Who Sang Try Again? 13 Faces

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length: 3:09
Wake up!
It's all about deceit
You can't move your feet fast enough
Try to get away
****er, you think you ****ing slice
You're a little ***** with no balls and a little ****
Twisting, turning, smashing, crushing
Can't stop thinking, my head is pounding
**** head, you backstabbing ****
I hate your ****ing guts
Try again, cause it doesn't hurt

Time to pick yourself off the floor
Scrape off everything you've learned before
Slice your wrists until you bleed to death
This game is over
Try again

You don't like your life
You don't want your life
Grab a knife take a piece of mine
It's everything you say
In every little way you live your life every ****ing day
Twisting, turning, smashing, crushing
Can't stop thinking my head is pounding
It's always something else
Your talking out your ***
Get some balls, cause it doesn't hurt


  • 1 These Bloody Hands
  • 2 Something Wrong
  • 3 Crush to Nothing
  • 4 Look What You Did to Me
  • 5 March
  • 6 Nothingface
  • 7 Frontline
  • 8 My Life
  • 9 Nothing Like You
  • 10 Quickly
  • 11 Waiting for Death
  • 12 Watch Em Drop
  • 13 Everything Hates
  • 14 Slow
  • 15 Try Again