Who Sang You Will All Go Down? 16volt

Release information
Release Date: 2011-5-10
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Hard Rock
length: 4:14
falling down from the sky
the come down where we are all gonna die
no one, not even god himself
will give up anymore of anything else

and falling down, it's my favorite thing to do
just stay with me, and you will soon fall down to
that's everything, there's nothing left that we can do
it's happening, and you will all end up

anything else
you will all go down in a ball of flames

CD 1
  • 1 Beating Dead Horses
  • 2 The Wasteland That Is Me
  • 3 Fight or Flight
  • 4 Burn
  • 5 You Will All Go Down
  • 6 Breathing Water
  • 7 Ghost
  • 8 We Disintegrate
  • 9 Dissembler
  • 10 Sick Sick Sick
  • 11 The Carrion
  • 12 Veins
  • 13 Somewhere New