The Promiseland Album Cover Art

Willie Nelson

Cover Art

Willie Nelson The Promiseland Cover Art


  • 1 Living in the Promiseland
    length: 3:25
    composer: David Lynn Jones
    lyricist: David Lynn Jones
  • 2 I'm Not Trying to Forget You
    length: 3:21
  • 3. Here in My Heart
    length: 3:56
  • 4. I've Got the Craziest Feeling
  • 5 No Place but Texas
    length: 3:29
  • 6 You're Only in My Arms (To Cry on My Shoulder)
    length: 3:22
  • 7. Pass It On
    length: 3:18
  • 8. Do You Ever Think of Me
    length: 2:24
  • 9 Old Fashioned Love
    length: 2:53
  • 10 Basin Street Blues
    length: 4:15
    producer: Willie Nelson
    vocal: Willie Nelson
    guitar: Clint Strong, Willie Nelson, Paul Buskirk and Freddy Powers
    keyboard: Mark Yeary and Bill Ginn
    drums (drum set): Richie Albright and Biff Adam
    bass guitar: Bee Spears, Spencer Starnes, Dennis D. Hromek and Dean Reynolds
    violin: Johnny Gimble and Jimmy Belken
    composer: Spencer Williams
    lyricist: Spencer Williams
  • 11 Bach Minuet in G
    length: 1:38

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