Always on My Mind Album Cover Art

Willie Nelson

Cover Art

Willie Nelson Always on My Mind Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
    length: 2:58
    writer: Chips Moman, Dan Penn
  • 2 Always on My Mind
    length: 3:33
    producer: Chips Moman
    vocal: Willie Nelson
    writer: Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson
  • 3 A Whiter Shade of Pale
    length: 4:02
    composer: Matthew Fisher, Gary Brooker
    lyricist: Keith Reid
  • 4 Let It Be Me
    length: 3:32
    composer: Gilbert Bécaud
    lyricist: Pierre Delanoë
    translator: Mann Curtis
  • 5 Staring Each Other Down
    length: 2:19
    writer: Bobby Emmons, Chips Moman
  • 6 Bridge Over Troubled Water
    length: 4:39
    lyricist: Paul Simon
    composer: Paul Simon
  • 7 Old Fords and a Natural Stone
    length: 2:32
    writer: Chips Moman, Bobby Emmons
  • 8 Permanently Lonely
    length: 2:42
    composer: Willie Nelson
    lyricist: Willie Nelson
  • 9 Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning
    length: 4:22
    writer: Donna Sioux Farar, Gary P. Nunn
  • 10 The Party's Over
    length: 2:52
    composer: Willie Nelson
    lyricist: Willie Nelson