100s - 1999 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2012-9-10
ジャンル: Hip Hop
length: 3:30
[Verse 1]

There it is

Got a 1999 b____
In my suite they shake it like it's 1999 s___
Like I'm on the set of "Big Pimpin'" in 2000
She got her income tax back I want 2,000
b____ I'm finna slide through
Fix a n____ Thai food
If you can't do Thai food
Fix a n____ fried food
Let me take off my shoes
Let me set down my jewels
100s finna light you
And never call or write you
Suck my d___ up on the dance floor like it's '95
She said I got that good hair, b____ I get that s___ a lot
Throwback n____ like a jheri curl in the summer
As I'm speedin' n____ yellin' I'm the number one stunna
Slappin' 400 hundred degrees
Runnin' them b____es in threes
Takin' em out on the seas
In nothin' but their bra strings
I like my d___ sucked fast
I like to f___ 'em in the a__ while he beat up the p____ and that's all


b____ shake that a__ like it's 1999
Like it's, Like it's 1999
n____s throwin' cash like it's 1999
Like it's, Like it's 1999

So bad
Hahuh hahuh
Holla at a Mack
n____s f___ed up
All my n____s is beside me
100s got the hoes shakin' a__ like the '90s


Holla at a 3rd world mack
Holla at a 3rd world mack
Bounce that a__ and I'mma let that m_________er burn
Skinny a__ n____ with a d___ as long as my perm

[Verse 2]

Ho that she was bangin' cause she had 9 inches off the head
100s came to bust up on your face and on your f___ing legs
Fill that Jacuzzi with groupies
Like s___ you see in the movies
Kick 'em out like Bruce Lee ho
If they ain't tryna tootsie roll
Where's Sydney and Sherane?
Wh-Where's Sydney and Sherane?
I'mma do my thang 'till the DJ yells switch
Then uh, slide right behind yo b____
The roof on fire n____, we don't need no water ho
100s got the hoes from the projects to the water hole
Gucci mama a__ b____ used to work at Dominos
Then I laced her now she breakin' n____s for designer clothes



I said ladies
Do the ladies run this m_________er?

Hold on

I said fellas
Do the fellas run this m_________er?

There it is...

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