Who Sang Burn? 16volt

Release information
Release Date: 2011-5-10
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Hard Rock
length: 4:16
I was trying to know your value
I learned it wasn't in your worth

all the times you led me on - never was a father, too much of a bother
all the times that you were gone - gesture without motion, met with no emotion
all the times you led me on - alway's were a martyr, armor in a bottle
all the times that you were gone - absent of devotion, dedication broken

It wasn't your word
that you brought me
It wasn't your death
what you taught me
it wasn't your faith
'cause you lost me
It wasn't your life
that's worth nothing
that's worth nothing

i was trying to understand
i learned your not a man

if you see my sons, give them a dollar
turn them away, let them fall farther
and oh my father, who aren't in heaven
i shall forsake your name

CD 1
  • 1 Beating Dead Horses
  • 2 The Wasteland That Is Me
  • 3 Fight or Flight
  • 4 Burn
  • 5 You Will All Go Down
  • 6 Breathing Water
  • 7 Ghost
  • 8 We Disintegrate
  • 9 Dissembler
  • 10 Sick Sick Sick
  • 11 The Carrion
  • 12 Veins
  • 13 Somewhere New