Who Sang Downtime, Part One? 16volt

16volt Wisdom cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Hard Rock
length: 5:45
producer: Eric Powell, Dave Ogilvie and Keith Auerbach
guitar: Eric Powell
programming: Eric Powell
composer: Eric Powell
Digging hands in ash
Halo never lasts
Fading so and fast
Denial is the path
Feel the will of pain
Hits like metal rain
Head just too far gone
f*** it, just give me more
Seething shifted angry
Scraping soul off this bone
Seeing I can never confide again
What it was I was shown

  • 1 Motorskill
  • 2 Wisdom
  • 3 Head of Stone
  • 4 Filthy Love of Fire
  • 5 Hand Over End
  • 6 Will
  • 7 Dreams of Light
  • 8 Downtime, Part One