Who Sang These Bloody Hands? 13 Faces

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length: 2:39
Happiness and family is tearing me apart
Down with me down with me I'm not going to fall
All your rage on me
Everything is ok
Nothingness and no one's fist will ever change your mind
Down with me down with me I'm not going to cry
All your rage on me
Everything's ok
Digging into me
This life's not for me

These Bloody Hands

Crawling and screaming, this place does not love me
Acceptance is useless and pointless for me
All you have given is shit and contempt
These bloody hands aren't at fault for your death

  • 1 These Bloody Hands
  • 2 Something Wrong
  • 3 Crush to Nothing
  • 4 Look What You Did to Me
  • 5 March
  • 6 Nothingface
  • 7 Frontline
  • 8 My Life
  • 9 Nothing Like You
  • 10 Quickly
  • 11 Waiting for Death
  • 12 Watch Em Drop
  • 13 Everything Hates
  • 14 Slow
  • 15 Try Again