school like Rodney Dangerfield
to the lunchroom where the cooks arrange a meal
ate the sloppy joe where my friends copy so
we can try to get more than emcees can flow
the fun fun fun funky able fable
i stake the style standin on the stable lunch table
finish up the rhyme so i can pass it to the next
throw em back and forth till we heard the bells flex
left the lunchroom went to the gymnasium
ut time to flow we call it a rap stadium
throwin rhymes back and forth like a symphany
i wanna start a battle so step to him for me
the whylin got sensible because we saw the principal
like grammar school somehow the principal's invicible
shot a couple hoops the rims are called fruit loops
and if you miss we say opps and leave the gym like troops
single file line but we were still at the pool
the day is over tommorrow back to school


after school im home with my mom she's pleased
cuz rappin help me learn there were never F's and D's
cuz when im spellin bees it would help me stand these
didnt worry about freaks on the street sellin keys
rock the streets beats from the mouth no tracks
rhymes be simple bust on how they aint wack
i walk into a battle say what we havin here
back in them days i was called a cavalier
me and baby used to flow the flows like food
me and James Phillips used to rock the high schools
me and Carl Tolta used to rock the neighborhood
Don and Aviator used to show that they were good
me and Johnny Love used to rock the rock parties
and my brother Johnny kicks a dance to fade everybody
me and kingdom rock used to rock the south blocks
an empire of destruction had emcees on their jocks
the past i have stated, they way we used to rule
even though we graduated lets go back to school


One Down 2 2 Go

length: 3:29
Me stamina rock, me stamina rock, me stamina rock
Blood clot, I do not know
Why suckers say too fast I flow
'Oh' be the reply, I don't see why
It don't be fly just like a slow flow
Because I still can rock a show
Oh, the party jumps, I make the party jump
I pump the fist like this
With funky hypeness
And oh, I take you far, god
The dope Chicagod can rock a show well
Because I flow well, so won't ya go tell
I'm at the show where they do not respect Chicago MC's
I make them freeze like frozen chimneys
Step on the stage with my stage crew
Grippin the mic like Crazy Glue
And after that then what do I do?
Begin to drop, my funky hip-hop
They start to flock, my funky hip-hop
Their brains'll lock, my funky hip-hop
The way I rock, my funky hip-hop
Hip-hop, I rock the show
That's the 1st show of the 3 shows
I gotta flow - oh, 1 down, 2 2 go

I rock the 1st show
1 down, 2 2 go [8X]

Steppin up into a dancehall
I tell em, "Dance y'all"
They do not reply
Because they think me not be fly
But I'ma make em jump, I make the people jump
But I'ma make em jump, I make the people jump
I pump the fly rhyme that be my rhyme
That I'ma rock in the funky party with
They think I won't, but watch how fly the party get
They follow me, follow me, black, I'm not wick-wack
They follow me, follow me, black, I'm not wick-wack
MC's be ever so angry cause I step in the fortress
Then I rock the party because I rock everybody
They follow me, follow me mic chants
I tell the men 'say ho', they say 'ho'
Follow me mic chants
I tell the men 'say ho', they say 'ho'
A victim of the way I kick them flows
I chose 10 bros I picked from 10 shows to rock the 10 toes
I make the rhythm rough enough to make the feet scuff
Across the floors and rock them dirty drawers
I see your sweat pours, ya step with no flaws
I rock the second show with cuts like chainsaws
The mic is yours

I rock the 2nd show
2 down, 1 2 go [8X]

Me comin to flo-ow, oh-oh
It's time to rock a 3rd show
Flo-ow, oh-oh, it's time to rock a 3rd show
Me stamina rocks again
The tick-tocks of clocks again
Drops the men, they need some oxygen
If suckers think I'm wack I call em out like bingo
Or oo-uno cause I do know hip-hop judo and you know
The hip-hop chops rocks akis, don't drop no abc's
Cause I only drop these to drop knees
Please, dis a Chicagod, ya lose
Cause I can rock with stars and still get ahs and oohs
And voodoos choose to put me on tours, I rock like this
I rock a male and rock a female, ay y'all, pump the fist
Because I be rockin the funky words and cheers are heard
That be the 3rd show - 3 down, no mo' 2 go

I rock the 3rd show
3 down, no mo' 2 go [8X]

Frum da Tip of My Tongue

length: 3:04
Droppin a flow like this be breakin the suckers
And rippin the rhythm and showin I'm bringin the feel of my tongue
And be makin em manifest that I be rockin the young
Flowin this style I be singin and bringin
It's breakin the people and go in the mind of a teen
Be makin em hear it and manifest up in him that I'm a star to become
Quick the lyrical style I'ma kick
You better catch the rhythm of it
Cause hip-hop is becomin complicated, never be left hung
Bringin a style like this kinda quick and crisp
A lyrical twist be comin from Chi-Town
I know that hip-hoppers all over will be stung

(How was the rhyme brung?)
Frum the tip of my tung [7X]
(How was the rhyme brung?)
Frum among the tip of my tung

Rock the style of my second verse like that of my first
Be showin the hip-hop hypes my types of flowin, but not the best of T
From an imagination this was took, a mental crook
Stirring this up like a chef or cook
I hear them say give me the recipe
Breakin this off in the fashion of an erection of an adventurous style
That I'ma use to just confuse and smart people then go dumb
You say me style be wack cause y'all can't manifest what I be sayin
Think I'm a lyrical midget, watch me then say fee-fi-fo-fum
Flowin this like a veteran that I'm incredible is what they be stung by
When I'ma give in a flow of the funk I erect like a wee-wee
Then see me gee, we be DJ Jihad and T.T.
Steppin and then I'ma find a lyrical line that'll flow from me like peepee
Rockin and me stylin, rockin and me stylin, wildin
Them say me tracks be wack, I just sip them like them coco
Loco, a lyrical thing I sling and cling like Sing-Sing, merciless like Ming
Watch me come and stiff in em like a photo
Funky, funky, funky stylin, wildin
I'ma drop in a flow that breaks and takes a lyrical wiz to wax a funky scholar
Flowin a hyper type of song that I sung from the lung
Breakin em up in a snap, I think that I better thank Allah


Face the lyrical rhythm of this lick I throw in a blister of a body
Breakin em up so quick that I can even bruise hair
Ryhthm will rock blocks and funky track drops
Don't wanna come in the door but when you're hearin this
Do I hear a 'knock-knock who's there'?
Twista breakin em off in a magical rhythmous manifestation of a lyrical racin
Chasin suckers that my funky rhythm elects
Wrote this, quote this, notice how I wreck
My funky hoocus pocus broke his neck


Snap Happy

length: 3:51
Intro, I break a, break a brother ten fold
Oh, 10-40, stomp em like a dinosaur
Poor excuse for an MC, so-so singers
The things I bring'll snap like fingers
Rugged hip-hop, I'm gettin funky like a cheap perfume
Doom, take em from the womb to the tomb, whom
It may concern, I return from the mentally dead
To fly a sleep sucker duck's head
A thouroughbred in this talent, I be snappin like I'm coo-coo
Try to fade my spade, you made a boo boo
Suckers say 'ooops', troops, I spank em if they rap happy
Never calm, cause I'm snap happy

Am I snap happy? (mh-hm)
Tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)
Tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)
Yo, tell me am I snap happpy? (mh-hm)

[VERSE 2: Tung Twista]
Snap happy - snappin on those who think I rap crappy
The Tung is snappy, rougher than nappy, you can't outrap me
Punk, with suckers I toy, I'm stronger than a droid
I don't avoid the noid, I destroyed the noid
So I gotta make a scrub pay hay
Suckers I slay, they lay stinkin in the subway
Focus, my rhythm will scrub, say rub-a-dub-dub
Cause I'ma step into em like a bathtub
I make em run like waterfalls, use your eyes for pool balls
Then run through rappers like school halls
I'm breakin sucker punks' backs
Facts on wax, when I step, instead of footprints, I leave tire tracks
My rhythm be delicious while
I flow, the skunk of this, funk of this with a dramatically vicious style
I destroy your phoney hip-hopness like the Lochness
Monster, just because I want ta
1 to 2, I'm comin through
Swig em like a brew, ooh
You think I bit off more than I can chew?
I break a sissy up with no twist
Don't make my tongue flappy
I still can be labelled as snap happy


DJ Jihad get loose

[DJ scratches] (Hit me)

[VERSE 3: Tung Twista]
I snap and make em yield
Spin my tongue like a windmill
And crack your skull like a windshield
Show me where a sucker makes a error, I give him terror
Be smooth as Aloe Vera, they run like mascara
I turn em over like a page, engage
I eat em with rage and trap the duck behind my rib cage
Flow, my jock'll make em blow
Want me to take em slow
I flow speed till they can't take no mo'
Get the urge to see what I'm servin, bee
I make an emergency for the sucker to get surgery, word to G
You thinkin what I said'll miss
But I'm the head of this, what I said'll diss
Cause it's a mega-diss
If you sleep get into bed of this
But if you wake up, I'ma fly that dreaded head like Pegasus
I'm a son, but for some reason they wanna call me the rap pappy
I guess it's cause I'm snappy


(Hit me)

Runnin’ Off at da Mouth

length: 3:14
(feat. Sinister Def)

[Tung Twista] Yo, Sinister Def
[Sinister Def] Yo, what's up money?
[Tung Twista] Yo, I want you to say your funky flow style for your single
[Sinister Def] Indeed, I think I can do that, so what's up?
[Tung Twista] And ah - I want you to come out Tung Twistin style for me
[Sinister Def] Yeah, I see what I can do, so ehm - Tung Twista
[Tung Twista] Yo
[Sinister Def] Check this out

[Sinister Def]
Runnin -
My lyrics are cunnin, vocabulary is stunnin, son of a gun, and
I'm rankin at one, makin it fun and takin my gun, and
Loadin, explodin, causin harm, poppin and droppin a bomb
Breakin it down like Imaam, so be calm, cause see, I'm
The capable, no mistakable, makin the unbreakable breakable
Able to hook em like cable cause Sinister Def ain't stable
No deceivin and weavin a web, I be leavin a stain in your brain and bustin your vein
Pickin and kickin a style I be lickin and shakin and bakin and makin it rain
Simple and plain, I smoke em like hickory dickory dock, it's time to clock
So brothers I mop, the bigger they drop, so stop, Tung Twista, pop

[Tung Twista]
Gotta be that it be lyrical hip-hop
Rockin a rhythm, I never stop-drop, I'm gonna give em a pop
Flowin this up and breakin the suckers up off of the mic and then rip it to shreds
I be kickin and makin the people come off in a rage
And my lyrical magic I'm makin and movin, I label this funky
Oh, this dope rhythm I throw be pump-pump-pumpin em up in the mind
And be bringin em up into hypeness
This funky tempo I throw, I know that I be slappin the dope hypeness up in em
And then I'ma bend em a lyrical rhythm
I throw with the tongue, be leavin em hung among
This style I be throwin to tangle the mind of a sucker
Then label it lyricalism
And scopin em in a prism
And givin a lyrical flow that will fizz em
I tackle a rhythm and break it up, only my lyric was left
My Tung Twista is def first, let me take a deep breath
Flowin the lyrical magic of mine I be moppin and sweepin
And breakin em up and then makin em break in a sweat
I be makin em jump and then sit up and lift the style
I be kickin and poppin the rhythm I'm rockin and pumpin
The lyrics I put up inside em be makin em rock
And a flow of the rhythm I'm bringin into the mic
I'm gonna give em a concept, never let a con step
To what I be givin the crowd that be makin em hype and then leavin a con swept
Breakin the suckers up into chunks, I be leavin em sinkin deeper than south
I'm gonna twist this up funky, T.T. be runnin off at the mouth

Run off, run off, run off, run off at the mouth

[Sinister Def]
Listen to the tongue twist, twistin is the Tung
Because of my trickery my tongue is slippery
This style is wild I brung
Terrible, tragical, mystical, magical, wreck in a second
The ladies I'm checkin and trickin
You think that I'm sickenin, hoes be kickin when I stick it in
I got the enemy jumpin like Jimny like it was ten of me
Try to be friend of me, suckin my simile
If I'm ill, then give me the rememdy
I'm bakin like Daxon, waxin, givin em facts just like a lawyer
Cause Sinister Def be runnin off at the mouth like Latoya
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
B-b-buck em down, see, buck em down
Come again

[Tung Twista]
Rhythms be comin, a radical phenomenon fillimeter
Be makin a magical matter be that I be
Ratatattat a flow of my tongue energy, I
Crush them, them can't overcome the power to hum
And breakin the minimum competator, gee
Miracle metamorphosis is breakin em off in this
Lyrical matter becomin a rhythmous venomous pop quiz
I'm rockin this as of his and crackin em up with a plop fizz
Lyrical wiz, never a wanna-be, gonna be rippin em up into particles
Then I'ma come in the pitiful puppet's mind
Seekin a rhythm and you shall find
Me rockin the funk of the rhythm, me stamina crammin em up in a t line
Be devine, me lyrical purrrrfection, a funky feline
Cappin a crowd with a mic and then makin em mangle
Pumpin a fist, they tangle
Lyrics so funky even Bo Jangles
Leavin angels, spinnin my tongue
And if you never come into cheer me, I say cheerio, hero
Me rhythm will float like a boat, let's see how he flow
My freedom of speech I'm a reach up against your lyrical flowin, a styler
Jammin and droppin a rhythm and poppin em up with the funk of a wilder
Holy sorcerer oughta come get with the funk of a slow solo
Bolo wanna throw but I show that a funky pro go, still wanna flow? Oh no
Slo-ow, oh-oh, I step when sendin men deeper than south
Lyrical Sinister Def And T.T., we be g runnin off at the mouth

Run off, run off, run off, run off at the mouth

Say What?

length: 3:52
You shout it out but I can't hear a word you say
Talking loud, not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down but I get up

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet take your aim
Fire away, fire away

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

Cut me down but it's you who has further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet take your aim
Fire away, fire away

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
I am titanium
I am titanium

Stone hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone hard, this bulletproof vest

You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
I am titanium
I am titanium