New Day Dawning Album Cover Art



  • 1 Going Nowhere
    length: 4:09
  • 2 New Day Dawning
    length: 3:36
  • 3 Can't Nobody Love You (Like I Do)
    length: 3:19
  • 4 Chain Reaction
    length: 4:16
  • 5 Help Me
    length: 3:31
  • 6 I've Got Your Love
    length: 3:51
  • 7 Tuff Enuff
    length: 4:11
  • 8 Who Am I Trying to Fool
    length: 4:35
  • 9 Lost Without You
    length: 3:30
    recording engineer: Jeff Balding
    mixer: Ed Cherney
    producer: Wynonna and James Cary Stroud
    background vocals: Kim Keyes, Vicki Hampton, Tabitha Fair, Robert Bailey, Kim Fleming and Judson Spence
    bass guitar: Willie Weeks
    piano: Matt Rollings
    electric guitar: Jerry McPherson and Steuart Smith
    membranophone: John “JR” Robinson
    fiddle: Aubrey Haynie
    percussion: Terry McMillan
    keyboard: John Hobbs, Steve Nathan and Matt Rollings
    organ: John Hobbs, Steve Nathan and Matt Rollings
    acoustic guitar: Biff Watson
    steel guitar: Paul Franklin
    assistant mixer: Kevin Szymanski
  • 10 He Rocks
    length: 2:46
  • 11 Learning to Live With Love Again
    length: 4:04
  • 12 I Can't Wait to Meet You
    length: 4:56