Who Sang Fight or Flight? 16volt

Release information
Release Date: 2011-5-10
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Hard Rock
length: 2:55
i find myself in this empty room
forced to the corner by an unseen enemy
i feel the shadows of impending doom
i have this feeling that this is the end of me
i only hope that it's fast to go
this nightmare feels like it's become an eternity
i can't seem to face my fears for s___
i try to breathe but i can't get ahead of it

i am falling into pieces
i am falling into the fray
i am falling into pieces
i am in a psychotic state

heart is racing, i am sweating, shaking, choking, feel like i'm gonna die
mind is running, dizzy, numbing, full of fear of becoming crazy
i am feeling creeping slowly coming turning out my insides
i'm overcome by disastrous thoughts, as they manifest the panic inside of my head

CD 1
  • 1 Beating Dead Horses
  • 2 The Wasteland That Is Me
  • 3 Fight or Flight
  • 4 Burn
  • 5 You Will All Go Down
  • 6 Breathing Water
  • 7 Ghost
  • 8 We Disintegrate
  • 9 Dissembler
  • 10 Sick Sick Sick
  • 11 The Carrion
  • 12 Veins
  • 13 Somewhere New