Who Sang To Hell? 16volt

Release information
Release Date: 2009-9-8
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Industrial
length: 3:43
i could come up with another way to keep things perfect for you
then you could finally be happy
then you'd stop blowing up at me

i could come up with another way to tell you i'm leaving you
then we could finally have closure
then you could finally forget me

i sweared you were the one for me
i feared it would come to this
i cared only for knowing you
i'm scared that it's all going down
to hell

i could forgive your shortcomings if you'd promise to be different
then we'd finally be together
then we'd finally live forever

CD 1
  • 1 Alkali
  • 2 Enjoy the Pain
  • 3 With Fire and Burning
  • 4 American Porn Song
  • 5 Blessed
  • 6 To Hell
  • 7 It Turns All Bad
  • 8 Blackbird
  • 9 The Lord Doesn't Want Her
  • 10 Become Your None
  • 11 Can You Find God?
  • 12 Orange Insect
  • 13 Useless People
  • 14 Somebody to Hate
  • 15 American Bomb Song