Who Sang Boundaries? 18 Miles

Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-15
length: 2:23
Brainwashed in fear
To focus on a plan B
Did you forget
Where your head was used to wander
At night, tucked in,
Right before you fall asleep?
When did you die son?
When did your dreams die?
Note to self: Never back down
Cause I refuse to be like you:
A barricade of fear
Fed by dying dreams

Break it down
I face my obstacles and burn 'em to the ground
This time I won't let go
Open up
The barriers and make your footsteps sound
Sustaining until my heart is fading out
You were always there digging up the worst in me
You were always there for me to f*** things up
I've shut my eyes for far too long
Now it's time for me to face my faults
Seal your lips
Don't tell me how to live my life
You gave up everything, just to fit in
I am sick of you, convinced of being right
This time I'll wait my turn
One day you'll find yourself

I know one day youʼll find yourself

Note to self: Never back down
No boundaries can hold me back

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