Let’s Face the Music and Dance Album Cover Art

Willie Nelson and Family

Cover Art

Willie Nelson and Family Let’s Face the Music and Dance Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Let’s Face the Music and Dance
    length: 3:24
    lyricist: Irving Berlin
    composer: Irving Berlin
  • 2 Is the Better Part Over
    length: 2:39
    lyricist: Willie Nelson
    composer: Willie Nelson
  • 3 You’ll Never Know
    length: 3:32
    composer: Harry Warren
    lyricist: Mack Gordon
  • 4 Vous et moi
    length: 3:23
  • 5 Walking My Baby Back Home
    length: 3:52
    lyricist: Roy Turk
    composer: Fred E. Ahlert
  • 6 Matchbox
    length: 2:40
    composer: Carl Perkins
    lyricist: Carl Perkins
  • 7 Twilight Time
    length: 4:07
    composer: Al Nevins, Morty Nevins, Artie Dunn
    lyricist: Buck Ram
  • 8 I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
    length: 3:46
    composer: Jimmy McHugh
    lyricist: Dorothy Fields
  • 9 I’ll Keep On Loving You
    length: 3:39
  • 10 I Wish I Didn’t Love You So
    length: 4:18
    composer: Frank Loesser
    lyricist: Frank Loesser
  • 11 South of the Border
    length: 3:52
    writer: Michael Carr, Jimmy Kennedy
  • 12 Nuages
    length: 3:37
    composer: Django Reinhardt
  • 13 Marie (The Dawn Is Breaking)
    length: 3:07
    composer: Irving Berlin
    lyricist: Irving Berlin
  • 14 Shame on You
    length: 2:25
    composer: Spade Cooley
    lyricist: Spade Cooley
    writer: Spade Cooley

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