Who Sang At the Station? Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh “But Seriously, Folks…” cover art
release date: 1978-5-16
length: 5:09
producer: Bill Szymczyk
engineer: Bill Szymczyk and Ed Mashal
background vocals: Joe Vitale
guitar: Don Felder
tambourine: Bill Szymczyk
writer: Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale
I was standin' at the station
Out at the end of the line
Feelin' mad, just a bit impatient
And I wish that you would make up my mind
Yes I was out there on the platform
Pay phone keeps eatin' my dimes
And I still don't have an answer
And the train's leavin' right on time
I'm fallin' down

I'm fallin' down
Standin' at the station
Won the battle
Here I am, standin' at the station
Like a gen'ral just relieved of command
I'm fallin' down
I'm fallin' down

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