100s feat. Redinho - Ten Freaky Hoes 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014-3-6
ジャンル: Hip Hop
length: 3:43

This is for my niggas who like to get high
Ten freaky, ten freaky, ten freaky
This is for my bitches who like to get high
Ten freaky hoes, ten, ten freaky hoes

[Verse 1]
Let me hit you with a tale and shit
White bitch named Michelle and shit
No lips, pretty tail and shit
Sucked a nigga dick up at the Shell and shit
Now let me tell you 'bout Portia, dog
Bitch hate her life because she got a corporate job
She always call me on her nights off
Her fuck face is real ugly so she always turn the lights off
Bitch named Pam, thick, goddamn
Got in on cam then I passed it to my man
Camille on the real, man that bitch was on some other shit
Teeth so fucked up I wouldn't let her suck my dick
Fine ass Donna still living with her momma
So high it's hid, she way off the grid
She thought that she was fat so she fucked me in a hoodie
Momma busted in the door and saw me chilling with a woody
Like "how you doing?"


[Verse 2]
Kelly was my bitch from around the way
Been getting ran since way back in the day
And she liked the nasty shit
Pierced the rubber and tried to get it passed me, shit
Let me tell you 'bout Mia, man
Head was crazy, pussy fire, man
The bitch foul, man a nigga ain't missing her:
I caught her in the shower trying to steal my conditioner
Ivorian Olivia, down ass motherfucker
Big ass booty, forehead big as a motherfucker
Third world macking days out there alone
I had 'em buying me fried fish and credit for my phone
Tiff hollered she'll never be a ho bitch
Tiff hollered she'll never kick dough, shit
Hair flipped, served a side of that good dick
Man that bitch got me a blowout and some more shit


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