Coast to Coast Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Westlife Coast to Coast Cover Art


  • 1 My Love
    length: 3:53
  • 2 What Makes a Man
    length: 3:52
  • 3 I Lay My Love on You
    length: 3:30
  • 4 Against All Odds
    length: 3:22
    producer: Mariah Carey and Steve Mac
    lead vocals: Mariah Carey
    performer: Mariah Carey and Westlife
    mixer: Steve Mac and Steve Hodge
    background vocals: Mariah Carey
    guitar: Paul Gendler
    additional background vocals: Mary Ann Tatum and Wayne Hector
    keyboard: Steve Mac
    strings: Richard Niles
    lead vocals & background vocals: Westlife
    arranger: Mariah Carey
  • 5 When You're Looking Like That
    length: 3:53
  • 6 Close
    length: 4:05
  • 7 Somebody Needs You
    length: 3:09
  • 8 Angel's Wings
    length: 4:05
    producer: Steve Mac
    mixer: Steve Mac and Matt Howe
    engineer: Matt Howe, Daniel Pursey and Chris Laws
    arranger: Richard Niles, Wayne Hector and Steve Mac
    guitar family: Friðrik Karlsson and Paul Gendler
    bass: Steve Pearce
    programming: Chris Laws
    mastering: Dick Beetham
    choir vocals: The Tuff Session Singers
    keyboard & piano: Steve Mac
  • 9 Soledad
    length: 3:59
  • 10 Puzzle of My Heart
    length: 3:41
  • 11 Dreams Come True
    length: 3:09
  • 12 No Place That Far
    length: 3:14
  • 13 Close Your Eyes
    length: 4:32
    producer: Steve Mac
    mixer: Matt Howe and Steve Mac
    engineer: Matt Howe, Chris Laws and Daniel Pursey
    arranger: Steve Mac, Wayne Hector and Richard Niles
    guitar family: Paul Gendler and Friðrik Karlsson
    bass: Steve Pearce
    programming: Chris Laws
    mastering: Dick Beetham
    keyboard & piano: Steve Mac
  • 14 You Make Me Feel
    length: 3:39
  • 15 Loneliness Knows Me by Name
    length: 3:05
  • 16 Fragile Heart
    length: 3:02
  • 17 Every Little Thing You Do
    length: 4:09
  • 18 Nothing Is Impossible
    length: 3:16