Who Sang Spacedoubt? 120 Days

120 Days 120 Days II cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-11-7
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Italo-Disco/Krautrock/Ethereal/New Wave
length: 4:45
there's a ..shivering in hell
feelin in ..state
building the ..it's a lot of sight
and all satelliting appetite
it's the anticipation all the things out of rich
it's the end of sensation building all of that..

oh comfort oh pulling
..it running or falling
..rising through my threat

..the electricity
fallin has no need to..
and we..so certain but I'm ..
not even ..just a ..disguise
rusher blood shivering
even you know don't know what you ..

real ..try to contell
take me some..should..
there's a..power
is just .. just appetite

no she's the ..

CD 1
  • 1 Spacedoubt
  • 2 Dahle Disco
  • 3 Lucid Dreams, Part I
  • 4 Lucid Dreams, Part II
  • 5 Lucid Dreams, Part III
  • 6 Sleepless Nights #4
  • 7 Sunkissed
  • 8 SF
  • 9 Osaka