Ambition Album

Artist(s): Wale


Don't Hold Your Applause

length: 3:14

Inspired by women, *****s say that I treat em different
*****s be *****es, hoes be *****es, I don't see no difference
Shawty my aim is different, DC my English iffy
Solo I be but I'm on my feet, I got these angels with me
Tired of making money, I'm on to making history
**** how they feel, I keeps it realer than a documentary
**** I be feeling like real *****s don't make it to fifty
And I be feeling Malcolm, Martin, and Pac would defend me
I focus on chicken, my cortizone frigid
Don't trust no cheap rubbers, don't trust no dirty *****es
Sippin moscato with models having exotic dishes
But it don't mean **** unless I know that my genre respected
I deserve praise, I deserve applause
Drawers by bad broads whenever the curtains call
It's all work, no days off
I'm on a great run, Wale Folarin

Make sure that they always talk of me
Make sure these *****es in awe for me
Make sure to give them my all
And now they know that we on
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
And ay ay ay
Don't ever hold your applause for me

GQ man of the year, Cudi Drizzy and me
Went away for a little, let my wisdom increase
When you winning obese, all your haters fatigued
Got me counting my blessings, it took me Haiti to see
When you rapping how you rapping, *****es pack up and leave
When you rapping how I'm rapping, they fellatio free
I was pacing myself, hope you patient as me
Plus I got a lot, *****s ain't able to see it
We black *****s with ambition, they gon respect it
And I know I'm kinda vain, but what real ***** isn't
I'm tryna style on some *****es and keep it introspective
I'm tryna stun em like everybody was second guessed it


Double M Genius

length: 2:48
I try to tell them I'm one of the best thinkers of this class, I mean, I feel like

Yeah, I'mma let the chips fall
*****s is Kemba Walker tryna see me pitfall
*****s is starring like a synagogue, think about it
Centerfold *****es prolly couldn't get a drink up out me
They say I need some guidance
But I think they need a stylist
***** you should see my wallet
This ***** gonna need Pilate's
And you can't see Folarin
What the **** are you, retarded?
I ain't hugging the corner, but I hustle so enormous
A modern day Goodfella, I'm Ray Liotta
Loud smoking so pass the L like a semicolon
The Bentley is rented but I got many chauffers
Foamposites if you ain't got em then you penny-loafing!
Under-rated that's temporarily for the moment
Only marry your woman if mama cold as Willona
See, I'm second to no one
I'm the messenger-poet
They slowly showin they colors
They music good but they bogus

[Chorus: x3]
They talkin
Talkin bout Folarin

Verse two gon be ****in with verse one
Especially when you're writing **** that can never be done, Joe!
That Kevin Love flow
Bored of the shooters
My women be in the newest
Yo *****es should buy a loofah
Where I'm from they is ruthless
Babies turn into shooters
Crazy talking and foolish
You catch a shell like a Koopa
And I don't give a ****, see my *****es is Kama Sutra
One of them *****es is cute, the rest of them congruent
Why you talking my *****? Just go and do it
*****s awful at dressing, they just aight at music
I'm trend-setting, despite of a awful debut
Still got me another deal because any ***** in music
The remedy is get your hustle on
**** a broad unless you love a broad
Well in that case, brother, then love her hard
Put my trust in my dog
Put my trust in my God
'Less you Stabler and Benson, I don't **** with the law

[Chorus: x3]

Miami Nights

length: 3:35
The streets is cold and the beaches is warm
The *****es is everything in between

Who would believe this rap **** would have me well off
Type of life a ***** kill or go to jail for
Yeah, can't wait 'til the wheels down
And I'm amazed you clown *****s is still around
Smoking haze all over town like it's allowed
I like my women soft-spoken but the weed loud
Catching Heat floor seats and we all fresh
From coarse seats to court seats is progress, of course
Tell them other *****s "man up"
Tell Lebron drop fifty unless he playin' us
KOD a couple fifty's like a precinct
Straight conch got a ***** feeling seasick oh ****
Chef creole, two seater
And my watch looking like it's all three P O
Two V's in the street blowing trees with hoes
And more weed for me, shout out to Meek PO

Miami nights, it was all a dream
If I can get my money right, I'm about to OD
Little more weed, first class seats
First class hoes, we on South Beach
Miami nights, it was all a dream
If I can get my money right, I'm about to OD
Drinks out, c'mon, drinks out, c'mon, drinks out, c'mon

We at mansion, but no cape on
And that *** looking right, what you pay for it?
Look, I know you not gay or nothing
But we should find another girl with a tapeworm
I'm in a rental on collins
Me and my compadres, burning up Barneys
With a model and some limited Bvlgari
My name hold weight and you don't really keep the bar raised
With dark *****s with dark thoughts and long braids
Its not far from white girls with big bread
And light beers, they slight care, they spring breaking
But right there, they skill scheming, they not eating
Knowing they needy as a *****, they don't need a reason
And when you repping Wet Willies you ain't even thinking


OK black Panamera, dash on a million
It ain't nothing better than a passionate woman
She graduated top of the class, Carol City or was it the west
Hold up I don't remember really, hold up
Two whips, six tattoos, no kids
And I heard you come alive, when you gonna live?
I ain't trying to be ignorant, but I'm leaving town in a little bit
Miami nights, ain't another one, until the buzz go away lets have a little fun
Paradise, get away, thinking why its not South Beach everyday

We got the jet waiting on us at the airport homie
We got money to go get baby
Let's get it

[Chorus: x2]


length: 5:04
Chopper the don with it, I wrote lyrics
They ain’t grossing a million, liquid don’t form an opinion
I’m sort of a genius, nothing short of a legend
Sort of Tommy Lasorda
The way I’m sorting these pitchers
Pitchers whatever, **** it my speech is off
Weekend trip to wherever, only heaven is far
Metaphors in every color, these indelible bars
Jordan four seated floor side sittin with mobs
Only fear is mediocrity
Every time I got a beat I feel like I don’t gotta sleep
You keep praying on your break, I hope you got a sling
Shot for all them shots coming out them beaks
I'm sort of like Socrates in a Prada T
You can’t kick it, your pockets thinner than soccer teams
People ****in’ with me, they ain’t ****in with you
Lyrically sup hmm being generous too
I remember a ***** demo just sit in a room
Made some moves, now I’m known to spit December and June
Rented a coupe, cool, met me a chick
Always keep a rubber, word to telling your kids
If you gon do what you gon do, go handle your biz
Or smoke some purp take a Percocet and Xanax and chill
For real, you real then I don’t need to say it
It’s something to be great, it’s nothing to be famous

So **** fame, **** money
**** everything anyone can take from me
It ain’t hard to make money
We young *****s, we just tryna be legendary
Tryna be, we just tryna be, we just tryna be
We just tryna be legendary
**** fame, **** money
And **** everything anyone can take from me
See it ain't hard, to make money
We young *****s, we just tryna be legendary
Lord, tryna be lord, tryna be, lord, tryna be
We just tryna be legendary

Zoning my second bottle, focused still on tomorrow
‘So what thoughts’ keep me anxious, Moet gon’ keep me calmer
Poetry keep her honest, these readings Stevie could draw up
Don’t see this deeper than music, don’t hear it but feel the author
I don’t hear no talking, we just hear them barking
And you know you run **** when they pay you good for walk-ins
Failure is not an option, success is just a process
Say “yes” one time they use you, say “no” one time they plotting
Didn’t make it through college, still debating my progress
End some friendships with homies, made some haters with albums
Limitations for cowards, this is Shay mixed with Malcolm
This is anti Mark McGuire it takes patience for power
Zoning my six rillo legendaries forever
Roll a ***** that lala, that’s how I play the 'Melo
*****s plotting against you, hate you but never tell you
And I know my haters want to make my heart beat acapella
Hella proper, my garment is propeller of chopper
Cause I hella copped em so I could be way flyer than all them
I Aspire for awesome and require some flossing
Only way they gon' listen, find it highly unfortunate
Tryna see if real lyric spittin can buy me a Porsche
Tryna see if I get my critics as silent as auctions
I decided to boss up, life’s a ***** and I caught her
Don’t always **** me good, I’m just too cheap to divorce her

So **** fame, and **** money
And **** everything anyone can take from me
It ain't hard, to make money
A young ***** I'm just tryna be legendary
Tryna be, I'm just tryna be, I'm just tryna be
I'm just tryna be legendary
**** fame, **** money,
And **** everything anyone can take from me
It ain't hard, to make money
A young ***** I'm just tryna be legendary
Lord, tryna be, lord, tryna be, lord
I'm just tryna be legendary
So **** fame, and **** money
And **** everything anyone can take from me
It ain't hard, to make money
A young ***** I'm just tryna be

Lotus Flower Bomb

length: 3:31
I’mma rap to you real quick.
I wanna enjoy the luxury of like, not knowing each other for real. Hol’ up

Lotus flower bomb, firefly
When I’m low, she take me high
I can teach you all the sounds of love

Flower bomb, let me guess your favorite fragrance
And you got that bomb, huh, I’m tryna detonate you
No disrespecting baby, just tryna make you smile
Try to keep my spirits up, that’s why I lays it down
Try to keep your spirits up, lil vodka whatever
Took you forever to get dressed, I acknowledge your effort
So I clap for her, she deserves an applause
Shawty working so hard, she deserve that Vuitton
Shawty where your baton, racing through my mind like
She heard that I got that work, I heard that she been on strike
Care to tell, I read your mind, she been on them dollars first
Caramel macchiatos when shawty get into work
I can be your boyfriend be your ***** or a friend with perks
I’m just tryna work that huh, they just tryna work your nerves
I’m just tryna read your mind, I’m just tryna feed you mine
I’m just tryna give you light, they just tryna leave you blind

We’re living in a fantasy
I feel it when you dance with me
It’s feeling like you need to be
My lady, my baby, yeah
Can’t you see
I’m talking about eternity
Tell me would you care to be
My lady, my baby

Flower bomb, can I blow up on your mind
This is not no Sandra Bull, but you’re Potion #9
Navigating through her eyes, destination to her thighs
And I hate to tell you too much, cuz I stay with too much pride
And we way too young to know love, maybe not but we don’t need no rush
Don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in love at first huh
Can I be with you just one night? I could wear you out inside
I could tell you like persistence, but I make you cum in tri’s
I just think we need one night, can’t decide if I came right
Easy baby my thing tight, but that lotus flower just ain’t right
I ain’t thinking I ain’t right, can’t decide but I can’t fight
Easy baby you the bomb and all, but I be damned if I do not land mine
Or at least try, can I speak up? was it peace out? can we eat lunch?
Can we take shots with your flavor, flat drinks we call A cups
I just think I need one night, slightly more if it’s done right
With that gorgeous face, I don’t know your name, it ain’t important babe cuz
I’mma call you Mine


Cuz I don’t know you, you don’t know me
The clock keeps tickin’ baby, what’s it gonna be
I don’t know you, you don’t know me
Let me teach you all the sounds of love

Ah, ay, eeh, ahh ohh ooo
Baby this was for you, lotus

Chain Music

length: 3:19
DMV up, roll up and kick my feet up
This **** was for a ticket man I call that **** that free lunch
I tell a ho to speed up
She slow and she can keep up
We know we always out
But somehow they would never see us
Peep her gold chain, hoes changed, I didn't
They say that karats help your vision
But somehow it made them listen
No this ain't silver, this is my dilemma
Arrogant when I finish
I came from humble beginnings
So it's nothing to finish
I put my hundred percent in
I put my pot in the paper
And modify your opinion
Trying to give them light and a message
But you rather have some ****ing V.V.S's
She said I'm charming and I meant it
But she was talking about my pendant
I got geechi on her, came back with thirty chains
Now she attentive, I bet she listen to everything
Straight geechi on her, came back with eighty chains
Now them silly *****es calling me like everyday

[Chorus: x2]
I think them broads gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Silly *****es gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)

Gettin' geechi on em
Straight geechi on 'em
You talking greasy, best believe they gon' see ya, don't it
Geechi on 'em
Straight geechi on 'em
Let's keep it G, nobody see you when you being humble

Look, she so stingy with vagina
But why it open when them *****s get to shining?
I was hoping you would notice where my mind at
Put money in the book, I bet these *****es wouldn't find it
Look, okay this chain music, **** how them lames do it
You chained to it, your brain's been, your brain has been way too influenced
I been dope, cold ***** for sure *****
But where I'm from there ain't no love for no broke *****
She seen that geechi ****, ain't been to church since
Pray to whoever got on the biggest of crucifix
Lord Lord forgive us, personalities clash
And my license is suspended, so I hide it
I don't spend it, did I get y'all attention?
She can't escape the chain, shoutout to Mrs. Tubman
Shout out to Maybach Music, my logic is getting money
Spitting something real, let the people know, and still love it
Shady flow, Johnny Cage, chain flow, Johnny Dang
Been balling, six bottles, talk with such expensive slang
I got geechi on 'em, now they notice a *****
So who that chain change? It ain't both of us *****
I got geechi on her, came back, a hundred chains
And now these geechi mother ****ers all know my name
Geechi on her, came back, a million chains
I said geechi mother ****ers all know my name

Broads gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
*****s gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Geechi on em
Straight geechi on 'em
You talking greasy
Best believe they gon' see it homie
Geechi on 'em
Straight geechi on 'em
Let's keep it G, nobody, see you when you being humble

Broads gon follow
Silly *****s gon follow
Broads gon follow, follow, follow

White Linen (Coolin')

length: 3:37
Fly ***** couldn't tell me nothing different homes
And I be good til the fat woman sing a note
I'm tryna find life's meaning up in this Patron
I'm taking women to heaven and then I take em home
I'm waking up with something twenty something fly ****
Wanna stunt ****, all that new designer ****
Word, she said she love me but she lying
**** I'm lying too! Told that ***** I love her for her mind
Well that's quite true, bust-a-move, head game lover boo
Bust that ***** open, turn that sofa to a ****in pool
I'm playing Cody, smoking stogies, make the rhythm better
I'm looking good in everything, but she look good in leather
Call me cocky I love it, baby father a sucker
I'm longer than em I ain't talking no Rockin Republic
I don't shop in the public, ain't finna wait in line
This not a free throw, this easy as a lay-up line

If I got time, you got time too
You with a boss, baby, so when I move you move
Let's have some drinks, Malibu and how I do
And after that we do whatever we want to
Girl I'm in charge, that means I'm coolin
I'm on my own agenda, that means I'm coolin
Baby I'm large, that means I'm coolin
Dealin with a winner, that mean I'm coolin

Pimp-stroll on em, the pen cold on em
Couldn't **** with it with a million nymphos on ya
*****es tend to love a ***** with the most money
I tell em "honey, I know Cher, I'm so sunny"
And this is all pro-bono
All-Star weekend floor seats by the coaches
Flying all frequent, reclining on beaches
Half a millie on the road, y'all relyin on features
I ain't married, but I'm tryna find a keeper
If she cook and keep her vagina like a secret
And we ****, I beast up and throw a little peace up
So peace out, I'mma get up with you in like three months
Word, absence will make the heart grow
With that said, I ain't around like my old combs
And I be drinking all the brown straight, no Coke
I'm chasing money, not the liquor, y'all ain't even close
So let's have a toast, everything fine
This ain't a free throw, this easy as a lay-up line


Slight Work

length: 3:39
(feat. Big Sean)

Got work (slight work)
D-Town to the DMV
Diplo wassup
Probably got your girl going crazy
Drunk white bitches
(work it, wo-wo-work it, oh)

I can do it all and it ain't no problem
Ain't nobody harder than a nigga Folarin
Bitch I go hard, I’m ballin’ I’m globe trotting
And my flow art my nigga, I’m Mozart with it
It’s all good, I do this
I turn a straight prude bitch into a nudist
Foolish I be on that new shit
And I’m blowing up like bitches we went to school with
Ain't nobody checking for your garbage
Lot of intuition I ain't even finish college
Never hit the mall and forever get it all
Any broad better layer like I’m dressing for the fall, nigga
And I’m all that, hit the passenger door
Shawty was Pinkberry sweet and I ain't lactose
I ain't tryna brag tho, I’m just know I’m that dope
Kick game Bo Jacks, my Bo Jacks Tai Bo
Haha, and it ain't no problem, you race to these broads
I relay ‘em, baton ‘em
Bitches in here, one thou
But when you step out why the bitches run out
Double MG shit I put the set down
Rick James back, bad bitches on the couch
Ahh, wordplay, Olubowale my first name
I think I’m Koko B. Ware, you just a bird babe
I got a pair of J’s, I roll a pair of J’s
We up in Diamond supply, spending that carrot cake
Let it marinate, you forever late
A million home sellers couldn’t find a real estate

(Work it, work it)
Slight work, its light work
(Work it, work it)
The wrong drink, the right work
Slight work, light work
(Work it, work it)
The wrong drink, the right work
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work

[Big Sean]
Bitch you ain't a boss til you cut a pay check
Only thing between me and your bitch is latex
Man, and I ain't into saving these hoes
My nigga tell me where you see a cape at
B-I, B-I bitch B-I-G
The two things I don’t need are you and my ID
I’mma need a yellow cab and a yellow bad bitch
Green faces but a nigga dodging yellow badges, wooop (sirens)
Cause I’m drunk, yeah ok
Under 25 living the fucking life
White America said I’ll be doing 25 to life
And just for that, I’ma blow 25 tonight
You make 25 a year, I make 25 a night, whoa
Blucka, blucka, blucka
Bitch get hit with my Ciroc Vodka choppa
(Go) takin’ body shots, blocka, blocka, blocka
Probably in your girls dreams, probably in your daughter locker
Top floor like I’m out tanning
And they stole your whole delivery, now that's outlandish
I guess like a delivery man, I’m out-standing
Car tinted, I’m in it, til like I’m out camping, goddammit
I’m one hell of a guy, looking down on a cloud, that's one hell of a high
Bitch, I gets ghost, the way she screaming Big
Niggas couldn’t tell if I was dead or alive


You already know, Finally Famous in this
D-Town to the DMV,
Probably got your girl going crazy, crazy, boiii, boi, boi

From the D-Town to the DMV, I got all these bad bitches tryna get with me
From the D-Town to the DMV, I got all these bad bitches tryna get on me
We need to see ID


length: 5:02
The time is now on everything
Took my heart away from money, I ain't interested in fame
And I pray that never change
Ambition is priceless, it’s something that’s in your veins
And I put that on my name

Uh, the only hope I had was selling dope
Was on my grind cause times were harder than the cellar floor
My momma taught me never steal and never tell on folks
I grew up looking at the *****s that was selling coke
Oh, I was raised by the stop sign
No religion I was getting saved by the glock nine
By the minute I was getting paid like a hot line
Servin' rollin' fiends was calling, we was dot com
Well connected, well respected and well protected
Aint get accepted, well rejected and now they regret it
Aint get my message, was a signal when I was texting
The *****s I was calling was fraud and I learned my lesson
Now I move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon
Cause chances are never given they tooken like interceptions
So throw that pass, I’ll be the corner back
Me and Folarin MMG gon bring that Warner back

For my ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
They gon love me for my Ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
They gon love me for my Ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
Look, they gon love me for my ambition
Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision

(It speaks for itself. Define Ambition for me?)

My ambition to win, just to get me some ends
Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a Benz
I saw momma praying as she wait on results
It was hot in the kitchen can I wait on the porch
My father was missing, War Lord Oliver North
Life was diggin’ me deeper, I kept on coming up short
Breaking so many laws, waking up in the dark
Who cut my power off? It’s time to move that powder soft
Not too many options when you coming from the projects
Sittin’ in the trap now you moving Cyndi Lauper
Girls wanna have fun, and a ***** with some change
And I doubt that ever change
Ambition is priceless that’s something thats in your veins
And I doubt that ever change
Ambition is my **** and I put that on my name
And I doubt that ever change


Well wishes to my opposition
You *****s probably cop a plea before you cop a pistol
I got nothing against them, they got ****ing potential
But every ***** who can read gotta get his issue
Subscribe *****s reside where all the lions and killers be
And I aint spend a minute up in the streets
But I’m limitless mentally, I’m lyrically the MC
Lebron ****, I was heading six after twenty three
And family is everything and money is less important
Long as your mama love you, don’t ever love a woman
I got a lot of *****es, they got a lot of feelings
But I got that green on my eyes
And that ain’t no Donnie Simpson
I retire you *****s, **** you and your position!
They play surface so slippery *****s can’t even kick it
Y’all rambling, talking **** to these *****es
You know you real you don’t say it
You know you real, we gon feel it

Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision
They gon' love me for my ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
Look, they gon' love me for my ambition
Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision
They gon' love me for my ambition

Illest Bitch

length: 4:16
[?], I'mma sound like money
Shawty put the ill in silhouette
Or the wet, haha
I play too much

I be lustin' for women who re-semble perfections, sending
10 AM Texas like I'm, hello good looking hypo-
Thetical question how do you get all your essence in them
Getups and dresses or fuck it I just be trippin'
I love the newness of it, we closer by the moment
None of us used to nothing so my old jokes workin' perfect
Imagination focus and hope I know you controllin'
Holdin' your every word and you quotin' my older verses
Both of our exes issues but both of us now seem perfect
Hopin' our imperfections are noticed or unimportant
We all just rush the feeling, nobody loves the searchin'
Of course we need our intentions before we meet the person

[Chance the Rapper:]
But whenever you got lonely, needed some advice
You'd call me your brother, that word is cold as ice

[Hook - Wale 2x:]
Why, I always fall, for bitches like you?
I can't help myself, I can't help myself

[Chance the Rapper:]
I be fishin' in smaller ponds for, girls I knew 'fore the concert
Conquer the friend zone first then, beat through the bush I wonder
If the grass is green or, wilted and deadish yellow
I seen 'em put up lights but, Christmas was red and yellow
Ham no burger, they fish for compliments
The neighbors up to something, say that in confidence
They set up boundaries and set ups, let downs, and booby traps
Lines for crossing and dotted, I thought I taw putty tat

[Chance the Rapper:]
Same circle loving
A town too small for lovers
You say I'm just a friend
Oh you say I'm just a friend

[Hook - Wale & Chance the Rapper (2x)]

No Days Off

length: 3:37
Revolution might be televised
But make sure if they do see
Them people see my good side
Black ***** with intellect
Sixth grade I was Special Ed
Tenth grade I was rad as ****
Lookin' like a ***** just left Japan
Well goddamn, now I be the man
And every ***** kickin' it with me doin' Mia Hamm
Every visit to Neimans, I swear don't even see a tag
When you're reachin' your dreams
You got reason to brag
Ambition over everything
And I never plan on settling
And my wish is to have everything
And my only fear's a wedding ring
Hopin' that my *****s see
Hopin' that these *****es saw it
Hopin' when it's break in here
I got he same addition for it
*****s think I'm slippin, *****s is lunchin'
And even dumb is smokin' zipper or somthin'

No days off! No days off!
Heard they coming for a *****
***** I'm Ray Charles
No days off!
Takin' breaks will leave you broken
And we can't fall
No days off! No days off!
Heard they coming for a *****
***** I'm Ray Charles
No days off!
Takin' breaks will leave you broken
And we can't fall

I used to sleep hungry in a bed next to roaches
Now I wake up, play a beat and burn a couple roaches
Permanently focused, learning while I'm going
And the word most important
Don't regurgitate my sperm
Let me work that, no nasty
But I'm actually quite respectful
But you call a ***** a *****
And real *****es don't respect you
And that's ****ed up
But I guess that ****'s just tough love
Around my way, I'm cut throat
And what I did just ain't enough
Fly **** ain't not thang to us
Twenty somethin', no baby ma
Mama want me to go find a wife
I'm like sorry ma, this not the time
Can't decide, take em out
G'd up, shake it down
Weed up, better make a sound
Greened up, I'm like baby Sal
Higher than high school
Mariah tunes and five flutes
Owe five to Hooper's and light shoes
Never liked school
Reckless when I move
Where I'm from, it get cold
*****s die over shoes
*****s shoot over *****es
*****es get *****s set up
Stuck up beat up and wet up
That's why I never met em
That's why forever I love seldom and trust never
And **** whoever don't put one hundred percent in


DC or Nothing

length: 4:57
In the face of adversity, I prepared a verse to see, or hear rather

Destined to win, get respect where I live
My reflection contagious, I’m the messenger here
Making love to the streets, they be lusting for bread
They ain’t sleeping until they know every customer fed
When the city was chocolate, there was death in the air
All I’m hearing is aids, I ain’t deaf in my ear
Nah, I ain’t deaf in my ear
But he push them whites in the hood like ray Evans was there
Shout out to Kirbo, he told me I would make it
Now me, Tony, G, and Tre got the keys to the nation
Pray for peace with the babies, they a beast in the summer
Of course he fiending for trouble, he had a fiend for a mother
Got no leaders among him, got no loyalty either
Once the police get to cuffing, bet his homie deceive him
See, it’s cold where they be at, on that boat like a pirate
Politicians ****ing hookers, why you mad at my ganja?
Kick him out of the city, force them whites who can pay up
Still different ablers killing over what isn’t theirs
Lost my ***** over nothing though
Saheed Elesha I miss you, god bless my brother’s soul

I feel something change in the weather, and I’m home, home, home
Don’t let it drift away like a feather and I’m home, home, home
And oh, I gotta find my way
Oh I gotta face the day
But oh I can’t stay away, not never, your my home, home, home

Look, I lost my ***** over nothing though
Saheed Elesha I miss you, god bless my brother’s soul
Ricky is sitting, Baba was sitting
Caught up and slipping for fearing a McDonald’s position
Seen it over a dollar, got him under a flower
Funeral drama, *****s mystery baby mamas
They ain’t really for condoms, I just think that it’s shocking
Got no fear in no officer, they be scared of them doctors
I’m aware that there’s problems, know Obama gon’ stop it
Where there’s minimal conscious and there’s thousands of choppers
I know Howard that college, but that town has some problems
I done seen embalming fluid ruin a ***** promise
Little women be mommas, little *****s ain’t fathers
Ain’t nobody here leading, it’s way too easy to follow
They knee deep in today, ain’t too fond of tomorrow
Although it gets you paper, I pray you weighing your options
This is soulful my *****, I’m hoping I am giving a hope to my *****
We just soldiers my *****, don’t know you my ***** but know you my *****
This is soulful my *****, hope that I am giving some hope to my *****
We just soldiers my *****, don’t know you my ***** but know you my *****
*****, know you my
And you know my *****
Know you my


A king's assassination is why most often fear the hell
So needless to say this, leadership is not with a timid sail
I pray these words live and these gimmicks fail and
I pray whenever I’m seen in my city I forever resemble braille
May your trees be loud, and your queens be proud
May you see your dreams allowed, before you see them from a cloud
May your glass never reach half-empty,
May your enemies find the inner-piece before it ever get to beef
I wish you, wealth, health, and pact free women for yourself
And the **** ain’t the best, hope these lyrics help, my *****


See I made it from home, see I made it alone
And all these peasant ************s take shots at the throne
Time after time, again and again
They wanna see a ***** lose but I’m destined to win

That Way

length: 4:29
I apologize I don't recollect your name (Ooh, baby I don't know your name)
But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame (Look at your body baby)
Girl lemme get them ooh aahs then I gotta catch my plane
Say ya miss me and ya wishing for some private time
Girl how could we get that way?

Look, another day another dollar
She hate me when I leave cuz when I leave I never call her
That's life ****, alright, ****, I could call you right quick
But if I call you gone be like "Boo why we haven't Skyped yet?"
And I Skype, bet you say "Lay where my flight at"
If I decline then you inquire on where I spend my nights at
**** this life gets overwhelming and more than hectic
But a woman worth some anger is certainly worth some effort
Just look closer my life is quite deceptive
Women will sell they soul just to buy some attention
I need something to hold **** that passive aggression
And when I'm back from off that road don't ask me no questions
Please, fear watchu don't know


Don't remember how I met her but I know I won't forget her
If loving her is wrong then I just know I won't see heaven
She say she from Seattle, she twenty and some change
Before I get to T.I.A. I'm sure to make her rain
Then I'm back up on my plane Chi town over here
We spend some time and get some wine have some miles from Harrod's
I told her this here's overrated but I love your city baby
Gotta get back to the D you know we finally famous
Driver drop me off in Dallas I'm headed to some money
TSA be laughing all them rubbers in your luggage
I know Ima always leave em but I swear I'll always love em
Tell her you'll probably find someone but you'll never find another


Got on my suede shoes, I'm in a great mood
That baggage claim awaiting miss thang outta St. Louis
Know she shining bright, got on my Cartier,
She my Billie Jean we Minaj with Mary Jane
See we city hop, Vegas to LA, brings a lotta joy Bugatti boy that's Laina Lane
Our faucets used to drip, I used to ride the bench,
But it was written in cursive for this king to exist
Packed her bags now she live amongst entrepreneurs
Marc Jacob the makeup Gi-Givenchy consumer Gianni Versace connoisseur a carnivore
Accountable for half a million uncounted for