Greatest Love Songs Album Cover Art

Will Downing

Cover Art

Will Downing Greatest Love Songs Cover Art


  • 1 Free
    length: 6:03
  • 2 Where Is the Love
    length: 3:31
  • 3. Closer to You
    length: 5:24
  • 4 Wishing on a Star
    length: 5:11
  • 5 I'll Wait
    length: 4:31
  • 6. Giving My All to You
    length: 4:52
    producer: Barry Eastmond
    engineer: Earl Cohen and Carl Beatty
    arranger: Barry Eastmond and Will Downing
    bass: Tinker Barfield
    background vocals: B.J. Nelson and Will Downing
    guitar: Mike Campbell
    keyboard: Barry Eastmond
    drums (drum set): Omar Hakim
    synthesizer programming: Eric Rehl
    solo alto saxophone: Vincent Henry
  • 7 I Try
    length: 5:14
    producer: Wayne Brathwaite
    engineer: Wayne Brathwaite, Earl Cohen and Alec Head
    background vocals: Curtis King and Diane Garisto
    percussion: Bashiri Johnson
    programming: Wayne Brathwaite
    synthesizer: David Grant
    drums (drum set): J.T. Lewis
    keyboard & bass: Wayne Brathwaite
    piano & Rhodes piano: Michael Bearden
    assistant engineer: Anthony Saunders
  • 8 I Go Crazy
    length: 4:43
    producer: Onaje Allan Gumbs and Will Downing
    mixer: Alec Head
    recording engineer: Alec Head
    arranger: Zane Mark and Will Downing
    bass: Larry McRae
    background vocals: Audrey Wheeler, Will Downing and Craig Derry
    strings arranger: Onaje Allan Gumbs
    drums (drum set): Buddy Williams
    keyboard & synthesizer: Onaje Allan Gumbs
  • 9 Lover's Paradise
    length: 4:43
    producer: Ronnie Foster
    membranophone: Harvey Mason
    arranger: Ronnie Foster
    background vocals: Will Downing and Ronnie Foster
    keyboard: Ronnie Foster
  • 10 Sorry, I
    length: 5:15
  • 11 Don't Wait for Love
    length: 4:53
  • 12 All About You
    length: 4:35
  • 13. Eternal Love
    length: 5:19
  • 14 If She Knew
    length: 4:28
  • 15 When You Need Me
    length: 5:10
  • 16. Only a Moment Away
    length: 4:30