Hell Can Wait Album Cover Art

Vince Staples

Cover Art

Vince Staples Hell Can Wait Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Fire
    length: 2:17
    producer: Anthony Kilhoffer
  • 2 65 Hunnid
    length: 3:06
    producer: Infamous
    membranophone: Dave Chiverton
    piano: Danny Perez
    trumpet: Ted Zimmerman
    violin: Danny Perez
    bass: Ralf Valencia
    cello: Ralf Valencia
    clarinet: Keith Cooper
    saxophone: Keith Cooper
    ukulele: Jordan Davidson
  • 3 Screen Door
    length: 4:08
    producer: Marvin "Hagler" Thomas
  • 4 Hands Up
    length: 3:20
    producer: No I.D.
  • 5 Blue Suede
    length: 3:39
    producer: Marvin "Hagler" Thomas
  • 6 Limos
    length: 3:33
    producer: Marvin "Hagler" Thomas and Jordan Lewis
  • 7 Feelin’ the Love
    length: 3:31
    producer: Marvin "Hagler" Thomas