009 Sound System - Standing Stones 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2010-1-19
length: 9:14
Drivin at night got no where to go
I'm tired and all I wanna do is get stoned

Passin' those streets I known' from mile to mile
And though I'm not far from home
I never felt so alone

I'm thinkin that it's hard for me
Though I'm thinkin' that you're hard to beat
My heart grows so cold

When you're standin next to me
Why'm I feelin that we're bound to be alone
Standing stones

Another way
The bitter shakes
A better way
Than those mistakes
Hangin on in quiet desperation

The bitter end
Of acetate
Still livin here
Without a fate
Bound to pass the point of contemplation

So you don't play the games that others play
Do it your way
Baby yeah I think it's ok

So you're not comin out to see the stars
But baby why is it so hard
To get within an inch of you heart

If you need a little company
Always told you I was hard to beat
My heart
Grows so cold

Cuz' when you're standing here next to me
Are you feelin that we're bound to be alone
Standing stones

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  • 2 Space and Time
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  • 5 Holy Ghost
  • 6 Standing Stones
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