Who Sang Slow? 13 Faces

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length: 2:49
That's where my life had died
It's like I'm never wanted
Why me, why me, why is it always me

that's where my childhood died
It's like they love to hate me
Make it stop, make it stop, God, make it stop

I'd die for another life
Patience is my new best friend
I never forgot you
I'm planning my vengeance

That's where my concience died
You see I need them tortured
Make 'em bleed, make 'em bleed, God, make 'em bleed

That's where my anger lies
You see I've waited so long
Here I come, Here I come, Here I ****ing come

  • 1 These Bloody Hands
  • 2 Something Wrong
  • 3 Crush to Nothing
  • 4 Look What You Did to Me
  • 5 March
  • 6 Nothingface
  • 7 Frontline
  • 8 My Life
  • 9 Nothing Like You
  • 10 Quickly
  • 11 Waiting for Death
  • 12 Watch Em Drop
  • 13 Everything Hates
  • 14 Slow
  • 15 Try Again